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For the Whored Ch. 062

 — Two words: "Fuck Couch" by Thatawfulwowpornoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/14/154.89HOT

Lisa's Birthday Surprise

 — Lisa's husband has a surprise for her birthday. by Reader_to_Writerin  Loving Wives04/10/154.23

First Time Bi

 — A married couple's first Bi experience. by Bfarr16in  First Time03/04/153.81

Becoming Black Owned Pt. 04

 — Delia & Carl begin their 1st weekend as Emmett's fulltime pets. by JerseyGirlBcomin  BDSM12/09/144.29

After Darts: Again

 — More fun with the same couple, with an addition. by mtman269uin  Group Sex11/02/143.75

Ableside Manor Ch. 04

 — Two Men Enjoy Two Girls. by Darianderin  Erotic Couplings10/27/144.39

Exciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 03

 — Indian couples fuck in forest, seduce wives and get kidnapped. by iloveallin  Loving Wives10/03/143.84

Exciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 02

 — Indian couples adventures lead to dangerous situations. by iloveallin  Loving Wives09/25/143.79

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 09

 — Vince hooks up with a friend, later the trio reunites. by Turbidusin  Gay Male08/13/144.72HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 11

 — Tall mixed Asian woman joins the group. by eagelwolfin  Novels and Novellas04/01/144.50HOT

Hitting the Jackpot!

 — Sex-starved friends strike it lucky! by saucymhin  Group Sex03/18/144.67HOT

Luck Happens Ch. 02

 — Ray and Leez score when least expected... by oldhippie1949in  Group Sex02/25/144.71HOT

High School Friends Ch. 02

 — She meets her high school friends for a 3 way. by tonyl65in  Group Sex01/05/144.39

Nicka Ravished By Silver Fox Couple

 — Nicka gets drunk groped and then ravished at a party. by shywifeshowsin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/11/134.07

Finishing School - Episode 04

 — In which Diana and Fanny practise their blowjobs. by The_inspector_and_the_fishin  Group Sex09/26/134.30

Could It Be Love Pt. 01

 — He is trick into sex with a man, and he loves it. by Metalopnin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/07/134.40

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 05

 — Ray and Caren achieve harmonic convergence. by oldhippie1949in  Group Sex06/25/134.72HOT

Brandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 12

 — Brandi and Vanessa meet some guys. by brandit1148in  Novels and Novellas06/16/134.50HOT

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

 — The two couples continue their exploration. by ava23in  Group Sex06/02/134.20

First BI Wet Foursome

 — A kinky boy's hot first time with girls. by ASIANDREAMin  Fetish05/15/134.32

A Very Modern Family Ch. 04

 — Phil gets what he's always wanted. by johnsmithdragonin  Celebrities05/01/134.50HOT

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 10

 — Dorm Life, Heaven and Mercy too. by FinalStandin  Group Sex04/18/134.73HOT

DVD Night Ch. 02

 — Mick's determination to have Dawn leads to another orgy. by StoryScottin  Loving Wives02/08/133.70

A Walk on the Bi Side

 — Married couple explore their bi side on vacation. by Sexfestin  Loving Wives01/19/134.40

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 02

 — Ally and the guys order a pizza. by Lionheart72in  Group Sex01/13/134.16

Our Wives are Lovers

 — Bi-wives insist foursomes are best with bi-hubbies. by rp_bhpin  Group Sex11/02/124.41

Cruise Coupling

 — We got to know the couple in the next cabin quite well. by WayneGibbousin  Loving Wives10/08/124.43

Friends Come to Visit

 — Best friends learn to swing. by luckyloggerin  Loving Wives08/24/124.23

Inside the Athlete's Village Ch. 02

 — My Olympic Experience continues. by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex08/03/124.62HOT

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 21

 — Sally drives Eva home and meets her twin brothers. by Susie_Oin  Incest/Taboo07/10/124.41

Daddy's Slutty Schoolgirl Ch. 02

 — Girl's hot principal gets involved. by lollipopslutin  Incest/Taboo06/23/124.43

Luck of the Draw

 — Three couples combine in everyway possible. by BuckyDuckmanin  Group Sex05/24/124.64HOT

Jenna and Joel

 — Jenna and Joel learn to go both ways. by BuckyDuckmanin  Group Sex05/20/124.69HOT

Ben and Streek: Clone Saga Ch. 02

 — They have an unforgettable night in the desert. by Axelotlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/124.38


 — What really happened after the lights went out? by Gary_Alexanderin  Erotic Couplings04/13/124.37

Dan and Cock Socket Ch. 04

 — Cock Socket visits the doctor. by lecturer427in  BDSM03/26/124.37

Another Day, Another Sex Fantasy

 — Letter to my wife that she will probably never read. by greggmisin  Letters & Transcripts11/03/113.42

Bill, Betty, David and Sherry

 — Our first time for many things. by houstonbicouplein  Loving Wives08/31/114.08

Learning About Swinging

 — One of the stories about my ex-wife and I and swinging. by SS_Swingin  Group Sex07/04/114.50HOT

Jennifer's Summer Adventure Ch. 05

 — Alan goes wrong with Jennifer and is thrown out. by P_A_Solcrofftin  Novels and Novellas02/22/114.45

Beth's Huge Sex Adventure Ch. 01

 — Friends arrange for Beth to experience something great. by metacarpalin  Group Sex09/23/104.15

Hotel Weekend Ch. 02

 — The next day, they play with another couple. by formywifein  Loving Wives09/14/104.33

Shirts vs Skins Ch. 02

 — The soccer match results in interesting consequences. by throwaway_1986in  Group Sex08/03/104.05

Shirts vs Skins Ch. 01

 — Dave gets John get into a memorable soccer match. by throwaway_1986in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/06/103.78

Big Surprise for Denise Ch. 03

 — A surprise for me this time. by HungProfessorin  Group Sex06/20/104.60HOT

Overseas Assignment

 — Victor and Linda have an arrangement while he is in Turkey. by victorlimain  Loving Wives05/25/104.04

Among Friends

 — Two couples enjoy a summer day by the pool. by Axteuffelin  Group Sex02/19/104.43

Amazon Bride Ch. 03

 — Darlene steps up Steve's training, introducing punishment. by Arthur_Courtin  Fetish02/11/104.16

For the Weekend Ch. 12

 — Unexpected Guests. by missuscooperin  BDSM09/08/094.53HOT

Julie's Been Naughty: Julie's Story

 — What happened to Julie at the Party. by Lionheart72in  Group Sex08/06/093.95

Lil Jodie Ch. 04

 — A new playmate and a dark sercet. by frost1226in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/13/094.49

A Night Out to Remember

 — Two couples explore their sexuality. by me885in  Group Sex05/08/094.44

If At First You Don't Succeed...

 — A dinner party has unexpected consequences. by RonRyderin  Group Sex04/29/094.47

A Chance Meeting Turns Into Fun Four-way

 — Two couples have an erotic night. by kinkycapitalcplin  Loving Wives04/16/094.30

A New Beginning

 — Four friends find a new group activity. by JulieGillmanin  Group Sex08/14/084.14

House Rules

 — A card game escalates to high stakes. by Rodwarriorin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/15/084.05

Poker Night Ch. 05

 — Traci urges Jim to explore his bisexual curiosity. by jt123in  Group Sex06/13/084.60HOT

New Neighbors Ch. 02

 — The neighbors get better acquainted. by Manny2314in  Group Sex05/13/084.55HOT

New Neighbors

 — A friendly couple welcomes them to the neighborhood. by Manny2314in  Group Sex05/05/084.41

A Fantasy Weekend

 — Playing fantasies is one thing, but living them is another. by SimonSays1in  Loving Wives01/10/084.18

First Time Sub

 — Susan is surprised by a first time meeting. by HarperColein  BDSM01/06/083.93

Best of Friends Ch. 04

 — Bisexuality between two couples. by newwitch07in  Group Sex12/25/073.72

Fucking Buddies

 — Two guys and girls release years of tension. by Frolicking_Lassin  Group Sex11/15/073.53

Joyce & Earl Ch. 03

 — The two guys try to impregnate a very willing Joyce. by Mel99in  Loving Wives09/17/074.17

One Night with Carrie Ch. 02

 — Couples visits sex clubs together. by deepblue32in  Group Sex09/08/074.53HOT

A Day's Frustration

 — Two girl friends relieve their frustrations. by scdugin  Group Sex08/21/073.45

Ashleigh's Adventures Bk. 3 Ch. 06

 — Is it fore-play or four play? The party starts! by A.W. Rootin  Novels and Novellas06/28/074.65HOT

Pool Side Lust

 — A quick swim turns into unforgettable nights of lust.. by SimonSays1in  Group Sex04/07/074.68HOT


 — Michael and Sonia meet Marcus & Patty. by shakenmartini55in  Group Sex03/23/074.67HOT

Saffron Cums to Dinner Ch. 01

 — Dinner turns out to be everything they hoped, and more. by wyrdrunein  Group Sex02/27/074.44

Ellie and Tom

 — Internet swingers finally meet up for adulterous fun. by Iluvkissingin  Group Sex02/07/074.53HOT

My Playmate Ch. 04

 — Beverly Hills. That's where I want to be! by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex12/17/064.75HOT

My Playmate Ch. 03

 — Moving on. by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex12/16/064.75HOT

My Playmate Ch. 02

 — The centerfold. by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex12/15/064.69HOT

My Playmate Ch. 01

 — Trying to keep up with my wild nymphomaniac. by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex12/14/064.69HOT

Elizabeth, Lucy, Marco and Me

 — Well, what would you have done? by Rashersin  Group Sex11/24/064.22

Before the Pill

 — Two couples work around birth control issues. by Pegasus_Flyingin  Group Sex11/04/064.54HOT

Charlie's Summer Cabin Ch. 03

 — They have their first foursome...twice. by j3zzain  Group Sex11/04/064.69HOT

Charlie's Summer Cabin

 — Four friends discover each other sexually. by j3zzain  Group Sex09/30/064.45

A Foursome to Remember

 — It's a bi MMFF group thang. by pi3p14iin  Group Sex08/16/064.29


 — Congressman from Ohio took care of his constituency. by jim313in  Group Sex06/23/064.62

Innocence Lost Ch. 12

 — Joan and Tammy get fucked by Harry and Robby. by ShaneFullin  Incest/Taboo05/24/064.60HOT


 — Matthew's first foursome. by Louise Brownin  Group Sex04/27/064.61HOT

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 06

 — Cousin Tara & brother Lee join in the fun. by JoeDreamerin  Incest/Taboo12/06/054.74HOT

Another Adventure with Linda

 — They join another couple for very hot swinging. by oldfogeyin  Loving Wives12/01/054.30

Darling Dana Ch. 01

 — They savor another couple for the first time. by swingtime91in  Loving Wives10/04/054.35

Go Wolfpack!

 — Two couples share a hotel suite. by Slickmanin  Loving Wives10/01/054.59HOT

Players Ch. 04

 — Players move to foursomes with younger partners. by Synthiain  Group Sex09/17/054.41

Amigos Comparthilam (Friends Share)

 — Couple introduce each other to their respective friends. by C Lovein  Group Sex09/15/054.09

Four on the Floor

 — Arthur gets center stage in a quartet. by giveandreceive8in  Incest/Taboo07/01/053.69

Sexual Fever

 — The foursome is hot, fast and furious. by Diamond-Danin  Group Sex06/07/054.63HOT

Chance Meeting

 — You meet another man in a bar. by jim313in  Group Sex02/25/044.36

Hot Tub Nights Ch. 01

 — A night of firsts for a foursome of close friends. by crazy8in  Group Sex02/17/044.56HOT

Bob & Marcy Ch. 01

 — Couple meets and learn each other's secret fantasies. by bobizagingwellin  Group Sex10/05/024.51HOT

Bob & Janet & Bill & Claire

 — An encounter with her husband's brother. by MrLuckyin  Loving Wives03/11/024.17

Florida Four

 — Two couples share an erotic weekend. by C Lovein  Group Sex07/23/013.60

Jen & Me Ch. 5: Jack, Jen &...

 — Threesome gives Marisa a hot housewarming. by Tx Tall Talesin  Group Sex07/12/014.69HOT

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 10

 — Jessica tutors Monica. by Dillingerin  Loving Wives01/06/014.36

A Trip to the City

 — He visits old friends in the cities. by C Lovein  Group Sex12/06/003.62

Sex Ed

 — College guy discovers college sex. by C Lovein  Group Sex11/24/003.90

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