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Candy Holes Ch. 04

 — Candice has a surprise for Lita. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/01/144.38

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 13

 — Mickie and her bitches get a taste of Trish. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/25/134.55HOT

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2012

 — Who Will Be The Last Diva Standing? by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/15/133.90

Royal Rumble Gang Bang 2011

 — Who will be the last diva standing? by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/14/133.11

Hot In Miami

 — Lita and CM Punk have some fun in the rain while in Miami. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/08/123.82

Anal Invasion Ch. 03

 — Trish loses a spanking match to Torrie. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/23/124.20

The Hardy's and T&A Swap Partners

 — A pre-match bet leaves both with the other's team Diva. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/26/114.64HOT

Uncensored The Live Sex Celebration

 — What if the Live Sex Celebration was truely uncensored? by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/14/104.74HOT

A Stripper Used

 — A stripper gets a little out of control. by Sean Renaudin  Group Sex01/13/103.90

With Matt Away...

 — With Matt away, Lita and Edge will play. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/07/104.29

Xtreme Coolisty

 — Lita with Edge & Christian. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/04/104.67

24 Degenerate Hours

 — 24 Hours of DX putting the X in Degeneration X by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/25/094.17

Anal Invasion Ch. 02

 — Torrie and Stacy punish Trish and reward Lita. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/18/084.58HOT

WWE First Cum Match

 — Trish and Lita end their feud in a new match type. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/27/084.44

Anal Invasion

 — Torrie and Stacy make Trish and Lita their bitches. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/10/084.66HOT

The Way It Should Have Been

 — Trish and Lita finally get together. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/28/074.62HOT

My Trish Stratus Locker Room Fantasy

 — What happens when fans sees Trish live. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/19/073.95

A Hot Threesome

 — A lucky fan meets two former WWE divas. by demon_hunterin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/25/070.00

Lita Meets Ashley

 — WWE Diva Amy 'Lita' Dumas meets Ashley Massaro. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/05/064.02

How Matt Found Out

 — Matt Hardy finds out about Amy Dumas's affair with Edge. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/063.76

The Fourth Session

 — The fourth session doesn't go quite as planned. by Wayne Extremein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/23/054.40

Caught In the Act

 — Hue's caught watching porno by wiffe and her friend. by wikidkulin  Group Sex12/22/033.81

The Third Session

 — His toughest session so far. by Wayne Extremein  Erotic Couplings06/18/024.58HOT

The Second Session

 — Their next session is 'Stratusfied'. by Wayne Extremein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/08/024.05

The First Session

 — New guy with the WWF makes a friend. by Wayne Extremein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/07/024.19

Lita's Adventure Through Time

 — Lita (Sailor Moon) & Crono (Chrono trigger) get together. by TheAnimeSkaterin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/12/023.47

The Hardy Toys Ch. 2

 — Lita joins Trish in extreme BDSM with Jeff. by Tyjordin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/18/014.60HOT

The Championship

 — Match for WWF Women's Title leads to more. by Omniangelin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/06/013.92

The Hardy Toys Ch. 1

 — Trish and Jeff's journey into extreme BDSM. by Tyjordin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/07/014.53HOT

Welcome Back Chyna!

 — Chyna gets a warm welcome. by WwFdiVa417in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/06/013.62

All The World's A Stage Ch. 3

 — And all the Men and Women merely... you know by Bad-mintonin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/30/014.71

Lita's Dirty Secret

 — What's secret is Lita hiding from Matt? by WwFdiVa417in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/24/013.74

Second Crossing of the 'GAP'

 — WWF starlets make college guy's day. by Bad-mintonin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/09/013.85

Crossing the GAP Ch. 1

 — What a man does in a GAP year. by Bad-mintonin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/03/013.60

WWF Heat Gets Hot!

 — He does it all with WWF's Lita. by Anime69in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/24/013.59

WWF Heat!! Ch. 1

 — Jeff and Matt Hardy get ready for match. by kidikiin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/24/003.47

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