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Penis Size - Separating the Boys from the Men

 — Keeping the complainers quiet and authors realistic. by TX_Fun_Drin  Reviews & Essays01/05/173.81

Bryan's Training

 — Wife sends him for sissy training. by Quietoldiein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/06/154.15

Mum & Sister Dress Him Up

 — Dumped sissy returns to mum and sister who enslave him. by Quietoldiein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/20/154.19

Oh Fiona Ch. 04

 — Fiona confronts Tommy about his shortcomings. by TheRainmakerin  Fetish02/23/154.19

Advanced Primatology Ch. 02

 — First sessions for a professor and her students. by roberticusin  Erotic Couplings01/16/154.74HOT

Does Size Really Matter

 — Penis Size and Female Pleasure. by ticklechambersin  Reviews & Essays04/17/144.36

Small Penis Humiliation Of Husband

 — Empowered by SPH, wife goes further than ever. by Midnightowl19in  Fetish02/19/144.48

Mom & Son Sex on Valentine's Day Ch. 02

 — Mom helps son through embarrassing physical, sexual problem. by SusanJillParkerin  Novels and Novellas01/27/144.63HOT

Me, Too

 — Art students copy what the art teacher does. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/03/133.95

Average Anatomy

 — Two guys lust over High School crush. by CamScorpin  First Time04/23/124.25

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 06

 — Lindsay, Jason, and Tom finally get to play. by allaboutcontrolin  Fetish03/18/124.53HOT

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 02

 — Sexy sis teases him about size and shows more of herself by k4d0h1in  Fetish02/02/124.22

Petty Cash Ch. 03

 — Sarah's blackmail goes deeper by erotica_girl_nycin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/09/114.28

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 01

 — Erotic tale of virgin sis, innocent teasing, voyeur peeps. by k4d0h1in  Fetish12/19/104.23

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 07

 — The insanity ensues. Chris' girl is not shy towards her pref by k4d0h1in  Fetish08/12/104.38

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 04

 — Rachel is drunk and reminiscing of big dicked ex lovers. by k4d0h1in  Fetish08/08/104.21

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 03

 — Rachel reveals more of her sexual past in detail. by k4d0h1in  Fetish08/07/104.42

Does Size Really Matter?

 — Is it the size of the wand, or the magic in it? by michassin  Reviews & Essays06/12/103.35

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 02

 — Ex-girlfriend is back, but now has BIG experience. by k4d0h1in  Fetish02/28/104.23

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Dr. Saza treats Chris and his small penis. by k4d0h1in  Fetish02/26/104.27

Life's Little Moments

 — A collection of events that she will never forget. by CherryCatin  Humor & Satire11/28/084.36

Susie Ch. 18

 — Susie becomes school newspaper advice columnist. by Susie_Oin  Romance03/17/084.61HOT

Susie Ch. 13

 — Susie and Corey are betrothed, & naked with her parents. by Susie_Oin  Erotic Couplings01/24/084.58HOT

Size Ain't Everything - And I Can Prove It

 — How much of an issue is a man's size? by nhplayguyin  Reviews & Essays12/13/074.21

It's Not the Size That Counts

 — A 'growing' romance. by RomanCEisdead2in  Illustrated04/02/074.30


 — An Indiana highway is a good place for a few orgasms. by eroticorgasmin  Toys & Masturbation02/01/053.78

Serena: My Best Friend's Mom

 — A mature exhibitionist sets the boys to jerking. by laziboiin  Mature11/30/044.30

The Doctor's Appointment

 — Trip to the doctor's gets interesting. by rigneyt1in  Erotic Couplings04/04/043.85

Sex Myths Unmasked: Penis Size

 — A little frank talk about the (un)importance of size by RisiaSkyein  Reviews & Essays02/21/034.47

Sexual Trivia: Penis Sizes

 — How does your equipment compare to others? Find out! by Dancing Spritein  Reviews & Essays12/03/024.59HOT

Extreme Size Encounter

 — They encounter an extraordinary endowment. by gemytin  Erotic Couplings08/16/024.34

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