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Lily and Jen Meet

 — Jen fulfills Lily's craving. by CochettaHDin  Lesbian Sex09/18/174.22

Lustful Heart of Anna

 — High School teacher by day (sinner by night). by HeyAllin  Lesbian Sex10/03/164.59HOT

Beyond Game Night Pt. 01

 — Game Night leads friends to fun, confessions and a story. by loverofFUNin  Lesbian Sex09/25/154.63HOT

Art in Reality Ch. 07-10

 — Pain, pride, hope, forgiveness, love, temptation. by Paul_Clowellin  Romance01/15/154.59HOT

The Tease Ch. 02

 — Jen and Heather get to know each other really well. by Tammy_Nguyen_77in  Lesbian Sex05/25/134.09

The Girl in 4D

 — Abby didn't know her neighbor knew she was watching. by Tammy_Nguyen_77in  Lesbian Sex02/26/134.30

The Hot Tub

 — A game of "Truth or Dare" evolves into a first time affair. by Soupbonein  Lesbian Sex01/26/134.00

I Kissed a Girl Ch. 06

 — I kissed a girl...at Christmas. by secretsxywriterin  Lesbian Sex01/02/134.85HOT

The School Hike Ch. 01

 — Guys with guys, girls with guys, girls with girls.... by Tiger1978in  Group Sex06/10/124.38

The Parade

 — Stephanie takes a walk on the wild side. by Dawnsin  Lesbian Sex06/06/123.39

Finally Sally Gets Her Prize

 — I give my best friend the gift she most coverts. by YoungBethin  Lesbian Sex06/02/124.33

A Conversation with Karen

 — Mom and daughter and me. by sarahloveittin  Lesbian Sex03/11/114.01

The Coffee Shop Girl

 — Sex, masturbation, voyeurism and a threesome that... isn't. by empty_coffee_cupin  Lesbian Sex10/18/094.47

My Trip to the Coffee Shop

 — She goes for coffee and is seduced by another woman. by DrGrimin  Lesbian Sex09/28/093.12

Christmas Tryst

 — She witnesses her lover with another woman. by SquiresBoyin  Lesbian Sex12/21/084.36

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 07

 — Safisfying the boss. by sarahloveittin  Lesbian Sex05/25/084.49

Sue Shows Off to Vera

 — Vera must have enjoyed the show. by Donna19063in  Lesbian Sex05/08/084.47

Webcam Fantasy

 — Wife has first bisexual encounter over webcam. by Tavlorin  Lesbian Sex03/24/084.05

The Call

 —  A submissive receives a call from her Mistress. by SisterWiseAssin  Lesbian Sex12/10/074.32

Julie Eats Out

 — Al and Julie dine out together for the first time. by AlBehavein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/15/074.11

On the Desk

 — Alana can't let tech guy know what she and Rene are doing. by Archer2050in  Lesbian Sex08/24/074.37


 — Grown woman is surprised when she peeps at her neighbour. by Celeste999in  Lesbian Sex08/17/074.02

Annie's Story Ch. 02

 — Getting to know the "evil" Stepmother. by jack_ffrostin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/08/074.65HOT

Anything to Help Pam

 — Wife broadens lonely widow neighbor's sexual rebirth. by dennyboy2in  Lesbian Sex07/14/073.87


 — Alice reminisces in bed as roommate gets fucked. by evil evil manin  Lesbian Sex06/22/073.87

The Bar

 — She hunts down a cute little number. by SleepingBeauty1112in  Lesbian Sex05/30/074.32

Emily Ch. 02

 — She gets shaved and plays with curtains open. by Otazelin  Lesbian Sex11/03/064.60HOT

Emily Ch. 01

 — Inexperienced woman spies her neighbour masturbating. by Otazelin  Lesbian Sex11/02/064.59HOT

Words Made Flesh Ch. 11

 — Depressed Sophia gets seduced by the wrong person. by ungenderlessin  Lesbian Sex10/30/064.22

Daring Sisters

 — Sisters play twisted game of dare. by lustfuldesiresin  Incest/Taboo08/25/064.00

Binoculars on the Top Floor

 — Tall windows in 2 buildings and a voice in the elevator by marybethfin  Lesbian Sex08/24/064.46

Open Windows

 — Peek in bedroom window leads to lifelong obsession. by marybethfin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/22/064.27

Maid Service

 — A wonderful lesbian encounter while traveling. by Luvbug40in  Lesbian Sex07/14/064.34

At the Movies

 — When voyeurism and emerging lesbian yearnings meet. by Annika38in  Lesbian Sex06/25/064.20

YWCA Lifeguard

 — Lifeguard enjoys watching a MILF swim. by Horny Couplein  Toys & Masturbation05/24/064.07

Where The Women Are Ch. 03

 — Morning-after with more than a little excitement. by KRin  Lesbian Sex12/17/054.49

Pleasure in Control Ch. 11

 — Exotic sex in private is watched by Linda. by julie_juliain  Lesbian Sex10/26/054.73HOT

Locker Room Lust

 — Co-workers find unexpected spark in gym showers. by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  Lesbian Sex10/10/053.98

Pleasure in Control Ch. 06

 — Julia has erotic shopping experience in changing room. by julie_juliain  Lesbian Sex09/03/054.70HOT

Where The Women Are Ch. 02

 — She experiences a three-way at her women's college. by KRin  Lesbian Sex08/21/054.76HOT

Blue-Eyed Baby Ch. 01

 — Margo is determined to bed the woman of her dreams. by sukafoluv19in  Lesbian Sex08/13/054.05

If Someone Should See

 — Her best friend leads the way. by Ms Blackin  Lesbian Sex04/02/044.41

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