‘mind control novella’ stories

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 07

The actual chapter 7 of the story as Sarah gets a bad call.

Mind Control 01/25/2018

The Spider Pt. 05

Just John and the Spider learn about each other.

Mind Control 10/02/2016

The Spider Pt. 04

The suburbs.

Mind Control 09/17/2016

The Spider

Nothing is empty for long.

Mind Control 08/12/2016

A Gift From His Father Ch. 28

Murderers are caught & Evan's powers continue to grow.

Mind Control 03/25/2016

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 09

A beautiful Russian Ballerina is dosed.

Mind Control 09/22/2014

The Body Scanner Ch. 04

Strange Happenings.

Mind Control 02/25/2014

The Notebook Ch. 01

Special book takes her to places she never dreamed.

Mind Control 02/16/2014

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 02

A successful consulting business: Day 1.

Mind Control 12/16/2012

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 01

A successful consulting business: opening.

Mind Control 12/12/2012

Confidence Ch. 01

An average guy gains the confidence to seduce women.

Mind Control 03/01/2012

Power of the Mind Ch. 02

Alex continues to practice his new ability on Angela.

Mind Control 08/19/2011

New Life Ch. 04

Some are meant to be controlled.

Mind Control 05/07/2011

Nymphocom Ch. 07

Mad scientist is arrested by police ... or not ?

Mind Control 04/17/2011

Power and Pleasure Ch. 02

The story continues.

Mind Control 04/08/2011

Mind Fuck Ch. 05

Guy exerts more and more control over Cat.

Mind Control 08/06/2010

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 24

John returns to enjoy a bevy of women before leaving.

Mind Control 03/07/2010

Inheritance Ch. 02

Trent learns more about his ring.

Mind Control 09/27/2009

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 09

Beth is having some complications from her exposure.

Mind Control 09/11/2009

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 21

John visits Brazil savouring mother and daughter.

Mind Control 07/14/2009

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 18

John returns to the USA and takes Mary's virginity.

Mind Control 06/28/2009

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 12

Jim's Doctor and nurse fall under the ring's power.

Mind Control 05/20/2009

My Special Gift Ch. 01

People—that is, women—did whatever he wanted.

Mind Control 09/16/2008

Roomers Revisited Ch. 05

Closure for Doug and friends.

Novels and Novellas 09/14/2008

Roomers Revisited Ch. 04

More problems, some solutions.

Novels and Novellas 09/13/2008

The Reluctant Psychic Ch. 17

Reflections on meeting Anna.

Mind Control 09/12/2008

Roomers Revisited Ch. 03

A woman from Doug's past is in trouble.

Novels and Novellas 09/12/2008

Roomers Revisited Ch. 02

Doug's talent continues to direct his life.

Novels and Novellas 09/11/2008

Delilah's Power Ch. 03

Danny enjoys Delilah's power of mind control.

Mind Control 07/02/2008

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 04

It's Faith's turn to have fun.

Mind Control 05/24/2008

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 03

April's goal is getting closer.

Mind Control 05/23/2008

Hidden Talent Ch. 04

Inviting Another.

Mind Control 05/14/2008

Gifted Bk. 01 Ch. 00

Prologue: Meet Josh... and boy, does he have Girl troubles.

Novels and Novellas 11/11/2007

The Gift: Day 07

The fate of the good, the evil and innocent is decided here.

Mind Control 08/09/2007

The Gift: Day 04

Daniel embraces his journey into chaos...

Mind Control 08/06/2007

The Gift: Day 03

Jesse and Elena search for answers as Daniel falls.

Mind Control 08/05/2007
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