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Honiahaka Pt. 02

 — Preyed, stalked, and the inevitable happens... by Keirarosein  Gay Male10/08/174.52HOT


 — Omega becomes a slave to Alpha royalty. (gay male story) by Keirarosein  NonHuman07/21/174.57HOT

Jail Bite Ch. 02

 — Percy goes into heat at the worst time. by silverangel621in  Gay Male12/26/164.62HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 11

 — Turning a new page... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/19/164.80HOT

Knotted Ch. 01: The Pack

 — While the Alpha's away, and the Omega's in heat... by PrettyKittyKatyin  NonHuman03/04/164.59HOT

Lyox Labelling Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Once a Lyox turns 18, they must be sorted into dom and sub. by FrontPorchFrodoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/10/153.91

Jail Bite

 — Imprisoned omega wolf finds his mate in an ancient shifter. by silverangel621in  Gay Male06/25/154.64HOT

Identity Pt. 02

 — The return of a traitor and a lust filled exchange... by BlackRayne24in  NonHuman10/13/144.54HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 17

 — Epilogue - Into the Light. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/06/134.88HOTContest Winner

The Ebony Alpha

 — Alpha in search of his Mate. by Sultrychocolatesistain  NonHuman11/16/124.39

Out of Darkness Ch. 09

 — Drago, what are they hiding from me? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/02/124.81HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 03

 — Mark invites Leah to a meal in his room. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman10/16/124.72HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 02

 — Trent's Taken from Leah. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman10/08/124.64HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 01

 — Omega Trent meets his Match. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman09/29/124.65HOT

Out of Darkness

 — New loves. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/10/124.69HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 10

 — A real truth reveal.... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/18/124.79HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 09

 — Visiting a Past Locked in Ice..... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/29/124.77HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 03

 — Guillame has to prove himself. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman06/19/124.82HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 02

 — Guillame finds some answers, but not all. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman06/13/124.81HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak

 — Guillame and the werewolf Council. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman06/08/124.75HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 10

 — The future of the pack. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/23/124.84HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 09

 — The end and the beginning. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/15/124.84HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the end. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/07/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 07

 — Escape. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/01/124.79HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 06

 — Anneke's worst fears. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/25/124.81HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 05

 — Are they done for? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/20/124.77HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 03

 — A safe place. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/11/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 02

 — The Jensen Pack. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/06/124.79HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 08

 — Respect is something earned. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman04/04/124.74HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 01

 — Trey and Troy take a trip they'll never forget. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/03/124.75HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 36

 — The Wolf Moon. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/23/124.86HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 35

 — The European Council. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/19/124.83HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 34

 — Wolves don't care about rank. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/17/124.80HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 33

 — The wolves howl to say goodbye. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/13/124.83HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 07

 — Training of all kinds. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman03/09/124.75HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 31

 — I don't want you to hate me. I don't want to lose you. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/01/124.80HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 30

 — The future has been written. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/28/124.84HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 29

 — What do we do with Gary's Pack? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/26/124.82HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 28

 — If they hadn't thought Paul was insane before. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/21/124.81HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 26

 — We have to redeem ourselves for our packs. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/15/124.79HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 24

 — I knew he would send you. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/08/124.84HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 23

 — We will prevail. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/06/124.79HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 22

 — Kyle the guinea pig. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/02/124.77HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 21

 — What a fool I've been, to trust any man, even a Werewolf. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/27/124.78HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 20

 — Xylon has the answer? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/21/124.81HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 17

 — The Vlkolak. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/10/124.80HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 15

 — The Council arrives. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/05/124.79HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 14

 — Carr, The Hunter. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/03/124.70HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 13

 — Three weeks is not enough. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/30/114.76HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 12

 — If looks could kill. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/27/114.77HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 11

 — The pack is my responsibility. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/26/114.79HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 09

 — Lila gets a huge surprise. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/14/114.75HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 06

 — No healing is ever easy. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman09/13/114.75HOT

The Pledge

 — She's initiated into sorority at a high cost. by LadyTabithain  Lesbian Sex08/04/014.22

Go Cocks Go!

 — Sisters are coerced into pleasing frat rats. by Itchy Ivyin  Humor & Satire01/21/013.28

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