mutants - Literotica.comEmma Burgess (Stella's sister), a friend, and giant insects! Jean Grey peeled the synthetic leather costume... Mutants, ghouls, hardass lesbian assassins under a dying sun. The Beginning, where everything sets in place. and other exciting erotic at!mutants, magic, dragons, druids, abilities, powers, love, x-men, scotland, romance, war, story tags, literotica, portal,720312,66564,637Page/mutants/1mutantsmagicdragonsdruidsabilitiespowerslovex-menscotlandromancewardimensionspsionicsromaniapainfantasysecretspsionicnightcrawleroccultnightmaressequelmythrilsci-fiswimmerkendraviolencewaspsmagescentrevampiresbig, honkin' slugsnew loverevengefetishfirst timerevemgeassassinsvirginpowercyberpunkdarknessroguesextelepathywolverinetelepathsonyxnot exactly humancomic booksfuturisticsuper heroesbudding romancesoulmatesapocalypseantshardcorevampirenudemagefirestranglemilfmind controllife storyAnalThe butt, and nothing but.BDSMBondage, D/s, and other power games.CelebritiesParodies & erotic fan fiction about famous people.Chain StoriesCollaborations between Literotica authors.Erotic CouplingsWild one-on-one consensual sex.Erotic HorrorBizarre, shocking, scary, and sometimes sexy.Exhibitionist & VoyeurWatching, and being watched.FetishFeet, panties, food, and other kinky things.First TimeMemories & stories of people's first times.Gay MaleMen loving men.Group SexOrgies, swingers, and others.How ToAdvice and suggestions from our readers/authors.Humor & SatireA humorous take on all things sex.IllustratedErotica with accompanying original visual artwork.Incest/TabooKeeping it in the family.Interracial LoveIt's all black & white, and white & Asian, and...Lesbian SexWomen who love other women.Letters & TranscriptsFictional erotic correspondence.Loving WivesMarried extra-marital fun: swinging, sharing & more.MatureMay / December lust & love affairs.Mind ControlErotic hypnosis and mind control.Non-EnglishErotic stories in other languages.Non-EroticFiction without a sexual focus.NonConsent/ReluctanceFantasies of control.NonHumanAliens, ghosts, androids, and more.Novels and NovellasErotic fiction with a broader scope.Reviews & EssaysYour take on art, films, & all things sexual.RomanceCandlelight, wine, and a soft kiss.Sci-Fi & FantasyErotic tales set in futuristic or fantastic worlds.Text With AudioErotica with aural accompaniment.Toys & MasturbationBattery-operated vegetables, etc.Transsexuals & CrossdressersErotic tales of gender bending fun.CelebritiesParodies & erotic fan fiction about famous people.Lesbian SexWomen who love other women.Non-EroticFiction without a sexual focus.NonHumanAliens, ghosts, androids, and more.Sci-Fi & FantasyErotic tales set in futuristic or fantastic worlds.Huge Fuckin' Insects! Pt. 01Emma Burgess (Stella's sister), a friend, and giant insects!mutantsX-Men: StolenJean Grey peeled the synthetic leather costume...mutantsde Sade AssassinsMutants, ghouls, hardass lesbian assassins under a dying sun.mutantsSecrets Hidden Within Pt. 01The Beginning, where everything sets in place.mutantsThe Battle for HyalineTwo sides battle for a town in a post apocalypse world.mutantsFire and IceTwo opposites, one love.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 23Cyrus and Brenna reunite but appearance are deceiving.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 22Kennice has a dream and Rhys is full of surprises.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 21Cyrus is intent on justice, but will it result in ruin?mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 20Cyrus past is haunting his present. How will he cope?mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 19Plans are being set in motion.mutantsFire and Ice Ch. 03Mythril and Kendra meet Marrack and uncover a secret.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 18Cyrus dreams a nightmare that is all too real.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 17Secrets pile up; this time Cyrus isn't pleased.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 16Cyrus is home but how long can he resist Kaie's evil call.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 15Kennice is missing Cyrus but Rhys is full of surprises.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 14The honeymoon is over & reality checks in, big time.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 13Cyrus & Kennice plot to get their first night.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 12Cyrus' nightmares are stalking him.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 10Cyrus & Kennice make plans to change their destinies.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 09Cyrus & Brenna meet other dragon pairs.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 08Cyrus is on the prowl for his true love.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 07Kennice and Cyrus' love is put on trial.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 05Kennice and Cyrus must say good-bye.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 03Cyrus' powers are out of control and Kennice pays for it.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 02Cyrus takes a walk and beholds something wondrous.mutantsOnyx Dreams Ch. 01Cyrus goes to a new home and sees a vision.mutantsSierra's Not Alone Ch. 01Alone, until she got a newspaper.mutantsmutantsmutantsmutantsStoriesPoemsStory SeriesTags PortalChatForumAdult StoreMoviesWebcamsMobile VersionFAQSearch