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loving wife

Half a Loaf

You can go home again ... but should you?

Loving Wives 07/15/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 05-08 - Growth

Flying lessons, teasing, new 'friends', party of the year.

Group Sex 07/14/2018

La Petite Morte

Death, and other bedroom activities.

Loving Wives 07/14/2018

Now That was a Workout

Wife cheats on husband with a random stranger.

Loving Wives 07/12/2018

My Cuckold History

Excitement and shame as my wife makes me a cuckold.

Loving Wives 07/11/2018

My Sunshine Girl Pt. 01

When the seed of suspicion gets sown...

Loving Wives 07/11/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 01-04 - Growth

The Circle becomes attractive to more and more people.

Group Sex 07/10/2018

Company Girl Ch. 02

The Real Beginning.

Loving Wives 07/08/2018

Cuckold... New to Us

First time girlfriend with another.

Loving Wives 07/08/2018

A Coupling Pt. 02

A romantic cuckold coupling.

Loving Wives 07/07/2018

Six Weeks

Six weeks without daddy has me so hungry for his cock.

Erotic Couplings 07/06/2018

Annie's Tale: Cuckolding My Husband

Annie makes her husband's dreams come true and cuckolds him.

Loving Wives 07/06/2018

Wife has Fun Party

Wife has her way with stranger as husband observes.

Loving Wives 07/06/2018

Company Girl

The Beginning.

Loving Wives 07/04/2018

Angia V Pt. 02

Lyn finds a new use for sugared almonds.

Lesbian Sex 07/03/2018

Naughty Candy

Candy and her husband learn a lesson about cheating.

Loving Wives 07/01/2018

Delhi Nights Ch. 05: Catharsis 03

A foursome brings two couples to an understanding.

Group Sex 06/30/2018

Anger Management Ch. 02

Dealing with infidelity.

Loving Wives 06/30/2018

Wife Enjoys Visit from Old Friend

Wife gets fucked by husband's well hung friend.

Loving Wives 06/30/2018

Margaret's Horny Night Out

A dinner date with my horny wife Margaret leads to more.

Loving Wives 06/29/2018

Taking Advantage

My lovely girlfriend comes home drunk and horny.

Loving Wives 06/29/2018

After the Reunion Ch. 09

My wife's trip with lover.

Loving Wives 06/28/2018

Wife's Friend with Benefits Ch. 02

My wife moves forward with our plan to be with another man.

Loving Wives 06/27/2018

Cuckolded by Kate Ch. 05

A cuckold story.

Loving Wives 06/27/2018

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 11

A 3some with double-penetration...and an unexpected surprise.

Group Sex 06/26/2018

Cuckolded by Kate Ch. 04

A cuckold story.

Loving Wives 06/26/2018

Wife's Friend with Benefits Ch. 01 - Intro

An introductory story of my wife and her friend with benefit.

Loving Wives 06/24/2018

I Never Learned My Lessons

Dealing with a cheating wife.

Loving Wives 06/23/2018

If It Seems Too Good...

I get played. I get revenge.

Loving Wives 06/22/2018

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Possible break up leads to coffee shop encounter.

Loving Wives 06/22/2018

My Dream

Loving wife helps him experience his most personal dream...

Group Sex 06/22/2018

Our Weekend with Amber Pt. 01

Wife shares husband with best friend.

Loving Wives 06/21/2018

Strike Three. You're Out! Pt. 03

What's ahead for Rocco?

Loving Wives 06/20/2018

Please Touch The Art

A conceited ex-wife finds herself in the spotlight.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/20/2018

Finally Getting to Watch

Finally getting to watch girlfriend with another man.

Loving Wives 06/18/2018

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 03

John and Denise have a night out...with friends.

Loving Wives 06/17/2018

Ashley, Released Pt. 01

He thinks she's smokin' hot. Others do, too.

Loving Wives 06/16/2018

An Unknowing Cuckold Pt. 01

A cuckold 20 years in the making.

Loving Wives 06/14/2018

A Shared Pleasure

A normal couple embrace their "shared" sexual cravings.

Loving Wives 06/14/2018

After the Reunion Ch. 08

The rest of the trip home.

Loving Wives 06/13/2018

Dinner Date Ch. 02

The night continues into the next day.

Interracial Love 06/13/2018

The Drive In

Wife shows her true nature.

Loving Wives 06/12/2018

Savannah and Erik

Hotwife and the insurance adjuster.

Loving Wives 06/10/2018

Zach and The Professor's Wife

Zach meets a neglected wife and cuckolds the professor.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/09/2018

After the Reunion Ch. 07

Our wives stop for a little fun in Reno on the way home.

Loving Wives 06/09/2018

Lilith Shorts: A Night with Tinera Ch. 03

Tinera's true plan becomes clear at Jake and Amy's Climax.

Erotic Horror 06/09/2018

Getting to Know the Neighbors

Wife gets into a mess with neighborhood boys.

Loving Wives 06/07/2018

The Owned Wife Ch. 01: Introduction

A man begins to tell the story of his wife's slavery.

Loving Wives 06/07/2018

Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

How much can she take?

Loving Wives 06/07/2018

Lilith Shorts: A Night with Tinera Ch. 02

The morning after Jake wonders if it was all a dream.

Erotic Horror 06/07/2018

A Night Off

Vicki waits for Derik to come home...with her favorite dildo.

Loving Wives 06/07/2018

Law of the Heart - My Alt. Ending

Sometimes payback can hurt.

Loving Wives 06/06/2018

Village Ch. 01: Return Home

This story flows on from the 'Gite' Series.

Loving Wives 06/05/2018

The EMT Ch. 19

Unforgivably late continuation of an old story...

Loving Wives 06/02/2018

Learning More About My Wife...

My innocent wife...I learn is not so innocent after all...

Loving Wives 05/31/2018

Her New Voice, Her Only Husband Ch. 02

Her story deepens.

Loving Wives 05/29/2018

The Wife of Pervert Ch. 01

The title says it all.

Loving Wives 05/29/2018

The Fantasy Game

The fantasy game becomes a reality.

Loving Wives 05/26/2018

A Cum Eating Discovery

Wife encouraged her husband to eat own cum.

Loving Wives 05/25/2018

Laci's New Job Ch. 03

Laci and Jeremy go shopping.

Loving Wives 05/25/2018

Gite Ch. 09: Star Party

The girls take part in a Star Party, then return to England.

Loving Wives 05/25/2018

Beach House Continued Ch. 07

Jill enjoys a night with Allan.

Loving Wives 05/23/2018

Our Vacation in the Poconos Ch. 01

A short vacation can be fun.

Loving Wives 05/23/2018

Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

Filthy desires get deeper...

Loving Wives 05/23/2018

Just Another Day

It was just another day...

Loving Wives 05/20/2018

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 02

The fun continues at the bed and breakfast.

Loving Wives 05/18/2018

The Planted Seed Pt. 02

Susie falls for priest and exerts more control over Donny.

Loving Wives 05/18/2018

Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

Long-suppressed desires finally released.

Loving Wives 05/18/2018

Dark Soul and Max

From bad to worse for Dark Soul.

Loving Wives 05/14/2018

Don't Leave an Aroused Woman Home

Don't leave an aroused woman at home, she might wander.

Loving Wives 05/13/2018

The 'Man Cave'

Wife wants all their friends with her husband present.

Group Sex 05/11/2018

A Helping Hand

Wife helps out a friend and more.

Loving Wives 05/10/2018

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 03

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

Loving Wives 05/10/2018

Angela's First Time

Wife has first threesome with hubby's consent.

Loving Wives 05/10/2018

Beyond Evil Ch. 02

Nerds fight back.

Incest/Taboo 05/10/2018

Lisa Milks Her Men

Lisa's cum Fetish.

Fetish 05/10/2018

Best Car Wash in Town

New business thrives.

Loving Wives 05/09/2018

The Planted Seed Pt. 01

Susie reflects back on her marriage.

Loving Wives 05/08/2018

Eva Seals the Business Deal

A Hot wife uses her charms to close the deal.

Loving Wives 05/05/2018

'Tales from the Orient' Ch. 05

The final Rashoman description of the events of Jo's party.

First Time 05/05/2018

The Making of a Hotwife Pt. 04


Loving Wives 04/27/2018

The Old Toothbrush Pt. 02

For each action, there is a repercussion often ill understood.

Loving Wives 04/26/2018

Nick and the Programmer

Nick is a private investigator. She is the client's wife.

Loving Wives 04/26/2018

Dark Soul and Rocky

A hurt man tells of how another found love.

Loving Wives 04/25/2018

Beach House Continued Ch. 06

Jill finally has time with Allan.

Loving Wives 04/24/2018

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 02.5

Stacy needs some relief from her frustration.

Loving Wives 04/24/2018

The Old Toothbrush Pt. 01

Husband plans to spring a mild surprise on his wife.

Loving Wives 04/24/2018

Remembrances Pt. 02

Husband and Wife visit with the son of a departed loved one.

Loving Wives 04/24/2018

Lisa Shows Off Her Lover

My beautiful wife Lisa shows off her lover to me.

Loving Wives 04/23/2018

Remembrances Pt. 01

Husband finds old pictures of wife online.

Loving Wives 04/23/2018

In Service to my Mistress Ch. 02

Slave marie pleases her Mistress's Bulls while she's away.

BDSM 04/22/2018

Karishma's Seduction

My wife pleases me.

Loving Wives 04/22/2018

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 01

An exclusive bed and breakfast for high powered executives.

Loving Wives 04/22/2018

Soccer Mom

Wife resents lack of attention from husband.

Loving Wives 04/21/2018

It Started with a Dance

My wife goes dancing with another man.

Loving Wives 04/21/2018

Companion: The Uber for Sex

My wife sells her body to pay the bills.

Loving Wives 04/21/2018

Defloration Ch. 04

Paul helps a young wife who has never had an orgasm.

Erotic Couplings 04/20/2018

How did I Become a Cuckold? Pt. 03

We have Steve come back and I join them this time.

Loving Wives 04/20/2018

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 02

Never trust wholly those who have deceived you even once.

Loving Wives 04/20/2018

A Stranger Among Us

Wife wants husband to video her with another man.

Loving Wives 04/20/2018
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