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Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — Daddy's little girl loses her anal virginity by thecurioussubmissivein  Fetish11/27/134.08

Anna & The Tramps

 — An unfaithful wife pleasures vagrants. by TheDarkCloudin  Group Sex01/13/054.23

Taught to Love Cum

 — Girlfriend teaches him to love cum. by fun4all6969in  Fetish01/05/054.47

His Nympho Wife

 — Porn, a hard cock and a wet pussy ends in a cum kiss. by wickedmysteryin  Erotic Couplings12/19/044.13

Mistress & Pet: After School Ch. 02

 — The drive home. by nicenezin  BDSM12/14/044.46

Humiliation Confessions

 — Consequences of losing sperm on the way to Mistress. by KneeLingin  BDSM11/02/043.73

Fulfilling Mark's Submission Fantasy

 — You satisfy his need to be bound & teased. by MzTichin  BDSM10/02/044.11

A Bathroom Encounter

 — She forgot to close the veranda door. by Dirty Anus Tokyoin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/043.37

It Started with a Chocolate Biscuit Ch. 01

 — A friend tells on a husband. by Lion24655in  Erotic Couplings09/06/040.00

My Black Lover

 — Wife gets satisfaction from her black lover. by eloisein  Interracial Love07/22/043.97

Detective Murphy: The Lesson

 — Murphy learns from Mistress Vodka. by Transfixin  Erotic Horror06/29/043.42

Nicki Is Mine Ch. 02-03

 — She meets a friend and explores the playroom. by bigdavin  BDSM06/06/044.06

Inga's Lair Ch. 02

 — Sexy German spy pumps you for information. by lilguyin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/20/043.95

The First Visit

 — Master & online slave meet for first time. by playfulpupin  BDSM02/28/040.00

The Date

 — You have dinner with an exhibitionist. by pieknain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/22/044.21

Danielle & Jonathan: Bound

 — Danielle allows Jonathan a second encounter. by Azhyrein  BDSM10/26/034.40

Nice or Nasty?

 — Man meets multi personality woman. by mutterguffin1in  Fetish07/14/033.92

Straightening Out Wrinkles Ch. 01

 — He is used publicly and privately. by penisleevein  Gay Male06/09/034.46

Wife Watches Me Suck

 — She enjoys forcing him to suck and enjoy it. by Batcum2002in  Loving Wives04/30/034.30

A Slave To Politics Part 8

 — Brittany's big vacation surprise. by SpeechMasterin  BDSM04/28/034.71HOT

Camping Trip

 — You enjoy playtime in the country. by Zasin  Erotic Couplings03/13/034.12

Gazing at Emily

 — Her sister controls her with a twitch of her puss by lesliejonesin  Fetish02/20/034.26

Our First Cuckold

 — She enjoys her first extra-marital man. by Foxe-Malein  Loving Wives08/15/024.20

Boy Brides Ch. 4

 — Darren & David as special delivery brides. by yanoin  Fetish05/03/024.45

Black Heat of the Night Ch. 1

 — Black stranger takes her on a stormy night. by mynameismariein  NonConsent/Reluctance03/30/023.84

Clean Up My Mess!

 — Caught jerking off, boss gives him clean up job. by footshrimperin  Fetish03/27/024.10

A Weekend At Chateau Strafe

 — Couple becomes sex slave sluts for all. by cream pie boyin  Group Sex02/11/023.96

Messy Morning

 — Office manager offers subordinate some relief. by lawdog30in  Erotic Couplings10/29/014.31

Two is Fun; Three is Fantastic

 — Maggie gets her first taste of pussy. by maggiemayin  Group Sex10/26/013.90

Unfaithful Wife

 — Wife's night out in new experience. by VARDINOin  Loving Wives10/12/013.48

Angelina's Autograph

 — Angelina Jolie gets slightly blackmailed. by weirdein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/30/012.71

Shameless for You

 — She awaken's the Master and is rewarded. by ibreath4uin  Erotic Couplings07/20/014.64HOT

Generations Ch. 4

 — Tomika takes on the whole family. by Rebeccain  Incest/Taboo12/15/004.45

Dining In Ch. 2

 — Married Tina shares her hot afternoon fantasy. by erictonin  Loving Wives12/10/004.10

Roommate's Ravishing

 — Girl forced into sexual slavery by roommates. by Catisfactionin  Fetish10/13/004.13


 — She's living with a very odd couple... by Catisfactionin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/13/004.12

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