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tony gillian (2)left cheek (2)licked clean (2)cock (2)mouth (2)started (2)vittle man (1)wet cunt (1)licked balls (1)cock mouth (1)started sucking (1)slid mouth (1)meeting point (1)nasty (1)huge cocks (1)told lick (1)pet replied (1)dipped tongue (1)cock feel (1)legs feeling (1)cunt thought (1)helen face (1)tanya still (1)bent head (1)told helen (1)mouth moved (1)driving crazy (1)anna knelt (1)unfaithful wife (1)black lover (1)daddy balls (1)satin ties (1)cleaning boy (1)glass table (1)sherrie (1)gown (1)anna looked (1)pee (1)loose end (1)cock lick (1)split side (1)private detective (1)dildo cunt (1)crack ass (1)begin feel (1)devin (1)orgasm ripped (1)brother father (1)pet told (1)dripping pussy (1)black cock (1)probing tongue (1)tank top (1)mouth cock (1)licking probing (1)roll tongue (1)table legs (1)still tied (1)felt cool (1)time harder (1)good asked (1)lie back (1)tip clit (1)car park (1)nipple rings (1)man woman (1)hard feel (1)private room (1)cock made (1)takes cock (1)tony good (1)cock told (1)leg foot (1)cum (1)lipstick (1)humiliation (1)face mouth (1)feel hands (1)swollen cock (1)time devin (1)filled cunt (1)leg thigh (1)hairy cunt (1)tears streaming (1)stream hot (1)shoved cock (1)pull top (1)stepped forward (1)feeling wetness (1)woman screen (1)enter room (1)back slowly (1)fuck virgin (1)hot pussy (1)support bra (1)ass balls (1)pushed back (1)security guards (1)licked lips (1)sexual slavery (1)yeah fuck (1)push bra (1)grandpa (1)pain (1)removed finger (1)open eyes (1)feel good (1)make big (1)couple fingers (1)anna head (1)angelina jolie (1)deeper cunt (1)head began (1)white bitch (1)danced closer (1)dominate (1)body shakes (1)body kiss (1)mouth takes (1)spread legs (1)virgin arse (1)slut sir (1)taste pussy (1)life time (1)dong (1)daddy (1)cock bouncing (1)iona (1)began undress (1)bad thought (1)finger fucked (1)whispered ear (1)fucked man (1)trousers ankles (1)gillian (1)wanted cum (1)covered cum (1)began massaging (1)love cum (1)bent forward (1)sucking clit (1)tina grabbed (1)wide open (1)virgin (1)licking rob (1)wearing black (1)collar bone (1)tanya (1)incredible sight (1)mouth suck (1)bed started (1)ankle socks (1)black satin (1)started lick (1)twenty years (1)fuck white (1)inside felt (1)balls cock (1)ice cube (1)told put (1)spunk filled (1)lipstick lips (1)sucking faster (1)wet finger (1)drop pre-come (1)ted cum (1)morning coffee (1)bring mouth (1)ripped body (1)christine (1)hit face (1)sudden feel (1)asked shauna (1)excitement thought (1)front breasts (1)straight air (1)gonna fill (1)bridal gowns (1)lower cock (1)night long (1)fake prick (1)still asleep (1)hand ass (1)proceeded lick (1)kitchen area (1)nasty slutty (1)sex man (1)body lotion (1)evil twin (1)emma david (1)bride (1)closed eyes (1)slide slowly (1)called bed (1)ordered fuck (1)balls pressing (1)feel (1)slut wife (1)shoot load (1)give nipple (1)consent forms (1)put finger (1)smack mistress (1)finished cleaning (1)upstairs bedroom (1)fuck toy (1)water (1)give autograph (1)sperm (1)tulle towers (1)cock trousers (1)anal (1)whipped cream (1)hand (1)whimper softly (1)anna (1)arse fuck (1)began count (1)mistress iona (1)creampie (1)tina (1)order things (1)big mess (1)taught love (1)beat cock (1)lets walk (1)ass to mouth (1)knew jimmy (1)breasts stand (1)cuffs ankles (1)nipples fully (1)tony (1)frau (1)
lick clean

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

Daddy's little girl loses her anal virginity

Fetish 11/27/2013

Anna & The Tramps

An unfaithful wife pleasures vagrants.

Group Sex 01/13/2005

Taught to Love Cum

Girlfriend teaches him to love cum.

Fetish 01/05/2005

His Nympho Wife

Porn, a hard cock and a wet pussy ends in a cum kiss.

Erotic Couplings 12/19/2004

Mistress & Pet: After School Ch. 02

The drive home.

BDSM 12/14/2004

Humiliation Confessions

Consequences of losing sperm on the way to Mistress.

BDSM 11/02/2004

Fulfilling Mark's Submission Fantasy

You satisfy his need to be bound & teased.

BDSM 10/02/2004

A Bathroom Encounter

She forgot to close the veranda door.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/09/2004

It Started with a Chocolate Biscuit Ch. 01

A friend tells on a husband.

Erotic Couplings 09/06/2004

My Black Lover

Wife gets satisfaction from her black lover.

Interracial Love 07/22/2004

Detective Murphy: The Lesson

Murphy learns from Mistress Vodka.

Erotic Horror 06/29/2004

Nicki Is Mine Ch. 02-03

She meets a friend and explores the playroom.

BDSM 06/06/2004

Inga's Lair Ch. 02

Sexy German spy pumps you for information.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/20/2004

The First Visit

Master & online slave meet for first time.

BDSM 02/28/2004

The Date

You have dinner with an exhibitionist.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/22/2004

Danielle & Jonathan: Bound

Danielle allows Jonathan a second encounter.

BDSM 10/26/2003

Nice or Nasty?

Man meets multi personality woman.

Fetish 07/14/2003

Straightening Out Wrinkles Ch. 01

He is used publicly and privately.

Gay Male 06/09/2003

Wife Watches Me Suck

She enjoys forcing him to suck and enjoy it.

Loving Wives 04/30/2003

A Slave To Politics Part 8

Brittany's big vacation surprise.

BDSM 04/28/2003

Camping Trip

You enjoy playtime in the country.

Erotic Couplings 03/13/2003

Gazing at Emily

Her sister controls her with a twitch of her puss

Fetish 02/20/2003

Our First Cuckold

She enjoys her first extra-marital man.

Loving Wives 08/15/2002

Boy Brides Ch. 4

Darren & David as special delivery brides.

Fetish 05/03/2002

Black Heat of the Night Ch. 1

Black stranger takes her on a stormy night.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/30/2002

Clean Up My Mess!

Caught jerking off, boss gives him clean up job.

Fetish 03/27/2002

A Weekend At Chateau Strafe

Couple becomes sex slave sluts for all.

Group Sex 02/11/2002

Messy Morning

Office manager offers subordinate some relief.

Erotic Couplings 10/29/2001

Two is Fun; Three is Fantastic

Maggie gets her first taste of pussy.

Group Sex 10/26/2001

Unfaithful Wife

Wife's night out in new experience.

Loving Wives 10/12/2001

Angelina's Autograph

Angelina Jolie gets slightly blackmailed.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 09/30/2001

Shameless for You

She awaken's the Master and is rewarded.

Erotic Couplings 07/20/2001

Generations Ch. 4

Tomika takes on the whole family.

Incest/Taboo 12/15/2000

Dining In Ch. 2

Married Tina shares her hot afternoon fantasy.

Loving Wives 12/10/2000

Roommate's Ravishing

Girl forced into sexual slavery by roommates.

Fetish 10/13/2000


She's living with a very odd couple...

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/13/2000
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