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Training Day

 — Colleagues begin their first day as master and slave. by mirriin  BDSM08/27/163.07NEW

Detective Spring Ch. 07

 — This can't be real, she's somewhere else. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/27/164.84HOTNEW

Amira's Magic Ch. 02

 — Amira learns of the new world of Magic she is now a part of. by Ravenblackeroticain  Non-Erotic08/26/164.38NEW

The Typewriter

 — Could it be magic? Maybe, those stories do seem pretty real. by ODSTin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/26/164.20NEW

Unfaithful Dog

 — A certain man is an unfaithful dog. by DanLockeredin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/26/163.50NEW

My Pet Elf

 — A demoness overlord wants her already large pet to be bigger. by mistyfdfain  Fetish08/26/161.00NEW

Special Ring Ch. 10

 — Scott and his harem gets some surprises. by compnerdin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/25/164.81HOTNEW

Witch Kisses

 — Three wannabe witches go into a forest to summon an incubi. by Vluirtyin  Group Sex08/24/163.68NEW

My First Hero Party

 — A new hero is injured in a riot, healing has side effects. by mistyfdfain  Fetish08/23/164.13NEW

Detective Spring Ch. 06

 — An explanation but is this real. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/23/164.72HOTNEW

The Order of Desoul Ch. 31

 — Sniper's Lament. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/23/164.47NEW

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 10

 — Agnes decides to use Louis to level the field with James. by ErosinaScarlettin  Erotic Horror08/23/164.77HOTNEW

Emerald Knights Ch. 03

 — The truth unfolds, sisters reunite. by NikitaSimoneauxin  NonHuman08/23/164.60HOTNEW


 — A wonder of any world always has a source. by The_Defective_Pawnin  Romance08/23/163.43NEW

The Order of Desoul Ch. 30

 — Sniper's Lament. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/22/164.47NEW

The Order of Desoul Ch. 29

 — Sniper's Lament. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/21/164.50HOTNEW

Detective Spring Ch. 05

 — Searching for answers. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/20/164.72HOTNEW

Fashion FAE: Running Hot

 — A couple unknowingly buys magic, reality altering tracksuits. by mistyfdfain  Fetish08/20/163.96NEW

The Order of Desoul Ch. 28

 — Sniper's Lament. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/20/164.44NEW

Keeper of the Flame

 — Tomas learns about his destiny with Isra. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control08/20/164.26NEW

Surfacing Ch. 36

 — Parents and the Offspring They Make. by Etaskiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/164.94HOT

Dragon Jade Chronicle Ch. 17

 — Last moments as the battle for Tia Joi commences. by schnertchin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/164.33

The Order of Desoul Ch. 27

 — Sniper's Lament. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/164.42

Detective Spring Ch. 04

 — Assault and a deeper knowledge. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/19/164.63HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 26

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/18/164.67HOT

Demon Knight Ch. 02

 — She awakens. by JudeRodneyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/18/164.40

Child of the Circle Ch. 04

 — A Mage's Origin. by Oriyonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/18/164.86HOT

Detective Spring Ch. 03

 — A scuffle leads to a little taste. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/18/164.56HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 25

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/17/164.67HOT

Detective Spring Ch. 02

 — Her new Vampire partner. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman08/17/164.59HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 24

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/16/164.72HOT


 — A village maiden walks into the hands of a dark creature by Spanktasyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/16/164.34

Online Dating with a Twist

 — Natalia meets the man who fulfills her dreams. by thirstygirlllin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/16/163.89

Marginal Life Ch. 03

 — Time for School. by MachExAnimain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/16/164.61HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 23

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/15/164.67HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 22

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/14/164.55HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 21

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/13/164.32

The Future of Society Pt. 01

 — The future holds some interesting features. by AuthorWriterInfinitein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/13/163.00

The Best Gag

 — A man at his first con ends up getting his dick enlarged. by mistyfdfain  Fetish08/12/164.12

The Order of Desoul Ch. 20

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/164.67HOT

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 31

 — The Battle of Beshenna. by xtorchin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/164.81HOT

Special Ring Ch. 09

 — Mission Continues and travels begin. by compnerdin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/11/164.76HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 19

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/11/164.25

The Order of Desoul Ch. 18

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/164.58HOT

The Pearl Witch Ch. 03

 — A romp in the baths and the journey continues! by ardentlyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/164.77HOT

Marginal Life Ch. 02

 — Jaya goes for a walk. by MachExAnimain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/164.53HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 17

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/09/164.55HOT

Succubus Summoning 213

 — It's Phil's turn for the test. Will he survive the succubi? by manyeyedhydrain  Erotic Horror08/09/164.80HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 16

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/08/164.50HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 15

 — Blade of ice. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/07/164.29

The Order of Desoul Ch. 14

 — Blade of Ice. by DesoulTalesin  Non-Erotic08/06/164.78HOT

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 09

 — Agnes steps closer to the edge of the sexy supernatural. by ErosinaScarlettin  Erotic Horror08/06/164.79HOT

On a Dragon's Lips Ch. 18-21

 — Ever wondered how dragon's mate after a fight? It's messy. by Solsgonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/05/164.81HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 13

 — A Modern Desoul Tale. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/05/164.68HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 12

 — A Modern Desoul Tale. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/04/164.59HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 11

 — A Modern Desoul Tale. by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/164.58HOT

Special Ring Ch. 08

 — Mission Continues. by compnerdin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/164.66HOT

Chandri's Revenge Pt. 01

 — A succubus' journey for revenge. by BraysonJooksin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/164.32

The Lost World Ch. 06

 — Preparing for war is akin to preparing to die. by TheTaskin  NonHuman08/02/164.63HOT

The Accidental Roommate Ch. 04

 — Tyler wakes up on the first day of the reality shifting game. by Ragnarok385in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/02/164.14

The Order of Desoul Ch. 10

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/02/164.73HOT

Marginal Life Ch. 01

 — Introduction to Jaya's life. by MachExAnimain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/02/164.61HOT

An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 02

 — A group of warriors try to stop an evil sorceress. by SaddleRiderin  Mind Control08/02/164.85HOT

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 32

 — Did you miss me? by stubborn_dreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/164.76HOT

An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 01

 — A group of warriors try to stop an evil sorceress. by SaddleRiderin  Mind Control08/01/164.31

Princil's Mindreading

 — He learns more about his sexual and magical power. by kurtrelliansin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/164.40

A Simple Bet

 — Two friends make a little wager. by doctorplutoin  Fetish08/01/164.00

Hilo's Tower Tales 03: Sit for Me

 — The way he apologizes makes it all OK. by Guinahartin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/164.75HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 09

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/164.79HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 08

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/31/164.74HOT

English for Sinners Ch. 11

 — The big day finally arrives. by Lithium_hoboin  Erotic Couplings07/31/164.52HOT

Midsummer Bride Pt. 02

 — The Otherworld is seductive but all consuming... by ErosinaScarlettin  Erotic Horror07/30/164.54HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 07

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/164.71HOT

The Gem of Troth Ch. 01

 — An emotionally guarded princess finds release in lust. by Jonalfarlingain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/164.50HOT

Of Fairies and Men Ep. 01

 — Nora discovers a secret about her and all of the fairies. by Happytimeshappyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/164.30

The Order of Desoul Ch. 06

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/164.67HOT

English for Sinners Ch. 10

 — Harper learns what the V-girls really want from him. by Lithium_hoboin  Erotic Couplings07/28/164.75HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 05

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/164.78HOT

Her Petite Possession Ch. 08

 — Her panties try to escape, but are soon put back on her hips. by AndreaJordanin  Fetish07/28/163.25

The Erotic Adventures of S & J Ch. 02

 — Our futanari and heroine embark on their adventure. by Scyrecrowin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/27/164.59HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 04

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/27/164.71HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 03

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/26/164.70HOT


 — Cirella gives birth. by The_Defective_Pawnin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/26/163.00

Special Ring Ch. 07

 — Start of the Mission and more. by compnerdin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/164.69HOT

The Order of Desoul Ch. 02

 — A Modern Desoul Tale by DesoulTalesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/164.67HOT


 — A man is transformed and taken to a new world. by TidakSensein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/164.69HOT

Demon Knight Ch. 01

 — A well-intended woman steals a powerful artifact. by JudeRodneyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/24/164.13

Shadow Walker

 — Mages in University. by TrebleClefLifein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/23/164.71HOT

Fantasia Concordat Ch. 04

 — Jack proves he is not to be underestimated. by JC_The_Continuerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/22/164.75HOT

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 08

 — Agnes is empowered but someone catches her & James... by ErosinaScarlettin  Erotic Horror07/22/164.68HOT

Midsummer Bride Pt. 01

 — Miranda Love was taken 7 years ago & escapes but hunted. by ErosinaScarlettin  Erotic Horror07/22/164.61HOT

Lustful Energy Ep. 09

 — The conclusion to this small story arc. by Happytimeshappyin  Mind Control07/21/164.46

English for Sinners Ch. 08

 — Mr. Harper gets a (sexy) demonstration of Vivika's powers. by Lithium_hoboin  Erotic Couplings07/20/164.68HOT

Rebirth Ch. 01: Mindy's Awakening

 — A sex goddess seduces Mindy or is it the other way around? by StrangeTamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/20/164.59HOT

Succubus Chronicles 01 - Molly's Tale

 — As Succubi and Humans war, one woman finds peace? by aarorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/20/164.39

Squire Adela Ch. 02-04

 — A fantastic adventure. by SilenceDancesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/164.56HOT

Shaman Chronicles Ch. 05

 — Confusion, training and revelations. by worldwarwaltherin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/164.66HOT

Sex Genie Enslaved Pt. 03

 — Kabir opens up an academy for his bitches. by david_crossin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/17/163.91

Creation's Guardian Ch. 11

 — Preparations for moving day begin. by bob54zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/17/164.77HOT

The Boob Fairy

 — Plotzed fairy fixes up young couple. by HerbDelightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/164.33

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