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Things can Only Get Wetter Pt. 02

 — Two lady lovers get the lifeguard involved. by Lady_smutin  Group Sex05/07/174.19

Lifeguard has a Speedo Boner

 — What happens when a lifeguard gets a boner in his speedos? by speedodavein  Gay Male02/20/174.10

Beach Goddess

 — Sometimes visions are real. by the_shiresin  Toys & Masturbation12/03/164.30

Allison The Lifeguard Ch. 01

 — A young lifeguard meets an interesting couple. by spiral0168in  Mind Control09/14/164.49

Is E an Aussie, Is He, Lizzie?

 — I meet an Aussie Sheila on a Welsh Nudist Beach. by oggbashanin  Romance06/22/164.59HOT

Secret Sexiness Ch. 03

 — Boss gives lifeguard head after hours. by AlexandraDawsonin  Erotic Couplings10/24/154.59HOT

Secret Sexiness Ch. 02

 — Back at her house. by AlexandraDawsonin  Erotic Couplings10/16/154.64HOT

The Lifeguard

 — Mary gets in a bit of trouble after work. by lizerdin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/13/153.91

The Pool

 — I show off for the lifeguard. by jenn1992in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/24/144.47

The Lifeguard

 — The spanking that saved my life. by shadowenigmain  BDSM01/31/144.52HOT

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 03

 — Nicole entertains a member at the country club. by sfdude84in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/30/134.30


 — A hot summer fling. by TheApexWritingsin  Erotic Couplings09/06/134.60HOT

Poolside Ch. 01

 — Lifeguard has affair with a new mother by LeoDavisin  Mature08/05/134.62HOT

Might Have Been Ch. 04

 — The Tale of Sidney and the Ménage of Manipulation. by Ironiclaconicin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/05/134.87HOT

Might Have Been Ch. 03

 — The Tale of Amber and the Swimming Pool of Secrets by Ironiclaconicin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/04/134.86HOT

The Pool

 — I was looking for some work over the summer. by AJQuickin  Erotic Couplings07/21/134.64HOT

The College Lifeguard

 — Lifeguard makes friends with the sexy moms. by The Style Guyin  Mature01/12/134.51HOT

The Lifeguard Chair

 — Sara meets an acquaintance and things get wet. by StickJohn22in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/30/123.80

Halloween Swap

 — Mr. Marcus sends Zeke as substitute to party in costume. by HarveyMarcusin  Erotic Couplings10/10/124.30

The Swimming Pool 1964

 — The last summer before everyone goes their own way by TxRadin  Erotic Couplings08/30/124.72HOT

Fellow Traveler

 — A young lifeguard obsesses over a middle-aged sunbather. by DesmondAndromedain  Mature04/24/124.72HOT

Closing Early

 — I have a hot encounter with the lifeguard. by OpalEssencein  Erotic Couplings01/31/124.12

Delia's Dilemma

 — Delia's boss takes advantage of her situation. by Labiaflowersin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/23/113.88

First Time In the Pool

 — A lifeguard has her first experience with another woman. by TheHoblinGoblinin  Lesbian Sex07/14/114.51HOT

Lifeguard Stand

 — A short erotic story. by blackduder123in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/06/113.50

The Lifeguard

 — Young woman rescued by lifeguard at beach. by LisaBeachBabein  Lesbian Sex01/04/112.29

Wife Guard

 — Life guard hired to safeguard wives; he does them all. by clinton09in  Loving Wives10/16/104.11

Summer Camp Can Change Your Life

 — The new camp counselor finds an unlikely companion. by PaulStevensin  Romance09/08/104.58HOT

Summer's First Love

 — Losing her virginity, the start of her winter of discontent. by andtheendin  First Time08/29/104.16

Opposites Ch. 03

 — Sophia & Jake get intimate; Amanda hatches a plan by kandeedreamesin  Interracial Love08/26/104.65HOT

Opposites Ch. 01

 — Black BBW meets White lifeguard and its love at first sight. by kandeedreamesin  Interracial Love07/30/104.59HOT

Maybe She'll Say Yes

 — Artist works up courage to ask sexy lifeguard to pose nude. by Totzmanin  First Time06/25/104.73HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 18

 — Trisha moves on. by HiddenDevil_in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/03/104.55HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 17

 — Mandy wants to tag along. by HiddenDevil_in  Group Sex10/27/094.74HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 16

 — Trisha finally confesses. by HiddenDevil_in  Group Sex07/31/094.62HOT

Sleepy Acres Resort

 — Who wouldn't want to fuck a blonde lifeguard in the nude? by PrincessErinin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/27/094.26

The Catholic Lifeguard's Baptism

 — His inopportune erections arouse inhibited female lifeguard. by AverageBearin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/10/094.38

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 13

 — Dan takes Trisha to a motel. by HiddenDevil_in  Group Sex04/09/094.62HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 12

 — Britney's party isn't what Trisha expected. by HiddenDevil_in  Group Sex03/03/094.53HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 11

 — A day at the beach. by HiddenDevil_in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/30/094.59HOT

Jane, Living and Loving Ch. 02

 — Two young men give me the fucking of my life. by shadow89andmorein  Group Sex01/18/094.53HOT

Honeymoon Ch. 01

 — Sex in a lifeguard chair with a crowd 500 feet away. by KevinandDawnin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/11/084.06

Summer Showers

 — Lifeguards get to know each other at the start of the season. by some_boyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/07/083.85


 — Jesse saves Amanda, Amanda repays the favor. by GreenWood80in  Erotic Couplings02/27/084.52HOT

Lifeguard for the Summer

 — Two virgins find each other on the job. by big_mike610in  First Time02/07/084.34


 — He had a crush on the handsome lifeguard. by kicky1000in  Gay Male05/23/074.35

Kinkiest Request

 — Perfect-bottomed lifeguard discovers kinky key to cumming. by Hornyman69WithUin  Fetish04/06/073.68

Learning to Surf Ch. 12

 — Hero! by milfdiariesin  Romance03/02/074.35

Satisfaction Ch. 02

 — Scott and Cassie mouth off at each other. by Prizmaticin  Incest/Taboo08/31/064.52HOT

VS Ch. 04

 — Lifeguard Kelly is fired for being literally out of uniform. by gossogin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/30/064.22

What Do You Need, Mrs. Mayfield?

 — Petite woman of leisure seduces well-hung lifeguard. by SomeOneNewin  Mature11/02/054.66HOTContest Winner

The Lifeguard Ch. 02

 — The happiest day of her life. by britbaby19in  Romance10/25/054.29

Summer Break Ch. 04

 — Danny's lifeguard job proves to be better than he thought. by AnitaAhzin  Erotic Couplings09/05/054.53HOT

Camp Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Summer off turns into much more for head lifeguard. by silent_nightin  Group Sex08/11/054.45

Last Tango at the Beach

 — Naked passion in the rain. by buck_maelstromin  Erotic Couplings09/05/043.59

Australian Lifeguard Lover

 — Lucky guy gets it on with hunky Aussie. by danielbluein  Gay Male01/23/044.08

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 1

 — Mother asks lifeguard to seduce daughter. by LeoDavisin  Mature09/02/034.54HOT

Lifeguard Stripped

 — Girls render rude guy helpless & enact revenge. by jjunior17in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/18/024.26

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