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Verna the Ponygirl Ch. 02

 — Verna is sexually frustrated and gets her release... by meenymoin  Fetish11/08/174.69HOT

The Pony Ranch Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of Stacey's adventures on the pony ranch. by Georgiex7xin  Fetish09/07/173.85

The Pony Ranch

 — The story of an abducted girl forced to become a human pony. by Georgiex7xin  Fetish08/16/173.91

Ginny's 2nd Auction Pt. 02

 — The conclusion of Ginny's 2nd auction experience. by Gln1517in  BDSM06/30/174.63HOT

Verna the Ponygirl

 — Verna lives the life of a pony in a ponygirl stable. by meenymoin  Fetish05/27/174.25

Granny Dominates Ch. 05

 — Granny shows Ciara the power she has over her. by MistySubLadyin  Incest/Taboo01/17/174.13

Pony Named Pleasure

 — A day with a ponygirl and her favorite things. by ddraelynkharin  BDSM01/05/164.60HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 19

 — Bella competes at the show. by xelliebabexin  BDSM09/13/154.79HOT

The Story of Odilia Ch. 09

 — Odilia is tormented by Lord Conrad and his ponies. by Schlankin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/05/154.32

Possessing Bella Ch. 18

 — Bella trains for the pony show. by xelliebabexin  BDSM09/05/154.66HOT

Trick or Trope Ch. 02

 — Every imaginable trope gathers on All Hallows’ Eve. by LincolnAndSunsetin  Erotic Horror09/03/154.60HOT

Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues Ch. 02

 — The Ponygirl Trap. by Aurelius_PGin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/144.21

School for Lesbian Subs Ch. 03

 — Pet play, elective sampler, Daniela's hormones take over by Tankpoetin  BDSM01/08/144.39

Ponygirl's Kinky Dream

 — A short BDSM dream. by BeautifulPonygirl333in  BDSM03/23/134.04

The Northmen's Ponies

 — The new ponygirl. by bondagescholarin  BDSM03/22/133.71


 — The young man approached, wearing leather shoes... by bondagescholarin  BDSM09/29/123.49

Noomi Ponygirl

 — Ponygirl is driven into town by her master on a rural world. by bondagescholarin  BDSM09/06/123.72

Sasha's Stable Mates

 — She sees other women in the same predicament as she. by Boxlicker101in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/10/123.84


 — Connection, and a very special Pony Girl. by Black_Handin  BDSM07/24/124.41

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 10

 — A fair! Sarah is shown! by Steve1613in  BDSM07/13/124.48

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 09

 — She gets branded. by Steve1613in  BDSM07/10/124.41

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 08

 — Sarah's decision. by Steve1613in  BDSM07/09/124.37

Rhonda's Life after Capture

 — An interstellar captive is entered in a ponygirl race. by bondagescholarin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/27/123.69

Horse Play

 — An erotic performer faces the process of becoming a centaur. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/124.44

Sasha's Tail

 — She doesn't know how she got there, but she doesn’t like it. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM05/09/123.96

Pony Up

 — Frontwoman of a rock band is turned into a rubber ponygirl. by Nate_Walisin  Fetish04/20/124.09

Deborah of the Steppes Ch. 01

 — A fantasy story involving ponygirls, goblins and some BDSM. by Contrarianin  Illustrated01/18/123.89

Derby Dolls

 — A world where princesses are trained pony-girl racers. by PixelHoundin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/20/113.64

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 04

 — Jaina learns to love being a ponygirl for the Yuuzhan Vong. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/04/114.59HOT

Full Confession Ch. 01

 — Can true love overcome all things? by MickJayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/28/114.38

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 03

 — Jaina and Alema Rar are trained as Yuuzhan Vong Ponygirls! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/114.52HOT

Vongformed Jedi

 — Jaina and Alema Rar get into some Yuuzhan Vong bondage! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/20/114.53HOT

Training Wheel

 — They watch their new acquisition before getting her into bed. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM06/09/113.64

Brenda's Parade

 — It's her first outing as a ponygirl. by Boxlicker101in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/08/104.29

Pleasing His Ponygirl

 — They find a new and exciting way to have more sexual fun. by Boxlicker101in  Fetish09/23/104.45

A Particularly Easy Pony to Please

 — A sequel to Training Rose; a ponygirl tale (or is it "tail"?) by angiefuchin  BDSM06/26/104.33

Training Rose Ch. 02

 — Her Ponygirl training continues. by angiefuchin  BDSM06/03/104.39

Training Rose Ch. 01

 — How new Ponygirl Rose qualified for Cannes 2010. by angiefuchin  BDSM06/02/104.26

Kidnapped and Ponygirl Trained

 — Sarah is kidnapped and turned into a ponygirl. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM05/23/103.82

Brenda's Next Assignment

 — She learns to pull a carriage, and doesn't like it at all. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM04/11/104.18

Programmed Ponygirl

 — Sarah undergoes a new procedure to have her dream come true. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM03/19/103.87

Brenda's New Career

 — She endures her new life as a ponygirl and tries to cope. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM10/26/094.31

Jessica's Pony Tales

 — An executive needs to get away once and a while. by Sean Renaudin  BDSM09/09/094.23

Strider's Friend, Candy Bar

 — She joins her dorm mates for fun at The Pony Farm. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM08/31/094.34

Strider's Friend, Lightning

 — It's Lightning's turn to get lucky at The Pony Farm. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM06/14/094.67HOT

The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 03

 — Katie and Sarah get turned into ponies. by sugarisnicein  Lesbian Sex08/16/084.21

The Stable Ch. 02

 — The stud takes his filly. by EtienneDesirein  NonConsent/Reluctance08/13/084.47

Tortured Maidens

 — The cruel English lord likes to whip virginal Irish girls. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM07/08/083.88

Strider and Her Master

 — After the judging, they enjoy their real reward. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM05/30/084.66HOT

Strider's Day in the Sun

 — Day of new & exciting experiences for the young ponygirl. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM05/28/084.47

Sabel Ch. 07-10

 — Sabel on trial to become Miss Cathy's pony. by blackbel2003in  Lesbian Sex05/13/084.60HOT

Murkuk Ch. 01

 — A female slave's life among harsh orcish masters. by MickJayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/08/084.11

Sabel Ch. 04-06

 — Next classes in the ponygirl course. by blackbel2003in  Lesbian Sex04/28/084.71HOT

Strider Gets Her Tail

 — She has misgivings about being a ponygirl for the day. by Boxlicker101in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/17/084.51HOT

Sabel Ch. 01-03

 — Sabel enrolls in a course for ponygirls. by blackbel2003in  Lesbian Sex03/31/084.47

Kira's First Errands Ch. 03

 — Kira is forced to become a ponygirl. by dan57in  BDSM03/26/083.89

The Stable Ch. 01

 — A fantasy stable like no other. by EtienneDesirein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/28/084.37

Brenda's Fate

 — Her abductor wants to turn her into a ponygirl. by Boxlicker101in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/14/083.92

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 02

 — Sarah gets fucked again by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex01/21/084.29

JFT Tales - Ride, Ch. 01

 — A ponygirl for my mistress, and a friend. by jenyesin  Lesbian Sex01/20/084.47

New Ponygirl

 — She doesn't know what she might be in for. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM12/28/073.76

The Cheerleader Ponygirl

 — 18-year-old becomes a Ponygirl. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM12/07/073.80

The Cheerleader Rubber Ponygirls

 — Cheerleaders to Ponygirls by Sarahcheerin  BDSM11/30/073.80

Jenny Gets a New Life

 — Jenny experiences ponygirl training at slave college. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM11/30/074.00

Robot Ponygirls?

 — Can girls become automatic Ponygirls? by Sarahcheerin  BDSM11/30/073.57

Sarah Gets Converted

 — Sarah becomes a ponygirl. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM11/30/073.43

Coeds European Road Trip Nightmare Ch. 03

 — The college babes submit and finaly realise his crazed plan. by FINCin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/07/074.24

Tammy Takes Me on a Tour

 — Going for a ride with a lovely ponygirl. by Boxlicker101in  Fetish09/15/074.41

Magic Awakening Ch. 03

 — A fantasy twist with vampires and pony girls. by davesslave_9000in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/06/074.15

Magic Awakening Ch. 02

 — A fantasy twist with vampires and pony play. by davesslave_9000in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/05/073.86

Magic Awakening Ch. 01

 — A fantasy twist with vampires and pony play. by davesslave_9000in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/25/073.68

Candy the Ponygirl Ch. 01

 — Candy is teased and tortured as she begins her training. by goodnight_sweetheartin  BDSM01/30/074.04

Vale of the Hist

 — Princess attempts to rescue her enslaved sister. by MickJayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/26/074.33

Punish Me... Please

 — A letter to His ponygirl. by Ponys Masterin  BDSM04/23/063.69

Pony Squad

 — Two detectives discuss some disturbing BDSM activity. by Decayed Angelin  BDSM04/22/064.23


 — A pierced and cuffed ponygirl is harnessed to a Dom. by Nikita_writerin  BDSM03/18/064.18

Poopsie's Second Tail

 — "Dog" slaves are forced to eat cum coated food. by Sean Renaudin  Fetish07/24/054.20

The Cowgirl

 — The girls on the farm are kinky. by vidharrain  Fetish07/22/053.85

Thunder and Lightning Ch. 01

 — Submissive lesbian couple are made into ponygirls. by BaldJeanin  BDSM06/20/053.82

Ponygirl Ranch

 — He details his fantasy of having ponygirls. by Sodapop Zin  BDSM07/03/033.06

Lord of the Ring Gag

 — A prancing pony parody. by adrianhunterin  Humor & Satire03/31/023.95

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