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Best Girl Friends Ch. 03

 — Carla & Suzanne picnic and get fucked by the pool boy. by redjulesin  Group Sex06/24/154.68HOT

At Last

 — Best friends finally wake up together. by dancingonmyownin  Lesbian Sex01/28/144.78HOT


 — A girl seduces her childhood friend, having just 'come out'. by Otazelin  Lesbian Sex09/15/124.68HOT

Making a New Friend

 — Girls night out ends very differently than expected. by snowboin  Lesbian Sex05/14/124.42

Lewd Dream

 — A dream of mine. Rebuilt into something weird and sexy. by mostlyintactin  NonHuman12/22/113.90

Master Swordswoman Pt. 10

 — A Morning Of Thought And Reflection. by PhillippaTin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/02/114.69HOT

Ladies First

 — Two college girls go from best friends to lovers. by love_neverfailsin  Lesbian Sex07/09/114.11

Master Swordswoman Pt. 09

 — Master, Escort or Lover? by PhillippaTin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/04/114.68HOT

The Kiss

 — Teen friends try lesbian sex for the first time. by twinkletushyin  Lesbian Sex04/21/114.20

Friday Night Sex

 — A girls night out ends in lesbian encounter. by sexy_sandreyin  Lesbian Sex01/18/113.81


 — An encounter with an old friend. by carmen7808in  Lesbian Sex10/07/104.24

Lesbians ONLY Club! Ch. 01

 — Part one of how Kylie became a lezbo. by anjithaangelin  Lesbian Sex08/14/103.08

Switch Girl Ch. 01-02

 — Switch girl introduces her friends to spankings. by BittenKitten1in  Lesbian Sex05/24/104.35

Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine

 — Birthday surprise she didn't even know she wanted. by irishcloverin  Lesbian Sex09/04/094.30

Brenda & Lisa: The Shopping Trip

 — Two friends find love on their annual holiday shopping trip. by leyna32in  Lesbian Sex03/30/094.38

Sarah's First Spanking

 — Sarah wants a spanking and her female mate Jo helps her. by wwekillerin  Lesbian Sex03/12/094.37

Master Swordswoman Pt. 02

 — Practice before fun. by PhillippaTin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/11/094.70HOT

Master Swordswoman Pt. 01

 — An introduction and beginning. by PhillippaTin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/10/094.63HOT

Once in a Lifetime Between Friends

 — Three close friends experience each other in new ways. by HankReardonin  Group Sex02/28/093.54

Josie's Dream

 — Josie's dream comes true. by Isabella_Gracein  Lesbian Sex02/27/094.17

Danielle's Awakening

 — Danielle finds pleasure unexpectedly from a friend. by Morbid_Saintin  Lesbian Sex11/14/083.75

What a Wild Day Ch. 01

 — 4 female friends become "closer" friends. by literotica182307in  Lesbian Sex09/11/084.49

Ladies Night In

 — Two friends have trouble getting out of the house. by SpyderJohnin  Lesbian Sex08/26/084.16


 — Best friends become even closer. by snakeeyes148in  Lesbian Sex07/12/084.28

My Best Friend Ch. 01

 — She wants her best friend Addison; does Addison want her? by Closet_Lesboin  Lesbian Sex05/16/084.50HOT

Missing Milla

 — Milla's best friend makes their parting memorable. by miss_madeleinein  Lesbian Sex05/08/084.23

Meant To Be

 — A story of love and passion. by smhgirl2002in  Lesbian Sex04/21/084.75HOT

Good Friends: The First Encounter

 — Two friends realize there may be something more. by curious_valeriein  Lesbian Sex04/19/084.14

My Vicki Ch. 01

 — Best friends find a way to make a friendship even better. by lyntessin  Lesbian Sex03/25/084.22


 — Life long best friends find love and sex. by Sir_Eroticain  Lesbian Sex02/28/084.49

After The Club

 — Getting hot with men; getting off with a woman. by powelldonovanin  Lesbian Sex01/26/084.00

Getting Lucky

 — Best friends get hot watching a couple have a quickie. by chirpychappiein  Lesbian Sex01/03/084.64HOT

Hard Day's Work

 — Coed gets a new toy. by x_Medusain  Lesbian Sex11/29/073.53

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 01

 — Pam, Kim, & friends share a beach house. by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex11/05/074.31

Stacy + Tina

 — Change brings lust and unfaithfulness. by vex555in  Lesbian Sex08/22/074.31

Living the Fantasy

 — Two best friends give in to a sexy fantasy. by SexyBrunette000in  Lesbian Sex08/12/074.43

A Woman's Kiss

 — An initial affair between two best friends. by Lady_Fionain  Lesbian Sex08/07/074.33

Winter's Heat

 — Two friends keep each other warm while stranded during storm. by Bridget69in  Lesbian Sex07/28/074.63HOT


 — A new day, a new experience. by egelantein  Lesbian Sex05/26/074.45

Breast Friends

 — Old friends discover new feelings. by Many Feathersin  Lesbian Sex04/27/074.45


 — Is Nora reading too much into Sophia's touches? by Linyariin  Lesbian Sex04/24/074.47

I Don't Believe You

 — Best friends discover 'fun' sex. by tarkatonyin  Lesbian Sex03/20/074.28

Tender Love Hurts Ch. 08

 — Erik returns to find Jade & Alicia in a passionate embrace. by ImmortalRomancein  Group Sex03/16/073.81

A Lifeline for Hayley

 — Hayley's best friend tries to solve her loneliness problem. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex03/12/074.33

Ocean Beach

 — Reunited friends celebrate in a different way. by blue_kittyin  Lesbian Sex02/17/073.61

Me and Lisa

 — Lisa falls asleep, and her friend tenderly falls in love. by addieQin  Lesbian Sex02/17/074.50HOT


 — A friendship that grew deeper in one night. by EternalDeityin  Lesbian Sex01/13/074.21

Lonely Girls Ch. 02

 — Alisha and Jen explore anal play. by landrumjein  Lesbian Sex01/08/074.16

First Kiss

 — A first kiss between friends. by Pilgrimin  Lesbian Sex12/13/064.26

Weekend in the Mountains Ch. 03

 — The girls become better friends, too. by hotturkeyin  Lesbian Sex06/16/064.19

Forbidden Lust

 — Two female friends who become lovers. by MelaniePricein  Lesbian Sex06/05/064.23

Desired Fantasies

 — Best friends become lovers when desires are revealed. by SpicySynAmonin  Lesbian Sex05/17/064.25

Along Came Julie

 — Lonely night turns out to be the best. by Lil_kittyin  Lesbian Sex01/07/064.00

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 01

 — Wife's best friend introduces her to her bi-sexual desires. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Lesbian Sex09/19/054.49


 — She can be bi, too... by Spastic Manin  Lesbian Sex12/17/024.41

Watching Chick Flix

 — A simple misunderstanding leads to passion. by lohengren99in  Lesbian Sex12/15/014.44

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