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Nights without Grace Ch. 06

 — Movie cowboy. by Pinknitein  Romance11/17/174.73HOT

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 15

 — While some find happiness, others get into fights. by DestinyReaderin  Romance11/16/174.75HOT

The Artifact Shop Ch. 01

 — A boy tries to woo a girl, with consequences. by mysticlaughterin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/26/174.32

Nights without Grace Ch. 05

 — Wild ride. by Pinknitein  Romance10/19/174.54HOT

Almost Pt. 07

 — A lot can happen in 20 minutes. by danoctoberin  Romance09/30/174.58HOT

Kristiana Pt. 03: A Risk Taken

 — A special Christmas gift and a push from his father. by coaster2in  Romance09/20/174.79HOT

Kristiana Pt. 02: Paradise Lost

 — Paradise Lost. by coaster2in  Romance09/19/174.68HOT

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 08

 — Reasons why...and what of this thing called love. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance09/19/174.59HOT

Kristiana Pt. 01: Discovery

 — A new career with a blonde Nordic Beauty? by coaster2in  Romance09/18/174.67HOT

Meeting James Ch. 10

 — James and Melanie vacation in Mexico. by melanieatplayin  Romance09/17/174.91HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 04

 — Party play. by Pinknitein  Romance09/17/174.59HOT

Nights without Grace Ch. 03

 — New love in Portlandia. by Pinknitein  Romance09/15/174.67HOT

Almost Pt. 06

 — B&C get a visit, D-day outside Sebastian's, together again. by danoctoberin  Romance09/14/174.73HOT

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 06

 — A journey begins. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance09/14/174.74HOT

Addicted Ch. 01

 — He thinks it's just one night of explosive passion. by Writing_Vixenin  Romance09/10/174.13

Pathways Ch. 09-10

 — Back home again and doing a good deed. by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas09/06/174.79HOT

Pathways Ch. 07-08

 — A surprising discovery leads to a big disappointment. by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas09/05/174.70HOT

Pathways Ch. 05-06

 — Renata, graduation, and a project back east by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas09/04/174.71HOT

Almost Pt. 05

 — Dan has company, the Harrisons are awed, meet Dan's folks. by danoctoberin  Romance09/04/174.71HOT

Pathways Ch. 03-04

 — A connection with Deb and a mistake with Holly, by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas09/02/174.60HOT

Pathways Ch. 01-02

 — Ian moves West, starts college, and meets Deb. by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas09/01/174.66HOT

Finding the One Ch. 06

 — Climbing out of the hole. by Kojak01in  Romance08/28/174.69HOT

Almost Pt. 04.2

 — Agents get busy, Don returns the Ben's call, Meet the team. by danoctoberin  Romance08/15/174.52HOT

"Little" Sister Pt. 08

 — "Little" Sister - Cast and Family History. by pocketrocketin  Novels and Novellas08/12/174.33

Nights without Grace Ch. 02

 — A sexy villain. by Pinknitein  Romance08/02/174.52HOT

Almost Pt. 04.1

 — Sam's choice, her Fathers' concern, Dan's research explained. by danoctoberin  Romance07/29/174.54HOT

Shooting Matt Ch. 19

 — Randy meets Kent's parents. Life continues. by Turbidusin  Gay Male07/27/174.63HOT

As Fate Would Have It Ch. 03

 — Zoe and Peter meet in an unlikely situation. by TheStarryEyedDreamerin  Romance07/26/174.46

Man's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Greg and Alice's relationship deepens. by ariel58in  Romance07/26/174.76HOT

Almost Pt. 03.2

 — Who is real Alexander Daniel Hamilton? by danoctoberin  Romance07/26/174.66HOT

Reflections on Ice Ch. 08

 — The conclusion of Dylan and Cassia's story. by MugsyBin  Romance07/19/174.89HOT

The Watercolor Ch. 01

 — A painting loved for over 7 decades. by Msdirtylittlesecretin  Romance07/14/174.49

Reflections on Ice Ch. 07

 — The day of the wedding arrives. by MugsyBin  Romance07/13/174.63HOT

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 04

 — Death becomes her... by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance07/13/174.64HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 07

 — Ramon's unexpected event. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/11/174.04

Problem with a One Night Stand Ch. 04

 — Josh encounters new relationships and new problems. by elno2015in  Gay Male07/11/174.79HOT

Reflections on Ice Ch. 06

 — Many surprises for Cassia and Dylan. by MugsyBin  Romance07/08/174.88HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 07

 — Luka discovers more about Greg. by LittleBrainin  Romance07/07/174.77HOT

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 18

 — Our Last Days: "Stay safe," were the only words that came out from Ben that. by IntanSuryaniin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/06/173.46

Triad Ch. 04: Falling

 — Things get serious, especially once the neighbor's involved. by aluisain  Romance07/06/174.10

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 12

 — Secrets in the Basement: I liked that. I liked how he looked at me. by IntanSuryaniin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/27/174.45

Reflections on Ice Ch. 05

 — Can one of them find the courage to take the next step? by MugsyBin  Romance06/27/174.80HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 05

 — Ramon and Marcos' monthsary. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/26/174.57HOT

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 11

 — Part 11:Wrapped in Christmas Lights; my clitoris was feeling so hot... by IntanSuryaniin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/26/174.20

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 09

 — I could feel his dick touching my insides. by IntanSuryaniin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/174.13

Reflections on Ice Ch. 04

 — Cassia and Dylan continue with their arrangement. by MugsyBin  Romance06/21/174.89HOT

If Only Ch. 08

 — The date is finally here...and plot twist! by Dragon_13_rebootin  Romance06/19/174.44

The Cap D'Agde Tale Ch. 02

 — The tale-teller searches for Desiree and finds Annie. by NewAnonin  Romance06/18/174.05

Reflections on Ice Ch. 03

 — Cassia has an interesting proposal for Dylan. by MugsyBin  Romance06/14/174.88HOT

KYNK Ch. 01

 — A twenty-something's escapades in the BDSM world. by PastelTearsin  BDSM06/11/173.90

Reflections on Ice Ch. 02

 — Dylan and Cassia deal with the drama in their lives. by MugsyBin  Romance06/09/174.83HOT

The Sunset Limited Ch. 03

 — Too many secrets, too much Coca-Cola. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance06/09/174.71HOT

The Sunset Limited Ch. 02

 — Deeper, into the night. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance06/07/174.67HOT

Reflections on Ice Ch. 01

 — An awkward night at the bar leads to a chance encounter. by MugsyBin  Romance05/31/174.82HOT

Destined Lovers Ch. 06

 — George's life takes a turn. by vanalasin  Gay Male05/24/174.54HOT

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 04

 — The Final Chapter. by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/24/174.78HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Greg discovers more about Luka. by LittleBrainin  Romance05/14/174.70HOT

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 12

 — Weekend at the Cabin. by DestinyReaderin  Romance05/12/174.83HOT

Emotionless Pt. 08

 — Lauren tries to figure out what she wants. by Sarabi9in  Lesbian Sex05/09/174.49

Fire Queen Ch. 02

 — What has begun must continue, even as disaster falls around. by Tsaniain  Romance05/02/174.86HOT

When You Know Ch. 06

 — Joe and Vicky seek a happy ending. by laf199in  Romance04/24/174.90HOT


 — Fallen is the second book in my Falling series. by LukasGreyin  Novels and Novellas04/21/174.79HOT

The Doldrums: the Sailor and the Virgin Ch. 11

 — Appointment with the devil. by astushkinin  Novels and Novellas04/16/174.91HOT

When You Know Ch. 05

 — Vicky and Joe make life changing decisions. by laf199in  Romance04/11/174.74HOT

Love is Complicated Ch. 02

 — Arthur attempts to find answers from Alice. by Sunsetbeach612in  Romance04/03/174.00

LBFM Pt. 01

 — West meets East as David encounters Jess for the first time. by LittleBrainin  Romance03/30/174.72HOT

Rosalinda's Eyes Ch. 01

 — Dancing in the dark, and maybe a little salsa picante, too. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance03/30/174.73HOT

Sunset at the Pink Water Cafe Ch. 02

 — What was once old is new again. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance03/20/170.00

The Investigators Pt. 02

 — Getting the Hell out of Dodge. by WF06in  Romance03/11/174.71HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 07

 — The conclusion of Alexis and Jared's story. by MugsyBin  Romance03/07/174.85HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 06

 — A disaster strikes. by fadedgiantin  Romance03/07/174.74HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 06

 — Their relationship is about to be tested. by MugsyBin  Romance02/28/174.84HOT

Officers and Men Ch. 03

 — Old enemies and new friends. by Androgynousotherin  Romance02/27/174.89HOT

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 09

 — Morning after and Andy has a what? by DestinyReaderin  Romance02/24/174.70HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 05

 — Alexis and Jared give dating another try. by MugsyBin  Romance02/22/174.85HOT

The Coffee Cantata

 — A walk in the clouds. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Novels and Novellas02/21/174.88HOT

Sunday Morning Pt. 05

 — Abbie and David get a weekend together. by fadedgiantin  Romance02/21/174.71HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 04

 — Time for their first date. by MugsyBin  Romance02/15/174.80HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 03

 — Alexis wonders if she can handle a relationship. by MugsyBin  Romance02/12/174.84HOT

When You Know Ch. 04

 — Joe seeks the approval of the Mullens. by laf199in  Romance02/09/174.71HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 02

 — Alexis and Jared wonder if they'll ever see each other again. by MugsyBin  Romance02/08/174.82HOT

Predator Ch. 03

 — The lioness and the tethered goat. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance02/06/174.88HOT

Cold as Ice Ch. 01

 — Alexis meets a hockey player at her hotel. by MugsyBin  Romance01/31/174.81HOT

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 17

 — Wedding and reception and consummation. by WilCox49in  Romance12/30/164.13

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 16

 — The time between. by WilCox49in  Romance12/29/164.00

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 15

 — More big decisions. Scott makes a choice. by WilCox49in  Romance12/28/164.17

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 14

 — Scott surprises the women. Lynda visits her mother. by WilCox49in  Romance12/27/163.97

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 13

 — Decisions, decisions . . . by WilCox49in  Romance12/26/164.18

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 12

 — Pursuing Lynda's questions, and Scott has a bad cold. by WilCox49in  Romance12/23/164.44

Mantis Ch. 01: The Prey

 — An interview leads to a night he never expected. by sensualmanifestoin  BDSM12/22/164.56HOT

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 10

 — Staging an intervention, of a sort. by WilCox49in  Romance12/21/164.51HOT

Let's Make a Deal Pt. 09

 — Sleeping together, and a busy Saturday. by WilCox49in  Romance12/20/164.42

Kiss Me Cate Pt. 07

 — A night out in old Dublin town. by Member389in  Romance12/12/164.85HOT

Beverly June

 — A down and out woman discovers a long lost love. by SSW_1050in  Romance11/26/164.71HOT

So Many Stars

 — Come along, take a journey with Sheep Shit Airways. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance11/15/164.71HOT

Relentless Dan Fey Ch. 05

 — There will be a wedding. by EgmontOriginalsin  Romance11/12/164.77HOT

An Evening at the Carnival with Mister Christian

 — A Somewhat Less Than Divine Comedy. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Novels and Novellas11/02/164.83HOT

The Hemingway Maid ('16 revision)

 — or, an Essay on the Folly of Not Drinking Enough Rum. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance10/12/164.89HOT

Who I Am Ch. 05

 — Does Karen go through with it? by AngelSandin  Novels and Novellas09/16/164.79HOT

The Landlord's Protégé Pt. 05

 — Busted! Endings and beginnings. by Alwaysrainingin  Romance09/15/164.34

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