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Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 05

 — A friend comes to dinner. by LewdLukein  Loving Wives04/13/163.88

A Fucking Ghost Story

 — The rumors about Old Man Meyer might just be true. by AsnyLarkin  Erotic Horror04/05/164.35

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 03

 — Wife has an offer, wants hubby's permission. by LewdLukein  Loving Wives04/01/163.78

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 02

 — Wife has an offer, wants hubby's permission. by LewdLukein  Loving Wives03/29/163.80

Worshipping at Aphrodite's Feet Ch. 03

 — Naama shares her experience w/ first time flashback. by Josepha_Kassin  First Time02/14/163.14

Wife Wants a Hall Pass

 — Wife has an offer, wants hubby's permission. by LewdLukein  Loving Wives01/31/164.05


 — Heather's mistakes lead her to one heck of a one night dream. by AsnyLarkin  Loving Wives01/21/163.72

Ares 13

 — Bad things happen in the 30 Million Mile High Club. by AsnyLarkin  Erotic Horror01/20/163.73

Olympic Conditioning

 — Uptight before competition, Tara needs to loosen up. by AsnyLarkin  First Time01/19/163.81

The Massage

 — An erotic massage encounter. by bearmarkin  Mature12/23/154.17

The Workshop

 — A woman gets the full treatment at a Tantra workshop. by cherrychocolatein  Group Sex05/21/154.52HOT

A Taste of Dawn

 — Native Dawn Series short story. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas10/23/144.74HOT

In The Library Ch. 08

 — Grace is getting stronger and meets me in the past. by electricblue66in  Erotic Horror07/17/144.41

The Pleasing, Submissive Wife Ch. 01

 — Savvy submits the Harry's demands. by TheNaughtyWifein  Loving Wives06/27/143.69

Finding New Adventures Ch. 05

 — The three continue their fun together... by TheNaughtyWifein  Erotic Couplings06/25/144.38

Finding New Adventures Ch. 04

 — Kit and James ravish Sybil. by TheNaughtyWifein  Erotic Couplings06/21/143.62

Huddled Together Ch. 02

 — Good Hunting. by WritersUnblockin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/124.67HOT

Head Cheerleader

 — A cheerleader gets something to really cheer about. by LustScribein  First Time10/25/113.94

The Green Fairy Adventure

 — Reserved wife becomes a Halloween party's main attraction. by nohbdy27in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/17/104.42

Ali's Art Ch. 08

 — Business gets serious, but brings a new relationship. by hardingin  Novels and Novellas09/11/104.79HOT

Tony and Alicia Go to Vegas

 — They find a club that allows others to watch and be watched. by Ice_Teasein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/07/104.56HOT

The Old Warbird

 — A chance encounter. by Lucreacein  Celebrities06/10/104.36

Apartment Slavery

 — A man in his sixties is coerced a slave by a young female. by Reavantwoin  Fetish02/02/104.45

Intern in Charge

 — A college intern has his way with his female boss. by bluechick1976in  Erotic Couplings08/07/094.57HOT

Jenn Again -- In the Bedroom

 — This time he finally makes love to her. by WhitePythonin  Erotic Couplings01/02/094.39

Untamed Bliss

 — She wanted his seed, he took control. by DireLilithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/15/080.00

Super Heroes and Heroines Ch. 01

 — Revenge. by HallidayTeein  Celebrities12/15/074.23

The Perfect Job Ch. 04

 — Temptation of teasing gets the best of the rich bitch. by papaya_lynnein  Letters & Transcripts11/18/064.58HOT

Last Request

 — Dying from a degenerative disease, she lives out her fetish. by HungryGuyin  Fetish09/08/053.74

Connie's Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Connie finds out what's in store. by Jack Gatesin  Incest/Taboo02/21/054.39

When Lance Was Lanced

 — Sailor's loss of his anal virginity. by grgetownsendin  Anal01/06/053.80

A Slave?

 — 18-year-old virgin is sold at auction. by anjeldreamsin  BDSM11/02/043.55

Quinn in the Park

 — Quinn runs into some friends. by wordsmithin  Group Sex08/17/044.29


 — 18-year-old gets advice from dirty old man. by Ballzacin  Mature06/25/044.23

It's Just A Yard

 — Almost bankrupt couple delves into porn films. by tamolin  Loving Wives12/28/034.31

The Place of Second Chances

 — Jennifer finds her destiny. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo07/12/034.08

The Velvet Noose Ch. 01

 — Piqued curiosity is a terrible thing to waste. by ReturnedOnein  Group Sex09/14/023.55

Lilac Bubbles

 — Bath is interrupted the only way it should be. by Kalasandra_kitiin  Erotic Couplings05/20/024.35

Believe It Or Not Ch. 1

 — An 'interview' for the best job in the world. by Dark Warriorin  Celebrities04/17/023.23

Universal Sexuality

 — Sex in the fictional realm, Star Trek & Sci Fi universe. by Shalein  Reviews & Essays02/11/024.42

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 06

 — Nudist attends 'Nudes-a-Poppin'. by Sanoin  Group Sex12/15/014.18

Egyptian Tale

 — She's forced into slavery. by nilequeen26in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/20/014.40

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