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 — An old friendship gets deeper. by StormFrontin  Loving Wives11/09/074.13

Workout Session

 — Two girlfriends flirt at gym & scheme about group sex trip. by MmmmPerfectin  Group Sex10/06/073.65

Double Standards

 — She can, but he can't. by hairy4135in  Loving Wives08/31/072.86

Andee Goes Away with Lauren

 — Sexy wife discovers her co-worker likes women, too. by camelin  Lesbian Sex08/31/074.46

First Time with Maggie

 — A recounting of her first lesbian love-making. by Louise_Lovesin  Lesbian Sex08/09/074.31

A Gorgeous Wife Tempted

 — Jo has her self-control tested by Miranda. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex07/25/074.38

The Golf Club Dinner

 — Delightful pleasures await Sandra when she attends the golf. by greenflyin  Lesbian Sex07/21/074.57HOT

Summer Vacation

 — Two girls out for fun. by bbillottein  Lesbian Sex07/16/073.68

My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 07

 — Linda meets Amy and Maggie in Florida. by nighttimestoriesin  Group Sex07/11/074.48


 — She confesses to priest about encounter with the boss's wife. by sweethomealabamain  Lesbian Sex07/09/074.62HOT

The Club Ch. 02

 — Therapy. by hairy4135in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/16/074.28

2000: My Wife's Prey

 — Wife turns into a girls-hunter to protect her marriage. by gggsss1962in  Lesbian Sex04/20/074.43

Winter Love Ch. 04

 — Leslie gets a gift. by O2in  Lesbian Sex04/14/074.61HOT

Modeling Contract Ch. 10

 — Bob and Ralph go to the Ranch to find their wives. by bonnietaylorin  Loving Wives04/06/074.14

A Welcome Gift

 — Wife tells of sexual encounter with another woman. by bishguyin  Loving Wives03/24/074.17

A Temptation to Substitute

 — Amelia becomes aware of her urges while her husband's away. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex03/04/074.49

Savory Sharon

 — Her peach-pie is devoured. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex02/23/074.47

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 01

 — Two bi-curious married women with guilty thoughts. by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex02/14/073.98

Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 14

 — Diane accepts a woman's advances. by BarryandDianein  Lesbian Sex02/13/074.28

Into the Arms of True Love

 — Straight woman leaves husband & falls for her trainer. by eroticpen69in  Lesbian Sex02/03/074.45

Modeling Contract Ch. 05

 — Last part of the photo shoot was ready. by bonnietaylorin  Loving Wives01/28/074.68HOT

My Angel Ch. 02

 — Co-workers wives get together. by BradBigBrainin  Lesbian Sex01/26/074.47

I'm Not the Girl You Used to Love Ch. 01

 — A lesbian couple faces the return of one woman's ex-husband. by Captain Midnightin  Lesbian Sex12/25/064.12

First Kiss

 — A first kiss between friends. by Pilgrimin  Lesbian Sex12/13/064.26

Purloined Tryst

 — Planned Halloween swinger party tryst goes awry. by sr71pltin  Lesbian Sex10/07/063.67

Nick Watches Di Ch. 04

 — Di tastes the "other side". by gripmanin  Loving Wives08/15/064.39

BBW Meets a Diamond in the Rough Ch. 02

 — BBW and Di go backstage. by mowbaby82in  Lesbian Sex07/14/064.35

Penny: Model And Coach Ch. 02

 — Bisexual Penny is forced to party for married couples. by stacey_lynnein  Loving Wives07/12/064.42

My Wife's Latest Seduction

 — She brings home a playmate for the evening's show. by Sammy11356in  Loving Wives06/28/064.04

The Transformation of Betty Ch. 08

 — His wife learns the pleasures of lesbian sex. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives06/22/064.46

Magical Heidi

 — A bisexual wife falls for a beautiful college classmate. by Kittn01in  Lesbian Sex05/30/064.20

Helpful Wife

 — You help a lady in need. by jekl_n_hydein  Lesbian Sex05/05/063.65

Naive to Naughty

 — Wife surrenders to temptation in Thailand. by LustyLee77in  Loving Wives04/15/064.22

That Was No Lady: Ending Pt. 03

 — End of the marriage was now a fact he faced. by vastiesmithin  Loving Wives03/24/063.89

Bisexual Black Belle

 — She seduces both husband and wife. by LustyLee77in  Interracial Love03/05/064.50HOT

Physical Therapy: Back for More

 — She wants more of what she had the night before. by Silvertuchin  Loving Wives03/03/064.32

Bowl Game Ch. 03

 — The wives continue their swapping activities. by GentleGeorgein  Group Sex02/24/064.06

Work Place Encounters Ch. 05

 — He brings his office slut out with his wife. by showifein  Group Sex02/23/064.39

Just What I Needed

 — Husband watches as wife is picked up by a woman. by bluedayin  Loving Wives02/18/064.23

Heidi Ch. 01

 — Man becomes cuckold to wife's best friend. by stevietin  Loving Wives02/10/063.89

Part Time Nurse Ch. 02

 — Wife continues work at open-minded clinic. by pantie_fanin  Loving Wives02/10/064.38

Part Time Nurse Ch. 01

 — Wife takes on part time job to earn extra cash. by pantie_fanin  Loving Wives02/09/064.38

My Wife and Her Friends

 — He watches his wife during a lesbian group romp. by sohowandererin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/29/054.31

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 03

 — Wife's girlfriend is very horny. by dennyboy2in  Mature12/29/054.57HOT

Titty to Titty

 — Married friends become lovers. by fantasex13in  Lesbian Sex10/09/054.32


 — A long weekend for three. by jacquioh2in  Loving Wives09/24/054.46

The Arrangement

 — Tony finds out why his wife is so cold. by English Bobin  Group Sex09/24/054.38

The Surprise

 — He has a surprise for you by Txtallonein  Group Sex09/22/053.48

Unexpected Lust

 — Pretty mother finds love & lust with new nanny. by stepjonesin  Lesbian Sex09/19/054.75HOT

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 01

 — Wife's best friend introduces her to her bi-sexual desires. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Lesbian Sex09/19/054.48

Her First Taste... Ch. 03

 — He watches wife licking his cum out of Mandy's pussy. by vastiesmithin  Lesbian Sex09/04/054.27

Every Man's Fantasy

 — Ed catches Joan with another woman. by nasty_danin  Group Sex09/01/054.50HOT

The Surprise

 — Husband discovers his wife's lesbian secret. by bpf63in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/28/054.30

Watch Me Squirm

 — Husband watches wife's first with another woman. by budsrusin  Loving Wives08/23/054.15

I Thought My Wife Was Masturbating

 — Husband catches wife with neighbor girl. by zeke81in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/13/054.03

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, She's Yours

 — He helps wife make her lesbian fantasies a reality. by feverish_femmein  Loving Wives07/21/054.13

Double-Drawing with Friends

 — Night of adult fun for married couple & a half. by Max_Maxwellin  Loving Wives05/15/054.47

Weekend of Surprises Ch. 01

 — Two couples' fun told from different perspectives. by Bob_Aganoushin  Loving Wives02/25/054.48

The Journey of Grace Ch. 02

 — Grace thinks back on her first night with Marie. by -Ripley-in  BDSM10/13/044.56HOT

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