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The Martian - Unresolved Questions

Some nit-picking and other questions about the movie.

Reviews & Essays 09/01/2016

If My Mother... - Charli

Review of two classic x-rated films.

Reviews & Essays 04/01/2013

The Seduction - Tourist Trap

Review of two classic films.

Reviews & Essays 04/01/2013

The Perfect Sexual Nightmare

Review of the indie sexploitation horror flick 'Bad Biology'.

Reviews & Essays 11/06/2009

Zombie Strippers

A movie review of Zombie Strippers.

Reviews & Essays 08/09/2009

A Review of "My Car is My Lover"

A quick look into the BBC documentary about two auto lovers.

Reviews & Essays 05/14/2009

Compulsion in Psycho

How Hitchcock borrowed from "Compulsion".

Reviews & Essays 08/30/2008

Movie Review: Black Snake Moan

Review of film starring Samuel L Jackson & Christina Ricci.

Reviews & Essays 01/17/2008

A Review of "Sex and Lucia"

The erotic Spanish film nominated for 10 Goya Awards.

Reviews & Essays 11/08/2007

Live Free or Die Hard Indeed!

Possibly the best action movie of the summer.

Reviews & Essays 07/06/2007

A Review of “Hotel Porn”

A review of "Doing Brianna" a hotel pay-per-view movie.

Reviews & Essays 08/01/2006

A Review of “Breaking the Waves”

Film is a "Loving Wives" tale that blurs right & wrong.

Reviews & Essays 06/17/2006
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