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Caught in Sophia's Web

 — Rope, rapture, and redemption in a room full of strangers. by LunarSiriusin  Romance09/28/174.48

Swimmerboy Pt. 05

 — Swimmers gang a lady sports reporter. by mattmatthewsin  Mature04/09/174.68HOT

The Professor's Women Ch. 05

 — The story of a family with an interesting dynamic. by jsmangisin  Incest/Taboo03/19/174.60HOT

Maestro Ch. 06

 — Katie is pushed further. by Yamblerin  BDSM08/16/164.42

Maestro Ch. 05

 — Things get worse for Katie by Yamblerin  BDSM08/15/164.41

Safe Word

 — Sexual domination and ownership of a woman. by navigationjasonin  BDSM07/22/163.35

Miranda's Pickle Ch. 01

 — To save her honor, she submits most humbly. At first. by SunsetFollower511in  BDSM03/29/164.50HOT

Fucked By a Pig

 — A ftm+male couple role-plays as a cop raping an anarchist. by mykellmin  BDSM03/03/153.77

Battlefield Ch. 07

 — A Mildly Dominant Scotsman looks for love with an Irish lass by chiangkuin  BDSM02/04/144.81HOT

D is for Dragonfruit

 — Bound in rope for sensation play, flogging & caning. by KMcTin  BDSM02/13/134.26

A is for Avocado

 — Learning my limits with a new friend. by KMcTin  BDSM12/16/123.89


 — A young couple follows a therapist's advice. by DarkSoulsin  Erotic Couplings07/22/104.00

Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 02

 — Older man begins education of younger woman. by Ickenbofferin  Mature07/18/104.01

Make Me Believe Ch. 03

 — Liana learns a few rules. by mutewolf_in  Novels and Novellas03/18/090.00

Love Slave Ch. 02

 — His love slave is punished for the night before. by garcher27in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/03/073.76

A Bisexual Man's Hidden Secret

 — A bisexual man and woman with a strap-on3 by windwriterin  Anal12/05/064.53HOT


 — He was a polite host. by bridget8181in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/10/064.08

VS Ch. 05

 — Enigmatic blonde goes along with Jim's game, at first. by gossogin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/01/064.42

The Gift Ch. 03

 — She gives it her all and then some. by Saucyminxin  BDSM02/25/054.51HOT

Just a Few Pics

 — A fantasy that went wrong. by chas962in  Loving Wives01/28/053.70

A Wild Hold'em Game Ch. 02

 — The stage is set. by nastystoryguyin  BDSM12/25/044.58HOT

Who Wants To Be A Slave?

 — What a sub NEEDS to be. by panthers babein  How To10/15/044.02

Painful Love

 — Husband has bad day at work & wife suffers. by phaederin  BDSM10/02/043.47

Stretch My Tight Hole

 — Mistress takes him with a strap-on. by slutty whore boyin  Fetish05/01/043.70


 — New Domme finds an unusual sub. by barbarianqueenin  BDSM04/10/044.61HOT


 — A sub's first tentative steps. by Bad_Girl_In_Trainingin  BDSM03/24/044.23

An Invitation

 — He will make your fantasy reality. by LonDomin  BDSM03/06/044.21

My First Surrender

 — A lover, a knife, & tied to the bed. by Vampiric_Miragein  BDSM02/21/044.17

Andrea Ch. 01

 — Sub waitress recalls first session with Master. by Selena Downin  BDSM02/07/043.80

Sweet, Sweet Heather Ch. 04

 — The last chapter of Beth & Heather. by Cre8tiveBlissin  Lesbian Sex01/04/044.67HOT

A New Toy

 — A man, a woman, and a new toy. by rhodyin  BDSM08/14/033.88

Master of My Soul Ch. 03

 — It's playtime for the Master & his pet. by sweetwantingin  BDSM08/01/034.65HOT

Yolanda's Lesson

 — A sharp lesson for a slave. by Bachlum Chaamin  BDSM06/22/033.84

A Fine Line

 — A sub gets some loving from her master. by PenanceSin  BDSM04/27/032.37

On Her Leash

 — Mistress makes him use his mouth in dirty ways by supermikein  BDSM04/09/033.72

The First Session

 — Young woman's introduction to BDSM. by sachabin  BDSM04/04/034.23

Silver Threads

 — Roxanne and John continue the adventure. by captivatein  Erotic Couplings02/24/034.45

No Safe Words

 — A slave accepts a contract that has no safe words. by jon.hayworthin  BDSM01/18/033.24

BDSM for Dummies

 — Two neophytes try do-it-yourself BDSM by rjordanin  BDSM08/16/023.91

Obedience In All

 — sub gives her Master the ultimate in obedience. by PassionStJohnin  BDSM07/22/024.55HOTEditor's Pick

The Beginning

 — Their first time as Master & slave. by Bigearsin  BDSM05/21/023.74

Down The Garden Path Ch. 2

 — The fantasy/reality continues. by _lisa_in  BDSM04/18/023.96

Ever Ch. 1

 — A tale of switching sides. by Elizabeth Brandonin  BDSM04/15/024.00

Hayley's First Spanking

 — Teacher learns that spanking can be great. by iraussieguyin  BDSM03/16/024.23

The Mansion Ch. 2

 — He tries to help captive girls, gets a surprise. by Dark_Horizonin  BDSM01/05/024.19

Evil Man: The Story

 — A woman finds new reason for being. by Bill Smithin  BDSM11/05/013.75

My Pet

 — Boyfriend describes your obsessive morning. by DMasterin  BDSM09/28/013.31

Pushed Too Far

 — A novice Domme's nightmare about loosing self control. by Hecatein  BDSM06/01/014.00

Small Mercies Ch. 04

 — Her Master begins his lesson. by Katherine English 2in  BDSM12/16/004.46

Small Mercies Ch. 03

 — She's put on a leash. by Katherine English 2in  BDSM12/15/004.39

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