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 — Friends play fantastical board game. by Gemininein  BDSM10/05/174.02


 — Friends become lovers. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/05/174.46

Eyes of the Tigress

 — Batgirl meets the Catwoman. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/05/174.18

Free Girls for Sale Pt. 03

 — Marcy thinks Kael's invitation to a cabin is just a game. by ironquillin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/05/174.32

Five-Finger Discount

 — Taylor comes to regret her shoplifting. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control10/05/174.39

Gotham Nights Ch. 17

 — Black Canary introduces her sister to Zatanna. by Bozo12in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/05/174.00

Allison's Addiction Ch. 01

 — An experimental drug begins to alter Allison's sexuality. by Schlankin  Lesbian Sex10/04/174.37

An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 03

 — Trouble ensues... but who's responsible? by Han_cgin  Lesbian Sex10/04/174.81HOT

Are You Mad at Me?

 — A tired and frustrated mom is surprised by her wife. by Ravenfeatherin  Lesbian Sex10/04/174.29

Alex & Alexa Ch. 14

 — Freja and Jeanie get married. We watch enviously... by BiscuitHammerin  Incest/Taboo10/04/174.83HOT

My Daughter, Her Friends and Me Ch. 04

 — An evening with my daughter. And some friends. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo10/04/174.73HOT

Caught! #02

 — Husband caught cheating. by RomeoDeltain  Group Sex10/04/173.71

Rookie Cop Pt. 03: The Finale

 — The third and final installment. by Kapow687in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/04/174.16

The Regiment: Ch. 06 - Girls' Night

 — Drunken lesbian experimentation leads to a full on orgy. by General_Pictonin  Group Sex10/04/173.93

The Massage

 — A woman pays for a massage but gets a great deal more. by TheHat900in  Fetish10/04/174.50HOT

A Magical Night (Sheryl's View)

 — A woman has her first three-way with her two good friends. by StrangeTamerin  Group Sex10/03/174.28

The One with More than Just a Kiss

 — A Friends Story. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/03/174.09

A Lucky Charm

 — Sometimes you just want to try something new. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/03/174.53HOT

Taste You

 — All I can think about is how badly I want to taste you. by 0384302in  Lesbian Sex10/03/174.28

Viva La Femme

 — Craigslist personal; Femme looking to dominate... by KittenBeein  Lesbian Sex10/03/174.02

Poor Becca Ch. 02

 — Becca learns new skills and is forced into a Bukkake party. by Naughtybeccain  NonConsent/Reluctance10/03/174.71HOT

Sister Must Share Bed with Brother

 — 18 year old sister forced to share bed with older brother. by MichaelsD82in  Incest/Taboo10/02/174.32

Experiences at the Surgery Pt. 03

 — Jane starts her treatment. by JaneBirchin  BDSM10/02/174.31

The Strap-On

 — A friend helps another open up. by MountainGyrl85in  Toys & Masturbation10/02/174.53HOT

Danville Bitches Ch. 03

 — Rick punishes a well deserving mother. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo10/02/174.24

A Tale of Two Slayers

 — When there is no longer just one in every generation... by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/02/174.27


 — Sometimes what you need is right in front of you. by Ann Douglasin  Erotic Couplings10/02/174.38

The Night Zoe & Michele Raised Hell

 — Kids say the darndest things... by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror10/02/174.42

"Oh, No! We Forgot our Uniforms!"

 — Two women, barely dressed and in a roomful of soldiers. by AlexisEllisonin  Group Sex10/01/174.32

The Nerd Ch. 02

 — Coming out just a bit more to the world... by dukexxxin  Lesbian Sex10/01/174.63HOT

Chrissy and Tara Ch. 01

 — Chrissy hears her new college friend in the shower. by writergeekin  Lesbian Sex09/30/174.19

After Dinner

 — I needed so much more, but I would have to wait. by 0384302in  Lesbian Sex09/30/174.00

The New Gym Pt. 01

 — A short story from the Transformations universe. by wayneandanntriskelionin  Mind Control09/30/174.33

Emily's Check-Up

 — Emily's check-up doesn't go as she expected. by domfunin  Lesbian Sex09/30/174.14

Tooth and Claw

 — A prisoner gets her comeuppance from a domme... by AmethystMarein  BDSM09/30/173.75

So Night Follows Day Pt. 05

 — Yorkshire is revealed. Helen's new problems begin. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control09/30/174.70HOT

Afternoon Delights

 — 2 young women discover each other, to their pleasure. by perlemweilerin  Lesbian Sex09/30/173.90

Cabin Fever

 — A bunch of friends share a weekend in the woods. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/30/174.56HOT

Just Following Orders

 — Between the scenes of a classic Star Trek episode. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/30/174.07

A Ride in the Country

 — Not what she expected. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/30/174.62HOT

One Night Beyond Antaries

 — Enjoying a thing of beauty - A Star Trek Tale. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/30/174.27

Karen's Old Friend

 — Senior Lesbian reunites with a younger friend. by karen1947in  Lesbian Sex09/29/174.33

Scarlet Scale Ch. 004

 — Taking some time to enjoy the trail... by Symbiotcsexin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/29/173.67

A Psychologist's Nightmare Pt. 02

 — The doctor's rapist returns. by domfunin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/29/174.25

Grounded in Toronto Ch. 05-07

 — Two women accidentally meet and fall in love. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex09/29/174.63HOT

The Secret to Success

 — Can you lose your virginity to a toy? Jules just did. by CiaoStevein  First Time09/29/174.06

Danville Bitches Ch. 02

 — The boys learn the pastor and her colleague. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo09/29/174.34

I take My MILF Lisa to Mexico

 — I facilitate two lesbian love connections. by TheBusinessManin  Erotic Couplings09/29/174.39

Poke-bond Ch. 04

 — The subbie trainers get kinky new attire from their Pokemon. by peabo85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/29/173.67

Lily and Jen Meet Ch. 02

 — Jen and Lily at Lily's job. by CochettaHDin  Lesbian Sex09/29/174.27

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03

 — A duet for two voices. by Mistress_Christinein  Incest/Taboo09/29/174.04

Friday Night Crush Pt. 04

 — The busy trio continue to trade places, and orgasms. by Flagrantein  Group Sex09/28/174.50HOT

Beth Joins Jenna and Emily in Bed

 — After her date with Allyson, Beth has more sex. by BrookeJonesin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.66HOT

The Hazards of Saving the Earth

 — A short story from the Transformations world. by wayneandanntriskelionin  Mind Control09/28/174.38

Aurora and Eliza's Night Out

 — A young woman tired from work reunites with BFF. by magiccupcakesin  Lesbian Sex09/28/173.98

When It Rains Pt. 16

 — :) by MarzScorpionin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.54HOT

A Cheerleader's Mum

 — Mum helps her 18-year-old daughter relax after practice. by Turkeyshootin  Incest/Taboo09/28/174.45

An Indispensable Woman Ch. 02

 — Amara seeks to understand...and explore. by Kootin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.83HOT

Port and Starboard Cruises

 — Sexy threesomes at sea. by LadyDaisyin  Lesbian Sex09/28/173.36


 — A domineering hotel manager discovers a filthy guest. by lilactwistin  Fetish09/28/174.28

Caught! #01

 — Tricked into a threesome. by RomeoDeltain  Incest/Taboo09/28/173.96

Tonight's the Night

 — Sarah-Jayne has a surprise in store. by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.66HOT

Daphne Green: A Beginning Journey

 — At an all-girl college, an 18-year-old discovers lesbian sex. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex09/27/174.52HOT

Boston Private

 — Even teachers need to cut loose. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/27/174.42

When It Rains Pt. 15

 — It gets real... by MarzScorpionin  Lesbian Sex09/27/174.49


 — An alternate version of a classic West Wing episode. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/27/174.00

The Tale of Amberley Bloodstar Ch. 01

 — The tales of a lusty, busty bard. by BiscuitHammerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/27/174.73HOT

Pakistani Wife is Cheated On Ch. 01

 — Pakistani wife is cheated on by those closest to her. by Nobodyfamousin  Loving Wives09/27/173.16

The Price

 — Everything has a price, but it is one you are willing to pay. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/26/174.65HOT

A New Friend and Our Daughters Ch. 02

 — The fathers enjoy the other's daughter. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo09/26/174.46

Alex's Pet

 — A woman's hunt for a new toy. by lfkaynein  Lesbian Sex09/26/174.32

GSM3 -- 70% Club Kickoff Meeting

 — The 70% Club plans for lesbian seductions. by Cramnavein  Lesbian Sex09/26/174.44

Awakening Pt. 01

 — What does a warrior do without war? by Thatrandomrobot0101in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/26/173.29

Daily Life with Humangirls Ch. 01

 — A Lamia goes against conscience and buys humans. by EstebanMamonoin  NonHuman09/26/174.46

Friday Night Crush Pt. 03

 — Dan tries out Kelly, then Tina, for size. by Flagrantein  Group Sex09/25/174.64HOT

Prey Ch. 04

 — Tira has to decide for her future. by NeighbourhoodSuccubusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/25/174.00

The Guardian Angel

 — A dull man's day is brightened by his guardian angel. by HalfAsleepin  Erotic Couplings09/25/173.93

Paying for Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Rick's First Family Bank makes another loan. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo09/25/174.66HOT

Black Cat Got Your Tongue?

 — An Ultra Woman and Mega Girl Adventure. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/24/174.62HOT

Transformations: Witnesses Ch. 04

 — Gwen gets big tits, Jessica eases her into the whore mindset. by wayneandanntriskelionin  Mind Control09/23/174.60HOT

Misguided Affections

 — A lesbian lover role-plays as a male. The act doesn't last. by Gwehin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/23/174.14

Dark Desires Ch. 01-02

 — Her first glimpse at the dark side. by sweetelisain  Lesbian Sex09/23/174.75HOT

The Converse Chronicles Ch. 07

 — The Bellamy Ladies Break Free. by Maverick7613in  Group Sex09/23/174.20

Lucky Man Ch. 08

 — A dinner date, a pool party, and Kara unleashed. by Mentalcasein  Group Sex09/23/174.75HOT

After Hours

 — After hours is when the real fun begins. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/23/174.53HOT

The Arrangement

 — Sometimes you have to renegotiate... by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/23/174.68HOT


 — Three linked encounters from three different points of view. by u231in  Erotic Couplings09/23/173.83

My Sex-Packed Holiday Ch. 03

 — In which Sally and I get intimate on the beach. by Naughty_Anniein  Incest/Taboo09/22/174.70HOT

A Night to Remember Ch. 01

 — A Night Out, A Night In and a Blonde make for a hot time! by sinsinnati63in  BDSM09/22/173.74

Trust Your Journey

 — The search for closure lands her in her ex lover's arms. by ariashadowin  Lesbian Sex09/22/174.53HOT

Out of the Whiteness Ch. 04

 — More additions and explorations of his growing harem. by petskunkin  Incest/Taboo09/22/174.49

Lesbian Love with Anna

 — Rekindling my lesbian side. by PaulElliein  Lesbian Sex09/22/174.16

Surfacing Ch. 42.2

 — Blood and Roots, Ghosts and Devils. by Etaskiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/22/174.91HOT

A Place to Call Home

 — Some towns are more interesting than others. by Ann Douglasin  Erotic Couplings09/22/174.60HOT

Ally McBeal - Buried Pleasures

 — A different take on a classic episode. by Ann Douglasin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/22/174.33

Friday Night Crush Pt. 02

 — Kelly takes Tina up on her offer. by Flagrantein  Group Sex09/22/174.56HOT

Jake's Oral Anthology Pt. 04

 — Jake has an oral encounter with four popstars. by DarkSwordsmanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/22/174.17

Curious Jade Ch. 05

 — Jade and Lynn head out for their weekend trip all alone. by JackPorter23in  Lesbian Sex09/22/174.60HOT

The Converse Chronicles Ch. 05

 — A House Divided. by Maverick7613in  Lesbian Sex09/21/174.33

The Sidecar Tales 01 - Liz

 — She was a true type but not a man-hater. by TheKeithin  Lesbian Sex09/21/174.10

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