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An Interview with Charity DeSade

 — Two women test each other's wills in a wicked game of BDSM. by DPMasterin  BDSM09/14/174.12

Sweet Gwendoline Ch. 11

 — Julie gets an expert education in cunnilingus. by Schlankin  Lesbian Sex06/21/174.63HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 09

 — Bondage and lesbian sex on Principal Snyder's desk? by Schlankin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/03/174.43

New Order of the Ages Ch. 05-06

 — The aftermath of the bet between Brandy and Dan. by SEVERUSMAXin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/26/173.94

Unlocking Madeline Ch. 00: The Prologue

 — Lynn uses her dominance to shut up a slut. by Cupcake77in  BDSM10/31/164.13

The Lioness of Montgomery Pt. 03

 — The Busty Professor juggles sub life with 2 of her students. by Ravenblackeroticain  Mature04/13/164.65HOT

My Queen's Prerogative

 — A dirty blond teenage girl dominates a BBW with a strap-on. by Ravenblackeroticain  BDSM10/30/154.43

My Servants

 — Welcome to ash's home, where the servants live to please her. by Youve_Been_Jinxedin  Lesbian Sex07/08/153.75

Lots about Me Ch. 17: Tied Up

 — Two stories about being tied up. by TessMackenziein  Lesbian Sex05/04/153.70

Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian Domination

 — A very rough and exciting Lesbian BDSM experience. by LouiseLynxin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/24/153.97

Never Wear Underwear

 — Anna is caught by her Mistress and is punished for the crime. by LezBeDomin  Lesbian Sex03/29/143.69

Dana & Holly Ch. 05

 — Dana and Holly play a game with their voyeuristic neighbor. by Frank_McFilthyin  Lesbian Sex03/15/144.45

Dana & Holly Ch. 04

 — Holly gets a gangbang for her birthday. by Frank_McFilthyin  Lesbian Sex03/04/144.18

Dana & Holly Ch. 03

 — Dana and Holly play a game of principal and bad student by Frank_McFilthyin  Lesbian Sex02/16/144.35

I Love My Mistress

 — Mistress calls upon her Pet after a long absence. by justanothereroticafanin  BDSM01/26/144.55HOT

When I Get Home

 — Exactly what I want. by 666DezDemonain  Lesbian Sex01/10/143.90

Mummy and Me Ch. 02

 — Tanya finally tires of her mother's tastes, and well....... by Calandria2in  Lesbian Sex11/03/134.39

Tied in Knots

 — Two lusting lesbians tie up an unsuspecting third. by hayatolyndein  BDSM06/17/134.10

Playtime for Angela

 — A mature woman forced to have sex with another woman. by PJ296in  Lesbian Sex03/02/134.25

Doomsday Trickery

 — She thought she knew her roommate. And herself. by Amanda_Tin  Lesbian Sex02/25/134.73HOT

Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 05

 — The first night continues. by fitntrimin  Lesbian Sex01/28/134.22

Seven Minutes in Heaven

 — Will Qunn's desires finally be answered? Only heaven knows. by fallen_angel413in  Lesbian Sex12/24/124.33

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 05

 — I kissed a love. by secretsxywriterin  Lesbian Sex12/09/124.84HOT

The Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Making me Her slave. by JosephBarnoskyin  BDSM10/24/124.56HOT

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 04

 — A new victim falls into the hands of the Cobra Crew. by hawaiisunin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/16/124.48

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 03

 — Criminals take advantage of travel time with their hostages. by hawaiisunin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/15/124.39

Cobra Crew: Freeing Escobar Ch. 02

 — The crew makes a deal at the expense of their captives. by hawaiisunin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/14/124.44

Helping Out a Friend

 — Male friend enlists my help with a gal pal for a "first." by tulsalizain  Lesbian Sex07/24/124.15

Just a Dream

 — Imagine giving into the woman of your dreams. by oXTashiiiXoin  Lesbian Sex02/24/124.21

Transgender Twinning

 — Have you ever wanted to turn into your girlfriend? by manyquestionsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/02/114.48

Tied to the Bed

 — Erica ties up Kristen for some spiced up lovemaking. by Theflucin  Lesbian Sex09/24/114.42

Gotcha Ch. 06

 — Wendy and Jen relax with Mistress Tanya. by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex04/27/114.60HOT

Tamed Cougar Ch. 05

 — Tammy's train ride continues plus a hiking adventure. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex01/02/114.67HOT


 — A young co-ed is bound and waiting. by PacoFearin  Lesbian Sex08/16/104.53HOT

Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Taylor teaches an innocent young woman. by stephen55in  Lesbian Sex07/24/103.95

Caught Coach Ch. 02

 — Coach Sara's enslavement continues. by DionysusMasin  Lesbian Sex03/16/104.02

Boyfriend's Treat Ch. 03

 — Sexy girls finding out what turns them on. by jaqi1978in  Lesbian Sex02/19/104.70HOT

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 06

 — Lyssa ask to have her labia pierced. by RavenSSSin  Lesbian Sex02/05/104.16

Bethanie & Maddy: The Bet Pt. 03

 — Does Bethanie have what it takes to really test Maddy? by empty_coffee_cupin  Lesbian Sex01/24/104.64HOT

When Lyssa met Joanna Ch. 01

 — Lyssa is taken by Joanna to be used as a sex toy. by RavenSSSin  Lesbian Sex01/06/104.07

Alexa and Chantelle

 — Alexa, bound, awaits her first lesbian bondage experience. by zephyr20in  BDSM12/09/093.72

New Member for Lesbian BDSM Club

 — Unexpected free lifetime membership offer. by slavegirlemilyin  Lesbian Sex12/01/094.10

My Trip to the Coffee Shop

 — She goes for coffee and is seduced by another woman. by DrGrimin  Lesbian Sex09/28/093.12

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 03

 — Becky and her enslavement at the hands of her salacious aunt. by trevormin  Incest/Taboo08/24/094.18

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 04

 — Concluding the story of coed Becky's seduction. by trevormin  Incest/Taboo08/21/094.42

Girls Night Out Ch. 01

 — A wedding sends a woman off into new adventures. by Bob_Aganoushin  Lesbian Sex07/14/094.43

With Strings Attached Ch. 02

 — Alice experiences Nicole's hobbies. by maxout09in  Lesbian Sex05/20/094.60HOT

Bath Time

 — sub is shocked when her bath time goes off course. by its_jess_mein  Lesbian Sex02/06/094.31

Another Infidelity

 — A little jealousy starts a very wild night. by goth-girlin  Lesbian Sex01/23/094.41

Curiousity Got the Cat

 — Rummaging through her roommates things is bad for Roberta. by the_black_malein  Lesbian Sex01/09/094.25

Mina's Story Pt. 01

 — Mothers-in-law meet for the first time. by SpencerAlanMacLeodin  Lesbian Sex12/26/083.97

The Coffee Break

 — Jen meets her Mistress during a coffee break. by MaidJenniferin  Lesbian Sex11/28/083.93

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 02

 — Jonathan continues his plot for vengeance. by SEVERUSMAXin  Erotic Horror11/05/084.06

Hot Coffee

 — I get my cup filled - twice. by beginnergurlin  Lesbian Sex08/31/084.18


 — Becoming a mere plaything. by FromSunin  Lesbian Sex08/15/084.10


 — Selections from my diary. by hotboxin  BDSM08/03/083.97

Sara's Training Ch. 09

 — Sara heads to Vegas for the Mistress / Slave ball. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex07/26/084.67HOT

Shy Beginnings Ch. 02

 — Bad girl. by MistressLacein  Lesbian Sex07/06/083.98

Shy Beginnings

 — A first time slave. by MistressLacein  Lesbian Sex07/05/083.90

Lesbian Home Invasion

 — Two women shopping, bring home more than expected. by Bokimbolin  Lesbian Sex06/13/084.04

Sara's Training Ch. 08

 — Sara becomes a film star and party hostess. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex05/16/084.67HOT

Elizabeth and Charlotte Ch. 01

 — Elizabeth's lesbian seduction and heartbreak. by Wisshmassterrin  NonHuman03/26/084.50HOT

Enslaved in Europe Ch. 04

 — Diane is punished by a group of women at the hotel. by Schlankin  BDSM03/15/084.54HOT

Anna and Lacey's Secret Ch. 03

 — Anna finds herself at the mercy of her female classmates. by jrichards777in  Erotic Couplings02/27/084.26


 — Making her move before graduation. by WFEATHERin  Lesbian Sex02/16/083.50

Lena Ch. 10

 — Lena is cold, naked and l. by Buzzboyin  BDSM12/02/073.93

Pleasure Under Knots

 — This story is the culminating sequel to Clashed Preferences. by Obsessive_Lesbianin  BDSM11/20/074.50HOT

Madame V and Angelina

 — In a lovely Parisienne house, a dungeon lies waiting. by kittenkinkyin  Lesbian Sex11/10/074.34

Bedtime Story

 — You are bound and blindfolded. by Luna_Wolf72in  Lesbian Sex10/12/074.48

How Stephanie Earns the Extras

 — Her debts lead to domination & bondage. by MistressObediencein  Lesbian Sex07/20/074.14

Enslaved in Europe Ch. 01

 — Diane legally becomes the property of Gretchen. by Schlankin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/15/074.41

One Night with an Angel

 — Mistress assaults sub's senses. by SleepingBeauty1112in  Lesbian Sex06/12/074.36

Private School Ch. 03

 — Heather learns more about her school. by Schlankin  BDSM06/08/074.36

The Whipping Post

 — Former domme initiates soccer mom into sexual submission. by Nikita_writerin  Lesbian Sex04/20/074.34


 — A woman ties and teases her lover, at her request. by rachelgin  Lesbian Sex02/03/073.86


 — Falling in love with a Domme. by Rumblepurin  Lesbian Sex01/06/074.50HOT

Punished Maid

 — Mrs Sandra Zapeda discovers her maid masturbating. by GabbyLezin  BDSM11/06/063.80

Words Made Flesh Ch. 08

 — This leg of the story comes to wildly sexy conclusion. by ungenderlessin  Lesbian Sex09/29/064.28

More Than I Bargained For

 — Julia continues to sell herself into lesbian domination. by JuilaDixonin  Lesbian Sex09/19/064.53HOT

Diary Entry

 — A subbie continues her exploration with a Domme. by teasemedenymein  BDSM08/31/063.75

The Return Visit

 — A subbie has her first experience with a Domme. by teasemedenymein  BDSM08/31/064.27

Talon's Downfall Ch. 03

 — In the here and now. by taknbistormin  BDSM08/18/064.56HOT

An Introduction to Lesbian Prostitution

 — Julia gets her first taste of prostitution. by JuilaDixonin  Lesbian Sex07/16/064.58HOT

Two's Company

 — A third person is added to the fun...but who is it? by partyfairyin  Lesbian Sex06/23/064.00

Goddesses Ch. 04

 — Lillith is slipped into a state of bound submission. by MissBriin  BDSM05/04/064.09

Long Lost Friend

 — Lea meets her husband's old friend Cee. by fae_bellain  Group Sex02/21/064.51HOT

Prison Bitch Ch. 02

 — Sophie meets her cell mate, Sherri. by pusylvr69in  Lesbian Sex01/29/064.57HOT


 — Hayling is her dominating sexual thrill. by mike  Lesbian Sex01/25/064.14

But Only If You're Good

 — What treats are in store tonight? by Analise Greyin  BDSM01/18/064.32

Belinda Ch. 03

 — Belinda experiences bondage and bites. by hotchkissin  Lesbian Sex01/16/064.22

The Thai Maid: Notes from a Fan

 — Pleasure and torment with two beautiful Thai women. by victoria.vixenin  Lesbian Sex12/03/054.37

Humiliation Gone Wrong Ch. 03

 — Ashley visits Jenny's house. by NapalmDin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/30/050.00

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

 — Pretty hitchhiker is picked up by an older woman. by Dumpingtonin  Lesbian Sex10/30/054.43

Lick or Eat

 — A wild Halloween night. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex10/04/054.23

Caught in a Spider's Web

 — Pretty girl's night in jail is a memorable one. by Kansasin  Lesbian Sex08/23/054.38

Kathy's Fantasy

 — Her lesbian bondage fantasy is fulfilled. by scorpioblonde1in  Lesbian Sex08/03/054.24

Dabbling with a Leash

 — A fantasy about an internet friend. by Brinain  BDSM07/23/054.16

A Blackmailling Bitch

 — Susan agrees to be Jenny's slut for a night. by TheDarkCloudin  Lesbian Sex06/20/054.21

Camping Trip

 — Great D/s the great outdoors. by mistress_dianain  BDSM12/29/024.47

Roped Weekend

 — Young women submit to Domme & her friend. by mistress_dianain  BDSM12/17/024.39

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