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Travis's Tale Ch. 06

 — Travis, Alex and Courtney become a family. by wallcleaverin  Incest/Taboo10/26/154.75HOT

What Women Want

 — Essay on how to please your partner. by oldr_betrin  How To12/11/124.03

Honey, I Have a Headache

 — 30 REAL reasons a woman doesn't want sex. by ElaraCollinsin  How To04/14/124.23

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 05

 — Short introduction on how to understand threesome risk. by roomfor1morein  How To01/06/113.56

Key for a Lasting Marriage

 — My secrets for staying married for 39 years. by Bakebossin  Mature09/13/094.05

I've Had Enough!

 — A rant about ex-girlfriends. by free_fallin  Reviews & Essays07/24/094.27

Domestic Violence and Me

 — Thoughts on my life and relationship. by lottybooin  Reviews & Essays04/30/094.50HOT

Talk about Sex Before...

 — Exploration of how to talk about this sensitive issue. by wife2hotblkin  How To01/22/093.95

Three Ways Not to Have an Affair

 — Simple ideas for those battling infidelity. by wife2hotblkin  How To01/22/094.14

Addicted to Love

 — When it's painful, not pleasurable. by rachlouin  Reviews & Essays12/15/083.85

How to be a Slut for Your Guy

 — Ignore at your own peril: get your man hot for you! by BatsandGlamourin  How To10/20/084.24

Keeping your Marriage Exciting

 — Advice on how to liven up your marriage. by PrincessErinin  How To05/19/084.11

How To Piss Off My Wife

 — Suggestions on how not to act or talk with the wife. by DG Hearin  How To05/10/084.58HOT

Blow Job Tips for the Insecure

 — Get out of a rut & give him mind-boggling head. by honey_bee13in  How To09/02/074.34

The Anatomy of the Roach

 — One author's relationship advise. by indianaboi33in  Reviews & Essays09/01/073.67

Thoughts on 'Safe, Sane, Consensual

 — Essay examining the building blocks of a BDSM relationship. by slutty_jannellein  Reviews & Essays08/08/074.21

The Rules

 — The rules of engagement - if only everyone used them. by nevyn11in  Reviews & Essays07/03/074.00

Help with Dating

 — A How-To guide for daters. by DG Hearin  How To05/13/074.38

The "Secret" of Attraction

 — How to re-ignite the spark of passion in your relationship. by Selena_Kittin  How To05/11/074.69HOT

How To Open Your Relationship

 — How to make open relationships work. by quietbutkinkyin  How To05/09/074.24

Staying Out of the Doghouse

 — For men: keep your woman purring! by SxRxin  How To05/08/074.40

You CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

 — How to keep (or increase) spice in a long-term relationship. by Hikergirlin  How To05/05/074.45

Hitchhiker's Guide To Men Ch. 02

 — One man's advice on loving men. by TheLordMemnochin  How To05/01/074.08

How To Pull on a Night Out

 — Without resorting to caveman tactics! by rachlouin  How To05/01/074.61HOT

BDSM Open Communication a Must

 — Build BDSM relationship on a foundation of communication. by Master_n_Mentorin  Reviews & Essays02/03/074.25

How to Survive Internet Dating

 — ...with your sanity intact. by rachlouin  How To01/15/074.54HOT

Using Your Own Method

 — Have you tried it all & none of it worked? Look here. by Keixbrain  How To10/28/063.96

Women are Like Restaurants

 — A satire of one man's life with women. by eightballbumin  Humor & Satire09/01/064.60HOT

Did I Hurt Your Virtual Feelings?

 — Virtual Reality - an oxymoron; one woman's experience. by lindianain  Reviews & Essays07/24/064.50HOT

How To Appreciate A Woman

 — What's the real truth about appreciating a woman? by Sex and Deathin  How To06/07/064.65HOT

How to Find Mr. Right Now

 — It's a virtual world: come swing from a cyber star. by lindianain  How To06/01/064.25

How to Appreciate a Man

 — What's the secret to appreciating the man in your life? by Selena_Kittin  How To05/17/064.72HOT

How to Know What Woman Want

 — What she really wants from her man. by sunshine12in  How To03/06/033.97

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