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Celia and the CEO Ch. 02

 — Alex grows more mysterious to Celia. by chelseacashin  BDSM06/07/174.26

Wives and Lovers Ch. 03

 — My wife, her mother & moving in. by GreenFingers2015in  Novels and Novellas06/07/174.71HOT

Leafy Ch. 02

 — The story continues now with some answers. by NeuroAtypicalin  Romance06/07/174.66HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 04

 — Samantha and Stephen and Helen makes three. by Argonaut_1975in  Mature06/07/174.65HOT

Room Wanted Ch. 02

 — It just gets better, and the plan is put on hold. by Androgynousotherin  Romance06/07/174.88HOT

Bedding the Boss Pt. 01

 — Well, who wouldn't want to? by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex06/07/174.69HOT

Cowboys and Angels

 — Late night love in a café. by Mitechiein  Romance06/06/173.75

Undercovers Detective Ch. 04

 — Continued adventure of two undercover detectives. by ChuckEPooin  Novels and Novellas06/06/174.58HOT

Ebony Seduction Ch. 06

 — It's Monday. Pam must face the consequences of her actions. by blondsublesin  Lesbian Sex06/05/174.72HOT


 — My life and marriage. The early years. by Hotwife805in  First Time06/05/174.14

Mrs. Hanson

 — First time coming of age. by ChuckEPooin  Erotic Couplings06/05/174.61HOT

Table for Two Ch. 08

 — The sisters get closer. Way closer. by JessicaSin  Incest/Taboo06/04/174.78HOT

Traveling with Charlie

 — As an older man I find romance with a whore. by oldbob68in  Mature06/04/174.66HOT

Are We Alike in Our Need for Love

 — Email to a platonic female friend from an older man. by prevackerin  Romance06/04/173.12

My Naughty Neighbour Ch. 13

 — Reluctantly leaving Chicago and heading home. by BiscuitHammerin  Erotic Couplings06/04/174.77HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 06

 — Greg takes Luka to a safe house. by LittleBrainin  Romance06/04/174.80HOT

Alien Vacation Ch. 04

 — Kyle and his sexy psychic stowaway get more intimate. by wastelandwriterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/03/174.79HOT

Poor Angel Ch. 05

 — Her boyfriend changes the rules. by GrassJellyin  Group Sex06/03/173.79

Coworkers' Dalliance

 — Two coworkers discover their true feelings. by chaucerssquirein  Romance06/03/174.05

Big Brother Love Ch. 01

 — Kitty gets caught being naughty by her older brother. by curiouskitty91in  Incest/Taboo06/03/174.10

The Sunset Limited Ch. 01

 — Kiss kiss bang bang. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance06/03/174.52HOT

Brenda's Affair

 — Brenda finds Prince Charming at the bar and brings him home. by chaucerssquirein  Romance06/02/173.61

Room Wanted Ch. 01

 — Lonely graduate finds long term loving in short term let. by Androgynousotherin  Romance06/02/174.89HOT

Serenade Ch. 26-28

 — Confusion, Clarity, & Hope... by JRothschildin  NonHuman06/02/174.66HOT

The Wrong Room Ch. 06

 — The flight to Cincinnati. by Dreamweaver594in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/02/170.00

The Girl with the Freckles

 — He gets his freckled fantasy girl. by FreckleLoverin  Erotic Couplings06/02/174.55HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 134

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight and Beyond. by ElyssaCouslandin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/01/174.43

Bad Decisions Ch. 06

 — Patrick takes a break from Kat, and meets someone new. by thedeviantsmindin  Erotic Couplings06/01/174.00

H.M.S. Coitus

 — Delicious seduction at sea. by BasedOnATrueStoryin  Erotic Couplings06/01/174.00

The Kane Family Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A daughter seeks comfort in daddy's arms. by MrKittyLuverin  Incest/Taboo06/01/174.47

Mistress Agnes Ch. 21

 — Stand and deliver. by LopendVuurin  Novels and Novellas06/01/174.00

The Witch in the Woods

 — Daryll finds the witch who loves to suck more than your soul. by RDLEKin  Erotic Horror06/01/174.09

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 03

 — Two's company, three's even better company. by SciFurzin  NonHuman06/01/174.68HOT

What is Love? Ch. 02

 — Love Undone! by chelsweetin  Lesbian Sex06/01/174.00

Undercovers Detective Ch. 03

 — Continued story of undercover Detective partners. by ChuckEPooin  Novels and Novellas06/01/174.48

Wives and Lovers Ch. 02

 — My wife, her mother & the seven sisters. by GreenFingers2015in  Novels and Novellas05/31/174.70HOT

Body and Mind

 — Can those not born in the right body still find love? by ThighhighMelliein  Romance05/31/174.38

Scream Park Attraction

 — Theme Park Haunted House leads couple to thrills and chills. by Flibber_T_Gibbetin  Romance05/31/174.74HOT

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 03

 — Cedric learns his duties. by TheSissySirin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/31/174.64HOT

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 105

 — New Playmates. Story Ends. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex05/31/174.75HOT

Free Fall Ch. 03

 — Thanksgiving with Nico's family. by angel_grantin  Mature05/31/174.72HOT

Reflections on Ice Ch. 01

 — An awkward night at the bar leads to a chance encounter. by MugsyBin  Romance05/31/174.81HOT

Left at the Altar

 — The bride realized her mistake before it was too late. by JayLikestoReadin  Lesbian Sex05/31/174.38

Total Woman Vignettes 05B

 — Total Woman Neighborhood. by bhuffin  Novels and Novellas05/31/172.40


 — Young woman reconciles sibling's spirit. by KatlynTemplarin  Incest/Taboo05/31/174.11

Mistress Agnes Ch. 20

 — Spread your wings. by LopendVuurin  Novels and Novellas05/30/173.33

Aggressive Addiction Ch. 03

 — Wes starts to understand himself; Matt reveals some secrets. by hero101in  Gay Male05/30/174.67HOT

What is Love?

 — Love is too good to be true. by chelsweetin  Lesbian Sex05/30/173.63

Undercovers Detective Ch. 02

 — The ongoing story of Detective Partners. by ChuckEPooin  Novels and Novellas05/30/174.53HOT


 — Love's hard to find when you're special but an easy stumble. by NeuroAtypicalin  Romance05/30/174.48


 — A friendship takes a romantic, and erotic, turn. by beyondajmin  Erotic Couplings05/30/174.41

Undercovers Detective Ch. 01

 — Beginning of Detective series. by ChuckEPooin  Novels and Novellas05/29/174.42

Gung Ho at Gunnison

 — The cure for a hangover is a nude beach! by ReedRichardsin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/29/174.40

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 02

 — Guy barely met the first and now he's got two on his hands. by SciFurzin  NonHuman05/29/174.55HOT

Better than Beating Off

 — More than friendly co-workers. by prevackerin  Romance05/29/173.61

The Longest Knight Ch. 01

 — A princess and knight love story. by sailorfrillin  Novels and Novellas05/29/174.60HOT

Once in a Blue Moon

 — As Mr Hammerstein said: 'And you meet not really by chance'. by SamScribblein  Romance05/29/174.56HOT

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 104

 — Tom and Julie's Surprises. Prom After Party. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex05/28/174.58HOT

The Romantic Capture

 — A young woman finds romance and submission with another. by Angela_Adamsonin  Lesbian Sex05/28/174.06

Destined Lovers Ch. 08

 — Will Ivan and Henry's story have a happy ending? by vanalasin  Gay Male05/28/174.26

The Monster Within Ch. 05

 — The finale. by Kojak01in  Romance05/28/174.71HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 05

 — Danger comes calling. by LittleBrainin  Romance05/28/174.74HOT

Trapped in a Game Pt. 01

 — Siblings get trapped in a virtual reality video game. by Kousakacomplexin  Incest/Taboo05/27/174.65HOT

A Genius in King Arthur's Court Ch. 07

 — Mordred has retreated, but what next? by auguy86in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/27/174.64HOT

Almost Pt. 01

 — Boy meets Girl - The beginning. by danoctoberin  Romance05/27/174.19

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 04

 — Luka's story unfolds. by LittleBrainin  Romance05/27/174.71HOT

Destined Lovers Ch. 07

 — The return- can love change with time? by vanalasin  Gay Male05/26/174.14

Mistress Agnes Ch. 19

 — 19 master or friend? by LopendVuurin  Novels and Novellas05/26/173.00

Man for the Job

 — Love finds it way. by Blkwas69in  Romance05/26/174.46

High Stakes, Hard Sell Ch. 05

 — Memories, fantasies and a display of trust. by North200in  Erotic Couplings05/26/174.78HOT

Thieving Santa

 — Christmas magic bringing loved ones together. by litfan10in  Romance05/26/174.74HOT

The Real Sam

 — Revealing the real you is always the hardest. by SimonOin  Romance05/26/174.28

EMP Attack

 — Husband and wife make hard decision in order to survive. by Writewingerin  Loving Wives05/26/173.81

Silver Pt. 15

 — Michael and Marlene marry! by CantC54in  Romance05/26/174.85HOT

That Damn Imp Ch. 07

 — Puck recalls the very first time he laid eyes upon Koshka. by cultofstrawberryin  Romance05/26/174.33

His Masked Mistress

 — He wanted a mistress but he never anticipated the mystery. by LadyMuirennin  Erotic Couplings05/26/174.45

The Monster Within Ch. 04

 — The Monster suffers its first defeat. by Kojak01in  Romance05/26/174.78HOT

Mistress Agnes Ch. 18

 — 18 confessions. by LopendVuurin  Novels and Novellas05/25/172.57

Hardened Criminal

 — Titty fucks can change the heart of a pirate. by SPARTAN047in  NonHuman05/25/174.66HOT

Love or Duty Ch. 01-02

 — Will she get the ending she wants or needs? by ellabella2489in  NonHuman05/25/173.91

An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 49

 — Olivia. by FrankjrBauerin  Romance05/25/174.43

Daydreaming, Here in the Jungle

 — An affair consummated after the tease of the long game. by letters_to_my_loverin  Erotic Couplings05/25/174.33

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 103

 — Tori at the Club Infinity, Prom Prep. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex05/25/174.67HOT

The Switch

 — Val's a kinkster who's ready to settle down. by ausfetin  Novels and Novellas05/25/173.83

I Didn't Rob the Cradle Ch. 06

 — Jack's and Andi's wedding. by BossMan64in  Mature05/25/174.74HOT

Slaveholder Ch. 02: Slaveowner

 — She was not equipped to be a person. by potsherd22in  Romance05/25/174.47

As Fate Would Have It Ch. 02

 — Zoe discovers the truth. Faced with a hard choice. by TheStarryEyedDreamerin  Romance05/25/174.57HOT

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 01

 — Guy meets the first girl in what will become his furry harem. by SciFurzin  NonHuman05/24/174.56HOT

High Stakes, Hard Sell Ch. 04

 — The curse strikes and Jane scrambles to adjust. by North200in  Erotic Couplings05/24/174.75HOT

Nathalie's Sister, Élise, Visits

 — Nathalie's sister, Élise, comes to stay. by swollenbellin  Romance05/24/174.34

Life with Kali Pt. 01

 — Two young lovers begin their romance. by RobinAmourousin  Erotic Couplings05/24/174.31

A Family Christmas Ch. 07

 — The Silver Lady. by GreenFingers2015in  Novels and Novellas05/24/174.86HOT

Our First Time

 — Some feelings never change. by marchant87in  Romance05/24/174.09

The Sun and The Moon AMBW - Gift

 — Short stories revolving around a shy woman and hotheaded man. by Tesselain  Interracial Love05/24/174.42

A Day Begins

 — A couple starts their day in the best possible way. by Swillyin  Romance05/24/174.48

The Monster Within Ch. 03

 — Beverly learns about the monster. by Kojak01in  Romance05/24/174.80HOT

My Dearest Nora

 — An older widower finds love and fantastic sex again. by oldbob68in  Mature05/23/174.68HOT

One Shot Short Story: Maggie Mae!

 — We all have issues... by payenbrantin  NonHuman05/23/174.47

The Storm

 — A storm finally brings the opportunity I've always wanted. by solarius32min  Romance05/23/173.65


 — The bitter cold leads an older woman to love. by komrad1156in  Mature05/23/174.76HOT

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