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From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 07

 — Ex-employee whores out her new Sissy. by His_fag_wifein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/16/174.46

The Moors

 — Tranny, Mistress and the art of being used. by NatassiaSuckovain  Anal08/09/173.47

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 18

 — Delayed delight from an angelic slut. by glory_firstin  Gay Male07/27/173.55

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 17

 — Angelic teasing. by glory_firstin  Gay Male07/19/174.33

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 06

 — The continued transformation of her Boss into a Sissy Whore. by His_fag_wifein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/23/174.57HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 09

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKingin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/24/174.66HOT

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 12

 — Back in the crowd. by glory_firstin  Gay Male04/20/174.09

The Mudroom Ch. 02

 — John comes back over... by Kent100in  Gay Male03/28/174.44

Between the Push and Pull Ch. 05

 — Ryan succumbs to the pressures of porn. by hudsbartin  Gay Male03/27/174.67HOT

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 11

 — Part of the crowd. by glory_firstin  Gay Male03/17/174.50HOT

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 10

 — Timeless ecstasy. by glory_firstin  Gay Male02/09/174.18

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 09

 — Blissfully exposed. by glory_firstin  Gay Male01/17/174.41

The Hanky Code Pt. 13

 — Finally he becomes a full pig and takes Masters Fist. by His_fag_wifein  Gay Male09/07/164.83HOT

The Hanky Code Pt. 05: Sub to Gay Pig

 — A married sub guy submits to a transformation into a gay pig. by His_fag_wifein  Gay Male07/29/164.43

From Clay to Putty

 — A devout actor is shown the light during an audition. by SteveLeonardin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/19/164.51HOT

Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 01

 — Getting a real taste of earthly delight. by glory_firstin  Gay Male02/29/164.55HOT

The Doggie Door

 — Stuck in the doggie door. by Kent100in  Gay Male01/29/164.40

The Warden

 — The first meeting with the warden gets filthy. by TheGoodSickin  Gay Male12/01/154.34

Bathhouse Temptations

 — Bowl, beer, brown bottle, bliss. by glory_firstin  Gay Male08/19/154.60HOT

Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 04

 — Sharing familiar bottles in the video room. by glory_firstin  Gay Male06/21/154.15

Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 03

 — A camera paired with a familiar aroma in a private cabin. by glory_firstin  Gay Male06/08/154.06

Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 01

 — A new aroma in the steamroom. by glory_firstin  Gay Male04/21/154.19

Curious No More Ch. 09

 — Accepting the changes... by bicurvein  Gay Male01/28/154.86HOT

Bathhouse Steamroom Rush

 — Encountering a tempting scent. by glory_firstin  Gay Male12/27/144.00

More Confessions

 — Poppers and Dick Worship. by aliassmithin  First Time10/26/144.32

Bathhouse Whirlpool

 — Getting sucked down. by glory_firstin  Gay Male09/09/144.30

Bathhouse Pictures Ch. 02

 — Third time remains a charm. by glory_firstin  Gay Male07/13/143.78

Bathhouse Pictures

 — Private camera work in a public place by glory_firstin  Gay Male04/24/143.95

Bathhouse Porn

 — Enough said. by glory_firstin  Gay Male03/07/143.73

The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 04

 — It's Friday night, Kelly visits an adult theater as a girl. by CSKin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/11/134.70HOT

Bathhouses In Another Land Ch. 04

 — Telling the wife about (some of) my adventures. by glory_firstin  Gay Male01/30/134.41

Vibrator Rush

 — Combining the old and the new. by glory_firstin  Toys & Masturbation12/03/124.48

Bathhouse Travel Ch. 02

 — A late 70s bathhouse revival. by glory_firstin  Gay Male06/27/124.11

Learning from Coach....Again

 — Young swimmer is used further. by bacardi12345in  Gay Male02/15/124.39

Confessions of a Straight Going Gay

 — A series about experimentation and revelations. by aliassmithin  Gay Male01/23/124.19

Learning from coach

 — I never suspected anything. by bacardi12345in  Gay Male10/17/114.14

Have You Ever Been A Cum Rag?

 — Married guy completely objectified by another man. by cmltlyin  Gay Male06/22/114.03

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 07

 — The guys get their first taste of cock...and they love it. by Liquor69in  Group Sex06/05/114.62HOT

Bathhouse Mid-Afternoon Fun

 — Busier than normal. by glory_firstin  Gay Male03/23/114.22

The Phone Call

 — A story of an unexpected call and a night of passion. by PodgeDublinin  Gay Male11/19/104.38

Bathhouse Afternoon Opening

 — Another afternoon in the steam. by glory_firstin  Gay Male09/25/104.15

Bathhouse Summer Saturday

 — Summer afternoon in the steam. by glory_firstin  Gay Male08/29/104.12

Double the Pleasure

 — Sam and Stu turn me out like a filthy slut whore. by hornrocketin  Gay Male08/19/104.55HOT


 — I could come tonight if you want. by funguy2223in  Gay Male03/31/103.26

Bathhouse Steam Room

 — Getting hot in the steam. by glory_firstin  Gay Male11/19/094.10

Friday Night Workout

 — Internet hookup after a long work week. by biscribein  Gay Male09/05/094.63HOT

Glory Strokes

 — Stroking times two. by glory_firstin  Gay Male07/01/094.24

Twice the Rush

 — A serial threesome. by glory_firstin  Gay Male04/26/093.56

Fifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last Ch. 02

 — Missing Big Frank. by pris69696in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/29/094.56HOT

Morgan Watches Ch. 05

 — Rick and two hot Marines party at a theater and hotel. by Marlenein  Gay Male12/24/084.56HOT

Curious No More Ch. 03

 — Turning his ass out even more. by bicurvein  Gay Male11/23/084.66HOT

After Room 117 Ch. 01

 — An older man's mouth. by barry_ninein  Gay Male11/29/074.33

That Little Yellow Bottle

 — Poppers make it easier. by Kent100in  Gay Male10/04/064.58HOT

Cocks Galore

 — Overseas traveler finds man/man sex. by Willing2Doin  Gay Male07/11/044.38

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