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A Song in Ebony Ch. 04

 — A human scientist meets Izzy. Complications arise. by Mr_Shoggothin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/174.89HOTNEW

The Monster Within Ch. 02

 — Beverly and I grow closer. by Kojak01in  Romance05/22/174.69HOTNEW

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 13

 — Weekend at cabin continues. by DestinyReaderin  Romance05/21/174.80HOTNEW

Too Young Pt. 01

 — Professor thinks student is too young. (No sex in Part 1) by SWhite1982in  Gay Male05/21/174.00NEW

From a Distance Ch. 07 - Final

 — The closing chapter to Luis Gabriel's and David's story. by Luquein  Gay Male05/21/173.75NEW

Sex with a Friend Threesome

 — Fantasy fulfilled. by himnher2003in  Loving Wives05/20/173.16NEW

Precious Jules

 — Some things are rarer than gems, love is a good example. by Member389in  First Time05/20/174.76HOTNEW


 — Friends and roommates cross the line. by MrNiceguy777in  Romance05/20/174.18NEW

Bad Love, Good Love Ch. 02

 — Daisy and Aaron 2years later. by lonelydaisyin  Romance05/20/174.42NEW

First Dates

 — The picture perfect first date... by lovethyheartin  Romance05/19/174.13NEW

The Monster Within Ch. 01

 — The day I met Beverly. by Kojak01in  Romance05/19/174.60HOTNEW

Venetian Sunrise

 — It started with a couple of Mr Turner's paintings. by SamScribblein  Romance05/19/174.67HOTNEW

Seaside Pt. 01

 — We enjoy our coastal getaway. by IcelandSparin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/19/173.96NEW

First Taste of Longtime Desire

 — Coworkers try to fight their urges while on a business trip. by DirtyInnocencein  Erotic Couplings05/19/174.39NEW

A Single Moment Ch. 01

 — An apartment lost, a life changed. by Dreamweaver594in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/19/170.00NEW

There and Back Again Ch. 133

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight and Beyond. by ElyssaCouslandin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/19/174.58HOTNEW


 — First meeting becomes a life changing experience. by Souldeepdesiresin  Erotic Couplings05/19/174.30NEW

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 03

 — Luka's recovery continues. by LittleBrainin  Romance05/19/174.72HOTNEW

High Stakes, Hard Sell Ch. 03

 — Jane asks for help and gets more than she bargained for. by North200in  Erotic Couplings05/18/174.70HOTNEW

Seduced by My Captor Ch. 01

 — A 19 year old girl is kidnapped and seduced. by Anna_morningstarin  Romance05/18/173.67NEW

Lost, Betrayed, Found, Forgiven, and Loved

 — A web of dedication, deception, transgressions, forgiveness. by Ingrid11Bin  Romance05/18/174.27NEW

Love Knows No Color Pt. 20

 — Shavonda's class reunion, Juneteenth, a death in the family. by bwwm4mein  Interracial Love05/18/174.67HOTNEW

Cottage Cheese and Green Onions Ch. 04

 — Shadows, shadows everywhere? by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance05/18/174.72HOTNEW

Fun in the Snow

 — The life and times of a coach driver. by Cromagnonmanin  Romance05/17/174.65HOTNEW

Princess Getting a Foot Rub

 — First submission, fantasy as a princess getting a foot rub. by theboneprincessin  Fetish05/17/173.89NEW

Love is Complicated Ch. 03

 — Alice confronts Arthur his intentions since the beginning. by Sunsetbeach612in  Romance05/17/173.60NEW

Holiday Loving Ch. 02

 — Fun with Phil. by Scorpius1945in  Erotic Couplings05/16/173.88

Cottage Cheese and Green Onions Ch. 03

 — We gonna go Gothic now, y'all. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance05/15/174.67HOT

Perfectly Pleasing

 — Cont. of Fearful No More- Submission of the soul & body. by HisTigress0203in  Romance05/15/174.27

Sunday Morning Pt. 07

 — Abbie and David life continues to evolve. by fadedgiantin  Romance05/14/174.15

Another Collection of Notes

 — A somewhat romantic collection of notes. by chixjinxbdsmin  Romance05/14/173.25

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 06

 — Chris tries to get on her feet again. by AC_Pandorrain  Romance05/14/174.61HOT

The Highwayman

 — Highwayman gets a lovely prize. by SeanBurns1975in  Romance05/14/174.42

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 03

 — Who goes on Spring Break in Maine? by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/13/174.78HOT

A Perfect Match

 — She was my soulmate. by TSpank61in  Romance05/13/174.50HOT

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 12

 — Weekend at the Cabin. by DestinyReaderin  Romance05/12/174.85HOT

Cottage Cheese and Green Onions Ch. 02

 — Can't have shadows without a little light. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance05/12/174.71HOT

My Retirement Ch. 08

 — Beth finds a man... a real man. by Rodbender2in  Romance05/11/174.56HOT

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 02

 — Their first time . . . and second. by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/10/174.77HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 01

 — Do you ever know your neighbours? by LittleBrainin  Romance05/10/174.42

The Next Lucky Thief

 — A drifter's luck runs out but only turning to desperate measures. by H4wtin  Romance05/09/173.50

Cottage Cheese and Green Onions Ch. 01

 — A little trip to the dark side. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance05/09/174.57HOT

Submissive in Black

 — Goth girl Lauren misbehaves and gets disciplined. by Scarredheartangelin  Erotic Couplings05/09/174.56HOT

Long Lost Sex

 — We hadn't seen each other since high school. by BigDogTimin  Erotic Couplings05/09/174.34

Getting Down at Brown

 — Their first time. by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/08/174.77HOT

A Little Night Music Ch. 04

 — Susan gets the news about the assassination attempt. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control05/08/174.67HOT

High Stakes, Hard Sell Ch. 01

 — A desperate woman makes the pitch of her life. by North200in  Erotic Couplings05/06/174.57HOT

Finding Love by the River

 — After a bike ride I find the love of my life. by JasonStevensin  Gay Male05/06/173.92

Fiction Revelations

 — A student and her former teacher. by countrygirl2695in  Erotic Couplings05/06/174.19

Roommate... Soulmate Pt. 01

 — Lorna gets the best present ever - her roommate Lucy. by Scarredheartangelin  Lesbian Sex05/06/174.20

Staycation Ch. 01

 — We find a rare spot of time together at his place, and settle. by IcelandSparin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/06/173.15

Cindy's Offering - Sacrament

 — Erotophilic transcends ménage à trois. by KatlynTemplarin  Romance05/05/174.50

14 Hours Pt. 08

 — Returning to 'Pucker Up' to confirm the red lipstick clue. by CaffeineFetishin  Humor & Satire05/05/174.40

OutBound Ch. 04

 — Slipping home. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance05/04/174.71HOT

New England Vacation

 — The kids are grown and out of the house! by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/03/174.44

Another Music City Miracle

 — I saw the vintage Jaguar when I pulled into the parking lot. by billhudleyin  Gay Male05/03/174.44


 — A tale of two misfits. by TSpank61in  Romance05/03/174.39

My Number Ch. 15: The Final Chapter

 — The Wedding. by ReedRichardsin  Romance05/03/174.67HOT

The Continuing Education of Susan Ch. 04

 — Susan does The Thing to Rachel and someone is not happy. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control05/02/173.89

Shari Takes a Wife

 — Shari goes all the way with her gym teacher. by GymTeacherYouDeservein  Lesbian Sex05/02/174.53HOT

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 01

 — Christine finds not only her new roommate. by AC_Pandorrain  Romance05/02/174.59HOT

Fearful No More

 — Love & passion defeat fear caused by trauma & inner turmoil. by HisTigress0203in  Romance05/02/173.58

Love in Nepal Pt. 01

 — Beginning of a romantic encounter between a Nepali couple. by jimsharma87in  Erotic Couplings04/30/174.00

Loving My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 08

 — Weekend romance ends - pregnancy scare, broken car, bad lies. by Nightchild27in  Romance04/30/174.60HOT

When It Rains Pt. 11

 — Two women trying to find a place in each others life. by MarzScorpionin  Lesbian Sex04/30/174.37

The Trust Ch. 08

 — Things are starting to come together. by singleotin  Erotic Couplings04/30/174.81HOT

Dates with Marco

 — A short Italian romance. by giora86in  Romance04/29/173.83

A Real Man in My Life Ch. 05

 — The concert arrives and the Ex's plan is revealed. by Androgynousotherin  Romance04/29/174.69HOT

University Drama Ch. 01

 — The beginning of university. by Illusion991in  Romance04/29/174.00

The Deal Pt. 01

 — Husband and wife make a deal for pleasure. by michael77richardin  Novels and Novellas04/29/174.66HOT

OutBound Ch. 03

 — Slipping sideways. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance04/28/174.67HOT

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 05

 — Arab orphan returns home... (Jono begins to know his father). by Shy_Bottom69in  Gay Male04/28/174.53HOT

Snow Day

 — Young teacher enjoys unexpected day off with her partner. by howwonderfullifeisin  Text With Audio04/27/174.41

With Clarity

 — He had sworn he would never be the one with a broken heart. by Isaerain  Erotic Couplings04/27/173.89

A Genius in King Arthur's Court Ch. 05

 — A perfect day turns sour. by auguy86in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/27/174.76HOT

Work The Problem Ch. 02

 — Holly and Ned hit a few snags, but also figure out more. by Mr_Shoggothin  NonHuman04/26/174.78HOT

MilSpec Ch. 01

 — Retired Sailor tries to fit in. by Girochenin  Mature04/25/174.67HOT

OutBound Ch. 02

 — Slipping deeper. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Romance04/25/174.71HOT

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 04

 — Taking steps toward a new life, then unexpected setback. by Flyingtigerin  Romance04/25/174.84HOT

Leone Then and Now Pt. 03

 — A house in the country perhaps? by SamScribblein  Romance04/22/174.72HOT

Hard Day? Time to Relax Pt. 02

 — You've had a shitty day. Let me help make it better. by AttractiveGeekin  Text With Audio04/20/174.60HOT

Passion at Penn State

 — A chemical engineering nerd and a math major. by ReedRichardsin  Romance04/20/174.62HOT

Feminine Allure Pt. 12-13

 — A Mistress and Her subject have a pivotal meeting. by mechan11in  Mind Control04/19/174.75

The Business Trip

 — Business trips are supposed to be boring, right? by 46knight46in  Erotic Couplings04/18/174.18

My First College Experience

 — A young woman starts college. by Nemarlein  First Time04/18/173.71


 — The adventures of young Lord Percival. by PornAccountin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/17/174.00

The Girl in the Red Cloak Ch. 07

 — Kidnapped! by peaches07in  Romance04/16/174.69HOT

My Cousin's Persistence

 — Girl learns she is her boyfriend's cousin. by Nemarlein  Incest/Taboo04/16/173.10

Queen in the Streets

 — The passion she ignites in me is at times overwhelming. by 46knight46in  Romance04/16/173.81

My Hottest Stripper - An Old Friend

 — A surprise reunion leads to the hottest night. by 46knight46in  Romance04/15/174.36

Tip Ch. 09

 — Naomi faces one last decision about the future of Tip. by Case21in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/174.86

Silver Pt. 14

 — Michael and Marlene lend a loving hand. by CantC54in  Romance04/15/174.84HOT

The Trust Ch. 07

 — A night of heroines and villains. by singleotin  Erotic Couplings04/15/174.84HOT

More than a Sore Throat

 — Young engaged man treatment for a sore throat and gets more. by Ingrid11Bin  Romance04/15/173.58

Lovely Lisa

 — Big girl lovin'. by 46knight46in  Romance04/14/174.28

Rush Ch. 03

 — Duke is totally boss. by JReveriein  Romance04/14/174.73HOT

Behan's Beauties

 — Sophie gets her man. by GrandTetonin  Romance04/14/174.71HOT

Demi-Monde Barber of Fleet Street

 — Holly's debut. by skriblurin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/14/173.17

Feminine Allure Pt. 10-11

 — The ups and downs of a Mistress and Her submissive. by mechan11in  Mind Control04/14/174.43

Seduction on the Sea

 — A fearless female Captain and her new cabin girl find love. by ThighhighMelliein  Lesbian Sex04/13/174.47

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