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Room 711 Ch. 01

 — Restarting an old affair. by wordsmith220in  Romance12/11/133.45

El Norte Ch. 02

 — Latina slave girl tries to find love. by execuwriterin  Novels and Novellas09/30/123.95

Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep Pt. 06

 — Conclusion: a happy ending, but who for? by lickablelucy23in  Romance02/12/114.73HOT

Supernatural: Watch Over Me Ch. 02

 — The charm of a Winchester is very hard to resist. by SexxyShadowVixxenin  Celebrities07/28/104.57

Pre-Arranged Love Ch. 04

 — Llewellyn makes her his. by le_kittyin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/14/104.53HOT

Express Lane Ch. 03

 — Larissa fixes a problem & makes conflicting plans. by RaLaWritesin  Interracial Love10/24/084.56HOT

Passionate Revenge

 — She meets her enemy. by Darkhaired_Princessin  Novels and Novellas12/23/074.23

Stray Prey Ch. 01

 — Saved? Maybe. Safe? Not so likely. by _Corvinus_in  NonHuman10/30/074.39

Blossom of the Brothel Ch. 02

 — An untraditional proposal. by _Corvinus_in  Romance09/27/074.67HOT


 — She only wanted to get home. by romanticredheadin  Erotic Couplings06/01/074.45

Let’s Be Friends or Lovers

 — They explore what kind of relationship they have. by SexSweetheartin  Non-Erotic06/10/064.70HOT

Shelly's Story

 — What she found on the computer. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives05/19/053.67

Homespun Happiness Ch. 05

 — Gracie's surprise. by Georgette Glassin  Lesbian Sex04/06/054.20

The Young Voyeur Ch. 03

 — She continues enjoying sexy young neighbor. by Blue_Crystalin  Mature02/18/054.53HOT

Woman of His Dreams Ch. 02

 — He opens up, trying to make amends. by wild_at_heartin  BDSM01/31/054.45

Katie's Night Out

 — Katie tries to deny what she knows to be true. by katiesadventuresin  Lesbian Sex10/12/044.46

A First Time For Everything

 — First time at a sex party. by stayontargetin  Group Sex07/28/044.10

The Park Bench

 — They enjoy a quicky in the park. by My Erotic Tailin  Loving Wives04/16/044.00

He Takes Her In The Prison

 — A visit to Alcatraz gets hot. by GrnEyedRaein  Erotic Couplings03/22/043.40

A Scenario

 — He said make a list, she did one better. by alias_the_archangelin  Erotic Couplings01/29/043.86

Erotic Encounter Ch. 02

 — She gets to the club & realizes it's him. by GrnEyedRaein  Erotic Couplings01/17/044.12

Stories of a College Coed Ch. 01

 — Amanda sets her sights on a hot guy. by sexyamandain  Erotic Couplings09/18/034.24

I Want You

 — You're in for the surprise of your life. by lick_my_clit_69in  Erotic Couplings08/09/034.31

Pregnant Sister Ch. 01

 — Brother and Sister fall in love and get pregnant. by pregnantlover2001in  Incest/Taboo07/23/033.63

Private Party

 — A couple sneak upstairs during a party. by thehierophantin  Erotic Couplings07/20/034.11

The In-laws Pay a Visit

 — Father gets a warm welcome from his daughter. by Tattletalein  Incest/Taboo07/07/034.43


 — Andrew and Jo make up for some lost time at the airport. by ange_sombre520in  Erotic Couplings07/03/034.20

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 28

 — Another evening at home with Tim & Heidi. by D.C. Roiin  Novels and Novellas06/07/034.44

Surprised by Halle

 — Man gets more than bargained for with sexy actress. by DevilGuyin  Celebrities06/01/033.93

My First Mature Encounter

 — He gets intimate with an older lady. by Smokey_Originalin  Mature05/14/034.37

A Night Out Ch. 02

 — On to the club for extra dance floor fun. by Mr_gr8toyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/06/034.51HOT

A Walk By The Lake (Sweet Tim)

 — You enjoy a sweet moment by the lake. by GoddessPin  Erotic Couplings02/16/034.33

Fang Story

 — Having some fun in the forest by SexSweetheartin  Romance01/18/034.06

Real Love

 — He finally shows his feelings. by Tigerlady777in  Romance01/07/033.80

An Ingenue Returns Ch. 03

 — He rewards her with good hard sex. by Sweet_Pin  BDSM01/02/034.31

A Young Man's Dream Lesson

 — An inexperienced young man learning more about sex. by lisaain  Erotic Couplings11/24/024.34

Siblings Teach Teacher

 — Siblings seduce Maths teacher into trio fun. by loucas_ein  Incest/Taboo11/22/023.80

The Coach

 — She had her eyes on the Rugby Coach. by steelvalentinein  Romance10/18/024.14

The Long Goodbye Ch. 1

 — Young woman gives herself to a married man. by Tequila Sunrisein  Erotic Couplings08/20/024.42

Date With the Dead

 — Young chinese girl finds herself in the arms of a Vampire. by Ivellios Nightarrowin  NonHuman08/18/023.88

The Handy Man

 — He gets his lovely neighbor. by parttime_guy_mumbaiin  Erotic Couplings08/08/023.96

Smallville: Alternate Scenes - X-Ray

 — Girls becomes Lana so she can have way with Whitney. by renniein  Celebrities07/24/024.60

Lady's A Tramp

 — Wife agrees to cuckold & finds happiness. by Mrs_Takinin  Loving Wives07/22/024.06

Lucy's Arrival

 — Husband watches while his wife enjoys 3 men. by herenow147in  Loving Wives06/20/024.20

Long Distance Cuckold

 — Whilst away, fiancée takes a lover with approval by kattin  Loving Wives05/12/024.03

Campsite Cuisine

 — A hot time by a river. by Suziin  Romance01/25/024.59HOT

By Morning's Light

 — She had a dream about you. by silkenkittyin  Erotic Couplings01/22/024.00

The Birthday Present

 — What a surprise husband receives! by Joe_Dinkin  Loving Wives01/17/023.52

One Happy Family Ch. 2

 — Sisters include both husbands in their play. by Canaryin  Incest/Taboo11/21/014.13

Jungle Fever Ch. 4

 — He's helpless while Boi & Strange collide. by ozeboi69in  Gay Male11/17/014.32

First Encounter Ch. 1

 — Online lovers act out their fantasies for real. by inkiein  Erotic Couplings10/26/014.46

First Time

 — He finds pleasure with an older woman. by Axeplayerin  First Time10/24/013.84

My Sweet Mother Ch. 1

 — He encounters his sleeping, semi-nude mother. by BOBROCK69in  Incest/Taboo07/21/014.13

An Encounter With The Master Ch. 1

 — He takes you to new heights of pleasure. by masterclitlickerin  Erotic Couplings07/03/013.38

The Fuck of My Dreams

 — Brad gets intimate with fantasy girl. by DaMangin  Erotic Couplings03/18/014.20

One of The Hot Sisters Ch. I

 — Tim looses a bet & becomes Taryn. by juicyladyin  Fetish03/13/013.87

Dark Angel

 — She meets Jessica Alba on the set. by ghoagin  Celebrities03/11/014.01

Out For Dinner

 — Reunion with an ex-lover heats up. by sparklesin  Erotic Couplings01/05/013.72

Valentine's Fantasy

 — Couple enjoys lust on the couch. by Grantin  Romance10/22/004.29

Cum Ride With Me

 — Lovers take turns in writing fantasy. by Voyeurx2in  Erotic Couplings10/15/004.50HOT

Limo Gal

 — Driver girl lusts for wealthy woman. by CRHin  Lesbian Sex10/13/004.42

After the Storm

 — He deflowers his cute virgin cousin. by Brianin  Incest/Taboo10/01/003.73

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