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Innocents Pt. 02

 — Dannel and his Master begin to get Dannel's revenge. by MsMahlerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/04/164.80HOT

A Proper Household Pt. 02

 — A man makes his wife a slave. by victormannin  BDSM07/14/163.84

Birthday Surpise

 — A master gives his slave a gift. by jared4everin  Gay Male06/01/164.11

Lost and Found Ch. 07

 — The party. by slavebaby216in  BDSM04/27/164.52HOT

Lost and Found Ch. 06

 — A simple day out. by slavebaby216in  BDSM04/26/164.45

Lost and Found Ch. 05

 — Kelli's confession, a trip to the club. by slavebaby216in  BDSM04/25/164.62HOT

Lost and Found Ch. 03

 — Anonymous threats, Alex returns. by slavebaby216in  BDSM04/21/164.73HOT

Escort - Getting Dirty with my Pimp

 — Hypersexual Asian prostitute has wild sex with her pimp. by Jcarboin  Erotic Couplings01/08/164.35

Harvey's Training Pt. 03

 — Harvey gets his cock stuffed and unwillingly loves it. by curtainsup1in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/01/154.57HOT

Innocents Pt. 01

 — A fae lord finds himself sworn to punish an innocent man. by MsMahlerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/22/154.48

Home at Last

 — Master comes home to his slave after a three month journey. by Sir_Twitchellin  BDSM04/15/154.38


 — A slave returns home and prepares for her Master. by TheDrowin  BDSM04/13/153.58

Bounties of the Sea

 — Three shipwrecked victims wash ashore on an island. by WhipsawXin  BDSM03/19/154.20

Julie Waited Ch. 01

 — Julie's mouth gets her into more trouble than she expected. by the_thinker97in  BDSM07/30/144.22

Abducted By Her Master

 — Master surprises slave with abduction session. by Temptriannain  BDSM07/04/144.00

All Tied Up By My Master

 — Master treats slave to a sensual session. by Temptriannain  BDSM07/04/144.47

Land of Men Ch. 01

 — He gets a new slave & more than he bargained for. by Temptriannain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/29/144.41

Love Comes To Me

 — An indecisive man adapts to the submissive that picked him. by 40DayDreamin  Romance12/28/134.63HOT

An Early Morning Public Orgasm

 — Ending to Master's 24 Hr Training. by ditto79in  Text With Audio11/20/133.75

Frozen Nipple Cum on Balcony

 — Full afternoon of obedience ends with frigid nips. by ditto79in  Text With Audio11/05/134.20

Anna's Punishment and Reward

 — Master _Robert returns from a business trip for a weekend of by RoseWilderin  BDSM09/23/134.08

Dental Anguish To Pleasure

 — Self-mind-fuck technique for extreme phobia-situation. by ditto79in  BDSM08/24/133.00

A Woman's Story

 — Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold. by CuckoldGuyin  Fetish06/26/134.31

Amateur Porn with my Master

 — By force or by choice. by Creamyirishin  BDSM06/03/133.55

Lyla Christens the Ford Pt. 02

 — She's granted permission to cum in the backseat of a Classic Car. by ditto79in  Text With Audio04/02/134.31

Master's Near-cum Journal

 — Master orders his slave to a day of "Obey and Report". by ditto79in  BDSM02/22/134.33

My Concubines

 — A variety of fetish training of two beautiful women. by fidelio1in  Fetish11/21/124.19

A Toy's Battle Ch. 02

 — Isolde meets the rest of the house. by DarklingJinnyin  BDSM10/05/124.11

A Toy's Battle Ch. 01

 — Isolde is abducted. by DarklingJinnyin  BDSM09/30/124.10

Mercurial Ends Ch. 02

 — Love is like a game of tennis with a vampire. by TalyisBagleyin  NonHuman08/31/124.67HOT

Claiming His Bounty Ch. 04

 — Carry sacrifices herself for her Master. by CaitlyCatein  BDSM05/15/124.26

Claiming His Bounty Ch. 03

 — Two years later, Master and slave are free and very horny. by CaitlyCatein  BDSM05/11/124.50HOT

Claiming His Bounty Ch. 02

 — Felix and Carry meet again and discover a dungeon. by CaitlyCatein  BDSM05/06/124.41

Claiming His Bounty Ch. 01

 — A bounty hunter tries to arrest a beautiful fugitive. by CaitlyCatein  BDSM05/01/124.17

A Taste of Maya

 — A slave watches her Master have dinner and the waitress! by slavetopaulin  BDSM03/11/123.59

Master and I Suck Cocks Together

 — He makes a new deal when I am weak. by Creamyirishin  Gay Male01/26/123.67

Masturbation Mistake

 — A quickie masturbation session gets out of control. by Bethybooin  Toys & Masturbation12/16/113.97

An Unplanned Lesson

 — Serene gets what she cums for! by PurrfectMoonin  BDSM07/04/114.13

Fenced In

 — Should've locked the gate... Maybe she didn't on purpose! by ShyMasochistin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/07/114.00

Midnight Rendezvous

 — A First Encounter with Master. by AngelGirlNeeceein  BDSM02/24/114.17

My Birthday Weekend

 — A supposed romantic getaway. by xonikolettein  BDSM06/16/102.42

Dissolved Girl

 — The first time Master took my ass. by metis_amarantin  BDSM06/04/103.95

Lisa's Payback Continues

 — Ex-boyfriend continues punishing humiliation. by asknoin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/23/103.94

Fist For My Pet

 — She's bound to the bed, bent in the ways I found satisfying. by courtingblissin  BDSM04/05/104.24

Lilly's Lust for Leather

 — Lilly Learns just how erotic leather can be. by darlyndin  BDSM03/10/104.38

Lilly’s Training of Fulfillment

 — Lilly learns from her Master what true fulfillment means. by darlyndin  Anal03/08/104.27

Joys Private Education Ch. 03

 — With help from Ms Kneed, Joy finds herslef all tied up. by fredrickain  BDSM10/14/094.49

A Letter to my Master

 — Crossdressing is fun for my new master. by Chriszinner5in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/06/084.16

Her Fantasy

 — Sir tells her to write out one of her anal fantasies. by Mistress_Belle_Mortein  BDSM09/14/084.16

An Evening At Home

 — A Master shares his cock sucking slave with friends. by shy slavein  BDSM08/28/084.26

Hidden Bondage

 — A secret game played between us in public. by sirsemegain  BDSM08/11/084.23

A Honeymoon That Would Never End

 — Newlyweds are kidnapped and used as sex slaves. by Orexisin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/23/084.32

Kass's Master/Slave Initiation

 — You take the plunge to Master/Slave. by rogo46in  BDSM07/16/084.18

Life in the Harem Ch. 12

 — Resolution. by sirsemegain  BDSM06/16/084.63HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 11

 — The mission! Will Calista be able to pull it off? by sirsemegain  BDSM06/15/084.54HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 10

 — Mistrust, betrayal, a chance at redemption? by sirsemegain  BDSM06/13/084.54HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 09

 — Discovered. by sirsemegain  BDSM06/08/084.25

Life in the Harem Ch. 08

 — Lady Martha pays Master a visit in exile with a surprise. by sirsemegain  BDSM06/07/084.47

Job Security

 — She becomes the bosses slut to save her hubby's job. by Orexisin  Loving Wives06/05/083.70

Life in the Harem Ch. 06

 — Intrigue and maneuverings happen the higher you go. by sirsemegain  BDSM05/30/084.54HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 05

 — Master takes her, finally! by sirsemegain  BDSM05/19/084.50HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 04

 — Calista gets deeper and deeper into the Harem. by sirsemegain  BDSM05/18/084.25

Life in the Harem Ch. 03

 — Calista sees a new element of the business. by sirsemegain  BDSM04/27/084.50HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 02

 — More intrigue and politics within the harem. by sirsemegain  BDSM04/23/084.50HOT

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 07

 — The conclusion and the new relationships. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/14/084.08

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 06

 — Teresa comes over for the weekend. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/13/084.20

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 05

 — Video comes back to haunt slave; a new device is presented. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/12/084.03

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 04

 — Video installation to keep track of her. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/11/083.86

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Enslavement is now irreversible. by sirsemegain  NonHuman04/10/083.87

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Cheating wife begs to return only to find hubby changed. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/09/083.99

A Dom's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Cheating wife begs to return, only to find hubby changed. by sirsemegain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/08/083.98

How I Became A Cock Slave Ch. 02

 — A young man learns the joys of gay sex. by bearlover1689in  Gay Male03/24/084.44

Jockey Club

 — Tina gets the ride of her life. by Charlotte88in  BDSM03/09/083.95


 — A quiet day of serving with all she has in her. by lill_snowy_owlin  BDSM10/28/074.56

Dawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 03

 — Dawn's new friend sumits to her Master. by DragonSlayer_OKin  BDSM10/28/074.71HOT

Dawn: A Tale of Submission

 — Long time sub finds her TRUE Master. by DragonSlayer_OKin  BDSM07/19/074.66HOT

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 07

 — Master teaches his girl she is a bisexual. by Strict_Goreanin  Incest/Taboo01/21/074.59HOT

I Am My Master's Slut Ch. 09

 — Sara begins to blossom. by MsVixen416in  BDSM11/09/064.39

Hailey's Journey Ch. 14

 — It's all in the painful little details for Hailey. by nanmarin  BDSM10/03/064.50HOT

Hailey's Journey Ch. 09

 — A road less travelled for Hailey. by nanmarin  BDSM07/31/064.36

Hailey's Journey Ch. 08

 — Hailey's dog day afternoon. by nanmarin  BDSM07/23/064.02

Hailey's Journey Ch. 07

 — Surfin' sex toy. by nanmarin  BDSM07/19/064.17

Hailey's Journey Ch. 06

 — A maid's work is never done. by nanmarin  BDSM07/18/064.11

Hailey's Journey Ch. 05

 — Hailey's awful, horrible, terrible,dreadful, appalling day. by nanmarin  BDSM07/09/063.81

Hailey's Journey Ch. 02

 — Strangers in the night, exchanging glances... by nanmarin  Novels and Novellas06/22/064.25

A Girl Surrenders Ch. 03

 — Punishment time for the slutty pup. by Gazers_kittenin  BDSM12/16/053.66

A Girl Surrenders Ch. 02

 — A girl submits to a Stranger for her Master. by Gazers_kittenin  BDSM12/15/053.95

A Girl Surrenders Ch. 01

 — His slave is challenged to obey a stranger. by Gazers_kittenin  BDSM12/14/053.85

A Puppy Diary Ch. 03

 — Lulu is punished, then rewarded. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM12/13/054.04

A Puppy Diary Ch. 02

 — Lulu is naughty at the mall. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM12/12/054.35

Fantasy Vs Reality

 — Muse from the alter ego. by CherryCumminsin  Reviews & Essays12/11/054.33

A Puppy Diary

 — Slave turned pet-girl writes it all up. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM12/06/054.07

Leash Journey Ch. 02

 — Pet-girl completes training. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM12/05/054.30

Gift of Domination

 — The musing slave strikes again. by CherryCumminsin  Reviews & Essays12/04/054.91HOT

Leather Anyone?

 — Another slice from the musing slave. by CherryCumminsin  Reviews & Essays11/28/054.50

Leash Journey

 — Submissive will become a pet-girl. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM11/27/054.14

Gift of Submission

 — A slave's musing on submission. by CherryCumminsin  Reviews & Essays11/22/054.69HOT

Bought Ch. 06

 — A partnership blooms with sexual energy. by EDSpencerin  NonHuman08/12/054.67HOT

Learning My Lesson

 — A young slave learns how to respect you. by Lady_Heatherin  BDSM07/27/054.17

Her Present

 — Femslave is punished and given a gift. by twistedvanillain  BDSM05/17/013.50

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