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Never Say Never Pt. 04

 — Wife exploring new ways to enjoy anal. by SunChrisin  Anal09/10/164.56HOT

Whatcha Doing?

 — Husband and wife enjoy their life. by UncleMarkin  Anal12/17/134.56HOT

I Came Screaming Last Night

 — Husband fucks wife in every hole. by brklyn_rompin  Anal02/22/134.23

Ali Does Anal

 — My wife lets me in the back door. by onlyinmydreamsin  Anal08/22/124.44

Bend Over For Me..Just Like That..

 — He has his first experience performing anal sex. by Justajain  Anal06/27/123.96

The Dream

 — Wife's ass gets trained. by Tdiskin  Anal05/03/114.10

Dear Diary #01

 — Husband enticed into his wife's hot wet ass. by ceb35in  Anal11/13/103.74

My Mouth or My Ass, You Choose

 — Hot wife gives husband a choice. by larson67in  Text With Audio05/11/103.83

Make Me Believe

 — Misbehaving wife must beg for her deepest desires... by northcountrylassin  Anal03/27/104.28

Never Had I Ever...

 — My husband gives me my first anal experience. by dreamyerin  Anal09/19/093.92

I Don't Know Why I Like It, Butt...

 — Wife is embarrassed to ask for anal sex. by Jaythedogin  Anal09/05/094.24

Naughty Theatre People

 — Dang, they fucked us bad! by grgorin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/21/093.45

Hotel Rooms

 — Married woman meets her lover for an afternoon tryst. by Cropweltsin  Anal04/18/094.37

Bigger is Better

 — Married woman falls for a big man. by Reshbodin  Loving Wives03/01/093.37

Anal at Last

 — An accountant and his wife enjoy hot anal sex. by Aussie_Tonin  Anal01/10/094.38

Good Dream

 — Dream about anal experience with my wife. by analisthenewblackin  Anal01/05/093.93

Anal Exploration

 — Married couple spice up intimacy. by moltenicein  Anal11/29/083.45

Charles and Diana Ch. 10

 — She performs emotionally and gives him her virgin ass. by surober1in  Loving Wives11/28/083.94

First Anniversary

 — Wife gives husband a gift. by ColoradoKingin  Anal07/18/083.89

Jody and Her Dildo

 — Jody tries a "dick" in her ass by slowbellin  Anal04/26/084.26

Anal Adventure

 — Horny wife takes it in every hole. by madeumoan69in  Erotic Couplings03/28/084.26

Teaching My Wife's Ass

 — Husband takes wife's ass in preparation for three-way. by Tavlorin  Anal03/22/083.93


 — A hot shower after a long day. by VictoriaPearlin  Erotic Couplings01/04/084.58HOT

Sunshine's Needs

 — Husband and wife share a love for her ass. by masterfeedlarryin  Anal10/13/074.30

Unfolding Ch. 06

 — Jack and Shawn go out to dinner. by Selena_Kittin  Anal09/05/074.68HOTContest Winner

My Date Night with Her Asshole

 — He enjoys a special night rimming & fucking his wife. by dewdoerin  Anal06/22/073.74

Dave's Training Program Step 01

 — Anal initiation and exploration. by vcfruitflyin  Anal05/18/074.25

An Awakening

 — New book leads to exploration. by Wish4mein  Anal05/09/074.50HOT

Anal Massage for His Wife

 — Long time barriers are broken when his wife submits. by nativediverin  Anal05/04/074.16

Reluctant Voyeur

 — An erotic swap spices up their love life. by CyrusMannin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/27/074.22

Cuckold Paradise

 — One man's love for his wife's kinky adventures. by Anal Slavein  Fetish03/24/073.92

A Gift from My Wife

 — One word: strapon. by grgorin  Anal03/11/073.53

A Christmas Treat

 — Wife gives husband just want he wants for Christmas. by vitessein  Anal12/09/064.02

Mid-Week Anal Sex

 — Wife takes cock deep in hot butt fucking. by quietcantorin  Anal12/01/063.98

My Anal Wife

 — How couple got started in anal sex. by luvmywifesassin  Anal11/23/064.39

A Night with Tom

 — Married sex doesn't have to be boring. by chronicblissin  Anal11/07/064.06

Unfolding Ch. 04

 — Jack gets Shawn to explore double penetration. by Selena_Kittin  Anal08/06/064.65HOT

Turnabout is Fair Play

 — Husband finally gets wife to allow anal sex. by Jim4gotin  Anal07/07/063.53

Unfolding Ch. 02

 — Jack and Shawn continue their anal exploration. by Selena_Kittin  Anal05/24/064.68HOT


 — Away on business, husband surprises wife at home. by lick_you_longerin  Erotic Couplings04/16/064.36


 — Husband orders sex toys to surprise his wife. by jaslizin  Anal03/14/064.39

Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 02

 — Couple's sex life is reawakened. by Sacanazin  Anal01/04/064.60HOT

Unfaithful Ch. 01

 — Married man takes his wife's friend in the ass. by Erlikkhanin  Anal05/16/044.50HOT

Anal at Last!

 — She gives her husband a wild birthday present. by SteamyChikin  Anal07/27/014.52HOTContest Winner

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