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Seducing Teachers Ch. 02

 — The mark of the panties. by Coxswainin  Erotic Couplings06/12/094.31

Adventures in Boxer Shorts

 — Sexual encounters in underwear. by hermes25in  Fetish06/11/094.09

Another Day at the Office Ch. 03

 — Jon loses even more control, as his feminisation continues. by mslstoyin  Fetish06/10/094.38

Don't Tell Eric Ch. 05

 — Amy lives out her own fantasies with her young lovers. by zeke81in  Erotic Couplings06/09/094.50HOT

Sticky Candy

 — She was sweet and yummy. by Uillcealin  First Time06/08/094.38

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 02

 — Becoming a woman. by BothWorldin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/05/094.37

Caught and Exposed

 — Deirdre exposes herself. by StoryTeller07in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/05/094.24

The Ex Wife Comes Back To Play

 — After being divorced for a year, his ex wife misses the sex. by Void987in  Loving Wives06/03/093.89

In Her Garden

 — Making love out in back; getting dirty can be fun. by Stephen7Redoin  Loving Wives06/03/094.21

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 12

 — Stephanie is whored out by the Father In Law. by black saphirein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/01/094.18

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 11

 — Stephanie tried to resist her Father in Law. by black saphirein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/31/094.17

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 10

 — Stephanie's life takes a change. by black saphirein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/30/094.33

Olivia's Downtown Adventure

 — An 18-year-old uptown girl gets taken at a sleazy sex shop. by DynamiteXXXin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/30/094.42

The Trip Home

 — A young man has an unexpected encounter with an older woman. by strikebackin  Mature05/30/094.30

Teacher's Pet? Ch. 05

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/29/094.49

Home Invasion

 — Non-censual sex, incest and panty & pantyhose fetish. by MicheleNylonsin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/29/094.15

Another Day at the Office Ch. 02

 — The power in the office shifts as Jon is sent shopping. by mslstoyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/28/094.43

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 01

 — The Beginning. by BothWorldin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/28/094.15

Tina's Confession

 — Young Tina must confess her sins. by LeCoachin  First Time05/27/094.35

Teacher's Pet? Ch. 04

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/26/094.56HOT

Teacher's Pet? Ch. 03

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/22/094.77HOT

From 7-11 to Heaven

 — A chance meeting with an old friend leads to mutual pleasure. by Irish Mossin  Erotic Couplings05/20/094.26

The Lodgers Lingerie Ch. 01

 — Having fun with her used and discarded lingerie. by lycranlacein  Fetish05/18/094.38

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 04

 — I let another man sniff my wife's worn panties. by cuck3995in  Fetish05/17/094.41

Doctors Orders 2nd Appointment

 — Chrissie returns to the doctors. by Misslexiain  Fetish05/16/094.19

Bobbi and Mr. Kay Ch. 02

 — Bobbi and Mr Kay go to band camp. by mrhmannin  Erotic Couplings05/15/094.26

Saturday in Satin

 — Curiosity comes at a price, as a husband discovers. by Adrian69702006in  Fetish05/14/093.67

Doing Her Duty

 — When civic duty means holding on. by Adrian69702006in  Fetish05/14/093.50

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 03

 — I let another man sniff my wife's panties. by cuck3995in  Fetish05/14/094.27

Another Day at the Office Ch. 01

 — Jon wears panties to work and suffers the consequences. by mslstoyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/13/094.04

Teacher's Pet? Ch. 02

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/13/094.57HOT

The Wages of Sin

 — A friendly lunch date ends up in a menage a trois. by LeCoachin  Group Sex05/13/093.56

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 02

 — I let another man sniff my wife's panties. by cuck3995in  Fetish05/13/094.12

Davin's Teasing Sister

 — He realized just how hot (and naughty) his big sister is. by Madmax77_1977in  Incest/Taboo05/10/094.37

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer

 — I let another man sniff my wife's worn panties. by cuck3995in  Fetish05/10/093.99

Panties After Practice!

 — Conrad breaks out the dirty laundry for his bored friends! by kebbymanin  Fetish05/07/094.34

Maid Wife Ch. 05

 — Melody is taken to a restaurant. by StoryTeller07in  Mind Control05/07/094.49

Blackmail 101

 — Getting caught hs consequences, even for teachers. by frost1226in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/06/093.89

The Doctor is In Ch. 07

 — Nurse Sally masturbates in front of her brother. by NurseSallyin  Fetish05/05/094.70HOT

Teacher's Pet?

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/05/094.50HOT

Back-alley Sissy Boy

 — Stud takes a panty-wearing sissy-boy in a dirty alleyway. by Travel_by_dayin  Fetish05/04/094.38

The Reckoning Ch. 01

 — He gives his wild stepdaughter a lesson neither will forget. by Butterfly_girlin  Incest/Taboo05/02/094.46

The Doctor is In Ch. 06

 — Nurse Sally's brother gets spanked. by NurseSallyin  Fetish04/30/094.70HOT

The Landlady Ch. 02

 — The landlady instils discipline into her new lodger. by slavejamesin  BDSM04/28/094.26

The Doctor is In Ch. 05

 — Nurses brother must be punished! by NurseSallyin  Fetish04/28/094.66HOT

The Bet Ch. 03

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatchin  Fetish04/27/094.16

Dirty Country Girl

 — Home from university and dirty in more ways than one. by Adrian69702006in  Fetish04/27/093.71

Ngaio's Secret Lover

 — A woman was sunbathing, almost nude, when... by Egmont0409in  Erotic Couplings04/26/094.38

Undressing Room

 — Lingerie clerk realizes her greatest, and largest, fantasy. by Archer2050in  Erotic Couplings04/25/094.57HOT

Older Son and His Mom

 — Lust takes over when 40 year old moves back in with Mom. by mayfairgirlin  Incest/Taboo04/25/094.35

The Doctor is In Ch. 04

 — Nurse Sally milks her brother's cock. by NurseSallyin  Fetish04/24/094.68HOT

The Bet Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatchin  Fetish04/24/094.15

Son in Law Lust Ch. 03

 — Mother fantasises about her daughter with son in law. by mayfairgirlin  Incest/Taboo04/23/094.48

The Bet

 — Girlfriend wins bet, dominates her boyfriend. by ssnatchin  Fetish04/23/094.08

The Doctor is In Ch. 03

 — Nurse Sally examines her brother’s penis. by NurseSallyin  Fetish04/22/094.56HOT

The Doctor is In Ch. 02

 — The naughty nurse turns nasty! by NurseSallyin  Fetish04/21/094.59HOT

Ch. 04 My Little Presents

 — Julie finds Steve has left a present for her in her bed. by Northwest741in  Incest/Taboo04/21/094.48

Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 05

 — Working close-up with a coworker from a distant office. by Irish Mossin  Interracial Love04/19/094.32

Nicola Nefertiti

 — I win the Egyptian Queen at my company conference. by quandomin  Romance04/19/094.66HOT

Sabine Draws Gun on Walker

 — Ex-army guy with heroic qualities melts a fiery woman. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance04/13/094.63HOT

Sunday Lunch, dear?

 — She needs to go badly but will she get there in time? by Adrian69702006in  Fetish04/13/093.11

Art Class with Julie

 — Coed artist finds her newest subject. by JulieArtin  Erotic Couplings04/11/094.36

Sex Cleans an Entire Neighborhood

 — Topless coeds work wonders. by Slavedoctorin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/09/094.09

Viva Newark

 — Hooking up with coworkers doesn’t just happen in Vegas. by Irish Mossin  Erotic Couplings04/08/094.38

Sister's Lust

 — Twin brother and sister find lust for each other. by SwankyPeachBlossomin  Incest/Taboo04/02/094.40

Power of Panties - The Beginning

 — I never understood the power of panties over men until... by satinmarabanain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/02/094.27


 — Me and my aunt after the reunion. by Salvis77in  Incest/Taboo04/02/092.71

A Great Trip To The Shops

 — Surprised in my panties. by Joie_de_Vivrein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/02/094.25

The Cedar Chest Ch. 01

 — Old clothes mean new experiences for mom and son. by drtruthin  Incest/Taboo03/29/094.60HOT

Auntie’s Stocking Slave Ch. 01

 — Auntie's stockings get a lad into trouble and a spanking. by MicheleNylonsin  Incest/Taboo03/29/094.39

The Deacon's Wife

 — An illustrated sermon on adultery and fornication. by miskeivitchin  Mature03/27/094.21

Eating Leah's Arse

 — Being teased can be fun. by JadeSerpentin  Fetish03/26/094.14

Sister’s Satin Panties Ch. 02

 — The final part to this brotherly love panty fetish story. by MicheleNylonsin  Incest/Taboo03/25/094.46

Sister’s Satin Panties

 — Memories of what I did to my sister years ago. by MicheleNylonsin  Incest/Taboo03/22/094.17

Pythagoras was Nowhere in Sight

 — Life as a private tutor has not been without its perks. by Phrenetic_Icein  Erotic Couplings03/21/094.43

Husband is Taken Panty Shopping

 — Husband is taken panty shopping by naughty wife. by nautiusin  Fetish03/19/094.24

Dressed for Sex

 — He experiences fantasy: feminized by female friend. by call_me_danain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/19/094.48

Britt On The Go

 — Fired TV weather girl becomes an advertising sensation. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance03/19/094.71HOT

Seduced by My Aunt

 — The story of how I seduced my nephew. by tightnpinkin  Incest/Taboo03/14/094.25

Strangers in Moscow

 — Hot night with beauty in hotel leaves mystery and longing. by quandomin  Romance03/13/094.70HOT

Obsessed with Mom Ch. 03

 — A hot December night. by arodzin  Incest/Taboo03/13/094.30

The Panty Club Ch. 06

 — The girls go panty shopping. by nikki_2021in  Fetish03/10/094.71HOT

Elastic Daddy Ch. 03

 — Sandy makes her parents into slaves. by hotpupin  Incest/Taboo03/09/094.49

A Young Stepmother Takes Charge

 — Controlling more than her grown-up stepdaughter. by lesliejonesin  Fetish03/08/094.27

Male Stripper Surprise

 — A male stripper, a pair of panties, & a wild night! by Brianna_Teasein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/04/094.54HOT

A Holiday Adventure

 — With panties. by Joie_de_Vivrein  Fetish03/04/094.41

What My Wife Doesn't Know

 — I use a nasty slut, and cheat on my wife. by skitzo69in  Fetish03/04/094.03

Naked Mother Ch. 10

 — Sexy mom screams as son strips her naked and fucks. by Zeenuttin  Incest/Taboo03/04/094.38

Country Store Ch. 07

 — Girls on a pool table. by teachgirl1980in  Group Sex03/02/094.53HOT

The Therapist Ch. 02

 — Continuing to bring out the inner-girl. by pornopersonin  Mind Control02/27/094.21

Carol's Photo Session

 — Undressing for the camera can have some unplanned results. by Irish Mossin  Lesbian Sex02/27/094.25

Spin-the-Bottle – Adult Version

 — Three consenting adults play by a different set of rules. by Irish Mossin  Group Sex02/27/094.18

Jess Will Have Her Revenge

 — She always got her guy. by davidjyoung333in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/26/092.42

Frustrated Husband

 — Lonely and frustrated but still have needs. by MY2847in  Toys & Masturbation02/25/092.58

Girls Night Out

 — Jenny gets taken in the alleyway. by luigi99in  Erotic Couplings02/19/094.09

More Pantyplay with Louise

 — Another sexy experience with Louise in her nylon briefs. by pervert4pantiesin  Fetish02/18/094.36

Being Friends with Alex

 — Why we bothered being friends with Alex. by alexjacksonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/15/093.64

Louise Gives Sloppy Seconds

 — Louise in her panties has sex with two guys. by pervert4pantiesin  Fetish02/13/094.35

Forced Entry

 — Transvestite caught in her hotel room is forced into sex. by MicheleNylonsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/13/094.50HOT

The Shoe Store Saleman

 — An embarrassing moment at the shoe store. by MissToniin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/13/093.81

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