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Martha Finally Cheats Too Often

She's not as smart as she thinks.

Non-Erotic 09/30/2014

I Want Holly

Adam falls in love with Holly, a neighbor 10 years older.

Fetish 09/22/2014

Mine...Yours Pt. 02

Strange visitors.

NonHuman 07/10/2014

Close To Home

Sometimes it's right in front of you...

Erotic Couplings 06/14/2014

Meeting Neighbors

Emma meets her hot neighbor on her way home.

Erotic Couplings 05/29/2014

Longhorns Ch. 02

Virginia gets her man, before he falls for her best friend

Romance 05/29/2014

Longhorns Ch. 01

Virginia was 19, hot, and possibly nuts. What's not to like?

Romance 05/26/2014

Hot Summer Night Ch. 10

Max and I pummel the girls.

Incest/Taboo 05/02/2014

Annie and Her Neighbors

Annie learns about sex from her neighbors, Paul and Andrew.

Anal 04/28/2014

Mary' Revelation

Beyond my imagination but so arousing.

Loving Wives 04/24/2014

Back Yard Photos

Swimming naked and being spied upon and photographed.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/09/2014

A Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 06

Mandy makes an unexpected new friend.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/05/2014

The Ugly Girl Next Door

Some Girls Just Aren't Pretty.

Erotic Couplings 02/27/2014

Housewife's Ass

Kathy needs a stiff cock but she doesn't dare get pregnant.

Anal 02/26/2014

The Top Floor Ch. 01

An apartment-dweller meets his very uninhibited new neighbor.

Toys & Masturbation 02/20/2014

The Sunlight Episodes Ch. 01

My new neighbors get exposed by the pool.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/20/2014


Virginia finds out Good Guys do exist.

Romance 02/13/2014

Next Door Neighbor

BBW gets more installed than her surround sound.

Erotic Couplings 02/05/2014

Helping Out a Neighbor

Her failing marriage was sexless, but neighbors helped her

Group Sex 01/22/2014

Poker with Neighbors

My girl becomes the wager in Poker with our neighbors!

BDSM 12/31/2013

Breakdown Cover Ch. 02

The repercussions following my night of sex with two neighbors.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/27/2013

Apartment 7 has a Golden Ticket

Vasily comes calling on Carie with a special ticket.

Interracial Love 12/25/2013


A high school senior strives for his award.

Romance 11/11/2013

Billy and His Neighbors

A young man gets to know his mature neighbors.

Mature 10/14/2013

School Girl Rayne Ch. 04

Anne has a run in with several of her neighbors.

Group Sex 10/12/2013

Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 03

Neighbors in four homes enjoy group sex.

Group Sex 09/21/2013

Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 02

Neighbors in four homes enjoy group sex.

Group Sex 09/20/2013

Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 01

Neighbors in four homes enjoy group sex.

Group Sex 09/19/2013

The New Neighbors Ch. 02

4th of July.

Loving Wives 09/07/2013

A Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 04

Mandy inadvertantly drags others into the mix.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/29/2013

Bangin' My Neighbor

Husbands' older friend has the hots for his young wife.

Mature 07/29/2013

The New Swimsuit Ch. 02b

Alix and Rob see a lot their next door neighbors.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/10/2013

Amuse Bouche

Hot friends team up to give him the Best. Blowjob. Ever.

Group Sex 06/19/2013

Drop By Anytime

A neighbour takes up her offer to drop by anytime.

Erotic Couplings 06/06/2013

My Birthday Celebration

Couple celebrated birthday with neighbors.

Loving Wives 05/21/2013

First Time Cheater

Two neighbors enjoy a weekend to remember.

Erotic Couplings 05/10/2013

War over the Roses

Debs and I get new neighbors.

Mature 05/03/2013

Moving In

Who knew being neighborly could be so fulfilling?

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/20/2013

My Neighbor the Cop Ch. 02

Going back to the party of cops.

Gay Male 03/24/2013

Party with the Neighbor MILFs

A teen joins his four mature women neighbors.

Mature 01/17/2013

Private Getaway

A couple takes a few days for themselves.

Erotic Couplings 01/02/2013

Keeper Ch. 06

Dinner, Dancing, and a poker game.

Romance 12/30/2012

You Choose

A woman's erotic adventures with neighbors.

Group Sex 12/28/2012

Lights Out

Horny girl gets closer to her hot neighbors during blackout.

Group Sex 11/29/2012

A Food Affair

Culinary school student invites her male neighbor for dinner.

Erotic Couplings 11/14/2012

Back Yard Flexx

Jamaican young lovers.

Romance 11/14/2012

Happenstance and Opportunity

He'd wanted her... she was married but watching.

Mature 09/20/2012

Nosey Neighbor Ned

Compliant nude couple let Ned poke nude.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/15/2012

The Girl Next Door

Damian is an outcast, the freak in the crowd.

Erotic Couplings 09/14/2012

The Business Trip Ch. 02

Miri and Bob back at the hotel; and this time, Miri wants it.

Erotic Couplings 09/08/2012

The House Next Door

Really good neighbors.

Group Sex 09/07/2012

The Business Trip Ch. 01

Bob and Mark have to spend the week with one another's wives.

Loving Wives 08/27/2012

The Takeover

Slowly replacing his wife.

Erotic Couplings 08/13/2012

Penny Learns Julie's Secret

Penny accidentally sees Julie's nature and gets confused.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 07/17/2012

Living in an Unseen World Ch. 02

Mysterious men pay a visit.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/14/2012

A Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 03

Mandy begins to lose control as situations escalate.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/13/2012

The Swap Meet: Week 02

Barb does things she never imagined she would.

Incest/Taboo 07/11/2012

Unknowingly Giving a Show

Hannah forgot to close the window.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/09/2012

Coming Inspiration

Inspiration cums in many ways...

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/29/2012

The Farm

Fun with the neighbors.

Incest/Taboo 06/17/2012

Friends & Neighbors

Moms, Sons, mutual fucking.

Incest/Taboo 06/17/2012

On the Balcony

Sex in the moonlight; then we notice we're not alone.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/06/2012

Hey Neighbors...

He gets to know the couple around the block.

Group Sex 06/06/2012

Neighbors with Benefits

It seemed like the ideal arrangement until she fell for him.

Romance 06/03/2012

The Neighbors

A neighborhood series where friends open up.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/23/2012

On the Governor's Staff

A young man's relationship with a family friend changes.

Gay Male 05/21/2012

Falling for the Neighbors

Married man falls into the neighbors backyard and is seduced.

Group Sex 05/05/2012

Being Neighborly

Being neighborly goes all the way for Jake.

Anal 04/30/2012

A Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 02

Mandy gets bolder in her quest for self-exposure.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/19/2012

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 04

And that party leads to another.

Group Sex 03/28/2012

That's What Neighbors Are For

Two close neighbors become closer for one special night.

Fetish 03/21/2012

A Gift Amongst Friends

A young woman discovers the joys of self-exposure.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/06/2012

Summer Storm Ch. 08

More secrets are told, and the sex gets a bit out of control.

Group Sex 01/10/2012

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 05

Trouble ahead for the forbidden lovers.

Interracial Love 01/01/2012

Summer Storm Ch. 07

Some secrets are revealed, and more lies are told.

Group Sex 12/25/2011

Summer Storm Ch. 06

Couples switch partners again and everybody dances.

Group Sex 12/18/2011

Summer Storm Ch. 05

Soft-swapping at the B&B gets unexpectedly complicated.

Group Sex 12/13/2011

The Trophy Wife Ch. 03

Amy is desperate to make amends.

Group Sex 12/01/2011

Wife's Choice

Husband surprised with party theme.

Loving Wives 11/20/2011

Special Delivery

Neighbors first meeting.

Erotic Couplings 11/02/2011

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 03

One party leads to another.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/27/2011

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 02

From window to window, to face to face.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/26/2011

Neighborhood Watch

After the storm, rooms with a view.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/25/2011

Poolside Pussy

She loves being watched, and doesn't want to stop there.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/24/2011

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 12-13

Together Again?

Lesbian Sex 10/24/2011

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 08-09

The falling out of Calie and Leah.

Lesbian Sex 10/13/2011

The Trophy Wife Ch. 02

Ellie catches her husband in the pool; in their neighbor.

Group Sex 10/11/2011

The Trophy Wife Ch. 01

I find our sexy neighbor swimming in our pool one night.

Erotic Couplings 10/06/2011

Summer Storm Ch. 04

A "soft swap" turns into something more.

Group Sex 08/26/2011

Well This Is A Suprise, Neighbor!

Jumping to a conclusion is dangerous for your health.

Loving Wives 07/30/2011

Kristina Has A Secret Ch. 01

A brief introduction into my first series.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/19/2011

Pleasing the Neighbors

I catch the neighbors watching.

Gay Male 07/04/2011

The Screamer Ch. 03

Another neighbor's troubles lead to screaming orgasms.

Erotic Couplings 06/28/2011

The Screamer Ch. 01

Holly cums to visit and the rewards are so very good.

Group Sex 06/19/2011

His Own BBW Discovered Next Door

They'd lived adjacent for months, were friends and now...

Erotic Couplings 04/21/2011

Curtain Call

A girl getting off while watching a stranger.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/28/2011

The Oval Ball

Very mischievous new neighbors!

Group Sex 02/14/2011

Lonely Hearts

A chat room encounter leads to discover they're neighbors.

Erotic Couplings 02/05/2011

A Neighborhood Full of Surprises Ch. 02

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Erotic Couplings 01/31/2011

Kay and Brad Ch. 01

Small town star meets new girl in town.

Erotic Couplings 01/17/2011
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