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Poker Night with Caine and Friends

 — I finally reunited with Caine... by serenaNin  Group Sex07/21/174.53HOT

A Slut, Not a Whore

 — Slut Abigail visits her husbands work site. by lecturer427in  Loving Wives07/15/173.50

The Study Group Slut

 — Jess's friends wouldn't do this, would they? by menensiain  NonConsent/Reluctance06/01/174.41

Family Rule -- Everyone Plays Ch. 02b

 — The game continues with the five siblings and me. by KevLevin  Incest/Taboo05/21/174.45

Family Rule -- Everyone Plays

 — Young man joins family for a swim and first time. by KevLevin  Incest/Taboo05/08/174.52HOT

Wife seduced Monday Night Football

 — Guys at our Monday Night Football Party seduce & use my wife. by win69winin  Loving Wives03/30/173.49

Sharing Her with Three Friends

 — Girlfriend hangs out with him & his friends. by badsplayhousein  Group Sex02/28/173.58

Prom Night

 — A tornado on prom night changes everything. by HuckPilgrimin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/20/174.75HOT

Our Visit to Cinema 2 Adult Theater

 — A couple curiously visit the local adult theater. by HappyInTNin  Group Sex12/26/164.36

Gang-Fucked For Fun!

 — A young woman comes for the cash, stays for the cum. by Aladabin  Group Sex11/28/164.43

Mom takes Her Meds and Her Son Ch. 02

 — Spy camera catches action, as son switches her meds. by CharlieDuncanin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/164.18

Just One of the Guys Ch. 04

 — Brian's world is turned upside down. by CraptainPlanetin  Group Sex10/28/163.20

First Days as a Slut Ch. 08

 — Amanda gets involved, mom entertains Chuck's friends. by Imstillfunin  Incest/Taboo08/03/164.73HOT

First Days as a Slut Ch. 07

 — Ginny's father and brother. Cathy's family pool party. by Imstillfunin  Incest/Taboo08/02/164.75HOT

My Massage Parlor Years Pt. 03

 — The girls all go to a wild party at the receptionist's house. by SharedSignein  Loving Wives06/25/164.25

Awards Banquet Slut

 — Wife becomes a slut at a company award weekend in her honor. by Imstillfunin  Loving Wives06/15/164.61HOT

Loaned to a Friend Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — Linda is naked with 4 men at the picnic. by HGriffinin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/19/164.38

Corporate Mergers Pt. 05

 — Jessica being used by all. by barkirkin  Loving Wives04/30/164.30

Four Orcs and a Maid

 — Guests in a castle indulge. by majicman21in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/25/164.49

Learning Her Place Ch. 01

 — A faded beauty learns to submit to her hen-pecked husband. by Delilah_Stormin  Fetish08/26/154.10

Fucked By the Boss and the Boys

 — Gina fucks her boss, and then their workmates arrive. by ericrodman101in  Group Sex07/28/154.22

Want To Play Chikan?

 — Woman in Japan discovers if chikan stories are real. by bluueboyin  Group Sex06/16/154.14

Amy Says Yes

 — Cock-lover's adventures on Fraternity Row. by Serafina1210in  Fetish03/06/154.71HOT

Ellen Journals 08. The Seminarians

 — Young Ellen submits 4 young seminarians to a trial by fire. by josquin2in  Loving Wives01/09/154.30

One Last Shag

 — Nurse in a home for retired servicemen answers call of duty. by AwkwardSquidin  Mature01/03/154.24

Holly and Ivy Ch. 01

 — Two lovely women discover each other and themselves. by tangentjokerin  Lesbian Sex08/19/144.20

Our First Encounter

 — I made an agreement but had no idea what I was getting into by chococlatevanillaswirlin  BDSM08/18/144.03

I'm Going to Need Some Help

 — A man invites from friends over to help satisfy his wife. by PantyPlayin  Group Sex08/16/144.27

Michelle Needs Help Studying

 — She ends up getting something different. by sarahsmith1989in  Interracial Love05/16/143.91

Christmas Fuck Party

 — Dave enjoys gang fucking the girls at an office party. by ericrodman101in  Group Sex12/30/134.12

Bad Girlfriend

 — She sets up my fantasy of a MFM threesome- with a surprise. by timflh401in  Group Sex11/09/133.99

Ellie Gives Out

 — Husband desperately want his wife to have other men by kewtieboyin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/18/134.23


 — You get into an impromptu gangbang on public transit. by A_Namein  Group Sex08/26/134.26

Alana's Erotic Pool Game

 — Bored couple spice up their love life in a dark pool room. by kauai3945in  Loving Wives07/21/134.25

Friends...and Benefits

 — Friends become more than that at a summer bonfire. by kitten1964in  Group Sex07/03/134.36

Shattered Paradise

 — Husband and wife duped on vacation. by lecturer427in  Loving Wives05/05/133.39

Golf Competition

 — The waitress takes four cocks. by Zandy66in  Group Sex03/25/133.05

Not Since Then

 — Can he help her get it back? by Darkinsidein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/25/124.00

The Band Practice

 — Practice, practice, practice. by Malinovin  Group Sex03/21/122.75

Jane's First Threesome Ch. 03

 — Jane meets her nemesis. by Andy336in  Loving Wives02/22/123.56

Tina's Nautical Adventure

 — Tina takes a job on a yacht and learns her new duties. by Tina420in  Group Sex09/24/114.00

My First Gangbang

 — How I arranged my first gangbang. by JanetM1550in  Group Sex09/04/114.31

The Boys Next Door

 — Three college guys moved next door. by WayneGibbousin  Group Sex05/05/114.10

Dessert After Golfing

 — A golf foursome turns into a dessert fivesome. by fishgardengolfin  Group Sex03/27/114.22

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 09

 — She fucks four guys based on the roll of a dice. by SpartanWitherbyin  Group Sex01/11/114.74HOT

Husband Can’t So I Did Ch. 01

 — She wanted a child, even if it couldn’t be her husband’s. by bigtddybrin  Group Sex01/04/114.33

Judith Walks Out

 — An ignored wife finds satisfaction with younger men. by davion2308in  Loving Wives11/23/104.17

Friends with Benefits Ch. 05

 — Husband shares wife with more friends. by clarkrobertsin  Loving Wives11/10/104.41

At a Concert

 — A fat girl gets seduced and taken by four men at a concert. by Tolstushkiin  Group Sex04/08/104.22

Convention Town Girl Ch. 06

 — Wife meets partiers again in hotel. by MrMsScrewloosein  Loving Wives03/24/104.51HOT

Should Have Known... Ch. 03

 — No longer anything more than their toy. by bunnie1911in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/24/104.43

Should Have Known... Ch. 02

 — My violation continues. by bunnie1911in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/09/104.32

Prisoners' Revenge Ch. 01

 — Chaste officer gets gangbanged by vengeful convicts. by PleasureBot69in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/20/094.34

The Rally

 — My biker girlfriend finally gets loose! by sheslooking4funin  Loving Wives10/12/093.69

Kat and the House on Cherry Street

 — She goes running and is willingly gangbanged by builders. by Sylphetaminein  Group Sex09/25/094.18

He Knew Her Well

 — He fulfilled her gangbang fantasy - and more! by nicolocoin  Group Sex05/03/094.44

Adventures in Camping

 — Brad goes on a camping trip with his friends. by BradBigBrainin  Group Sex12/31/084.50HOT


 — Five guys invade her in her tent. by aimee_mattinglyin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/03/084.22

Sunday Brunch

 — Her first time in a group. by BonnieBeein  Group Sex06/13/084.45

Gang Bang Girl

 — Mary gets used by four men. by Trialbasisin  Group Sex05/13/084.20

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 03

 — The party comes to a debauched climax. by Jaymalin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/22/084.46

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 02

 — The sex games begin in earnest. by Jaymalin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/31/084.64HOT

Four Cocks for My Wife's Pleasure

 — An open letter to my wife, describing a sharing experience. by socabi50in  Loving Wives01/10/084.23

MMMMF - I Watched Her Gang Bang

 — She lives her movie fantasy with 4 men. by mwm69writerin  Group Sex01/02/084.07

Two Men Wanted

 — Ad on contact website leads to more than expected. by Friskee_cplin  Loving Wives10/20/073.95

Every Guy at the Party

 — Daring coed at a party full of horny guys. by strickland83in  Group Sex08/31/073.77

Making Baby

 — She will do anything to get pregnant. by bigglesin  Loving Wives08/06/074.00

Sketches – Beads & Pearls Ch. 03

 — Couple crosses the line during Mardi Gras. by Wilson Spaldingin  Loving Wives07/27/074.65HOT

A Night in the Park

 — Jenna is taken by four homeless men. by Twisted_Mistressin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/24/074.25

Just Her And The Guys

 — He grants a fantasy for her. by Elenia26in  Group Sex04/25/074.66HOT


 — Katie pays the price for rescue by 4 young studs. by nikki_2021in  Group Sex03/22/074.40

The Metamorphosis of Nicole Ch. 03

 — Nicole joins the gang. by hotdm69in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/08/064.29

Teacher's Day Off at the Beach

 — Lady teacher & four male ex-students get together. by Friskee_cplin  Group Sex06/11/064.60HOT


 — A noblewoman discovers the life of a prostitute. by Gelephorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/04/064.15

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 03

 — Lunch, a shower, then more fun. by Pentalin  Loving Wives04/30/064.26

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 02

 — The wife sharing weekend continues. by Pentalin  Loving Wives04/28/064.27

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 01

 — His wife ends up in a gangbang. by Pentalin  Loving Wives04/27/064.20

The Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 02

 — Cat models men's underwear for four guys. by Cat_photobuffin  Group Sex07/16/054.74HOT

Full House On Your Birthday

 — Birthday celebration begins with quiet dinner. by safari99in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/05/023.84

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