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Corporate Affairs Pt. 01

 — Ash fucks her boss' daughter, Kylie. by kinkyashin  Lesbian Sex07/31/164.44

The Dinner Party Ch. 04

 — The finale for Maxine. by Kiwilassin  Group Sex02/23/144.51HOT

And So What's This?

 — Her friend discovered that Deborah owned a dildo, and ... by Otazelin  Lesbian Sex12/12/134.76HOT

Oh My Family Ch. 04

 — Mom and Anna get some lovely lesbian private time. by gen_man69in  Incest/Taboo03/29/134.39

Gabrielle and Melissa

 — Adventurous roommates. by Kitten2009in  Lesbian Sex04/13/124.16

All Ends Well

 — Rough start-happy ending. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex06/10/114.14

Becoming Obvious

 — A young woman's more experienced roommate teaches her... by knowsbetterin  Lesbian Sex05/21/114.39

Her First Listen to...

 — She likes being directed to fuck her pussy by a sexy woman. by rj01in  Text With Audio10/26/104.03

My Name Is Heather Ch. 05

 — Dawn takes Cynthia's hymen. by RavenSSSin  Lesbian Sex08/12/104.39

Irresistible Isabella

 — She is a squirter too! by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex06/03/104.39

Beach Weekend Ch. 02

 — When the guys are away, the girls will play. by Maxpower2469in  Lesbian Sex05/10/104.13

Dances with Strippers

 — When she found herself between 2 lesbian strippers. by Lil_kittyin  Lesbian Sex12/02/094.12

Bad Girl, Wait

 — Disobedient slave girl cannot orgasm until Mistress allows. by maruxin  Lesbian Sex11/06/093.90

My First Massage

 — A woman experiences several "firsts". by joan658in  Lesbian Sex10/14/094.60HOT

Sexy Sisters Ch. 06

 — How much can 2 lesbian nympho sisters do in one day? A lot!! by DirtyLesbianin  Incest/Taboo10/02/094.17

Pretty Lin Ch. 04

 — New explorations. by humminbeanin  Lesbian Sex09/28/094.82HOT

Susan and Kate

 — Two ladies have fun at home by john2663in  Lesbian Sex07/03/094.27

My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 09

 — Considering my first threesome with my mom and Denise. by Lucy_Pin  Incest/Taboo06/03/094.49

First Time Strap-on Experience

 — Two girls explore with a toy for the first time. by alottafuhginain  Lesbian Sex05/31/094.05

Kate's Test Ch. 04

 — Kate gets claimed. by PussyWorshipperin  BDSM04/25/094.35

Lesbian Soccer Coaches Ch. 04

 — More players come out of the closet and the season begins. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex03/02/094.30

Syn & Ava

 — Coworkers share their first lesbian encounter. by EroticSynin  Lesbian Sex01/27/094.10

A Touch Revisited Ch. 02

 — Two women bring their reunion to an end. by Lady_Fionain  Lesbian Sex01/14/094.47

Making the Most of Chloe Ch. 02

 — The girls have fun with a double dildo. by Degausserin  Lesbian Sex12/29/084.28

High and Low Ch. 02

 — Lady love. by bisexualsmokerin  Lesbian Sex10/28/083.49

Sapphic Healing Ch. 18

 — The girls nearly destroy each other. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex09/21/084.69HOT

Lost in Her Eyes

 — A growing love and friendship between two women. by melcat69in  Lesbian Sex08/26/084.28

Batteries Not Included (Illustrated)

 — Dorm-mate exchanges one sex toy for another. by Couturein  Illustrated08/17/084.31

Shared Channel Ch. 01

 — Toys were the Cupids between two girls. by Tarbutin  Lesbian Sex08/16/083.76

Bruises and Kisses Ch. 02

 — I think she hates me. by irma_irenein  Lesbian Sex08/14/083.68

Martha the Maid

 — The maid takes over. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex08/06/084.31

Meeting Lucy Ch. 02

 — They relieve tension from exam worry. by marielitin  Lesbian Sex08/02/084.54HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 15

 — The women recover from the new toy; Elaine & Danni. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex07/13/084.71HOT

Shy Beginnings Ch. 02

 — Bad girl. by MistressLacein  Lesbian Sex07/06/083.98

Sapphic Healing Ch. 06

 — It's Danni's birthday. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex06/19/084.58HOT

Starlight XXXplorers Ch. 03

 — Wendy and Priscilla achieve stellar bliss. by rumrunner_bobin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/07/083.92

Accidental Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Danni gets a double birthday treat. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex05/23/084.65HOT

Lonely Ch. 01

 — Lonely Sri Lankan woman meets a hot young lady. by gen_man69in  Lesbian Sex05/23/084.47

Professor Marjorie

 — A student or a colleague, it's all girls together. by powelldonovanin  Lesbian Sex05/13/084.03

Conversation Between Two Friends

 — Just a quick little tale. by Dotrice1in  Lesbian Sex04/26/083.10


 — She's starving for that one good fuck. by Dyke_Writerin  Lesbian Sex01/24/084.27

My Wife is Bi

 — Having a bi wife can be great for both. by Toolmoin  Loving Wives01/12/084.32

Commander Carla

 — Sluts obey her. by LustyLee77in  Incest/Taboo01/11/084.48

Mysterious Neighbor Ch. 03

 — A new use for clay; Sherri's first anal. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex01/03/084.68HOT

Long Legged Lucia

 — She's an alluring seductress. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex12/21/074.37

The New Neighborhood

 — New neighborhood, new people, new experiences. by KajunKittyin  Lesbian Sex12/12/074.71HOT

A Night With Tracy Ch. 03

 — The girls make an interesting purchase. by Dirty Kittenin  Lesbian Sex12/01/074.64HOT

Hard Day's Work

 — Coed gets a new toy. by x_Medusain  Lesbian Sex11/29/073.53

Sara's Training Ch. 03

 — Sara returns to Cindy for more education. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex11/28/074.55HOT

How The Butterfly Tamed The Wildcat

 — Lesbian version of "AWH- The Great Art Gallery Robbery". by Maximillian_Excaliberin  Lesbian Sex11/24/074.47

Bitten Sweetly

 — Her vampiress lover brings her to a very sweet end. by tigrrlilliin  Lesbian Sex10/16/074.66HOT

Scholarship Requirements Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth & Tiffany initiate the pregnant Eloise. by Peter Duncanin  Lesbian Sex09/06/074.48

I Won't Back Down

 — Who will be the first to back down? by givemenevergetsin  Lesbian Sex08/02/074.09

A Gorgeous Wife Tempted

 — Jo has her self-control tested by Miranda. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex07/25/074.38

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 13

 — Gen and Marsha get together for some bi-sexual fun by R_U_Romanticin  Lesbian Sex07/14/074.49

Memories Ch. 05

 — A threesome get-together. by Amy_82in  Lesbian Sex06/13/074.22

Annie's First Love

 — Annie shares her toys. by AnalAnnie19in  Lesbian Sex06/12/074.79HOT

Flowers and Lipstick Ch. 02

 — Shy Asian Lisa discovers toys. by bogey102in  Lesbian Sex05/14/074.25

The Prom Date Ch. 04

 — Cindy catches Dana with her twin sister. by Kellogin  Incest/Taboo05/09/074.61HOT

My First "Bi" Experience Ch. 02

 — Day Two. by Marieincostaricain  Lesbian Sex04/21/074.63HOT

34A Bra and Size 6 Panties Ch. 02

 — What happens after Leah finds him. by andyjmenin  Mature04/16/073.90

My Freshman Year Ch. 06

 — A nice way to wake up. by pjonkmlin  Lesbian Sex03/08/074.55HOT

My Freshman Year Ch. 05

 — She's so beautiful. by pjonkmlin  Lesbian Sex03/05/074.58HOT

A Model, a Reporter and Somebody Else

 — How catwalk leads to 'walk' with the cat. by Lil_kittyin  Lesbian Sex03/03/074.35

Anal Nurse Ch. 05

 — ANAL "dick-down", lesbian style. by britisha_luvs_anlin  Lesbian Sex02/24/074.33


 — Always close your bedroom door. by FriskyVirginin  Lesbian Sex02/10/073.35

And The Truth Will Set Them Free

 — An old friendship has new meaning on a girls' night in. by 130260in  Lesbian Sex12/07/060.00

Lewd and Lusty Latisha Ch. 02

 — More white pussy for Latisha. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex11/03/064.54HOT

Lewd and Lusty Latisha

 — Latisha takes charge. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex10/21/064.57HOT

Start of an Erotic Journey

 — Indian woman describes her first sexual steps. by DevilsAngel369in  Lesbian Sex10/17/064.57HOT

Lesbian Soccer Moms Ch. 05

 — The season is half over but with new surprises. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex09/21/064.28

NYC Trip

 — She travels to NYC to meet you. by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex07/25/063.75

Lesbian Soccer Moms

 — Soccer coaches, mothers, & daughters get together. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex07/19/064.58HOT

Mistress of the Mansion

 — Her new boss introduces her to pussy. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex07/14/064.51HOT

Angelina, Jennifer, and Nicole

 — They discover lesbian lust and love. by LustyLee77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/24/064.30

Double Duty

 — Two girls and a gift. by leapingfoxin  Lesbian Sex06/16/064.15

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 02

 — Exploration. by RubberKateyin  Lesbian Sex06/11/064.61HOT

Change of Direction

 — Two people discover their love for each other. by curious2cin  Lesbian Sex04/22/064.28

The Awakening Ch. 02

 — Laura begins to come to terms with her situation. by O2in  Lesbian Sex04/15/064.52HOT

Elvira's Earth Angels

 — Earth Day events turn erotic. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex03/26/064.20

Model Cousin

 — Experienced cousin shares her toys. by Thabesin  Lesbian Sex02/26/064.52HOT


 — New lover enjoys her first anal rimming. by MsLinnetin  Lesbian Sex02/07/063.56

Steam Room

 — You savor a steamy lesbian encounter. by stephen_sinin  Lesbian Sex12/31/054.29

The Toymaker and the Pixies

 — A holiday retelling. by kyra_fandin  Lesbian Sex11/30/054.69HOT

Home for the Summer Ch. 03

 — Mom joins Stephanie and David. by Jazzin59in  Incest/Taboo11/28/054.61HOT

A Party She'll Never Forget

 — Becky sees the light at her first all-girl party. by julie_juliain  Lesbian Sex11/04/054.33

Bashful Betsy

 — Shy girl becomes lesbian submissive. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex11/03/054.32

The Exchange

 — Trade of e-mails between lesbian lovers. by jenyesin  Letters & Transcripts10/27/054.10

The Doctor and I

 — Anne gets more than an exam from her doctor. by ShyHottiein  Lesbian Sex09/06/054.54HOT

Amy's Addiction

 — The 12-inch pumping & humping, squirting realistic cock. by Hudsonin  Toys & Masturbation12/16/014.20

Lilly White, Virgin

 — Wild west lady seeks help from Miss Kitty. by Tawny Tin  Lesbian Sex09/01/004.73HOT

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