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Storm of Shadows Ch. 09

 — Revelations and Decisions. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/22/174.84HOT

Slip of Fate (Scent of a Mate) Ch. 09

 — Doppelganger. by justforlicksin  NonHuman10/05/160.00

Slip of Fate (Scent of a Mate) Ch. 07

 — Holding hands with a bad guy. by justforlicksin  NonHuman10/02/160.00

Slip of Fate (Scent of a Mate) Ch. 06

 — Light on the other side. And Alex. by justforlicksin  NonHuman09/30/160.00

Storm of Shadows Ch. 08

 — Discovering an unwelcome visitor. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/21/164.84HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 07

 — Choosing sides... by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/21/164.85HOT

Distorted: Swamp Doll

 — A paranormal story about a black female college student. by Mysticaldoll87in  Novels and Novellas02/05/160.00

Storm of Shadows Ch. 06

 — In blood He will come... by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/02/164.88HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 05

 — Dark scents and danger. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/23/154.90HOT

Season of the Wolf Pt. 02

 — On the Hunt. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas11/24/154.88HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 04

 — Unusual meetings. by JazCullenin  NonHuman11/24/154.87HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 03

 — Into the Lion's Den. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/09/154.89HOTContest Winner

Storm of Shadows Ch. 02

 — Strategies and Obstacles. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/28/154.90HOT

BirthRight Ch. 13-16

 — Paranormal Romance. by SydneyAin  NonHuman06/09/154.82HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 00-01

 — Absent friends and consequences. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/26/154.87HOT

BirthRight Ch. 07-12

 — Paranormal Romance. by SydneyAin  NonHuman05/15/154.81HOT

BirthRight Ch. 04-06

 — Paranormal Romance. by SydneyAin  NonHuman04/30/154.74HOT

BirthRight Ch. 01-03

 — Paranormal Romance. by SydneyAin  NonHuman04/23/154.76HOT

After Dawn, What Came Next

 — End of the Native Dawn Series. Book 22 by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas04/14/154.81HOT

The Beauty & The Beast

 — The beauty & the beast. by SmittenSexKittenin  NonHuman03/12/154.08

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 23

 — The Coming Storm. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/30/144.91HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 22

 — Echoes of the Past... by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/29/144.89HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 21

 — Coming home. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/28/144.90HOT

Dawn's End

 — Native Dawn Series Book 21, end of series. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas11/04/144.78HOT

A Taste of Dawn

 — Native Dawn Series short story. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas10/23/144.76HOT

Dawn Unleashed

 — Native Dawn Series Book 20. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas10/21/144.91HOT

Dawn's Darkest Hour

 — Native Dawn Series Book 19. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas10/07/144.83HOT

Dawn Redeemed

 — Native Dawn Series Book 18. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas09/27/144.93HOT

Dawn's Innocence

 — Native Dawn Series Book 17 Tristen and Kacie's story. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas09/06/144.93HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 20

 — One must let go of control, the other...not. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/14/144.87HOT

Dawn Released

 — Native Dawn Series Book 16. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas07/27/144.93HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 19

 — Not taking No for an answer. by JazCullenin  NonHuman07/25/144.89HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 18

 — Meanwhile back in Europe... by JazCullenin  NonHuman07/12/144.82HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 17

 — A time to heal wounds? by JazCullenin  NonHuman07/10/144.86HOT

Dawn's Shelter

 — Native Dawn Series Book 15. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas06/24/144.93HOT

Dawn Discovered

 — Native Dawn series book 14 Hunter and Gina's story by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas05/27/144.92HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 16

 — Confrontations and Awakenings. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/23/144.89HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 15

 — Paying the Piper ;) by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/21/144.85HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 14

 — A Vacorlac, a Vampire & a Fox. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/01/144.86HOT

Dawn Reclaimed

 — Native Dawn Series book 13. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas04/23/144.97HOT

Damien Night Ch. 06

 — A lot of questions get answered. by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman03/27/144.65HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 13

 — Shadows in the mind by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/05/144.87HOT

Dawn's Destiny

 — The Native Dawn Series book 12, Lycan Dawn book 1. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas02/19/144.85HOT

Werewolves and Indians Ch. 03

 — Meeting with Marcus and finding hope. by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman12/30/134.65HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 12

 — Meanwhile in Europe... by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/24/134.86HOT

Werewolves and Indians Ch. 02

 — They meet but it's not the right time. by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman12/02/134.64HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 11

 — Treasures revealed. by JazCullenin  NonHuman11/19/134.88HOTContest Winner

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 10

 — Meeting of Souls. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/07/134.86HOT

Dawn Revealed

 — Native Dawn book 10, Rogue Dawn book 6: Kayla and Bryce. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas09/13/135.00HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 09

 — Battle lines & Reunions. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/25/134.82HOT

Dawn's First Light

 — Native Dawn series book 9, Rogue Dawn book 5, Lori and Keene by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas07/17/134.74HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 08

 — For every action there is a consequence. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/19/134.87HOT

Dawn Forever

 — The Native Dawn Series book 8, Rogue Dawn book 4. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas05/12/134.79HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 07

 — Rescue me! by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/11/134.83HOT

The Mage and the Bear Ch. 08

 — Roger kept his hand on me as we drove in silence. by maulkinin  Gay Male05/10/134.40

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 06

 — Seeking atonement. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/10/134.86HOT

Dawn's Second Chance

 — The Native Dawn Series, book 6, Rogue Dawn book 2. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas04/06/134.77HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 05

 — Through the eyes of a stranger... by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/08/134.87HOT

Dawn's Promise

 — Native Dawn series part 2: Rogue Dawn: Book 1 by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas03/01/134.82HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 04

 — When to let go. by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/25/134.83HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 03

 — Beautiful Imperfections. by JazCullenin  NonHuman01/31/134.85HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 02

 — The pack tries to adapt. by JazCullenin  NonHuman01/18/134.84HOT

Dawn's Shadow

 — Native Dawn Series Book 4. Chris and Dane's story. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas01/15/134.73HOT

Tears of the Fallen Ch. 01

 — Fractured alliances. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/23/124.80HOT

Dawn Awakening

 — Native Dawn Series Book 3, Robbie and John Mark's story. by msnomer68in  Novels and Novellas12/12/124.88HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 20

 — In judgment there is sorrow. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/25/124.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 19

 — Reactions and consequences. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/19/124.81HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 18

 — In chaos there is danger... by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/11/124.87HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 17

 — Plans, confrontations & heartache. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/18/124.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 16

 — Unexpected discoveries. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/01/124.83HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 15

 — Walking through memories. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/19/124.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 14

 — A time to heal. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/09/124.79HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 13

 — Hidden secrets. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/28/124.85HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 12

 — Daddy Dearest! by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/22/124.88HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 11

 — Friends and foes. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/25/114.84HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 10

 — Deep in the heart of Europe. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/07/114.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 09

 — A meeting with a difference. by JazCullenin  NonHuman11/10/114.87HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 08

 — To dance with a vampire. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/27/114.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 07

 — The best laid plan don't always work. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/10/114.85HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 06

 — Unravelling secrets bring surprises. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/20/114.87HOT

Big Bad Karma Ch. 02.5

 — Evander's Response. by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman08/06/114.73HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 04

 — Digging a deeper hole? by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/28/114.85HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 03

 — The cat is out of the bag. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/22/114.86HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 02

 — The first dance. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/14/114.87HOTContest Winner

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 01

 — Into the lion's den. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/10/114.82HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 20

 — Coming home. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/17/114.89HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 19

 — Plans made, family protected. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/11/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 18

 — The Pack. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/07/114.86HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 17

 — Mine to protect. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/28/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 16

 — To risk a heart you need a wolf. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/24/114.87HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 15

 — Forgiving the past can bring such sweet joy. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/19/114.85HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 14

 — The truth will out no matter how painful it is. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/13/114.88HOT

Big Bad Karma Ch. 02

 — Dark dreams and the morning after. by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman04/11/114.69HOT

Big Bad Karma Ch. 01 Sc. 02

 — A new source of frustration. by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman04/05/114.70HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 13

 — Seducing a vampire is a delicate task. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/05/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 12

 — Keep no secrets and tell no lies. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/29/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 11

 — Surrendering to heat. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/23/114.85HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 06

 — The vampire gets what he wants. by naturallysweetin  NonHuman08/15/104.49

Deadly Sins Ch. 05: Lust

 — Thane meets his mate...but she's forbidden. by LoveBird1929in  NonHuman07/28/104.73HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 03

 — The vampire gets out of the house. by naturallysweetin  NonHuman01/01/104.49

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