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My Dearest Nora

 — An older widower finds love and fantastic sex again. by oldbob68in  Mature05/23/174.67HOTNEW

Slutty Sue and her Father's Best Friend

 — Sue enjoys an older man. by raidernation25in  Mature05/23/174.26NEW


 — The bitter cold leads an older woman to love. by komrad1156in  Mature05/23/174.77HOTNEW


 — A retired headmistress has plans for an ex-student. by Croonyin  BDSM05/22/174.57HOTNEW

A New Encounter

 — Old & young women have an adventure together. by MajesticLVR87in  Mature05/22/173.32NEW

Aunt Meg Ch. 03

 — Destination RI. by hancock75in  Incest/Taboo05/22/174.60HOTNEW

Black Dirt

 — Norman wants a grandson, at all costs, no holds barred. by jackalangin  Erotic Couplings05/21/173.78NEW

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 02

 — The Seduction Continues by hancock75in  Mature05/20/174.60HOTNEW

A Drive to Remember Ch. 02

 — Stacey needs a pick-me-up... by WordWizard55in  Erotic Couplings05/20/174.53HOTNEW

Jenny with the Perfect Pussy Pt. 02

 — Jenny Johnson travels deeper down the rabbit hole. by lovetoreadXXX16in  BDSM05/20/173.92NEW

Rebecca and Her Son

 — An unhappy mother turns to her son for love. by fannyratin  Incest/Taboo05/20/174.39NEW

First Time Seduced

 — A divorced man is seduced by his son's best friend. by overseasin  Gay Male05/20/174.38NEW

Aunt Meg Ch. 02

 — Road Trip. by hancock75in  Incest/Taboo05/19/174.53HOTNEW

I Love Anal Sex

 — Young man looks for anal every chance he gets. by jaslizin  Anal05/19/174.59HOTNEW

At The Gym

 — Jim enlists help from trainer and really gets a workout. by rapperbsin  Erotic Couplings05/19/174.36NEW

Be Careful what You Wish For

 — Housewife on a run is taken by some lads and fucked everyway. by HottieHousewifein  Group Sex05/19/174.37NEW

Women in Uniform are Awesome

 — Teenager is an admirer of the woman down the hall. by Madabouthairin  Lesbian Sex05/19/174.45NEW

The Minister Ch. 07

 — The final chapter of this frustrating romance. by TheStarryEyedDreamerin  Romance05/19/174.53HOTNEW

My First Journey from Home

 — A faithful middle-aged man finally submits to temptation. by ccorolliin  First Time05/19/174.25NEW

Front Page Exposure

 — Kim's business dinner with younger Daniel is not as expected. by The Big Bopperin  Mature05/19/173.79NEW

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 33

 — Heather's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf8in  Mature05/19/174.27NEW

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 03

 — Luka's recovery continues. by LittleBrainin  Romance05/19/174.72HOTNEW

The New Neighbor Pt. 04

 — Things heat up when Ms. V pays Amber to be with a woman. by IndigoFantasyin  Erotic Couplings05/18/174.07NEW

Elevator Malfunction

 — Not alone when elevator stops between floors. by Nemarlein  Mature05/18/174.13NEW

Ventura's Highway

 — A gorgeous younger man helps an older woman find her roots. by komrad1156in  Mature05/18/174.64HOTNEW

Aunt Meg Ch. 01

 — Aunt Meg is my mother's twin. by hancock75in  Incest/Taboo05/16/174.53HOT

Aunt Mandy's Hidden Side

 — Ingenious nephew catches her kinky side with technology. by MisterReasonin  Incest/Taboo05/16/174.35

Deacon O'Connor Needs Butter

 — Neighbor has daughter run errands for a randy elderly man. by VeryDirtyMindin  Mature05/16/174.23

The Good Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Jack and Diane, two American seniors doing the best they can. by wildernessin  Novels and Novellas05/16/174.17


 — A hotel full of nurses and only a few men. My experience. by oldbob68in  Mature05/15/174.49

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 01

 — Best friend's mom is an MILF and she seduced me. by hancock75in  Mature05/15/174.55HOT

Katie's Cuck

 — Katie meets a man and cucks him. by TwistedGeckoin  Fetish05/14/173.90

The Adventures of Miss Townsend

 — Black MILF teacher tames Gambian Muslim stud. by Samuelxin  Erotic Couplings05/14/171.61

Running into Trouble

 — He bumps into an old girlfriend and then falls for her mom. by Swampcoolerin  Mature05/14/174.67HOT

Love Thy Neighbor Pt. 02

 — A late-night visit by Eric; Lana learns the new rules. by Maria24in  Mature05/14/173.80


 — My love of redheads started here. by oldbob68in  Mature05/13/174.50HOT

Triple Play Pt. 01

 — Three neighbors are in need of a man around the house. by Xcelentin  Erotic Couplings05/13/174.14

The MILF Next Door... Some More!

 — Ronnie and Emma continue to explore each other. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature05/13/174.73HOT

A Widow and a Repair Man Ch. 01

 — Social opposites have common desires. by tantricjimin  Erotic Couplings05/13/174.38


 — An aunt and nephew learn things aren't always what they seem. by komrad1156in  Mature05/12/174.68HOT

Jenny with the Perfect Pussy

 — My dream women with the perfect pussy becomes my BDSM buddy! by lovetoreadXXX16in  BDSM05/12/174.21

The Retirement Community Ch. 01

 — At 50, Declan is introduced to Sex in the Golden Years. by DeclanMacallanin  Mature05/12/174.63HOT

Naughty Teachers in High School

 — Sex with 2 of my teachers. by Brian6588in  Mature05/11/174.38

My Niece, My Lover, My Whore

 — Mature uncle finds out his niece is a fuck slut. by RocHoganin  Incest/Taboo05/11/174.02

Caught in Her Closet

 — She catches him; she dominates him; she enjoys him. by John988in  Fetish05/11/174.35

The Guilded Lily Ch. 06: Shelly's Tale

 — Problems for Shelly! by IslandCovein  Lesbian Sex05/11/174.68HOT

When He Isn't Looking

 — Left wanting in the heat of the moment, what's a girl to do? by littleladyfunin  Mature05/10/174.03

Victoria Paris, Cougar Prowl 01

 — Victoria. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/10/174.60

Love Thy Neighbor

 — Lana meets her new next-door neighbor... by Maria24in  Mature05/10/174.04

Lusty Lynn - Sexy Biker Nurse Ch. 01

 — A hot nurse bangs more than just her head at a rock concert. by FOUNTAINPEN67in  Group Sex05/10/174.53HOT

The Guilded Lily Ch. 05: Mandy's Tale

 — What's the future for Mandy? by IslandCovein  Erotic Couplings05/10/174.75HOT

Latina Granny Ch. 01

 — Febe Fills in for Granddaughter. by BilboMerkinin  Mature05/10/174.75HOT

Shifting Priorities

 — Kyle MacDenny learns hard lessons on a luxury vacation. by BurntRedstonein  Erotic Couplings05/10/174.85HOT

Weekend in Manhattan

 — First Time Foursome. by sar1953in  Group Sex05/09/173.98

MILF Addiction Ch. 03

 — More MILFs in the Garden of Ellen. by MoreWoodin  Mature05/09/174.63HOT

Seduced by an Older Woman

 — College boy is introduced to the wonders of a mature woman. by dreamweaver5539in  Mature05/09/174.48

New Bikini New Shagbunny

 — Older married woman loses inhibitions on girls' holiday. by withinreasonin  Mature05/09/174.62

Androshorts: Older Women

 — A young man, in praise of the older woman, well two actually. by Androgynousotherin  Mature05/09/174.68HOT

Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — Julie and Jack's games continue. by fannyratin  Fetish05/08/174.53HOT

My Arrival

 — Young man meets his new land lord for the first time. by DurtyWriterin  First Time05/08/173.91

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 05

 — A Measure of Revenge... But for Whom? by Splatoueyin  Group Sex05/08/173.08

Mrs C

 — A lonely cougar enjoys some summer romance. by pantywriterin  Mature05/08/174.37

PADI Cake, PADI Cake

 — A love of adventure brings true love to an older woman. by komrad1156in  Mature05/08/174.81HOT

Dominate Me

 — Bored with average sex, I was hunted by a younger man. by safetysuzysixtyninein  First Time05/07/174.00

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 04

 — Her New Nirvana. by Splatoueyin  Group Sex05/07/173.80

Wife Shared by College Boys Pt. 01

 — Workaholic Husband leaves his wife alone while on vacation. by momsecretsin  Loving Wives05/07/173.71

Learning to Enjoy Each Other

 — New friends get sexual. by prevackerin  Mature05/07/172.80

Moving up with my Boyfriend's Dad

 — I lusted for my Boyfriend's Dad. by ls1988in  Mature05/07/174.24

Louise's Surprise

 — When Lou confronted Ted, the result was unexpected. by daddy1950in  Mature05/07/174.18

Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 03

 — Deeper and Deeper. by Splatoueyin  Group Sex05/06/173.66

She Wanted to go Camping...

 — Wife decides to invade the boys' time... and gets invaded. by writingn00bin  Loving Wives05/06/173.67

Oldie Goldie Ch. 01

 — An old, mature crossdresser came into my life ... by IcelandSparin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/06/173.86

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 02

 — The Principal continues to educate his girls. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature05/06/174.73HOT

Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 03

 — Love will make you stronger. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature05/06/174.83HOT

My New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Bobby and his Neighbor get closer. by Henry_C_Robertsin  Humor & Satire05/05/174.55HOT

Triad Ch. 01: Peeping

 — Young woman stumbles upon a couple & intriguing older man. by aluisain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/05/174.28

Maybe Later 07: Basking in Euphoria

 — Louann and Brett enjoy their newfound passion. by Pacific462in  Incest/Taboo05/05/174.16

Care Home Ch. 03: Hugh's Story

 — Hugh is surprised by his wife's sexual awakening. by Slowandeasy47in  Mature05/05/173.98

Trouble for Toby

 — Orphan Toby goes to live with his mature Aunt Matgaret. by Croonyin  Incest/Taboo05/05/174.30

What Older Women Need Ch. 03

 — Jimmy gets a surprise the next time he meets Mrs Martin. by Croonyin  Mature05/05/174.35

Going on Thirty

 — A teacher's world is turned upside down by a mature student. by komrad1156in  Mature05/04/174.75HOT

The Mail Lady - Special Delivery

 — A retired executive and rural mail carrier connect. by Xcelentin  Erotic Couplings05/03/174.38

Canoe Trip to Heaven

 — An illicit liaison between a student and a seminarian. by ramoredrakein  Gay Male05/03/174.38

Shari Takes a Wife

 — Shari goes all the way with her gym teacher. by GymTeacherYouDeservein  Lesbian Sex05/02/174.53HOT

What Makes a Good Blowjob?

 — Drunken banter turns into a blow job competition and more. by HottieHousewifein  Erotic Couplings05/02/174.66HOT

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 23

 — Annie entertains her son, and then his friend. by SteinWolf8in  Incest/Taboo05/01/174.43

A New Start

 — A mature lady meets a new man. by roydeein  Mature04/30/172.87

Loving My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 08

 — Weekend romance ends - pregnancy scare, broken car, bad lies. by Nightchild27in  Romance04/30/174.60HOT

A Fine Substitute

 — Booty call interrupted, but her teacher Mom wants to sub in. by RejectRealityin  Mature04/30/174.73HOT

A Learning Curve

 — Andy was researching then acting it out. by Croonyin  Mature04/29/173.81

Use Her

 — A pornstar milf puts her skills to the test. by RiaBella69in  Mature04/29/173.64

Befriending a Fugitive

 — Middle aged woman should have known better when she saw him. by JustLikeEwein  Mature04/29/174.11

Passing Ships

 — An older man's journey home. by oldbob68in  Mature04/29/174.24

MilSpec Ch. 03

 — Retired Sailor settles into civilian life. by Girochenin  Mature04/29/174.65HOT

One Day at the Diner

 — Brunch offers more to eat than the usual entre. by PMDlitein  Erotic Couplings04/28/174.50HOT

A Remarkable Scouse Lady

 — A mature lady has adventures. by uksnowyin  Mature04/28/173.68

Sexploits Ch. 06: Rene

 — My fantasies with my former boss become realities. by dpingjessiein  Mature04/28/174.30

MilSpec Ch. 02

 — Retired Sailor finds love and lust. by Girochenin  Mature04/28/174.62HOT

Family Weekend Ch. 05: Home Cooking

 — Mama's Famous Cannelloni. by MishaPearl2in  Incest/Taboo04/28/174.38

Jenny Ch. 02

 — Jenny comes round for more fuck buddy fun. by Slowandeasy47in  Mature04/27/174.38

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