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lesbian submission

My Freshman Year Ch. 01

MILF discovers her submissive cravings with an online Domme.

Illustrated 11/24/2017

Arizona Sky

American dreams, power and sex.

Lesbian Sex 10/27/2017

The Gypsies

An encounter with extremes of pain and lesbian pleasure.

BDSM 08/03/2017

Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 07

The sisters train me. Hard.

BDSM 07/24/2017

The Fall of Angela

An 18 year old girl wins the loyalty of an older woman.

Lesbian Sex 05/29/2017

The Secret Theatre Act 01

Stripped, whipped and violated - on stage!

Lesbian Sex 03/27/2017

Suzy Comes of Age

Suzy's submissive longings are awoken by two older women.

Lesbian Sex 03/13/2017

The Red Dress

Stripped and tormented, an innocent young woman's ordeal.

Lesbian Sex 03/06/2017


What happens at the end of a girl's night in...

BDSM 02/24/2017

The Scent of a Woman

Layla finds herself enamoured by her new boss. (Dom/sub)

Lesbian Sex 09/17/2016

Madam President, Secret Desire

Her life, her power, her submission.

BDSM 08/22/2016

Rachel & Kelly Ch. 02

Kelly's friend, Tricia, comes over for a threesome.

Lesbian Sex 05/17/2016

Rachel & Kelly Ch. 01

The Reunion: the girls meet for the first time.

Lesbian Sex 05/14/2016

Beloved of Ashura: Learning to Fly

Protected by a woman warrior, a princess flees from danger.

Lesbian Sex 04/17/2016

Melanie's New Life

HS senior becomes lesbian mistress for friend and teacher.

Lesbian Sex 02/17/2016

Sensitive Research Ch. 07

Tara engages in some participatory research.

Lesbian Sex 07/14/2015

"Moms & Daughters": A Family Affair

18-year-old daughters learn of the lesbian family tradition.

Illustrated 06/29/2015

Weekend with Friends Ch. 02

Spending a Saturday away from town, how hard can it be?

BDSM 06/17/2015

Saturday Slave

A lost flash drive puts an older woman under control.

Lesbian Sex 04/23/2015

In the Barn

A woman needs to submit to instructions.

Lesbian Sex 04/18/2015

Florida Submission

Professional woman takes a step over the edge into slavery.

Lesbian Sex 04/17/2015

Breaking Down a Professional Woman

An older executive explores submission and finds a new life.

Lesbian Sex 04/16/2015

Birthday Gift from Mistress

A woman opens a surprise gift on her 44th birthday.

Lesbian Sex 04/15/2015

Sensitive Research Ch. 05

Susan and Tara interview one of Lady Amber's clients.

Lesbian Sex 02/17/2015

Sensitive Research Ch. 04

The professor opens up to Lady Amber and her RA.

Lesbian Sex 08/21/2014

The Family Pet Ch. 05

A romantic wedding and a steamy honeymoon in Lesbos.

Lesbian Sex 07/22/2014

The Family Pet Ch. 02

The young couple's first time and discussing dark fantasies

Lesbian Sex 06/29/2014

Sensitive Research Ch. 03

The professor meets Lady Amber for the first time.

BDSM 06/21/2014

Sensitive Research Ch. 02

The research on dommes and their female clients continues

BDSM 06/16/2014

Sensitive Research Ch. 01

Professor begins a study of dommes and their female clients.

BDSM 06/04/2014

My Girl's Night in Fantasy

Best friends become lovers.

Lesbian Sex 05/04/2014

Dana & Holly Ch. 05

Dana and Holly play a game with their voyeuristic neighbor.

Lesbian Sex 03/15/2014

The Politician's Wife

MP's wife seduced, submits to daughter's elfin friend.

Lesbian Sex 02/15/2014

The Ranch Ch. 01

Making a dream become a different reality.

BDSM 01/25/2014

A Rainy Night in London

The butch of my dreams is at the bar.

Lesbian Sex 12/11/2013

Going Down a Slippery Slope Ch. 03

Kim lets Erin know what she needs but can Erin give it?

Lesbian Sex 10/14/2013


A woman submits completely to her mistress.

BDSM 10/08/2013

A Good Pet

Beth fulfills her dream of submission and petplay.

Lesbian Sex 07/11/2013

Humiliation Lesson

I underestimate someone a pay for it, with everyone watching.

Lesbian Sex 06/25/2013

Doomsday Trickery Ch. 02

Continuation of the minor cliff hanger and exit from limbo.

Lesbian Sex 05/27/2013

The Neighbor Ch. 01

Making me Her slave.

BDSM 10/24/2012

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 04

Back to work. A surprise & a test of submission for Julia.

Lesbian Sex 07/13/2012

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 03

Sunday: An early shock, conference ends, the girls head home.

Lesbian Sex 07/09/2012

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 02

Friday: A top gets turned. Saturday: OMG! Saturday!!

Lesbian Sex 07/05/2012

A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 01

A seduction doesn't go quite as planned.

Lesbian Sex 07/01/2012

Lesbian Wrestles with Conscience

Love wins!

Lesbian Sex 06/29/2012

Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 02

Saturday - Shopping, dining, loving - romance blooms.

Lesbian Sex 04/24/2012

Salt & Vinegar Ch. 03

Justine 'rescues' Lena with unexpected results.

Lesbian Sex 04/20/2012

Same Old Thing...Maybe Not

Sanaya awakens to another side of her girlfriend!

Lesbian Sex 03/02/2012

Somewhere in the Badlands

A cop and a backpacker in a hot lesbian encounter.

Lesbian Sex 01/27/2012


I take you home and humiliate you (f/f).

BDSM 12/17/2011

Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 05

The wealthy woman submits completely.

Lesbian Sex 11/26/2011

Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 04

Entering a new era.

BDSM 09/13/2011

Delicious Della

Sluts love her.

Lesbian Sex 07/16/2011

All Ends Well

Rough start-happy ending.

Lesbian Sex 06/10/2011

Donna the Dom

Black girl longs to dominate White women.

Lesbian Sex 05/13/2011

Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 03

Lisa signs contract, and begins her fantasies.

BDSM 03/15/2011

Tamed Cougar Ch. 05

Tammy's train ride continues plus a hiking adventure.

Lesbian Sex 01/02/2011


The harder it gets, the softer it makes her.

Lesbian Sex 10/29/2010

Bedding the Babysitter

A MILF lesbian neighbor seduces her shy, innocent babysitter.

Lesbian Sex 09/19/2010


A young co-ed is bound and waiting.

Lesbian Sex 08/16/2010

Irresistible Isabella

She is a squirter too!

Lesbian Sex 06/03/2010

Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 02

Foundations are laid.

BDSM 05/13/2010

Jordan's Mommy Ch. 01 Pt. 02

18-year-old girl takes charge of her mother.

Incest/Taboo 03/26/2010

The Journey of Grace Ch. 10

The conclusion: Grace finds happiness.

BDSM 03/24/2010

Allison Ch. 05

Allison and Megan meet at an interesting club.

Lesbian Sex 01/23/2010

Danielle's Holiday Ch. 04

Danielle commences her first training.

BDSM 01/13/2010

Danielle's Holiday Ch. 03

Danielle learns her further rules of submission.

BDSM 01/08/2010

The Journey of Grace Ch. 08

Grace's vacation with Michelle isn't quite what she wanted.

BDSM 12/22/2009

Allison Ch. 04

Allison is drawn to Megan, and vice versa.

Lesbian Sex 12/02/2009


Another glimpse of Jordan and Rachael's ongoing affair.

Lesbian Sex 11/10/2009

Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 04

Concluding the story of coed Becky's seduction.

Incest/Taboo 08/21/2009

Girls Night Out Ch. 01

A wedding sends a woman off into new adventures.

Lesbian Sex 07/14/2009

Brown Betty Big Boobs

April goes down.

Lesbian Sex 04/23/2009

Suburban Submission Ch. 02

Karen shows off Jenny's submission to her friends.

Lesbian Sex 03/05/2009

Sara's Training Ch. 10

Sara and Mistress Heather spend the day in Las Vegas.

Lesbian Sex 02/07/2009

The Journey of Grace Ch. 07

Grace's first day with Michelle in San Francisco.

BDSM 02/02/2009

Lesbian Gangland Ch. 03

Will Fannie finally succumb to her lesbian rape?

Lesbian Sex 01/05/2009

Allison Ch. 02

A secret fantasy comes true.

Lesbian Sex 12/17/2008

Wendy's Will Ch. 01

Goth chick takes control of her preppy roommate.

Mind Control 12/13/2008

Allison Ch. 01

A secret fantasy comes true.

Lesbian Sex 12/13/2008

The Journey of Grace Ch. 06

Grace goes away for the weekend with Michelle.

BDSM 11/07/2008

Southern Nights Ch. 13

Final: the wildest night.

Lesbian Sex 10/21/2008

Changing My Life

Bored worker stumbles into submissive sex with boss' girlfriend.

Lesbian Sex 09/24/2008

Carried Away Ch. 03

The flowers of submission.

Lesbian Sex 09/13/2008

Sara's Training Ch. 09

Sara heads to Vegas for the Mistress / Slave ball.

Lesbian Sex 07/26/2008

The Morning After

A Mistress gives her sub a very special wake-up call.

Lesbian Sex 05/23/2008

Sara's Training Ch. 08

Sara becomes a film star and party hostess.

Lesbian Sex 05/16/2008

Sabel Ch. 07-10

Sabel on trial to become Miss Cathy's pony.

Lesbian Sex 05/13/2008

The Flight

Summoned to meet my Mistress.

Lesbian Sex 04/08/2008

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 08

The white bitch becomes a white ho.

BDSM 03/31/2008

Surfer Girls Ch. 08

Lisa's wish is fulfilled.

Lesbian Sex 01/18/2008

Long Legged Lucia

She's an alluring seductress.

Lesbian Sex 12/21/2007

Power Plays Ch. 12

Wrongs are righted and a new connection is made.

BDSM 12/09/2007

Surfer Girls Ch. 07

The girls accept their roles...and enjoy them.

Lesbian Sex 12/01/2007

Sara's Training Ch. 03

Sara returns to Cindy for more education.

Lesbian Sex 11/28/2007

Surfer Girls Ch. 06

Ashley submits.

Lesbian Sex 11/09/2007

Sara Submits Ch. 04

Sara completes two more tasks.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/04/2007

Sara Submits

Young wife submits to older woman's commands.

Fetish 10/30/2007

Surfer Girls Ch. 03

Ashley's story.

Lesbian Sex 09/29/2007
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