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Literotica Authors: Goldeniangel

 — Interviews with Literotica authors, #5: Goldeniangel. by Bob_Aganoushin  Letters & Transcripts07/28/174.66HOT

Table for Two Ch. 08

 — The sisters get closer. Way closer. by JessicaSin  Incest/Taboo06/04/174.84HOT

Meet Me in Moonlight Pt. 02

 — He looked for her at the pier. by Axelottoin  NonHuman11/20/164.33

The Good Girl

 — A good girl dreams of rape. by SimonBrookein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/05/164.62HOT

Tavern Tales: Cabin of Mist

 — A story of three victims of a sinister lounge. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/30/164.70HOT

The Pleasure Dome

 — Tammy's aesthetics of self-pleasure. by ShyTammyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/28/164.10

Crash Into Me

 — Two sisters find love after tragedy. by Areala-chanin  Incest/Taboo09/16/164.84HOT

Style and Mentality

 — A guide to confident writing. by PanzerFeckin  How To07/17/164.64HOT

ABDC Ch. 07-08

 — Impetuous Being. by mercy2122in  Interracial Love10/02/154.51HOT

Coffee & Poetry

 — When words, mocha and love burn. by BaalatErotasin  Interracial Love04/06/154.84HOT

The Book Store

 — Mia meets a mysterious stranger while reading poetry by LittleRedCorvettein  Erotic Couplings02/22/154.67HOT

"L" Is Not For Love

 — How not to be a lazy writer. by avrgblkgrlin  Reviews & Essays11/21/144.72HOT

Jake & Skye

 — They both find what they were looking for. by secretdesires69in  Erotic Couplings08/12/144.49

Coming Together

 — Cairo mentor and student strive to come off together. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/06/144.63HOT

Lydia McRae Plays to Win

 — A Rastafarian Architectural Journey Guided by DH Lawrence by OneSilkyin  First Time03/19/144.30

Oh, My Sweet Rapture

 — Emo boy picks up girl in his poetry class. by Punkroticain  Erotic Couplings03/25/134.22

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 01

 — Wedding. by BobNbobbiin  Loving Wives03/12/134.14

The Bastien of Winter

 — Come with me... by vampwrrrin  Romance01/12/134.78HOTContest Winner

Tom and Luke's Final Year Pt. 01

 — Mr Silverdale gets a job. Tom spoils Luke's birthday. by WittePietin  Gay Male09/23/124.67

Sharing Ch. 02

 — The day she met her lover, the pornstar. by darklogicin  Novels and Novellas05/17/124.61HOT

The Poets Ch. 04

 — Twenty Years Later. by Quantumanin  Mature08/09/114.42

The Poets Ch. 03

 — A new twist in the lives of the poets. by Quantumanin  Mature08/02/114.62HOT

The Poets Ch. 02

 — Leah and Marty learn the rules. by Quantumanin  Mature08/02/114.77HOT

The Poets Ch. 01

 — An older profesor mentors a young student. by Quantumanin  Mature08/01/114.46

Flavored Ch. 04

 — Frustrations Arise. by chocoefvrin  Erotic Couplings06/30/114.25

Poetic Motivation

 — A heartbroken woman falls for a poet. by anarchy0029in  Interracial Love06/26/114.44


 — For some the thrill of the chase is all about the first time. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/31/114.26

I Was Born This Way Ch. 01

 — Lonely girl meets lonely man who has a secret. by Phoenix30092in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/21/114.32

How Death Came to Mr Thomas

 — Poetry is more than a little death. by TheWednesdayIslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/18/114.79HOT

Writer's Block

 — A conversation helps her to get over a writer's block. by fire_breezein  Non-Erotic03/10/114.61HOT

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 01

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion... by Rob_mDearin  Humor & Satire03/09/114.10

My El Paso Girl

 — She loves poetry, he lusts for her tits - there's hope, yet. by cosikin  Erotic Couplings02/17/104.59HOT

Goddess Nemesis

 — In Mythology, History and Archaeology. by SlaveNanoin  Reviews & Essays01/25/104.67

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 13

 — She drops her rose red petals. by Chelestein  Novels and Novellas09/21/094.47

The Vampire Alastair Ch. 02

 — What's going to happen between Alastair and Tobais. by kailabin  Gay Male09/14/094.20

Sacred Slave

 — Horny wife has sex with College Professor. by CamLionin  Erotic Couplings03/27/094.10

Four More Fabliaux

 — Naughty tales from the Middle Ages--in verse yet! by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays02/16/094.00

Emily Dickinson's Penis Poem

 — A narrow fellow not in the grass. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays08/13/084.56HOT

Martha and the Bard

 — Shakespeare was right... by GToastin  Interracial Love04/04/084.68HOT

La Lectura

 — The life-restoring power of poetry well used. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/19/084.57HOT

How to Rhyme

 — Nothing can destroy a poem quicker than poorly handled rhyme. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/24/073.50

How to Write a Sestina

 — Some history and advice in writing sestinas by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/23/073.67

How to Write a Triolet

 — Some history and advice on how to write a Triolet. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/22/073.50

How to Write Simple & Light Poetry

 — How to write simple and light poetry forms. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/21/072.75

How to Get a Round

 — A brief look into three French forms of poetry. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/20/073.25

How to Write a Tanka

 — Some history and advice on how to write a Tanka. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/18/074.44

How to Write a Villanelle

 — Some history and advice on writing a Villanelle. by MungoParkIIIin  How To12/18/075.00

Cock of Ages Ch. 05

 — He tricks a schoolmarm out of her panties by Creamerin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/15/074.59HOT

What Lips My Lips Have Kissed

 — Sex, love, and poetry in the Edwardian era. by CAP811in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/08/074.56HOT

Area Man Submits Bad Story

 — 'My work is unappreciated,' author claims. by Mr. Unsexyin  Humor & Satire04/25/074.50HOT


 — Two lovers share one last night together. by Graf_Severinin  Erotic Couplings04/18/074.18

A Good Student Ch. 02

 — The D/s affair continues. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM03/05/074.73HOT

A Good Student

 — A D/s relationship with a poetry student. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM02/14/074.72HOTContest Winner

The New Softballers Ch. 05

 — Three lesbian couples initiate a seventh into Sapphic love. by Captain Midnightin  Lesbian Sex12/19/064.39

A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 01

 — It all started so innocently. by Decayed Angelin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/04/063.45

The Clergyman's Wife

 — Will she or won't she? by richardpufferin  Romance08/11/064.22

Passion of Erika Christensen Ch. 01

 — Actress reflects on her sexual awakenings. by AchtungNightin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/01/064.17

Bard's Tale: A Midsummer Night's Dream

 — The seed of Oberon's obession is planted. by pagrlin  Chain Stories06/20/064.18

The Great Man is Dead

 — Charles reminisces with John about The Great Man. by Moondriftin  Novels and Novellas04/20/064.47

Just in Time Valentine

 — Just in time, Justin learns; sex is like poetry. by My Erotic Trailin  First Time01/23/064.21

The Poet

 — He swore he'd never sleep with one of his students, but... by Jacob Meyerin  Romance12/12/054.35

That Day

 — Anne Sexton's poetry reading becomes something more. by Kaishakuin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/09/054.67HOT

Encounters with Meg: Fifth

 — A belated Valentine's Day together. by a_quietguyin  Erotic Couplings03/03/034.62HOT


 — Poor man running from love finds mercy. by DiaperedSiouxsiein  Erotic Couplings08/06/014.50HOT

A Ghostly Interlude

 — Alan falls for a long-dead young poetess. by sdwpthwlkrin  Romance06/13/014.30

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