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Falling for Her Ch. 01

 — Man falls for a new woman in his life. by jeb22in  BDSM04/15/054.20

Clark Kent or Superman? An Ending

 — One way it could have gone. by rpsuchin  Non-Erotic03/24/054.04

Suicide- My Story

 — Depression, Suicide, and Help by darkgoddess2478in  Reviews & Essays02/28/054.63HOT

My Love for Master

 — She pleases Him, & He pleases her. by WhiskyGirlin  BDSM12/27/044.41

The Affair

 — You finally do it. by Sarah Sidalin  First Time12/09/044.31

Jack's New Skills Ch. 02

 — He has more fun when her sister shows up. by angelgothgirlin  Mind Control11/13/044.26

Twisted Night Ch. 03

 — Vincent takes her to a private place. by Syanain  NonHuman09/17/044.31

Get Out! Ch. 03

 — Jo Jo gets a surprise. by shawnomegain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/16/044.00

Dear Diary Ch. 04

 — Nikkie's first anal experience. by nikkiein  Novels and Novellas08/28/044.31

Jack's New Skills Ch. 01

 — He teaches ex an unforgettable lesson. by angelgothgirlin  Mind Control08/13/044.22

My Hot Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Bottom finds out what's up. by SwtGrnApplCandyin  BDSM06/15/044.23

Amy's Perspective

 — Amy discovers new perspective on life. by TQMin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/24/043.46

She Pleases Him

 — sub has date with new Dom. by cthomasin  Fetish12/19/034.47

Asian Dancer

 — Black man gets the lap dance of his dreams. by feltatlin  Interracial Love12/14/034.25

Changing Brenda's Attitude

 — What have I created? by parts guyin  Interracial Love12/11/034.37

Questions of the Heart Ch. 02

 — Ever wondered? by who_me2003in  Non-Erotic07/07/033.67

I Think I'm Alone Now Ch. 02

 — Her embarrasing moment leads to a stunning revelation. by sweetone2in  Erotic Couplings01/19/034.62HOT


 — The sound of a heart breaking. by caspaiin  Non-Erotic01/03/033.42


 — She gets piss-drunk, dreams of piss, & cums. by honeydippedin  Fetish01/02/034.24

My Favorite Student

 — Your tutoring session takes a passionate turn. by njmin  Mature10/31/023.50

Diesel Chronicles Ch. 09

 — Seen and heard. by Gwenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/05/024.57HOT

Mother's Secret

 — Mother looks back at the first time with her son. by ipbjlcin  Incest/Taboo09/10/024.26

Cousin Becky Ch. 1

 — Young cousin comes to live & learn some manners. by jacksgirlin  Incest/Taboo06/29/023.76

The Wifey & Me

 — New roommates have something in mind. by BlondeLoveBugin  Lesbian Sex06/18/024.05

A Long Evening

 — Pair spend the evening together. by adultramblingsin  Loving Wives05/18/023.07

The Horniest Slut

 — She enjoys her boyfriend's brother. by plaidskirtin  BDSM04/30/024.13

Katie's Mom

 — First the daughter, then the mom. by Olderguyin  Mature03/06/024.31


 — A view of making love. by Azrofin  Erotic Couplings01/28/022.88

The Dance

 — The lights flashing, the music pulsating... by Darken_Soulin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/25/012.86

If I Could

 — She really wants you. by Malachiin  Romance07/08/014.60HOT

The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 2

 — This good wife finds out about phone sex. by captivatein  Erotic Couplings06/15/014.04

Sasha Ch. 10

 — Hallie gets the job done. by Chanson_bleuin  Novels and Novellas05/20/014.62HOT

Fucking Janet's Mom Ch. 2

 — Mom's lust increases. by trojanmanin  Erotic Couplings03/18/014.26

Fucking Janet's Mom Ch. 1

 — He's seduced at the pool by his girl's mother. by trojanmanin  Mature03/17/013.78

Kyle & My Wife

 — High school bully takes wife in front of husband by TripleGin  Loving Wives02/13/012.46

Convenience Shopping

 — Sweet young clerk seduces older man. by Ronald Thurmanin  Erotic Couplings12/27/003.98

Now You're Daddy's Ch. 1

 — Britney loves her daddy most. by Lolitain  Incest/Taboo10/08/004.25

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