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romance novella 

Turning Paige Ch. 06

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Romance 05/21/2019

The Neallys Ch. 01: Suzanne Goes to NYC

Suze moves to NYC for law school, meets local girl Kerry.

Lesbian Sex 05/18/2019

Dark Division - Dani Ch. 16 Epilogue

A completion of this crazy tale.

Romance 05/15/2019

Love of Autism Ch. 06

Scott and Katie's first date.

Romance 05/15/2019

Investing Time Ch. 06

Brian opens up to Cara. The End.

Incest/Taboo 04/22/2019

Investing Time Ch. 02

Brian explains how he met Tamar.

Group Sex 03/02/2019

Love of Autism Ch. 04

The Feel Good Drag.

Romance 02/18/2019

The Cop and the Bartender Ch. 02

The Cop and the Bartender returns as Mel surprises Bob ...

Romance 02/16/2019

Going Home Ch. 04

Garrett, homeless, finds his way in LA.

Romance 02/07/2019

Falling from Grace

Young girl seeks fame and instead finds true love.

Romance 01/23/2019

Uncle Buck Ch. 02

Buck finds the right one.

Romance 01/01/2019

Muddy Ch. 02

The next morning and Muddy comes to Dinner at the apartment.

Romance 12/30/2018

Betrayal Pt. 03

Marriage and babies.

Romance 12/07/2018

Mary and Alvin Ch. 16

Mary receives a surprise visitor.

Romance 11/26/2018

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 06

The Conclusion Vacation - New Home - New Life.

Romance 11/23/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 07 Ch. 05

A short run up to graduation.

Romance 10/08/2018

Romance at the Rocking W Ch. 05-07

The storm brings Dan and Sam together.

Romance 10/08/2018

Miss Florence Ch. 02

Tom and Florence marry and consummate their love.

Romance 10/05/2018

Mary and Alvin Ch. 14

Mary and Alvin experience a winter storm.

Romance 10/04/2018

Dark Division - Dani Ch. 05

An interesting turn brings them closer.

Romance 10/01/2018

Country Girl Ch. 03

Nils and Britt get rings and set the date.

Romance 09/07/2018

Mediterranean Lover Ch. 03

Adventures continue at the hotel after a long day at work.

Romance 08/09/2018

Mary and Alvin Ch. 12

Mary and Alvin reach a milestone in their relationship.

Romance 08/09/2018

Dark Division - Dani Ch. 02

Friendships Build.

Romance 08/01/2018

A Private Dance Ch. 08

David and Miranda reconnect.

Romance 07/27/2018

Long Overdue Time Away Ch. 04

It's Jim's turn to surprise Karen. And what a surprise.

Romance 07/26/2018


The tale of Miss Jude Horst.

Lesbian Sex 07/23/2018

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 13

Aligning emotions

Interracial Love 07/20/2018

Mary and Alvin Ch. 11

Mary and Alvin attend a family gathering.

Romance 07/19/2018

Lilith's Story Ch. 02

Pain and Freedom.

NonHuman 06/29/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 05 Ch. 06

. . . Saturday . . . and Sunday.

Novels and Novellas 06/23/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 05 Ch. 01

Stirring things up a little.

Romance 06/18/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 04 Ch. 03

Classes begin. Still getting settled.

Romance 06/16/2018

Going Home Ch. 03

Chloe and Garrett find love in the shadow of their parents.

Romance 06/14/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 19

Guilty pleasures.

Romance 06/05/2018

Racing Back to Love Pt. 01

A racing driver returns home under difficult circumstances.

Romance 06/04/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 17

Decisions, decisions . . .

Romance 06/03/2018

The Scarface I Hated Pt. 02

Meherunissa discover truths that are unpalatable.

Romance 05/18/2018

The Humper Game Pt. 01 Ch. 07

In which nothing much happens, and then suddenly a lot does.

Romance 05/06/2018

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 11

Proposal accepted?

Romance 05/05/2018

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 10

The Sex Thing replaces The Thing

Romance 05/02/2018

A Private Dance Ch. 05

Further complications arise for David and Miranda.

Romance 04/28/2018

Eroding Nhilism

A charming man brings life back to a sadden woman.

Romance 04/25/2018

A Private Dance Ch. 04

Complications arise on many fronts for David and Miranda.

Romance 04/16/2018

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 03

Chapter Three - Love - Life.

Romance 04/16/2018

Androshorts: The Village Witch

Strangely attracted to the strange woman.

First Time 03/17/2018

Cocklust Ch. 08

Scott and Chad set out on a new journey together.

Gay Male 03/06/2018

Love Burns Pt. 07

The embers of love are stoked, but will they be set ablaze?

Romance 03/02/2018

Across the Pond Ch. 04

Words can be like knives, they can cut you open...

Romance 02/02/2018

Before the Rest of Our Lives Ch. 02

Ashley and Kenny get closer than ever before.

Romance 01/11/2018

Rick and Molly Pt. 02

The walls start to break.

Romance 01/08/2018

Across the Pond Ch. 01

Trying to decide which way to go...

Romance 01/05/2018

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 05

Paul helps Marisa to recover.

Romance 12/24/2017

Loving Lill, A Christmas Romance

Finding love at Christmas. What could be more romantic?

Romance 12/07/2017

A Surprise Encounter Ch. 07

A meet up at a local bar turns fun.

Romance 11/26/2017

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 15

While some find happiness, others get into fights.

Romance 11/16/2017

The Artifact Shop Ch. 01

A boy tries to woo a girl, with consequences.

Transgender & Crossdressers 10/26/2017

Almost Pt. 07

A lot can happen in 20 minutes.

Romance 09/30/2017

Kristiana Pt. 03: A Risk Taken

A special Christmas gift and a push from his father.

Romance 09/20/2017

Kristiana Pt. 02: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost.

Romance 09/19/2017

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 08

Reasons why...and what of this thing called love.

Romance 09/19/2017

Kristiana Pt. 01: Discovery

A new career with a blonde Nordic Beauty?

Romance 09/18/2017

Meeting James Ch. 10

James and Melanie vacation in Mexico.

Romance 09/17/2017

Almost Pt. 06

B&C get a visit, D-day outside Sebastian's, together again.

Romance 09/14/2017

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 06

A journey begins.

Romance 09/14/2017

Addicted Ch. 01

He thinks it's just one night of explosive passion.

Romance 09/10/2017

Pathways Ch. 09-10

Back home again and doing a good deed.

Novels and Novellas 09/06/2017

Pathways Ch. 07-08

A surprising discovery leads to a big disappointment.

Novels and Novellas 09/05/2017

Pathways Ch. 05-06

Renata, graduation, and a project back east

Novels and Novellas 09/04/2017

Almost Pt. 05

Dan has company, the Harrisons are awed, meet Dan's folks.

Romance 09/04/2017

Pathways Ch. 03-04

A connection with Deb and a mistake with Holly,

Novels and Novellas 09/02/2017

Pathways Ch. 01-02

Ian moves West, starts college, and meets Deb.

Novels and Novellas 09/01/2017

Finding the One Ch. 06

Climbing out of the hole.

Romance 08/28/2017

Almost Pt. 04.2

Agents get busy, Don returns the Ben's call, Meet the team.

Romance 08/15/2017

"Little" Sister Pt. 08

"Little" Sister - Cast and Family History.

Novels and Novellas 08/12/2017

Almost Pt. 04.1

Sam's choice, her Fathers' concern, Dan's research explained.

Romance 07/29/2017

Shooting Matt Ch. 19

Randy meets Kent's parents. Life continues.

Gay Male 07/27/2017

As Fate Would Have It Ch. 03

Zoe and Peter meet in an unlikely situation.

Romance 07/26/2017

Man's Best Friend Ch. 02

Greg and Alice's relationship deepens.

Romance 07/26/2017

Almost Pt. 03.2

Who is real Alexander Daniel Hamilton?

Romance 07/26/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 08

The conclusion of Dylan and Cassia's story.

Romance 07/19/2017

The Watercolor Ch. 01

A painting loved for over 7 decades.

Romance 07/14/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 07

The day of the wedding arrives.

Romance 07/13/2017

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 04

Death becomes her...

Romance 07/13/2017

Forever Yours Ch. 07

Ramon's unexpected event.

Gay Male 07/11/2017

Problem with a One Night Stand Ch. 04

Josh encounters new relationships and new problems.

Gay Male 07/11/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 06

Many surprises for Cassia and Dylan.

Romance 07/08/2017

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 07

Luka discovers more about Greg.

Romance 07/07/2017

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 18

Our Last Days: "Stay safe," were the only words that came out from Ben that.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/06/2017

Triad Ch. 04: Falling

Things get serious, especially once the neighbor's involved.

Romance 07/06/2017

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 12

Secrets in the Basement: I liked that. I liked how he looked at me.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/27/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 05

Can one of them find the courage to take the next step?

Romance 06/27/2017

Forever Yours Ch. 05

Ramon and Marcos' monthsary.

Gay Male 06/26/2017

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 11

Part 11:Wrapped in Christmas Lights; my clitoris was feeling so hot...

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/26/2017

Look At Me When You Come Ch. 09

I could feel his dick touching my insides.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/24/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 04

Cassia and Dylan continue with their arrangement.

Romance 06/21/2017

If Only Ch. 08

The date is finally here...and plot twist!

Romance 06/19/2017

The Cap D'Agde Tale Ch. 02

The tale-teller searches for Desiree and finds Annie.

Romance 06/18/2017

Reflections on Ice Ch. 03

Cassia has an interesting proposal for Dylan.

Romance 06/14/2017

KYNK Ch. 01

A twenty-something's escapades in the BDSM world.

BDSM 06/11/2017
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