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Another Regency Romance Ch. 02

 — A pair of star-crossed lovers - Amelia's story. by potsherdin  Romance06/17/154.45

Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 03

 — Part Three: Love at first sight. Liz meets Mitch. by SusanJillParkerin  Romance05/06/154.11

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 05

 — She loves him. Tiffany loves him and he loves her too. by SusanJillParkerin  Romance12/03/144.56

Until #$&%@ Do Us Part Literally Ch. 02

 — A Boston undercover cop threatens his wife for leaving him. by SusanJillParkerin  Romance11/28/144.28

Perspective: His

 — He steals the heart of a sweet little pianist. by thepiratequeenin  Erotic Couplings09/25/144.44

One Rainy Day Lead to Many More

 — A woman meets the man of her dreams on a rainy day. by unique_symohony14in  Romance07/20/143.03

Fatal Attraction Ch. 04

 — Love and lust struggle. by Ana_Readyin  Romance07/14/143.00

The Slave Market

 — Sir Grayson was sent to stop slavers but now he is one by stormwolf3710in  BDSM04/20/144.44

To Love a Stranger

 — A romantic encounter in London by twistedtraveltalesin  Erotic Couplings04/20/143.64

Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. 11

 — Steven and Steven, it's all about the two Stevens...finally. by SusanJillParkerin  Romance04/07/144.18

Now I'm a Believer

 — A 52-year-old woman experiences love at first sight. by Purpletoenailsin  Romance03/08/144.25

He Blew Her Body and Mind Ch. 02

 — Fatal mutual attraction leading to mind control. by Ana_Readyin  Mind Control02/12/143.81

He Blew Her Body and Mind Ch. 01

 — Fatal mutual attraction leading to mind control. by Ana_Readyin  Mind Control02/08/143.97

Animal Urges

 — Two zoo keepers discover each other. by Foxxxy_Edeonin  Erotic Couplings02/03/144.34

Chuck Ch. 01

 — I met her, we made love, will I lose her? by DG Hearin  Interracial Love12/15/134.28

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion

 — Government project ends but Edward continues the experiment. by KissedManyin  Mind Control11/01/134.32

A Degree of C Ch. 01

 — Now Boarding. by LSEilandin  Interracial Love09/09/134.48

Dangerous Affairs

 — An Obsessed man, the Cop and the heroine. by cpm09in  Romance04/03/134.42


 — An unexpected one night stand . by MVPrimetimein  Erotic Couplings02/10/134.36

Four Days in May

 — A young man finally succumbs to his fantasies. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male01/21/134.41

My Awakening

 — An unexpected romance changes Rachelle's life forever. by rachellemin  Lesbian Sex10/04/124.60HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 02

 — Lynn accepts Freddie's invitation to live with him. by SusanJillParkerin  Mature07/25/124.39

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 01

 — Meeting Lynn, while walking my dog through the dog park. by SusanJillParkerin  Mature07/24/124.20

Real Love Never Dies Ch. 01

 — Some friendships are bound to become something a little more. by sexyinafin  Gay Male06/01/124.50HOT

Biochemistry - New Love in the Lab

 — Our chemistry led us to our basic biological urges. by Thefirefliesin  Romance05/09/124.70HOT

Love and Lust at First Sight!

 — A chance encounter leads to a backseat rutting. by Hauntingin  Erotic Couplings04/16/124.21

Average: The Beginning

 — Every wonder what the hot guy was thinking?? by Carrier_Violetin  Gay Male01/27/124.29

Zasha's Capture Ch. 02

 — Zasha must sacrifice himself for his people. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male11/21/114.87HOT

Under the Raven's Wings

 — I find a reason not to meet the sun. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male11/12/114.26

Grave Robber

 — The dead don't always rest in peace. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror10/30/114.61HOT

Where Dreams and Reality Collide

 — Two young co-workers reveal their secret lust. by MarkL9687in  Erotic Couplings10/15/114.54HOT

My Therapy

 — After fiancee dies guy hooks up with her sister. by portlanddrewin  Romance08/10/114.17

The King in Yellow

 — Have you found the Yellow Sign? by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror07/22/114.77HOT

The Blushing Bride

 — Wedding night of arranged marriage. by twofacedmask2in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/114.46

Going Hiking

 — They were trapped together in a cabin while the storm raged. by necouple69xxxin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/30/114.58HOT

Love Unexpected Ch. 04

 — Paul gets to know Derek a little better. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male05/13/114.76HOT

Love Unexpected Ch. 03

 — Things heat up between Derek and Paul. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male05/10/114.82HOT

Love Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Paul and Derek have their first date. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male05/02/114.78HOT

Love Unexpected Ch. 01

 — It's love at first sight for Paul. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male04/28/114.78HOT

Same Time, Same Place, Next Week

 — Online Valentine first date doesn't go as planned. by SuperHeroRalphin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/27/114.02

Desperately Seeking Susan-Any Susan

 — Man looks for his ideal Valentine, Susan, to give his heart by SuperHeroRalphin  Humor & Satire01/24/114.18

...And Then, I Met Her Sister

 — A Valentine's man finds love online but falls for her sister. by SuperHeroRalphin  Erotic Couplings01/22/114.03

Sister Lauren, Father Riley, and Me

 — A Valentine's Day surprise when his wife is not so innocent. by SuperHeroRalphin  Anal01/20/114.15

Hot Chocolate

 — Lover's meeting. by dalva69in  Erotic Couplings01/01/114.40

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 08

 — The lady gets her cowboy. by MissKris14in  Romance10/17/104.87HOT

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 07

 — A dance of turmoil and tragedy. by MissKris14in  Romance10/07/104.73HOT

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 06

 — An upsetting day turns into a blissful night. by MissKris14in  Romance10/05/104.84HOT

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 04

 — Kira gives in to her feelings. by MissKris14in  Romance09/30/104.84HOT

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 03

 — He takes her riding. by MissKris14in  Romance09/26/104.81HOT

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 01

 — A young woman finds love at a guest ranch. by MissKris14in  Romance09/20/104.56HOT

Bored Couple Have Sexy Pillow Talk

 — Bored couple having same old sex tries sexy pillow talk. by andtheendin  Erotic Couplings09/03/103.66

But It's Better if You Do

 — Exotic dancer Lollipop gives "her" virginity to a fan. by Kardasin  Gay Male06/19/104.00

George Goes Green For Earth Day

 — George falls in love and learns a life lesson in going green. by andtheendin  Humor & Satire04/03/103.70

Believing in Fate Ch. 02

 — Matt scores a date. by sw33tlovein  Romance03/25/104.51HOT

Valentine's Day Blind Date

 — Blind date becomes a bust before becoming a love match. by andtheendin  Erotic Couplings02/02/103.75

Love at First Sight

 — A story of first love. by shawnsgrl22in  Romance01/11/104.32

First Kiss

 — Do you remember your first kiss? I do. by PositiveThinkerin  First Time12/30/093.36

Black Book Diary Entry: Sue

 — Lovespell, in love with a beautiful albeit evil witchy woman by PositiveThinkerin  Erotic Horror12/18/093.71

Love Letter From The Heart

 — Man is crazy in love with a woman who doesn't love him. by PositiveThinkerin  Letters & Transcripts12/15/093.76

I Love You, Honey

 — Stepmom's daughter is a Halfrican-American and all knockout. by PositiveThinkerin  Interracial Love12/02/093.75

My Dream Man

 — Darcy finds the man of her dreams. by Cromagnonmanin  Erotic Couplings11/10/094.54HOT

Best Friend's Girl

 — It was love at first sight, and the pain began. by LitRiterin  Romance10/23/094.44

From Across a Crowded Room Ch. 02

 — A couple get a second chance at 'love at first sight'. by Stultusin  Romance10/17/094.65HOT

From Across a Crowded Room Ch. 01

 — A couple get a second chance at 'love at first sight'. by Stultusin  Romance10/15/094.64HOT

Halloween Help Earns Second Chance

 — Man receives a second chance at love for a good deed done. by PositiveThinkerin  Erotic Couplings10/02/094.50HOT

Fill the Need In Me

 — A lusty encounter with a singer who sings his soul. by Jayded_Lustin  Erotic Couplings08/29/094.61HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 02

 — The Blind Date, her view. by shandalin  Novels and Novellas06/22/094.52HOT

Taking the Risk Ch. 01

 — He's set up on a Blind Date. by shandalin  Novels and Novellas06/21/094.43


 — Do you believe in love at first sight? by ejlsin  Erotic Couplings05/20/094.60HOT

New Guy in my Life

 — I saw his face on the internet and fell in love. by YoursSINSerelyin  Non-Erotic02/06/094.05

College Romance Ch. 01

 — She took his breath away at first sight. by AllieMariein  Romance08/14/084.34

Bonnie and Jeff

 — Wheelchair-bound man meets pretty waitress. by PJ526in  Romance05/17/083.99

Dessert for Two

 — A boring meal takes a deliciously unexpected turn. by rachlouin  Erotic Couplings08/11/074.52HOT

Love. Lust. Lost. Ch. 01

 — Love affair of a lifetime in just 36 hours. by knownoboundsin  Celebrities02/15/074.53HOT

My Sexy Housefellow

 — Young freshman meets his sexy housefellow. by BustingOutin  Erotic Couplings12/20/064.65HOT

Our Perfect Storm

 — Jack meets Laura; can they survive the storm? by WickedScribblerin  Romance04/28/064.58HOT

Adonis Aquired

 — She suddenly finds herself in bed with the perfect man. by 75cornerin  Erotic Couplings03/31/064.57HOT

Athena Ch. 01

 — A goddess of love. by lindianain  Non-Erotic03/11/064.36

Online Love Goes Real Life

 — They were addicted to each others' words. by Ds Padawanin  Erotic Couplings11/23/054.18

A Chance Meeting

 — Hitchhiker meets man of her dreams. by Kifarupembein  Interracial Love07/10/054.29

The Beginning Ch. 01

 — He meets his love for the first time. by silverace1in  Romance06/21/054.77HOT

The Column

 — A jounalist told to interview a lesbian falls in love. by Cleain  Lesbian Sex04/25/054.38

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