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Body and Soul

 — Doing the Lord's Work has its rewards. by SeanBurns1975in  Erotic Couplings05/16/173.95

From a Tomb in New Orleans Pt. 02

 — Odette awakes in darkness... by Silver_Handsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/13/164.23

From a Tomb in New Orleans Pt. 01

 — A tentacled monster is seeking new flesh in New Orleans. by Silver_Handsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/09/163.89

24 Hours of July 14th Awesomeness

 — "Only one rule for you." I said to the valet. by zooliciousin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/08/164.46

All Fools' Day Foolery

 — Power top NYPD vice cop hunts blonds in New Orleans. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/03/164.70HOTContest Winner

Bless This Broken Road

 — Sometimes even broken roads can lead to somewhere good. by DFWBeastin  Loving Wives11/13/154.78HOT

Fantasy Fulfilled?

 — He loves his wife's slutty past, but at what cost? by SithLord6969in  Loving Wives09/09/153.31


 — Rosemar's dancing with a black drummer led to more. by mitchawain  Interracial Love08/19/154.43

Oar House

 — The life and times of a floating brothel. by riverboyin  Erotic Couplings07/31/154.78HOT

RV Travel Companion Ch. 04

 — Jim and Shelley head for New Orleans - the Big Easy. by Alex_Hoin  Group Sex04/07/154.74HOT

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02

 — She'll drink your bourbon, she'll drink your blood. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror02/25/154.85HOT

Mardi Gras Erotica

 — My hot encounter with an older, married man. by persianbeauty19in  Mature02/11/153.98

Johnny Depp's Mermaid

 — Romance and Erotica. by Sabrina0990in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/01/144.33

A Shemale in New Orleans

 — New Orleans, Louisiana, May, 2001. by Ganistaniroin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/24/144.05


 — Musician seduced by twenty one year old sex kitten. by RichardDickensAlcockin  Erotic Couplings04/24/143.94

The Latticed Gate Ch. 03

 — Elle remains defiant towards Jake, the player's dominance. by DeeAnnain  Erotic Couplings03/16/144.32

A Very Vampy Christmas

 — Chelsea and Germaine celebrate the bed. by DinaDevereuxin  NonHuman12/08/134.66HOT

Miss Eve

 — Finding Nirvana in the Body of a Woman. by eroswizardin  Erotic Couplings11/14/134.19

Ecstasy in The Big Easy

 — Overwhelmed black girl goes to New Orleans... by justboycrazyin  Interracial Love11/06/133.70


 — An eerie, but sexy encounter at a Halloween party. by ajthomasin  Erotic Horror10/10/134.17

Our Friend, Molly

 — Jessica has an encounter with two out of town boys. by kateandjessicain  Interracial Love08/26/133.61

The Good Jesuit Boy

 — Older woman beds Catholic school boy. by AlysPaynein  Erotic Couplings07/10/134.16

My First Visit To a Domme

 — Domme teaches middle aged man new tricks. by FranklyTooin  BDSM07/03/134.66HOT

The Big Bang Theory: The Nerds Invade The Big Easy

 — Penny discovers voodoo. by shaggy77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/25/134.36

Road Trip! Ch. 08

 — Marni and Jules earn their Mardi Gras beads. by boo_dreauxin  Lesbian Sex02/11/134.68HOT


 — Bayou mama seduces son and daughter. by burningdogin  Incest/Taboo12/13/124.32

The Morning After

 — Marilee wakes up to find she's attended a NewYear's Eve orgy. by TxRadin  Group Sex12/03/124.31

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 04

 — Merrin's morning after. by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/30/123.00

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 02

 — The first step of a long journey. by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/20/124.56

The Unicorn Cotillion

 — He is educated by a special woman. by griffin57in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/18/124.54HOT

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 01

 — A long awaited reunion, a love rekindled by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/15/124.53HOT

Hurricane Ch. 02

 — The aftermath. by c8er2uin  Interracial Love08/26/124.84HOT

Hot Nights And Cool Jazz

 — A hot night in the 'Big Easy' just got hotter. by DelishuslySynfulin  Erotic Couplings04/17/124.06

The Courtyard

 — A steamy tryst in New Orleans. by shoogahin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/31/122.55

A Bachelor Party to Remember

 — Beau would never, ever, forget his bachelor party. by imhaplessin  Erotic Couplings03/16/124.50HOT

Maurice Ch. 10

 — Regina and Delgado. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman02/19/124.81HOT

Dominated by the Alpha

 — The path to becoming an Alpha wolf can be long and arduous. by ClaudiaDelacroixin  Gay Male02/17/124.31

Maurice Ch. 08

 — After Micah's death. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman02/02/124.78HOT

Maurice Ch. 07

 — Confrontation. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman01/22/124.80HOT


 — Negotiations get a little...sticky in the Big Easy. by cyanskyein  Erotic Couplings01/16/124.00

Maurice Ch. 06

 — Arkansas. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman01/16/124.83HOTContest Winner

Maurice Ch. 05

 — I'm not in New Orleans anymore. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman01/11/124.75HOT

Maurice Ch. 04

 — Day 3 in New Orleans continued. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman01/05/124.67HOT

Maurice Ch. 02

 — Day 2 in New Orleans. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman12/23/114.69HOT

Maurice Ch. 01

 — Maurice introduces himself and meets Regina. by kalamazoo707in  NonHuman12/13/114.56HOT

Cold Stone Tomb

 — Spoiled for anything but the ultimate. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/18/114.45

The Hand

 — Being trapped in a crowd is unexpectedly pleasant. by CarolinaPeachin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/27/114.35

A Dangerous Game

 — A sultry hit-woman is visited by an old flame. by BettyFlooredin  Erotic Couplings07/21/114.34

A Hot Weekend in the Big Easy

 — A couple enjoys a weekend of hot sex in New Orleans. by chigirl725in  Erotic Couplings06/30/113.73

March Madness: The Final Three

 — How to parley free tickets into sex romp with aunt and mom? by clinton09in  Incest/Taboo04/15/114.22

Figures in the Big Easy, Saturday

 — The girls' second night in New Orleans. by ARTGin  Lesbian Sex01/18/114.43

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 04

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOMin  First Time01/16/114.26

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 03

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOMin  First Time01/15/114.09

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOMin  First Time01/14/114.03

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Joe is taken by 46-year-old MILF Lisa. by aspiringDOMin  First Time01/13/114.11

French Quarter Liaison

 — Tryst, first experience for husband to share wife. by sirensong47in  Loving Wives11/02/104.03

Gloomy Sunday

 — A ghostly tale of love, destiny and song. by KdDivain  Novels and Novellas10/22/104.73HOT

Figures in the Big Easy, Friday

 — Three bored housewives take a girls' trip to the city. by ARTGin  Lesbian Sex09/06/104.08

Dani and the Bull Ch. 02

 — 1 down, 2 to to go; will this make it to the big day? by darkstone57in  Romance08/06/104.61HOT

A Diner Encounter

 — Young diner owner grows very fond of a regular. by shadowblindin  Erotic Couplings08/04/104.30

And You Thought Katrina Was a Flood

 — Trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras is wet and sticky. by BigKahunaCat21in  Fetish05/25/104.52HOT

Hot Night In The Big Easy

 — New Orleans is a great spot for an adult weekend. by wifelover1in  Erotic Couplings05/25/103.38

What It Means To Miss New Orleans

 — Reserved lawyer entertains three in French Quarter alley. by truman5in  Group Sex04/18/104.51HOT

Carol, Jack, Tats and Rex the Shape

 — Everyone who crossed me gets mauled to death by a dog! by Abdulbentherein  NonHuman03/30/103.89


 — Tim's dead cousin haunts him for closure. by Nightwork1in  Non-Erotic01/29/104.26

Snow in New Orleans

 — A gothic vampire finds a new recruit. by ALandRFin  Erotic Horror01/25/104.00

The Vampire Alastair Ch. 03

 — Memories. by kailabin  Gay Male01/24/104.00

Gang Violence

 — Surly youths in New Orleans, 1965. by JimBob44in  Gay Male01/08/103.18

New Orleans Night

 — A sexy tour guide shows her what the Big Easy is all about! by travelgalin  Erotic Couplings12/15/094.50HOT

Admission of Guilt

 — Making amends is a lot more than just saying 'I'm sorry.' by JimBob44in  Romance11/20/094.49


 — Proof that sliding glass doors aren't a good idea. by JimBob44in  Incest/Taboo11/01/093.68

Jeff Tait Ch. 01

 — He loves an Asian-American slut. by JimBob44in  Interracial Love10/25/094.29

Mage and Spirit

 — What Happened Between Lucius and Elizabeth in 1928? by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror10/14/093.00

Vampires' Victim Disappears

 — What really happened to Philippe Trufont? by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror10/10/093.82

People Ain't No Good

 — Nina continues her anal sex odyssey in New Orleans. by ukmaster68_nowin  Anal09/19/093.53


 — White lawyer and black waitress fall in love. by JimBob44in  Interracial Love08/08/094.61HOT

Susan in New Orleans Ch. 01

 — In the company of male strippers. by Mick1963in  Loving Wives08/07/093.71

Rachael Pt. 01

 — Sassy waitress and lowly dishwasher fall in love. by JimBob44in  Erotic Couplings07/11/094.50HOT

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 06

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetalin  Loving Wives04/27/094.07

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 05

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetalin  Loving Wives04/23/094.24

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 04

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetalin  Loving Wives04/20/094.39

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 03

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetalin  Loving Wives04/12/094.28

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 01

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetalin  Loving Wives04/06/094.19

Summer Voodoo

 — The French Quarter, Christina, and the mystery of Summer. by stevieraygovanin  Novels and Novellas04/02/094.77HOT

Valentine's Revenge

 — Alexis N'awlins Style. by alexxxisin  Lesbian Sex01/23/094.50HOT

Mardi Gras Goddess

 — Couple goes to Mardi Gras and experiences wild night. by SweetVibesin  Loving Wives01/13/094.30

Colour of Change - Regrets

 — A kiss will be her undoing, and tear her family apart. by Chewtoiin  Lesbian Sex01/10/093.81

An Evening Out in New Orleans Ch. 01

 — Joy finds that watching makes her very horny. by Buckiowain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/17/084.37

What's Inside a Girl

 — Nina confesses how she found herself through sodomy. by ukmaster68_nowin  Anal10/17/084.24


 — Jilted bride's NOLA honeymoon is full of surprises. by tickledkittyin  NonHuman10/02/084.77HOTContest Winner

Lair of the Carter Brothers

 — Vampires keep Katie alive to feed on her. by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror10/01/084.18


 — Interesting times in New Orleans. by TxRadin  Interracial Love09/27/084.56HOT

Big Easy Roommates

 — Romance in the French Quarter. by OctaviaGin  Romance08/08/084.31

Pamelita's French Quarter Fantasy

 — Lovers spend a hot vacation in New Orlean's French Quarter. by alonzo14in  Erotic Couplings06/19/083.77

Big Easy Romp Ch. 02

 — Foursome in New Orleans continues. by screwpunchin  Group Sex05/28/084.08

Chance Encounter

 — Old lovers meet in a place neither had been before. by TxRadin  Mature04/10/084.70HOT

Hotel Heiress: New Orleans

 — Valerie's adventure in Louisiana. by AudreyHepburnin  Erotic Couplings01/31/084.71

The Balcony

 — A couple enjoys a private balcony in New Orleans. by hissecretdreamin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/16/084.33

Out on the Town in New Orleans

 — My beautiful wife partying it up with a new guy. by thetonguemasterin  Loving Wives11/29/073.57

Vampire LaCour's 2nd Coming Ch. 04

 — Lake Pontchartrain Sailing. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/28/074.34

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