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Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 09

 — Moira Burton helps Vincent when his 'infection' pops up. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/18/174.88

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 08

 — Sample collection with Cindy Lennox (Resident Evil Outbreak) by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/16/174.75

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 07

 — Vincent enjoys a cafeteria encounter with Mia Winters. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/18/174.44

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 06

 — Jill Valentine enlists Jessica Sherawat to get 'samples'. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/30/174.60HOT

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 05

 — Things turn dirty at the shooting range with Sherry Birkin. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/16/174.75

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 04

 — Ashley Graham helps collect some "samples" from Vincent. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/01/175.00

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 03

 — Helena Harper has an interview to remember with Vincent. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/22/174.80HOT

The Unwanted Guest

 — Sometimes Umbrella's creations want more than just to kill. by Predalienain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/10/174.10

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 02

 — Rebecca Chambers helps get Vincent "settled in". by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/10/174.82HOT

Resident Evil: Infection Pt. 01

 — Jill Valentine helps "cure" a young infected man. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/01/174.82HOT

Resident Evil Rebirth Ch. 02

 — Alice finds and interrogates Claire. by Darkinfernoin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/18/114.60HOT

Resident Evil Rebirth Ch. 01

 — The Alice clones lead an assault on Tokyo. by Darkinfernoin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/14/114.40

Resident Evil Rebirth Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a slightly altered, erotic Novelisation of Afterlife. by Darkinfernoin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/11/114.62HOT

Resident Evil 5: Debriefing

 — Chris relieves some tension with Jill. by ResidentEmanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/11/104.43

Resident Evil 5: After Africa Ch. 02

 — A zombie outbreak brings old friends and a new threat. by Talon_86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/26/104.68HOT

Resident Evil 4: Leon and Ashley

 — Leon finds it hard to resist the President's daughter. by darkeyes777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/12/084.08

Ada's Night Out

 — Resident Evil fan erotica by darknemesistattooin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/28/073.76

Resident Evil 2

 — Even in the Darkest times, there is light. by GothKittyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/04/054.13

Resident Evil Ch. 03

 — Someone awakens Jill. by georgemcflyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/05/034.17

Resident Evil: Delusions of Passion

 — Jill Valentine is tormented by Plant42 & others. by Deathstalker2099in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/034.09

Resident Evil Ch. 02

 — Jill has to deal with some big snakes, not just the python. by georgemcflyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/03/034.30

Resident Evil Ch. 01

 — Alternate Scenes: Jill begins her adventure. by georgemcflyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/27/034.16

Resident Evil: Where's Wesker?

 — Rebecca's first day as a new STARS recruit. by VGSSin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/034.50HOT

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