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Cross-Dressing, Gay & Lesbian Sex 02

 — Emma confesses her sexy secret of wanting to be with a woman. by SusanJillParkerin  Lesbian Sex06/09/144.06

Alone and Uninhibited Ch. 03

 — The morning after her steamy love affair. by TheNaughtyWifein  Lesbian Sex03/17/143.61

An Unexpected Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Sue's thought, there is no turning back now, I need this! by kandiein  Lesbian Sex07/13/134.31

An Unexpected Pleasure Ch. 02

 — A girls night out turns into something hot, and sexy! by kandiein  Lesbian Sex07/12/133.92

An Unexpected Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Deana has a bisexual affair with the preacher's wife. by kandiein  Lesbian Sex07/11/133.64


 — Abstract story of a lesbian tryst by subwryterin  Lesbian Sex04/26/134.14

PTA Volunteer Ch. 03

 — The resolution to Christine and Kara's dilemma. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex03/25/134.64HOT

PTA Volunteer Ch. 02

 — Christine wants more out of the relationship. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex02/03/134.49

Secretary Sammy

 — A drab secretary is really a FOX in sheep's clothing. by BrettJin  Lesbian Sex03/21/124.27

A Clandestine Affair

 — I entered the boardroom... by Dawnsin  Lesbian Sex03/09/123.84

Behind His Back Ch. 02

 — The morning of ecstasy continues. by EscapismDefeatsRealismin  Lesbian Sex01/12/123.95

Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 07

 — Two years in everything falls apart. by amy_lynnin  Loving Wives11/13/113.86

My New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Tammy and Nicole continue their affair. by nnlmufco77in  Lesbian Sex10/22/114.46

Arizona Heat Pt. 02b

 — Jenny gets a phone call and begins an illicit affair. by K_Finneganin  Lesbian Sex09/09/114.46

PTA Volunteer

 — A lesbian meets another mother at the PTA meeting. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex09/06/114.67HOT

Welcomed Guests Ch. 03

 — The situation grows more strange for Amanda. by Manofthehillpeoplein  Incest/Taboo06/09/114.55HOT

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 10-11

 — Ariel tells her husband about her affair. by hottchicin  Lesbian Sex05/06/114.20

The Boss's Wife

 — Heather and I meet and begin our affair. by angel_69in  Lesbian Sex09/23/104.54HOT

True to You in My Fashion Ch. 02

 — Married and unmarried female friends become more than that. by truman5in  Lesbian Sex04/12/103.71

The Journey of Grace Ch. 09

 — Grace finally accepts herself. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex03/20/104.76HOT

Reunion at Whispering Trails

 — Two successful businesswomen get it on at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Lesbian Sex12/28/094.30


 — Another glimpse of Jordan and Rachael's ongoing affair. by herslave420in  Lesbian Sex11/10/094.61HOT

Why Don't You Come Over?

 — An intense love/hate relationship comes to a blissful climax. by PisceanMystiquein  Lesbian Sex07/16/093.59

My New Assistant Ch. 02

 — I can't get enough of her pussy once I crossed the line. by winter2bbluein  Lesbian Sex06/25/094.63HOT

The Date

 — Two married women coworkers go to a company dinner. by saucy_angiein  Lesbian Sex06/07/094.63HOT

Art Teacher Romance

 — An art teacher meets a woman on the train ride home. by JulieArtin  Lesbian Sex04/24/094.58HOT

An Affair with a Girl

 — Who knew an affair could be so tasty? by erotiklustin  Lesbian Sex03/17/094.25

"Who's Boat is This?"

 — A continuation of a torrid affair. by herslave420in  Lesbian Sex03/02/093.93


 — Things heat up in the office. by pickle_sexnessin  Lesbian Sex03/01/094.38

A Change of Plans

 — Two women and a torrid affair. by herslave420in  Lesbian Sex02/23/094.15

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 09

 — Katie and Amanda continue their affair. by sugarisnicein  Lesbian Sex09/13/084.49

Church Ladies Ch. 02

 — Jean and Lisa's new found love begins to blossom. by mikec1010in  Lesbian Sex08/15/084.23

Happy Nude Day Ch. 05

 — Susan gives her father a hand job while her brother watches. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Incest/Taboo06/25/084.26

Lisa and Me

 — Two MILFs begin a lesbian affair. by hhart708in  Lesbian Sex05/23/084.32

A Touch Revisited Ch. 01

 — Two women rekindle an old affair. by Lady_Fionain  Lesbian Sex12/28/074.49

Love Lost And Found Anew Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Teri and Bri's new love affair. by Belisanain  Lesbian Sex12/20/074.68HOT

Lez Lickings

 — Woman continues her adventures with other women. by standingstonesin  Lesbian Sex07/14/074.17

2001: The Party of My Wife’s Toy

 — Unfaithful wife gets naughtier - & pregnant! by gggsss1962in  Loving Wives05/18/073.77

A Temptation to Substitute

 — Amelia becomes aware of her urges while her husband's away. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex03/04/074.49

Montana Skies

 — Can two friends rekindle the lost flames of their youth? by thelost_onein  Lesbian Sex10/19/064.38

A Clandestine Affair

 — A spontaneous encounter more planned out than you know. by SymphonicBlissin  Lesbian Sex09/09/064.34

The Widowmaker Ch. 02

 — The beginning of the Nightmare. by Scipionyxin  Loving Wives05/03/063.85

The Widowmaker Ch. 01

 — Welcome to my nightmare. by Scipionyxin  Loving Wives04/26/064.19

Take Me Away...

 — You call, becoming her respite. by Idunain  Lesbian Sex09/18/053.95

Our First Bisexual Orgy Ch. 01

 — Married couple enjoys another couple. by  Loving Wives09/28/044.31

Birthday Surprise

 — Story is used to seduce a female friend. by rjj1000in  Lesbian Sex01/16/044.44

Shannon Gets Her Revenge Ch. 02

 — Or does she? by Rob Connerin  Loving Wives04/09/033.69

New Experiences Ch. 02

 — Katy continues encounter with Lisa. by Sahvannah21in  Lesbian Sex06/07/024.44

Dance Ch. 2

 — Wife's lesbian affair takes another turn. by 3M_TA3in  Group Sex09/03/013.95

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