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Ms. Stacey and Ashley

 — A teacher and student find lust in the classroom. by bigmac1505in  Lesbian Sex06/21/173.67

Miss Pt. 01

 — Savannah enters into a wild relationship with her teacher. by kinkyashin  Lesbian Sex05/04/174.52HOT

Tracy Plus 2 Ch. 03: Monday

 — After the weekend, there are lessons to learn. by KimiQuynhin  Lesbian Sex09/20/164.73HOT

Red Lipstick Temptations

 — Professor finds new insight with a beautiful student. by HeyAllin  Lesbian Sex11/30/154.69HOT

Purity and Punishment Ch. 02

 — Maxi fantasizes as stern Ms. Grayling introduces shy new girl. by LucienMarriottin  Lesbian Sex02/26/143.74

Teacher's Pet

 — Student and teacher become lovers, but when they're seen... by Xeloverin  Lesbian Sex06/27/134.26

After School Session Ch. 04

 — Lisa invites Ms. Wilson over or dinner.. and more! by hellodragon123in  Lesbian Sex05/21/134.24

After School Session Ch. 03

 — Lily convinces Ms. Wilson to relax & they make future plans. by hellodragon123in  Lesbian Sex05/11/133.93

After School Session Ch. 02

 — English teacher and student follow up on yesterday's lesson. by hellodragon123in  Lesbian Sex05/01/134.25

After School Session

 — English teacher and student stay after class. by hellodragon123in  Lesbian Sex04/11/134.07

The Teacher

 — Amy tries to seduce her beautiful English teacher. by paradisetittyin  Lesbian Sex02/14/134.48

The Good Deed

 — A rescue pays off in the end. by Bourguitin  Lesbian Sex01/23/134.32

Don't Forget Me... I Won't

 — A lonely train journey home takes an unexpected turn. by TeganJonesin  Lesbian Sex09/05/124.06

Student vs. Teacher

 — Student teaches the teacher. by AngelEin  Lesbian Sex04/09/123.58

The Teacher Ch. 11

 — Maela finds a surprise one day. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex03/27/124.67HOT


 — Two sisters are splashed by a car on the way to school. by heerkittykittyin  Incest/Taboo06/03/113.01

Blackmailing Beauty

 — A lesbian teacher catches a student cheat and blackmails her. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex05/01/114.49

A Conversation Online with Jeannie

 — A college student wants online sex. by sarahloveittin  Lesbian Sex02/24/114.09

The Teacher Ch. 09

 — The morning after they get to the beach house... by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex10/28/104.63HOT

The Teacher Ch. 08

 — They finally get to the beach house. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex10/21/104.54HOT

A Well-Learned Lesson

 — A young woman in high school gets "tutored". by PAhornyin  Lesbian Sex09/27/103.62

Sleeping with the Nurse

 — Student sleeps with school nurse. by NikkiRFanin  Lesbian Sex09/10/104.09

Lucy Ch. 01

 — A young woman is desperate for her Teacher. by purrfectpin  Lesbian Sex04/08/104.26

The Teacher Ch. 05

 — The continuation of Maela and Maria. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex02/26/104.64HOT

The Teacher Ch. 04

 — Continuation of Maela and Maria. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex02/25/104.58HOT

The Teddy and The Panties

 — 18-year-old girl brings treats for her sick friend. by katienightin  Lesbian Sex07/11/094.49

Night Classes

 — Older student is attracted to a younger student. by dudetodudein  Lesbian Sex04/05/094.13

Escaping the English Winter

 — Lonely woman meets holidaying student in Fuertevetura. by tethererin  Lesbian Sex03/20/094.32

The Teacher Ch. 02

 — They continue their excursion. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex03/07/094.41

The Teacher

 — 18-year-old student falls for her hot Spanish teacher. by maelagirlin  Lesbian Sex03/06/094.27

A Sensual Date with Professor Julie

 — Girl on girl sex between student and professor. by poohouse46383in  Lesbian Sex02/14/094.21

Betrayal of Trust Ch. 01

 — High school teacher falls hard for a girl in her class. by RossDanielsin  Lesbian Sex08/02/084.51HOT

Meeting My Teacher

 — A chance meeting with a teacher. by standingstonesin  Lesbian Sex06/24/084.09

The Pet Teacher Ch. 02

 — Coed is must comply with her lustful teacher's advances. by Couturein  Lesbian Sex06/23/084.43

Professor Marjorie

 — A student or a colleague, it's all girls together. by powelldonovanin  Lesbian Sex05/13/084.03

My Teacher, My Love Ch. 09

 — Sophie has a class with Miss Taylor. Can they hide the love? by APGilmorein  Lesbian Sex03/17/084.53HOT

My Teacher, My Love Ch. 01

 — Student tells her teacher a secret, it is very revealing. by APGilmorein  Lesbian Sex03/10/084.51HOT

The Math Tutor Ch. 02

 — Brenda has dreams of Bethany. by brenda_69in  Lesbian Sex12/28/074.57HOT

The Math Tutor

 — Former teacher and student run into each other. by brenda_69in  Lesbian Sex12/21/074.29

Student Body

 — Young college professor goes down on a crushing student. by missmelaniein  Lesbian Sex10/19/074.29

Mary Peters Ch. 01

 — A young woman's lust for her strict school teacher. by Zeldas slavein  Lesbian Sex10/15/074.11

Jack n' Coke Ch. 02

 — Jackie loves "virgins" but gets a surprise from Candy. by RedHeadedSlutRainain  Lesbian Sex09/21/064.18

Repairing the Past

 — Lust between a young executive and her mature assistant. by All Redin  Lesbian Sex05/23/064.61HOT

MJ's First Day of College

 — Coed has the hots for her professor. by kurlykayaker23in  Lesbian Sex05/20/063.79

The Loves of Julia

 — Sensual liaison between lady professor & former student. by HandsomeExplorerin  Lesbian Sex04/16/064.20

Gabriella's Story Ch. 01

 — Young teacher seduces the woman of her dreams. by Jess4LadiesOnlyin  Lesbian Sex03/13/064.65HOT

What They Teach in Public School

 — Teacher and student finally fufill desires. by sugabunny889in  Lesbian Sex12/12/054.09

Student Seduction

 — She's got a penchant for turning straight girls gay. by dykeyfemmein  Lesbian Sex09/03/054.50HOT

Submissive Ch. 05

 — Becky turns the tables on her teacher. by linkznutin  Lesbian Sex02/22/034.49

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