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The Look in Her Eyes

 — All alone in the office, or so she thought. by cstoriesin  Interracial Love08/02/164.18

The Rising of Rey

 — Star Wars fanfic that picks up from ep 7: The force awakens! by Shnedarekin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/10/162.19

The Accidental Text

 — Lucy receives a drunken text from her son by mistake. by Mello_SixtyNinein  Incest/Taboo08/26/144.60HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. by Spartan22in  Romance12/24/134.77HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 03

 — Taming the beast. by Spartan22in  Romance11/03/134.75HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 02

 — You should have known that there was always only you... by Spartan22in  Romance10/04/134.78HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 01

 — Book Three: The Diary of a Hero - Scars Remain. by Spartan22in  Romance09/26/134.62HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 05

 — All gave some, some gave all. What will Luke give? by Spartan22in  Romance07/10/134.81HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 03

 — Is there such thing as a well-intentioned lie? by Spartan22in  Romance06/21/134.53HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 01

 — Book Two: Diary of an Underdog - Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart. by Spartan22in  Romance05/22/134.75HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 09

 — Where do they go from here? by Spartan22in  Romance05/16/134.52HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 08

 — Where was Luke? by Spartan22in  Romance05/04/134.74HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 07

 — Daydreams and nightmares. by Spartan22in  Romance04/24/134.65HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 06

 — Thinking of the perfect gift for Luke Patton... by Spartan22in  Romance04/12/134.81HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 05

 — The truth spills out and the evidence is hard to argue with. by Spartan22in  Romance04/05/134.80HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 04

 — Can a spoiled cheerleader change her ways or is it too late? by Spartan22in  Romance03/22/134.77HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 02

 — Helping the cheerleader learn about math, science, and nerds. by Spartan22in  Romance02/27/134.69HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 01

 — Book One: The Diary of a Loser - Educating Kaylee by Spartan22in  Romance02/21/134.67HOT

Flight of the Raven Pt. 01

 — A young man's struggle for survival during the Apocalypse. by Demonnoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/14/134.79HOT

Mary's Cheating Ways

 — My roommate's girlfriend never had sex with me, but... by handysrin  Erotic Couplings10/06/124.11

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 03

 — Angry Lane & Bad Edwardo. by sex4every1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/23/124.58HOT

More Than You Know Ch. 05

 — Steven lets Luke under his skin. by tml_writerin  Gay Male08/06/114.85HOT

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 06

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong by nazgul109in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/03/114.18

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 05

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong by nazgul109in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/02/114.67HOT

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 04

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul109in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/01/114.55HOT

Kelly Caught Him

 — A shy virgin caught him with his dick out. by fairytalefantasyin  First Time03/03/114.09

Gilmore Girls Ch. 08

 — More Gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/13/104.26

Gilmore Girls Ch. 07

 — More gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/29/104.36

Gilmore Girls Ch. 06

 — More gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/26/104.33

Gilmore Girls Ch. 05

 — More Gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/22/104.50HOT

Gilmore Girls Ch. 04

 — More Gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/19/104.15

Gilmore Girls Ch. 03

 — More Gilmore fun. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/15/104.06

Gilmore Girls Ch. 01

 — Rory goes to see Luke when she's staying at Emily's in S6. by HardRainsGonnaFallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/103.96

Bluescreen Harvest

 — Actors have fun on the set of Return of the Jedi. by nazgul109in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/23/104.61HOT

Star Wars: Confederacy Triumphant Ch. 03

 — The Separatists Win! Decades later they face the Vong. by nazgul109in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/23/104.42

For One Night Only

 — He is hers for one night only. by MzEHooliain  Romance11/28/093.92

Sensual Persuasion Ch. 03

 — Lindsey's indifference. by haremhottie678in  Novels and Novellas03/06/094.00

History Repeating Itself Ch. 01

 — Charlotte was tired of running. by ZuzusPetalsin  Romance04/08/084.62HOT

Gilmore Girl

 — Luke is caught in an awkward situation. by joey888in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/22/064.07

Post Game Perks

 — Hockey captains have a meeting - and some visitors. by Edge23in  Group Sex05/29/054.12

Adoring Claudia Ch. 02

 — Captured. by Puuuuurrin  NonHuman11/19/044.35

Always On My Mind Ch. 02

 — The passion continues at Luke's flat. by Jennifer Cin  Erotic Couplings11/10/044.68HOT

Breakdown Ch. 03

 — We continue our adventure. by bec2791in  NonHuman11/07/044.69HOT

Always On My Mind Ch. 01

 — Luke always was a fantastic lay. by Jennifer Cin  Erotic Couplings10/31/044.71HOT

The Haunting of Andrea

 — A ghostly encounter changes couple. by muchtosayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/22/044.04

Hypnosis is a Scary Thing

 — She's hypnotised on her 21st birthday. by JubeCubein  Mind Control06/25/043.74

My Wife's Mother: Cathy & Me

 — Hottie Mother-in-Law caught him with her panties. by sisbangerin  Incest/Taboo05/30/044.32

Little Red Skirt

 — She made it wiggle and flash. by AndiAndersin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/09/034.22

Dimensional Slip

 — A couple falls into something they can't explain. by Medieval-Manin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/16/033.48

Rory's Rite of Passage

 — Rory catches Luke and Lorelai in action, learns something... by notapencilin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/12/034.10

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 24

 — Rod attempts to kill Luke. by D.C. Roiin  Novels and Novellas06/03/034.54HOT

The Thunder Rolls

 — Flat tire + rain storm = hot sex between strangers. by innocentwifein  Erotic Couplings06/02/034.23

Fantasies Lived Out

 — Two mates take advantage of another. by ambergate6in  Gay Male05/29/033.72

Luke and Lelia Ch. 01

 — Wife admits to cheating. Husband kicks her out. by Rob Connerin  Loving Wives02/23/034.24

Ma's Outlaw Sons

 — Holed up, Ma & the boys need sexual relief. by Axeltheswedein  Incest/Taboo03/07/024.23

Anniversary Gift

 — Woman sheds her inhibitions to dominate husband. by elenain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/28/024.10

Genesis of the Succubus Ch. 3

 — Rina willingly submits to her seduction. by virginartistin  NonHuman09/05/014.37

A Good Workout

 — Natalie lets Luke know how she really feels. by sweetgirl198219in  Erotic Couplings06/05/013.69

Alternative Counseling

 — Married couple on the rocks gets unconventional help. by Rufus2121in  Group Sex03/03/012.99

Rendezvous Ch. 01

 — Samantha & Brittany pleasure Luke - & each other. by Camaciein  Group Sex01/14/013.96

Mrs. G Handles Us Both

 — Vick's friends wait with his mother. by WildBillin  Group Sex12/22/003.70

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