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mind control


A woman walking home in London encounters a strange fog.

Mind Control 02/08/2018

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 02

The treatment of Penny's itch becomes rather more extreme.

Mind Control 02/08/2018

The Old Switcher-Roo

Super Pimp moves into the World of Professional Sports.

Mind Control 02/07/2018

Dominatrix Fuck Session

An afternoon of dominatrix fucking session of joy!

Mind Control 02/07/2018

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 10

Sarah finishes her yoga session under Maria's power.

Mind Control 02/07/2018

Queen Enslaved

The Queen is taken captive then repurposed.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/07/2018

The Soothing of Penelope Pt. 01

Penny's itch in the office leads her to do strange things.

Mind Control 02/06/2018

The Feminist Professor Pt. 01

A feminist professor unknowingly meets her downfall.

Mind Control 02/06/2018

The Escape Room - Room 02: Eliza

An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys.

Mind Control 02/05/2018

Shudder Ch. 05

Nevyn hops multiple people in order to fulfill his end game.

Mind Control 02/05/2018

Mommy's Master

A wicked holstaur seeks to turn the tables on her owner.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/04/2018

Office Party

Was it the margaritas? Liz knew things were going awry, but.

Mind Control 02/03/2018

So Night Follows Day Pt. 22

A Contessa Walks Into A Bar.

Mind Control 02/03/2018

Women's Studies Pt. 02

Ex-husband gets his revenge by humiliating his ex-wife.

Mind Control 02/03/2018

The Rules Change

Jeremy wants to change himself, but gets a different chance.

Mind Control 02/03/2018

Astrid and the ATM Card

Alan's ATM card brings special rewards.

Mind Control 02/02/2018

Jillian's Orchid

Jillian's potential awakens, and inner truth is unlocked.

Mind Control 02/02/2018

Enslaved by an App Ch. 06

Denise and Sarah's tasks go public, Jon takes charge.

Illustrated 02/02/2018

Two Free Tickets

Two guys win front-row seats at a hypnotist's show.

Mind Control 02/02/2018

The Vampire's Bite Ch. 01

Ashley finds herself being preyed upon by a vampire.

NonHuman 02/02/2018

The Emerald Needle

A magic of old is used... all in the name of love.

Mind Control 02/02/2018

Secret Sins Ch. 03


Mind Control 02/01/2018

The Girl from the Deep

Sailors haul aboard a young woman with a terrible secret...

Erotic Horror 02/01/2018

The Void

The Void makes him cum as he fights for control of his mind.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/01/2018

Professor and the Tease Ch. 02

Mr. Harper learns about Kimberlee.

Mind Control 02/01/2018

Olivia's Hypnotic Confession Ch. 03

He hypnotized me in public and fucked me in a fitting room.

Incest/Taboo 01/31/2018

Plain Jane Ch. 12

Jane returns home to face the harsh reality of her actions.

Novels and Novellas 01/31/2018


The siblings, bond.

Incest/Taboo 01/30/2018

The Jewel of Desire Ch. 02

Dee takes control, or does she?

Mind Control 01/30/2018

Unexpected Pleasure

All she wanted was a hookup and had the night of her life.

Mind Control 01/29/2018

Zach Mrs. Johansen Ch. 01

Zach helps the widow neighbor the best way he knows how.

Mature 01/28/2018

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 05

Kathryn is tested at being a whore.

Mind Control 01/28/2018

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 09

Sarah competes against Maria in a game of goddesses.

Mind Control 01/28/2018

So Night Follows Day Pt. 21

Whyte sees what he's up against. So does Helen.

Mind Control 01/28/2018

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 17

An errand girl encounters a slick reception.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/28/2018

Cheat Day

One day a week Monica eats what she wants.

Mind Control 01/27/2018

Secret Sins Ch. 02

Polka Dots.

Mind Control 01/27/2018

Breast Suggestions Ch. 13

Becky after Work.

Mind Control 01/26/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 07

End game. The conclusion.

Mind Control 01/26/2018

Summoning a Succubus

College student gets in over her head and is punished.

NonHuman 01/26/2018

Lara Swift is Colonized Ch. 03

Lara becomes the teacher's pet and masturbates on her defeat.

Mind Control 01/26/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 06

Everyone is a suspect. Accusations fly.

Mind Control 01/25/2018

Choose to Be Me

Betty is offered the makeover of a lifetime.

Mind Control 01/25/2018

Sam I Am Ch. 05

The relationship goes off the rails... or does it?

Mind Control 01/25/2018

Lara Swift is Colonized Ch. 02

Lara is exploited, humiliated, and put under mind control.

Mind Control 01/25/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 05

Another bimbification. The accusations fly.

Mind Control 01/24/2018

Book Bindings

An old book sends Kayci over the edge.

Mind Control 01/24/2018

Plain Jane Ch. 11

Jane fights for her freedom.

Novels and Novellas 01/24/2018

Lara Swift is Colonized Ch. 01

Tomb Liberator fails her first mission, is Institutionalized.

Mind Control 01/24/2018

Wicked Games

Roman deities toy with two lovers.

Romance 01/24/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 04

The tension grows.

Mind Control 01/23/2018

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 16

Senya puts up a fight resisting "Mommy" the holstaur.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/21/2018

Special Number 3

A (kinky) superheroine is born.

Mind Control 01/21/2018

The Escape Room - Room 01: Sammy

An elaborate escape room turns four women into bimbo sextoys.

Mind Control 01/20/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 02

Stunned by a bimbification, the guests look for answers.

Mind Control 01/20/2018

Class Action

A new wealthy family learns proper upper class behavior.

Mind Control 01/20/2018

So Night Follows Day Pt. 20

The ladies are on the town, Troy is alone when Whyte calls.

Mind Control 01/20/2018

Secret Sins Ch. 01


Mind Control 01/19/2018

Auld Lang Rewind

Someone ensures the year-round blessings aren't forgotten.

Mind Control 01/19/2018

The Mistress Submits Pt. 03

Mistress Suzzie succumbs to a deeper level of submission.

Mind Control 01/19/2018

Ten Little Bimbos Ch. 01

10 strangers are brought to a resort under false pretenses.

Mind Control 01/19/2018

A Slave's Travels Pt. 02


Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/18/2018


Weightlifter Sasha receives a visit from an admirer.

Mind Control 01/18/2018

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 11

Doctor's Orders.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/18/2018

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 08

Sarah enjoys being controlled by Reyna a bit too much.

Mind Control 01/18/2018

Zach Ch. 02: The Widow's Sister

Zach breeds the sister and gets their asses before it's time.

Mature 01/17/2018


Ji-Ha, a runaway trans girl, is ensared by a succubus.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/17/2018

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 10

The confession.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/17/2018

Drug Makes her Addicted to Semen Ch. 03

Drug continues to expand Steve's "harem".

Mind Control 01/16/2018

Thanks for Giving In

A special procrastinated Thanksgiving celebration.

Mind Control 01/16/2018

Under a Genie's Power

When a teenage girl gets a genie, sexy fun will ensue.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/16/2018

Collared Coven

Sorceress writes how she was captured by the Empire.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/15/2018

Reimagining Molly

Molly's life is transformed through intensive therapy.

Mind Control 01/14/2018

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 15

Senya tries something new with the alraune.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/14/2018

So Night Follows Day Pt. 19

Helen has a story to kill. Troy gets some unexpected calls.

Mind Control 01/13/2018

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 07

Bite the Bullet.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/13/2018

A New Beginning Ch. 05

Jessica and the Marines put their hard training to the test.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/12/2018

Zach Ch. 01 The Widow Farmer

Zach’s car breaks down and he pays for lodging the best way.

Mature 01/12/2018

Mother's Milk Pt. 02

Angela and Jenny enjoy getting sweet revenge...

Mind Control 01/11/2018

Freaky Love

Nothing is quite what it seems.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/10/2018

Little Black Book

A phone call changes Luke's life forever.

First Time 01/10/2018

Shudder Ch. 04

Nevyn breaks Derek's will to resist.

Mind Control 01/10/2018

The Office Ch. 04

Tom's transformation is almost complete.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/10/2018

Drug Makes her Addicted to Semen Ch. 02

Drug makes women addicted to a particular man's semen, ch 2.

Mind Control 01/10/2018

The Black Dominion Ch. 01

Anthony explains a new feeling.

Gay Male 01/09/2018

Inescapable Pt. 02 of 02

Traps aren't the only thing that can be well-laid.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/09/2018

Drug Makes her Addicted to Semen Ch. 01

Chemical makes women physically addicted to semen.

Mind Control 01/09/2018

Plain Jane Ch. 09

Jane and her girls explore dark desires.

Novels and Novellas 01/08/2018

Shudder Ch. 03

Derek enlists Aubrey's help to try and foil Nevyn's plans.

Mind Control 01/07/2018

So Night Follows Day Pt. 18

Whyte has a new problem for La Contessa to deal with.

Mind Control 01/06/2018

Agent 47-D

Meet Alexandra Ryder, secret agent and hypnotist.

Mind Control 01/06/2018

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 02

Katy's change into Kathryn Syns.

Mind Control 01/05/2018

Honeymoon Manor Ch. 00

A teasing Fey Queen and a sweet witch set a seductive trap.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/05/2018

Lucky Pt. 02 Ep. 01

Change of Scenery.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/05/2018

Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over

Donna teaches Matt new lessons with mnemonics.

Mind Control 01/04/2018

Bug Control: Full Invasion

The bugs counter attack.

Mind Control 01/04/2018

Doctor's Orders

Laura bought bigger boobs, but got more than she'd asked for.

Mind Control 01/03/2018

Twisted Wishes Ch. 01

A college student is given unlimited wishes.

Mind Control 01/03/2018

Mother's Milk Pt. 01

A vengeful woman gets her own back in a very unusual way...

Mind Control 12/31/2017

Convenience Ch. 01

Melanie inherited her uncle's shop. But it was...strange.

Erotic Horror 12/31/2017
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