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The Life of a Worn Out Cuckold

 — Life of a Cuckold. by Anal Slavein  Fetish09/21/173.74

Mean, Insulting, Rude Lady

 — A lady is rude to a kind old man and pays the price. by drpftsyin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/01/170.00

A New Kind of Romance

 — I learn my place in life. by Arctic_chillzin  Fetish03/28/173.89

A Nasty Night in North Carolina

 — A gay male story. by Sekera247in  Gay Male02/23/173.85

First Time Orgy: Five Guys

 — Five married guys meet for nasty dirty rough orgy. by Osewain  Group Sex01/03/173.17

Gold from Bronze Ch. 03

 — Marissa plays farting games & player number 3 wins big! by Afetishlovain  Fetish12/28/164.64HOT

Familial Indiscretions Pt. 02

 — Two cousins' descent into glorious, incestuous depravity... by nick_pa2013in  Incest/Taboo10/08/163.70

A Date with My Wife

 — First time sharing my wife. by 1mbibryin  First Time10/08/164.25

First Time Rough Play

 — Rough gay play. by Osewain  Gay Male04/21/163.50

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 05

 — Todd is almost caught...ends with extreme punishment. by cutebabysadiein  Fetish03/08/164.27

Mommy's Butt Chocolates

 — Mother and Daughter have a delicious Valentines day. by nolimitstorytellerin  Incest/Taboo02/05/163.82

What I Learned That Summer Ch. 03

 — Two very fit men teach him how much fun guys can be. by SmallTownLibrarianin  Group Sex01/10/164.30

Donna Goes Camping Pt. 06

 — Busty girlfriend shows off and submits to older men. by ret123in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/21/154.49

Subway Show

 — Horny girl gets nasty for her boyfriend and a crowd. by IreneElwoodin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/07/144.26

Mom Has New Humiliations for Alex

 — Alex's nasty mom humiliates him with her farts and asshole. by blacklaceguyin  Incest/Taboo12/03/143.95

Fucked In Balenciaga

 — Bi-sexual wife recommends a submissive mistress. by Desiremakesmeweakin  Fetish02/25/143.42

From Housewife to Whore Ch. 07

 — Mom taken and used by her son turning her into a total whore. by nadinephillipsin  Incest/Taboo02/18/143.96

1,200 pound orgy

 — So many fat girls! by adrenaline61938in  Fetish01/22/143.15

A New Nude Experience

 — A surprising insight into other couples sex lives. by duckandbunny79in  Fetish08/23/134.20

The Whisperer Ch. 01

 — Mark discovers people are susceptible in their sleep. by iglootrollin  Incest/Taboo09/18/123.94

Family Fuck Toy Ch. 03

 — Grandpa gets in deep shit. by Analmastwhore1in  Incest/Taboo08/15/123.49

The Lexon Experiment

 — He freezes time... They love him for it. by AceSpartiatein  NonConsent/Reluctance08/04/124.53HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 02

 — A young lady pushes herself with toys and desires. by pvclookin  Toys & Masturbation05/25/124.39

Daddy's Bad Girl

 — Young/Old role-play of the Daddy kind. by geronimo_applebyin  Fetish04/12/124.48

From Housewife to Whore Ch. 04

 — Accepting my position. by nadinephillipsin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/08/124.36

Golden Rules Ch. 02

 — Gabriella continues to make new discoveries every day. by peemypantiesin  Fetish02/15/124.36

Jasmine Daydreams

 — Jas recalls her recent sex encounters. by Hypnotic_22in  Interracial Love01/25/124.12

Hellcats - What Good Girls Do

 — Savannah Monroe helps Memphis Christians celebrate. by LL72in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/25/124.72HOT

Nick the Dick Jr College Adventures

 — Our hero bangs Ms. Junior College - and her mom. by Nick_the_Dickin  Group Sex01/11/123.74

Chance's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — I continue to serve Chance. by jdylanh9in  Gay Male01/03/123.74

Christy Gets Trained 02

 — Christy's second encounter being trained. by rmattmikein  Interracial Love12/13/113.67

Filthy Fuckers

 — Prince and Lisa get filthy and nasty. by theprincein  Fetish11/20/113.66

Hotel Ambush

 — A woman pays for her husband's mistakes. by Notorious_Sidin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/22/112.85

Fat Bottom Sister

 — My wiccan sister decides to use me for sex magic rituals. by guyver0335in  Incest/Taboo10/16/114.02

Daddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 02

 — Your daughter sucks your cock and you taste her ass. by Neon_Ultrain  Incest/Taboo09/20/114.23

Nasty Cousin Sarah

 — Two Cousins connect during 4th of July. by Blueeyes8711in  Incest/Taboo07/11/113.94

More Action for the Third Wheel Ch. 01

 — The continuation of the nasty story "Finally More Action.." by EvanExploadin  Group Sex06/26/114.60HOT

White Dress

 — A hot meeting on a rainy day writen by a couple in love. by kjehangirin  Romance05/18/114.00

Welcome Home

 — Couple enjoy tit play together. by miss_daisy_in  BDSM06/17/104.18

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 02

 — A perfect world. by k80sin  Fetish04/19/104.68HOT

My Wife's Diary

 — Man discovers his wife has been cheating on him - a lot. by TwiztedWritersin  Loving Wives01/22/102.65

Return to the Bukkake Beauty Shop

 — This time, they want them both for the nasty video. by silenceup2nogoodin  Fetish10/23/094.71HOT

New Roomer

 — A sexy chat goes from tease to fuck. by Lucifiain  Letters & Transcripts09/26/094.00

Feeling a Little NASTY Tonight Ch. 02

 — Feeling nasty again and I wants to get off. by Xtacyincinin  Toys & Masturbation08/22/094.39

Cum Obsession

 — A craving is finally fulfilled. by k80sin  Fetish06/06/094.49

What My Wife Doesn't Know

 — I use a nasty slut, and cheat on my wife. by skitzo69in  Fetish03/04/094.03

A Friend in Need Ch. 03

 — The intensity increases, as does the nastyness. by theprincein  Fetish01/20/094.25

The Good Girl Ch. 01

 — Former good girl has the best night of her life. by Katiesin  Group Sex11/24/084.58HOT

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells

 — A man falls into depravity. by pdkdpdkin  Fetish10/09/084.38

Oler Men Turn Me On

 — He used from across the country. by NYCbbwSUBin  Fetish10/03/084.31

Tied Up Ch. 02

 — You taste something exciting. by BradsBabygirlin  Fetish06/19/084.24

The Wiener

 — The making of a size queen starts now. by CanIwatchin  Fetish01/13/083.89

Who Needs School Or Mummy?

 — A naughty daughter is tested by daddy at home. by Pervdaddy666in  Incest/Taboo11/28/073.82

Dirty Geezer Meets A Fan Ch. 03

 — You're a part of a very strong and dirty story. by dirty_geezerin  BDSM10/15/074.50HOT

Dirty Geezer Meets A Fan Ch. 02

 — Do you want to play online with a married slut? by dirty_geezerin  BDSM09/23/074.00

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 01

 — Dani falls into a life of high glam, decadent lust. by andrea_adoresin  Lesbian Sex07/17/074.65HOT

Dirty Talk On The Road

 — Businessman finds a woman who talks as dirty as she fucks. by Carnevil9in  Erotic Couplings05/29/074.31

Nicole = Stacy The Slut

 — She finds her new alter-ego in the slum. by mr_fred_flintain  NonConsent/Reluctance05/27/074.24

How About Some Lunch

 — A mid day diversion with your friend. by lisa123414in  Erotic Couplings05/20/074.12

The Need

 — Her need for Master's use. by sexual_chocolate_subin  BDSM03/07/073.73

Meet Me...

 — ...on the 8th floor landing. by Elusive_Mindin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/05/074.57HOT

Coming in Colours Ch. 07

 — April has past - come what May!! by Dr Jerkyls Hydein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/08/074.80HOT

Nasty Thoughts

 — A letter to a nasty lover. by MISTRESSDESIRESin  Letters & Transcripts01/10/073.86

Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore Ch. 02

 — The wild fuckfest continues & gets even nastier. by dickdanger2005in  Group Sex10/29/064.34

Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore

 — Two sluts raise the stakes at an adult bookstore. by dickdanger2005in  Group Sex10/20/064.35

Mommy Needs Son's Cum

 — Mother seduces Son into coming on her face. by TheMachineManin  Incest/Taboo08/13/063.86

A Slut Visits Ch. 04

 — Continuing nasty dirty fun between master and slut. by dirty_geezerin  BDSM07/28/064.33

Katie's Mess

 — Watersports and a bite to eat? by Aladyloverin  Fetish03/01/064.01

Coming in Colours Ch. 06

 — Leverage - a key to good business practices. by Dr Jerkyls Hydein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/04/054.00

At Last A Weekend Alone Ch. 05

 — Rebecca goes to Heaven through Hell. by Dr Jerkyls Hydein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/04/054.46

$100 Fuck

 — Jamie gives Steve a $100 fuck. by theladycroftin  Romance09/23/054.10

A Wife Awoken Ch. 01

 — Slow, erotic charge builds into dirty three way sex. by dirty_geezerin  Loving Wives09/19/054.35

Coming in Colours Ch. 05

 — Love hurts, sex sells, & the abyss grows darker. by Dr Jerkyls Hydein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/15/053.81

The Story of Two Sluts Ch. 02

 — Stacy and Jen dare each other to get nasty. by dickdanger2005in  Group Sex07/11/054.36

Panties Dot Cum Ch. 02

 — She continues her business. by JustPlainMerriein  Fetish05/25/054.42

The Story of Two Sluts

 — Two nasty sluts begin their adventures in filth. by dickdanger2005in  Lesbian Sex05/20/053.71

Women Are Nasty, Too

 — A few myths about women's sexuality. by AppleBiterin  Reviews & Essays04/06/054.63HOT

The Nasty Slut Ch. 01

 — Two nasty sluts fuck the horniest hounds. by theprincein  Fetish02/29/044.10

Online Lovers Dabble In Sub/Dom

 — Lesbian lovers get hot and heavy. by papaya_lynnein  Letters & Transcripts02/22/044.22

Fucking Other Mens Wives

 — From the fucker's point of view. by Nasty Karlin  Loving Wives07/27/033.80

Nice or Nasty?

 — Man meets multi personality woman. by mutterguffin1in  Fetish07/14/033.92

Playground Playmates

 — Indulge, explore, satisfy an appetite for pleasure. by sirensong47in  Anal03/07/034.18

A Cowboy's New Trick

 — Well-traveled cowboy finds love in an unlikely place. by JRobin  Erotic Couplings07/07/014.52HOT

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