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Private Game

 — Lovers play on a private beach, and learn a dark secret... by CruelLinesin  Lesbian Sex05/04/164.26

Little One Ch. 02

 — She is renamed, healed, and adjusts to her new puppy status. by Little_Otterin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/06/164.04

Rubber Puppy

 — A man finds a fetish store and is turned into a pup. by RbbrAndyin  Gay Male08/22/154.38

Coming Home to Puppy

 — The first of many stories between puppy and Misstress. by LolaKink87in  Novels and Novellas08/03/154.32

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 18

 — Teacher blogs and plays the puppy role. by GettingItDonein  BDSM02/04/154.64HOT

Puppy Girl Ch. 09

 — Brooke's role deepens; she learns how to truly serve... by ClaraBara616in  BDSM01/23/154.60HOT

Mary's Adventures Pt. 01

 — How everything started for a Psychology student. by Joker2015in  BDSM12/28/143.47

Puppy Play Time

 — A Mistress makes use of her pet before sharing him around. by Huntorrain  Fetish10/11/143.42

My Red Latex Mistress

 — Married couple finds some serious new spice. by milehighelevatorin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/144.44

Puppy Girl Ch. 03

 — Brooke takes a risk, has an emotional day. by ClaraBara616in  BDSM05/04/144.31

The Pet Ch. 01

 — A Dominant couple turns their devoted slave into their pet by StephanieRose12in  Fetish02/19/144.07

Royal Flush Ch. 10

 — In which it's time to publish and be damned. by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex07/25/134.82HOT

A Good Pet Ch. 02

 — Beth fulfills her dream of submission and petplay. by Liz_The_Dragonin  Lesbian Sex07/25/134.26

A Good Pet

 — Beth fulfills her dream of submission and petplay. by Liz_The_Dragonin  Lesbian Sex07/11/134.10

Ode To A Cali Courtesan

 — A puppy sub makes the big bucks with her astonishing mouth. by danbury200in  BDSM01/07/134.42

Baby Learns The Rules Ch. 04

 — Baby Girl Gets Punished...and then Rewarded. by theredduchessin  BDSM06/07/124.42

Playin' on the Wheel

 — Play at the fair, two young girls enjoy sub/dom fun. by TheLittleKitin  BDSM12/18/114.03

The Day I Met Sam

 — She meets her forever girl. by TheLittleKitin  BDSM12/18/113.73


 — Puppy and his Master take it slow. by callisin  BDSM09/11/114.30

Collar Me Ch. 02

 — Kim takes her next step into the world of puppy play. by puppyplayin  Fetish09/06/114.43


 — A puppy pleases her Master and Miss. by prettyyoungonein  BDSM08/31/114.39

Breakfast In Bed

 — Made with love. by ladyxxxlazarusin  BDSM07/29/113.89

Parade Sequel: Election Night

 — Chelsea gets wined, dined and abused. by kotoriin  BDSM07/17/114.25


 — Puppy can't control himself around his Master. by callisin  BDSM06/27/114.20

My Little Puppy

 — Alice seeks a man to help her tail wag. by Kikoriin  NonHuman01/06/094.65HOT

Christmas Stockings

 — Henry and June decide to spice up their holiday. by billsbellein  BDSM11/30/084.68HOT

The Puppy and the Belt

 — You bring the belt with your teeth. by MrQuietlyin  BDSM07/17/084.29

Sarah Goes to College Ch. 03

 — Sarah's first day as a puppy slave. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM07/10/084.17

Sarah Goes to College Ch. 02

 — Sarah gets puppified. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM07/09/084.25

Ms. Madison's Puppy School

 — Two daughters are put into a pet Training Program. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM07/07/084.08

One Little World Ch. 09

 — Getting comfortable. by The_Fractal_Kingin  BDSM04/17/084.69HOT

One Little World Ch. 03

 — The begining of a holiday . by The_Fractal_Kingin  BDSM02/21/084.59HOT

My Life as His Bitch Ch. 02

 — The continuing tale of a puppygirl. by BeckyGellanin  BDSM02/18/084.16

Zippy: Sis's Puppy

 — He pretends to be dog to seduce sister. by hotpupin  Incest/Taboo06/04/074.33

Eleanor's Descent Ch. 05

 — A submissive's descent to deeper fullfilment. by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/24/074.36

The McLain Theory

 — Lillith finds there's more than her perfect world. by mithragoddessin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/19/064.20

Entree Ch. 03

 — Pretty Puppy. by NastyPierrein  Fetish10/17/064.15

Entree Ch. 02

 — Humiliating Assay. by NastyPierrein  Fetish10/16/064.12

Entree Ch. 01

 — His Mistress sets up his entrée into society. by NastyPierrein  Fetish10/15/064.32

A Virgin Puppy

 — A new submissive is trained by her Master. by Virgin_Leinein  BDSM08/18/064.37

A Lesson in Punctuality

 — She swallows her jealousy and learns to be a good bitch. by litanyin  BDSM06/26/063.99

I Want You

 — A bad little bitch learns her lesson. by litanyin  BDSM06/18/063.74

A Slave Pet's Dream

 — Her boss trains her to be his slave pet. by marjorie sin  Mind Control04/06/064.35

Bedsprings Arc Pt. 04

 — Matt forgot his own birthday, Evan didn't. by naradragonflyin  Gay Male10/20/054.80HOT

Red Light Special

 — An open letter from a Pro-Domme to her slave. by mistresscherryin  BDSM03/29/053.73

Puppy's Further Adventures

 — Master tests his 'puppy'. by MasterKensbeanyin  BDSM09/20/024.27

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