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Once Upon a When

 — When Tyler met Monique. A seductive prequel to Knot Now. by SaintSindeein  Erotic Couplings08/14/174.26NEW

Mom's Friend Beth

 — Mom's older friend shares a secret. by wannabe_writer1992in  Mature08/13/174.22NEW

Second Time with Co-Worker

 — Co-worker goes for round two. by Brian6588in  Erotic Couplings08/13/174.06NEW

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 03: Head's Up Pt. 02

 — 3rd Part of a Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha276in  Mature08/13/174.59HOTNEW

The Photographer's Mother

 — A daring new art project awakens courageous desires. by PanzerFeckin  Incest/Taboo08/13/174.38NEW

Mature Shares Her Husband

 — Matures shares her husband with a good friend... by LaceyDresserin  Mature08/12/174.42NEW

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 02: Head's Up Pt. 01

 — 2nd part of a Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha276in  Mature08/12/174.28NEW

A Friday to Remember

 — Fun with younger friends on a Friday Night. by peyskipin  Group Sex08/12/174.58HOTNEW

Every Midnight to Dawn

 — Mom is compelled to have sex with her son. by HeyAllin  Incest/Taboo08/12/174.47NEW

Flying with Sofi - A Memorable Trip

 — Sofia and Matt have a most memorable trip home to Mexico. by SofiaMateoin  Erotic Couplings08/12/174.24NEW

Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 04

 — Sharon teaches Ben best Anal practice. by Ian56in  Mature08/12/174.67HOTNEW

The Lesbian Couples Matching Club

 — A lesbian matching game that these ladies will never forget. by DoubleH55in  Lesbian Sex08/11/173.85NEW

Pheobe Sex Pot

 — A woman in her 30's in love with a young male prostitute. by MsPersuasivein  Romance08/11/174.00NEW

Forced to Change Ch. 05

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/11/174.52HOTNEW

Kalpana Vasudevan of Mumbai

 — Tamil Indian dominatrix meets a cocky Haitian guy. by Samuelxin  Interracial Love08/11/171.88NEW

Sensual Yearning

 — A man and a woman that need to feel each other. by WhettKittyin  BDSM08/10/174.36NEW

Eating Out Ch. 02

 — A widower finds another alternative. by secret_admirer72116in  Mature08/10/174.69HOTNEW

Sharing Sofia... Again

 — An unexpected opportunity at Matt's fraternity reunion. by SofiaMateoin  Erotic Couplings08/10/174.36NEW

Forced to Change Ch. 04

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/10/174.50HOTNEW

Admired from Afar

 — A distant voyeur or maybe a stalker? by uksnowyin  Mature08/10/173.57NEW

The London Fuck

 — Tale of deep fucking and love making. by Desireddream82in  Mature08/10/174.18NEW

My Wife and Teens

 — I figured out my wife had hots for teens. by sensualstoriesin  Group Sex08/10/174.31NEW

My Nudist Step Mom

 — Finding out my step mom is a home nudist. by sensualstoriesin  Incest/Taboo08/09/174.48NEW

Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 03

 — Ruth and Ben have their first sex session together. by Ian56in  Mature08/09/174.64HOTNEW

Galactic War Ch. 08

 — Introducing G.F.S. Cloverfield. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/09/174.60HOTNEW


 — Paul and Dana discover the joys of sharing. by Verynicehandsin  Mature08/09/174.42NEW

A Second Meeting with Jimmy...

 — Coming back for more of Jimmy's uncut cock. by BiForeskinFetishin  Gay Male08/09/174.11NEW

This Time a Black Miniskirt

 — Mature have foursome fun. by babswalkerin  Group Sex08/09/174.27NEW

A Teacher's Tryst Ch. 04

 — The second day of the affair between Bill and Alexis. by TormentedTemptressin  Mature08/08/174.36

Oliver's Aunt

 — Oliver stays with his aunt when his uncle has to leave. by Croonyin  Incest/Taboo08/08/174.21

Caught in Panties

 — Young man spanked by woman for stealing wearing her panties. by beth2smithin  Mature08/08/173.81

Adventures Unfinished Ch. 01

 — Beginning too many oral activity stories, few are finished. by Global Carolin  Novels and Novellas08/08/174.78

Forced to Change Ch. 03

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/08/174.41

Double Your Pleasure Ch. 02

 — A mature lady receives a cum bath and experiences first DP. by LaceyDresserin  Mature08/08/174.45

My Older Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Round two with my older neighbour. by singaporechrisin  Mature08/08/174.20

Fucking in the Pharmacy

 — Lance and Carla give into temptation after work. by igottapussyin  Erotic Couplings08/08/174.29

Magic Misti

 — Two straight women take mushrooms and end up fucking. by Yogakayin  Lesbian Sex08/08/174.37

Getting Sofia

 — Sofia and Matt... Finding pleasure in all the right places. by SofiaMateoin  Anal08/08/174.47

Grease Monkey Business Pt. 02

 — Red joins his Julie. Fast Cars. Beautiful women. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature08/08/174.83HOT

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 03

 — The Principal meets his new girls. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature08/08/174.65HOT

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 01: Preacher Wife

 — The first of the Diary of A Ladies Man. by Alpha276in  Mature08/08/174.28

Karen's Second Time (Old Lesbian)

 — Karen's second lesbian experience at age 69. by karen1947in  Lesbian Sex08/07/174.58HOT

The Last Wish

 — A mature lady experiences her final wish. by DoubleH55in  Lesbian Sex08/07/173.58

The Maid: Domestic Indulgence

 — A married couple decided to engage in romantic power play. by MsPersuasivein  Romance08/06/173.34

A Teacher's Tryst Ch. 03

 — Bill and Alexis continue their weekend escapade. by TormentedTemptressin  Mature08/06/174.38

Meet-up after Break-up

 — Reconciliation fails, but a new, younger opportunity arises. by carolina67in  Mature08/05/174.10

Forced to Change Ch. 02

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/05/174.30

Wifelets Ch. 02

 — Continuation of male fantasies. by satindesiresin  Mature08/05/174.47

A Teacher's Tryst Ch. 02

 — Bill agrees to my proposal. by TormentedTemptressin  Mature08/05/174.39

Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 01

 — Three mature older ladies and one lucky younger guy. by Ian56in  Mature08/04/174.67HOT

Galactic War Ch. 07

 — Kal Receives His Rewards. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/04/174.56HOT

Double Your Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Mature lady experiences anal sex twice consecutively... by LaceyDresserin  Mature08/04/174.38

Back from Maternity Leave

 — Joan returns to work and gets gangbanged by her colleagues. by lovematurebbwsin  Mature08/04/173.74

Wifelets Ch. 01

 — Hopefully a realistic setting for male fantasies. by satindesiresin  Mature08/04/174.49

A Teacher's Tryst Ch. 01

 — Answering a classified ad turns into lurid affair. by TormentedTemptressin  Mature08/04/174.02

Virgin Whitlwind

 — Lesbian initiation for elderly virgin. by NormaJanein  Lesbian Sex08/04/174.42

Forced to Change Ch. 01

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/03/174.41

Ruth's Cottage Ch. 03

 — Jack goes back to visit Ruth and gets a surprise. by ExiledWelshmanin  Mature08/03/174.15

Kate Demon House Ch. 02: Mom is Next

 — Kate sets up her mom for her demon lover. by ZachDocEightin  Incest/Taboo08/03/174.41

The Guilded Lily Ch. 17: Billy

 — Babies! Then Jeannie needs help. by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas08/03/174.88HOT

Tis' the Season of Giving

 — An older woman working Retail during the holidays is pursued. by lovematurebbwsin  Mature08/03/174.09

Beth's Summer Break Pt. 10

 — Gina's holiday gives Beth some space to have even more fun. by BarracudaSwordfishin  Group Sex08/03/174.36

A Young Man, an Older Woman and Raw Desire

 — An obsession finally fulfilled and then some. by FantasiesDin  Mature08/02/174.29

Shari Fans the Flame

 — Resurrecting that old feeling between student and teacher. by GymTeacherYouDeservein  Lesbian Sex08/02/174.27

Bedevil Ch. 04

 — Pleasures himself. by littleredridingslavein  Mature08/01/173.80

Galactic War Ch. 06

 — Opportunities Available for Kal's growth. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/174.51HOT

Forced to Change Ch. 00

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas08/01/174.34


 — An aging actress finds love in a small town. by komrad1156in  Mature07/31/174.74HOT

Trouble for Toby Pt. 04

 — Toby services the gay Gym Mistress's partner. by Croonyin  Mature07/31/174.20

Galactic War Ch. 05

 — Kissing the one I love. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/31/174.53HOT

Caitlin Ch. 02

 — The housewarming, meeting the family and two first times. by Canexoin  Mature07/30/174.45

Bedevil Ch. 03

 — Short trip on the weekend. by littleredridingslavein  Mature07/29/174.33

Galactic War Ch. 04

 — Kal finds a painful reality. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/174.57HOT

Nine Days of Heaven

 — A widow's life is changed forever after meeting a musician. by micjammusicin  Mature07/28/174.46

BBW Teacher Gets Attention

 — BBW teacher is begging for it at a parent teacher meeting. by lovematurebbwsin  Mature07/28/174.08

Saudi MILF for Guinean Stud

 — Saudi cleaning lady hooks up with Guinean student. by Samuelxin  Interracial Love07/28/172.48

Cum Craving Grammy

 — Mature woman trained to guzzle grandson's semen. by dreamweaver5539in  Incest/Taboo07/28/174.35

Those Hazy, Lazy, Days of Summer

 — Mature man finds relief from the heat by heating up. by Kandra_Svenbjornin  Mature07/28/174.21

Galactic War Ch. 03

 — Kal helps out the Aliens. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/174.44

Bedevil Ch. 02

 — Their first time. by littleredridingslavein  Mature07/28/174.41

Just a Number

 — An encounter with an older woman takes them both by surprise. by traustin00in  Lesbian Sex07/27/174.69HOT

Conflicted Ch. 10

 — Leslie and Stuart are caught unaware. by Cuckoldsonin  Mature07/27/174.50HOT


 — A mother and son lose their home but find each other. by clearwinstonin  Incest/Taboo07/27/174.71HOT

Southern Hospitality Ch. 03

 — The big date goes ahead, bringing many tensions to light. by XtinaSmith2017in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/26/174.80HOT

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 51

 — Deirdre's Tales, Part 3. by SteinWolf8in  Incest/Taboo07/26/174.53HOT

Caitlin Ch. 01

 — Youthful friendship when your wife just wants to be friends. by Canexoin  Mature07/26/173.90

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 52

 — Cynthia's Tales, Part 4. by SteinWolf8in  Incest/Taboo07/26/174.39

Sebastian Ch. 01

 — Older petite blond woman submits to much younger man. by Yogakayin  Mature07/25/174.50HOT

Exotic and Forbidden

 — It's dangerous and illicit, but too tempting to resist. by LilaMinain  Mature07/25/174.30

Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 15

 — Angel teaches a young man how to treat a lady. by R_U_Romanticin  Erotic Couplings07/25/174.34

Galactic War Ch. 02

 — Kal gets his first mission. by KalDarovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/174.36


 — An older romeo seduces a young coworker. by TheSolitaryManin  Mature07/25/174.12

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 19

 — Second Day at the Convention. by littleladyfunin  Mature07/24/174.11

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 50

 — Gwen's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf8in  Incest/Taboo07/24/174.47

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy

 — Sharing a seat with the preacher's wife is educational. by softspokenstephenin  Mature07/23/174.27

Beach Fun

 — The importance of pheromones. by oldbob68in  Mature07/23/173.87

Seduced by My Mother's Boss

 — A young man is seduced by bossy older woman. by rutger5in  Mature07/22/174.49

Manipulated by My Mom's Friend

 — This is my first story and I hope you all like it..! by Jayson24in  Mature07/22/174.11

You Haven't Seen "Sexy"

 — A young intern surprises her boss with sexy. by DDH3269in  Mature07/21/174.28

Playtime in Jamaica Ch. 05

 — The final chapter, Rob and Marni look at pics and more. by wifewatchingdreamsin  Loving Wives07/20/173.87

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