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Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 10

 — Bev gets punished and then makes love to her mistress. by robin35in  Fetish01/18/153.60

Lesbian's Panties

 — Lesbian panty fetish. by sexnovellain  Fetish08/09/134.26


 — Milk, London, 1880s. by Andromeda7in  Fetish02/14/133.74

Coming Out by Diving In

 — Drunken roommate offers opportunity for growth. by YKN4949in  Lesbian Sex02/24/124.22

If You Give a Girl a Golden Shower

 — Sexy satire, spoof on the Laura Numeroff series. by Abraxisin  Lesbian Sex12/16/114.16

Becoming a Erotic Female Wrestler

 — Women comes across a erotic female wrestling site. by readingfoxhoundin  Lesbian Sex05/26/114.26

Dress You Up

 — Sarah models outfits for a horny fashion designer. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Lesbian Sex05/14/114.44

College Roommates

 — Two coeds find common ground. by mydsm2431in  Lesbian Sex09/10/103.74

Daughters - Eve, Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: questions are answered...but more crop up! by Lisa Summersin  Lesbian Sex09/03/104.67HOT

Helen's Horny Hosiery Boy Ch. 02

 — Helen seeks help from two girlfriends. by slitlicker69in  Lesbian Sex08/15/104.45

Waltz of Blades Ch. 01

 — Two young women discover love that is balanced on a sword. by GaryStargazerin  Lesbian Sex08/03/104.33

Sweet Shelly's Story Ch. 02

 — The story of lifelong friends finding young love continues. by plat39in  Lesbian Sex07/07/104.33

Tales of the Ladies Room Ch. 01

 — Women disciplining women in a feminine setting. by lesliejonesin  Lesbian Sex06/13/104.06

Siamese Bi's Ch. 02

 — Initiation to enemas and toys amid lots of human milk. by Tarbutin  Lesbian Sex03/20/103.34

Willing Ch. 08

 — The conclusion to the two women's sensual Sapphic journey. by Lisa Summersin  Lesbian Sex01/15/104.74HOT

New Experiences

 — A young woman discovers new fetishes. by The_Heraticin  Lesbian Sex12/23/092.85

Rebel Princess

 — A bold runaway saved from bloody battle; who will tame her? by LokiRenardin  Lesbian Sex09/13/094.62HOT


 — Sienna fulfills Kaleigh's unspoken fantasy. by virginkinksin  Lesbian Sex07/28/094.48

Wet Adventures

 — Plotting lesbian gets more than she bargained for. by Esta_LaRoiin  Lesbian Sex06/15/094.23

Riding with Confidence

 — First time rider learns how to loosen up. by TheLitGirlin  Lesbian Sex06/03/093.98

The Delivery Woman

 — An office worker gets a delivery. by rosebud_6in  Lesbian Sex05/11/094.49

Trio: College Cheerleaders

 — One perverted cheerleader seduces one of her teammates. by brttsnchzin  Lesbian Sex03/15/093.97

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 07

 — Wanda finds out more about Tanya, Danillo & Tatiana. by Benny_Blankin  Fetish02/22/094.25

Sara's Training Ch. 10

 — Sara and Mistress Heather spend the day in Las Vegas. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex02/07/094.71HOT

Lesbian Gangland Ch. 04

 — Fannie's first assignment as she starts her new life. by lesloverzin  Lesbian Sex01/16/094.41

After Dinner Comes Dessert

 — Four friends enjoy a little after dinner delight. by kittenkinkyin  Group Sex01/04/094.30

Whispers and Brush Strokes Ch. 02

 — Freedom is contagious. by KinghtWhisperin  Lesbian Sex11/24/084.58HOT

A Very "Brown" Trio

 — A seductively shitty sapphic soiree. by VeryDirtyDenisein  Lesbian Sex11/20/084.28

Letting Go Ch. 02

 — Two women have lunch at a nice restaurant. by ShoneyBin  Lesbian Sex09/18/084.27

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 12

 — The wealthy widow seduces the Vicar's wife. by sarahloveittin  Lesbian Sex09/12/084.38

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 03

 — Fay's roommate finds out what's been going on. by toocoldin  Novels and Novellas09/02/084.37

Gia, the Van and Ladies at Play

 — In the van, coed Gia is enjoyed by all the ladies. by yeswetstoriesin  Lesbian Sex08/15/084.55HOT

Nursing Aid

 — Melanie helps a new mom with her lactation problems. by WayWordGirllin  Lesbian Sex07/16/084.32

After The Dance Class

 — Bedroom, bathroom & toilet for these Sapphic lovers. by VeryDirtyDenisein  Lesbian Sex06/13/084.56HOT

Chris and Mary's Perfect Sexual Experience Ch. 01

 — Fetish love between two women. by lickmylegsin  Fetish06/02/084.27

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 08

 — A London weekend together. by sarahloveittin  Lesbian Sex05/31/084.37

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 03

 — The girls prep for their redhead, and witness a new couple. by andrea_adoresin  Lesbian Sex05/03/084.58HOT

Service Department

 — Crutches lean next to the old woman across from her. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish04/22/084.35

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 04

 — Pleasing Dana, then a trip to a club. by jenyesin  Fetish01/23/084.50HOT

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 03

 — Dana joins in. by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex01/22/084.25

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 02

 — Sarah gets fucked again by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex01/21/084.21

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 01

 — A ponygirl for my mistress, and a friend. by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex01/20/084.41

Student Teacher Ch. 01

 — Lauren meets her new student teacher. by phresh4hosein  Lesbian Sex01/12/084.09

The Call

 —  A submissive receives a call from her Mistress. by SisterWiseAssin  Lesbian Sex12/10/074.30

A Deelishus Scat Meal

 — Dom scat mistress humiliates lesbian sub. by FemScatLoverin  Fetish09/14/074.20

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 06

 — More lesbian pee fun. by leaky_onein  Fetish09/12/074.37

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 05

 — Peeing after sex (lesbian couple). by leaky_onein  Fetish08/31/074.30


 — Her awakening to pleasure - & the accompanying shame. by Littlemissblairin  Lesbian Sex08/07/074.58HOT

Punky's Diary, 02/08/07

 — Punky gets musical. by Selbrythin  Fetish03/19/073.50

School Time

 — A naughty schoolgirl gets punished. by Nemasis Enforcerin  Lesbian Sex02/02/074.18

Stress Management

 — Bisexual woman's quest for relief after a loss. by DonAbdulin  Lesbian Sex07/28/063.82

After Dinner Drinks Ch. 01

 — Chef Carla learns about new body tastes with Diana. by lilactwistin  Fetish06/28/064.48

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 03

 — A mystery treat. by RubberKateyin  Lesbian Sex06/12/064.63HOT

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 02

 — Exploration. by RubberKateyin  Lesbian Sex06/11/064.69HOT

Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 01

 — Discovery and exploration. by RubberKateyin  Lesbian Sex06/10/064.54HOT

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 02

 — The enema orgy continues. by Satyr2005in  Fetish03/25/064.39

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 01

 — Four supermodels partake in a depraved enema orgy. by Satyr2005in  Fetish03/24/064.64HOT

Lick It Clean!

 — Unclean bodies & soiled undies add to intoxicating mix. by VeryDirtyDenisein  Lesbian Sex11/03/054.36

The Powder

 — Female scientist experiments on an unsuspecting woman. by SamuraiSwordin  Fetish12/28/044.67HOT

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