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Brad's Road Trip Ch. 20

 — The long trip home, and a meeting three weeks in the making. by SpotInTheSandin  Romance01/10/174.87HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 19

 — A day before going home, Brad hits a huge roadblock. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings11/30/164.86HOT

The Runt of the Litter... Pt. 02

 — Nicole may get a job... by Kent100in  Gay Male06/07/164.69HOT

The Runt of the Litter...

 — Uncle Ronnie and I become friends... by Kent100in  Gay Male04/27/164.49

Streetwalking with a Succubus

 — Some ladies of the night are not prey. by manyeyedhydrain  Erotic Horror10/01/134.70HOTContest Winner

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 12

 — An explosive night at The D Club. by TheDarkCloudin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/08/114.37

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 12-13

 — "All good things must come to an end . . ." by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman06/12/114.72HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 11

 — Nicole sets George a challenge. Will he earn freedom? by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman06/11/114.66HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 09

 — A succubus feeds . . . by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman06/07/114.69HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 08

 — Enough foreplay - it's time Nicole's pussy was fed. by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman06/05/114.66HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 07

 — Nicole smothers George with her ass, pussy, and pheromones. by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman06/03/114.56HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 04

 — Nicole gives George a little tour of her house of sin. by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman05/26/114.50HOT

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 03

 — Nicole sniffs out an embarrassing fact about George. by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman05/20/114.45

Locked in with a Succubus Ch. 01-02

 — Nice guy George is sent to meet the mysterious Nicole. by manyeyedhydrain  NonHuman05/17/114.43

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 11

 — Becoming Nicole Sherzinger's Piss Slut. by TheDarkCloudin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/06/114.36

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 10

 — The Decision and Debutantes. by TheDarkCloudin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/25/104.43

The Makeup Artist Ch. 06

 — Nicole Scherzinger: Live in Las Vegas. by Stephanie_Rosein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/13/084.50HOT

Dream Come True

 — He might just be the man of her dreams (literally). by Ryan283in  Erotic Couplings01/01/064.56HOT

My Best Friend

 — Her best friend Stacy introduces her to the pleasures of sex. by Nicole_89in  Lesbian Sex07/04/054.21

The Perfect Crime

 — Two couples share a lot. by CallMeCurlyin  Group Sex02/14/053.56

Woman of His Dreams Ch. 08

 — She applies the ballweights until he's "well hung". by wild_at_heartin  BDSM02/09/054.15


 — First time interacial sex between white guy and black beauty. by Strapping Young Ladin  Interracial Love10/07/044.38

The Pizza Girl Ch. 03

 — NIcole's movie debut. by CalWriterin  Group Sex09/11/044.09

A Summers Day

 — A couple enjoys a nice dessert after barbeque with friends. by MilkyWhitein  Erotic Couplings06/27/043.93

The Pizza Girl Ch. 02

 — She has her first job. by CalWriterin  Group Sex04/04/044.31

Nicole, From The Warehous Ch. 02

 — Nicole really opens up to Jimmy. by Molly Doddin  Erotic Couplings03/02/044.55HOT

Nicole, From The Warehouse

 — "Nikki" needs a spanking and Jimmy is up for it. by Molly Doddin  Erotic Couplings02/26/044.36

Witches Rune Ch. 02

 — He finds her bewitching. by sweetnpetitein  Mind Control09/24/034.44

Transylvanian Roulette Ch. 02

 — Is there anything as dangerous as a cock-sucking vampire? by Aussiescribblerin  Humor & Satire03/13/034.50HOT

The Perfect Pill Ch. 06

 — Brad, Kylie, & Nicole Kidman. by revolution9in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/08/023.10

Nicole's Revenge

 — An over-worked secretary takes control by Talk_of_the_Townin  Erotic Couplings08/26/023.83

Shower Social

 — A young couple's first threesome. by octogonin  Loving Wives07/09/024.10

Virgin Summer Ch. 2

 — Nicole wants some space, but Misti doesn't. by thenickin  First Time06/27/024.13

An Enslavement Ch. 3

 — Plenty of punishment & pleasure for all. by avaloniain  NonConsent/Reluctance06/11/024.43

Double Feature Ch. 2

 — Nicole's V-day looks up. by YourhotLilgirlin  Romance04/14/024.35

Educational Hazard

 — The trials & tribulations of motivating certain students. by ozerotikain  NonConsent/Reluctance01/30/023.81

A Green Room

 — Nicole summons Rob to the Green Room. by Candidein  BDSM11/14/014.09

Nicole Takes Charge

 — Nicole convinces her twin brother to give her a ride. by asdfhjklin  Incest/Taboo07/19/014.19

Alien Chronicles Ch. 1

 — Nicole is confronted by the dangerous alien radicle Nei. by Therapy Patientin  NonHuman05/16/013.57

Road to a Threesome Ch. 07

 — He asks buddy to repay favor. by Knight Moovesin  Loving Wives09/27/004.41

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