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The Inn Ch. 05

 — The Nestled Goose's latest guest is half dwarf, half orc... by IanSaulWhitcombin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/11/164.75HOTNEW

Venus De Milo (A new idea)

 — Milo, thanks to a strange helper, just got a ride to heaven. by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/09/163.92NEW

When Goddess Becomes Human Ch. 01

 — Historical Romance. by Earl_vinein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/04/163.83

Dark as Daylight Ch. 07

 — Lost in Space and much more. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas02/02/164.87HOT

An Unexpected Adventure

 — We had an unexpected adventure. by Spaghetti_Touchmasterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/31/163.32

Ethan's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Cock with a desire to satisfy horny women. by exquisitelifetimein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/30/163.92

The Bliss of being Shana Pt. 04B

 — The End of a chapter, the closing of a story. by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/30/164.80

To Love a Tiger Ch. 15

 — The conclusion. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/30/164.75HOT

Nephlim World Saga: The Prime

 — The nigh-immortal shapeshifters begins with the first one. by Nephlim14in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/29/163.40

The Hottest New Mobile Game

 — An addictive new mobile game leads Emily down a slutty path. by Heather26in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/164.52HOT

Nephlim World Saga: The Hermit

 — In Ancient China a handsome hermit indulges himself. by Nephlim14in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/163.67


 — Lover of monsters and adventure. by Dhc000333in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/26/164.04

The Future of Travel

 — Hot executive gets embarrassed in this softcore, sci-fi yarn. by AnonymousPervin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/26/164.51HOT

Crimes and Punishment

 — An idea I had. by eroticjuggaloin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/26/162.67

Timeshadow 02

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/26/164.78HOT

Timeshadow 01

 — What Is, and What Should Never Be. by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/25/164.63HOT

Brave New World Ch. 01

 — A soldier awakes and finds the world changed. by themightyxlophin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/24/164.76HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 13

 — Reunited and the search for Cassius. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/23/164.78HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 12

 — Searching for the shooter. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/22/164.72HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 11

 — Shot! by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/21/164.81HOT

The Lady Galatea

 — Please, My Lady. More. by ABigCatin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/21/164.27

For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 12

 — Elunara and Tulani work things out. by Thatawfulwowpornoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/20/164.76HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 09-10

 — ASP. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/20/164.76HOT

The Sorority Ch. 01

 — Amber joins a sorority hoping for the story of a life time. by Psycho08in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/20/163.61

Through the Gate of the Gods Ch. 06

 — The girls find lust, love, excitement, and new pleasures. by Snowkemperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/19/164.76HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 08

 — Preparing. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/19/164.63HOT

Tempting Tabitha Ch. 12

 — Two lovers reunited. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/15/164.68HOT

The Bliss of being Shana Pt. 04A

 — After recovering, Emily and co make a hard choice. And Cara! by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/14/164.33


 — A Jedi novice learns the price of failure. by Harryasaboyin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/13/163.42

The Bliss of being Shana Pt. 02

 — While the Mother grows, its time Emily and co got some help. by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/10/164.25

To Love a Tiger Ch. 07

 — Marcus caught. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/10/164.74HOT

Mission to Planet Pisori

 — Humorous Satirical Space Voyage. by erectus123in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/10/163.17

The Bliss of being Shana Pt. 01

 — While Emily and co recover, a new threat awakens. Oh no... by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/09/163.75

Through the Gate of the Gods Ch. 05

 — Don't skip romance you're old enough to dance-the night away. by Snowkemperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/09/164.57HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 05

 — Mated and Marked. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/08/164.77HOT

To Love a Tiger Ch. 04

 — Jamie or Jared. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman01/07/164.71HOT

The Blake Effect

 — A researcher discovers an unintended effect of my studies. by D_rwcin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/07/164.54HOT


 — When she asks for a favor, it's better to say yes. by Salamando_Flamesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/06/164.22


 — Sex Magic isn't all fun and games. by Salamando_Flamesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/06/164.43

Angels and Demons Ch. 03

 — Can Chloe make it all day long without disobeying her Miss K? by Chickenchowmeinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/06/164.61HOT

XTC 2.9

 — The end of the chapter, and another new beginning. by Averlinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/05/164.74HOT

Three Square Meals Ch. 05

 — The long journey comes to a close. by Teflerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/01/164.72HOT


 — I test my gynoid's functionality in a bathroom stall. by Chronic1973in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/30/154.18

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 03

 — Emily meets her maker, and things go sour. Things change... by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/29/154.35

Fantasies Can Come True

 — Can he find what he is looking for on Mars? by sexygirl76in  Gay Male12/25/154.61HOT

Christmas in Zonei Pt. 12

 — A Brave New Year. by roughboy18in  Gay Male12/25/154.85HOT

Three Square Meals Ch. 03

 — Surprises in store for both participants in this tale. by Teflerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/24/154.59HOT

Three Square Meals Ch. 02

 — Join John as his belly filling adventure continues! by Teflerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/22/154.57HOT

Pirates Slave

 — Space pilot captured by pirates. by DMaster_14in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/21/154.09

The Time Traveler's Mother

 — Here and there to find my roots. by HunterShamblesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/20/154.24

Rainstone Ch. 01

 — The second of the Seven Kingdom stories. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/20/154.58HOT


 — Shemale Android. by spitzharderin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/19/154.44

Angels and Demons Ch. 02

 — The day of her new job Chloe makes a very rash agreement. by Chickenchowmeinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/19/154.79HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 15

 — The End. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/19/154.72HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 14

 — Is the fight over? by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/18/154.66HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 15

 — The REAL End! by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/17/154.78HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 14

 — The fight continues. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/16/154.81HOT

Lost in the Light Ch. 15

 — The end of one journey. by Belderieverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/154.53HOT

XTC 2.8

 — More answers, not all of them welcome. by Averlinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/154.79HOT

Upstairoids Ch. 02

 — The side effects begin to worsen - or do they improve? by Svalbardingin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/154.64HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 13

 — The last battle? by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/154.67HOT

Dream Weaver Ch. 08

 — Cyn and her Sins. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/15/154.63HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 13

 — Dorian's bar. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/15/154.80HOT

Angels and Demons Ch. 01

 — Demon Chloe must find a job or else be sold as a slave! by Chickenchowmeinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/154.64HOT

Upstairoids Ch. 01

 — She is offered a drug to give her an edge in the classroom. by Svalbardingin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/12/154.45

Callie's Shadow Ch. 12

 — The fight for Marcus. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/11/154.82HOT

F6: The Marlborough Man in the Moon

 — They find mystery and danger on a desolate planet. by sheabluein  Chain Stories12/10/154.61HOT

F6: Sing a Dirge in Heaven

 — They went to heaven, but it was more broken than Hell. by MSTarotin  Chain Stories12/10/154.78HOT

A Cosmic Adventure Ch. 05

 — Epilogue. by SensualSamin  NonHuman12/08/154.40

Callie's Shadow Ch. 11

 — She loves me not; She loves me. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/08/154.76HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 12

 — An unwelcomed savior and the beginning to the end. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/06/154.67HOT

Spreading Seeds Saga 03

 — The Insemination Chronicals. by JackLuisin  Novels and Novellas12/05/154.77HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 11

 — Magnus and his dark passions. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/05/154.72HOT

A Secret Revealed Ch. 05

 — A serpent shows itself. Our roles reversed. by Keller23in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/05/154.58HOT

New Intergalactic Sex Toys!

 — A distinguished warrior discovers an exotic new pleasure. by LordVaderOfCheamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/04/154.15

Bloodstone Ch. 10

 — Danger. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/04/154.73HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 10

 — The end! by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/03/154.61HOT

His First Sister-Wife Experience

 — He's eighteen and his brother's wife likes it that way. by PeterLongHenryin  Incest/Taboo12/02/154.34

XTC 2.7

 — Captain Miller keeps an eye on things. by Averlinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/01/154.75HOT

Dream Weaver Ch. 07

 — Golden Bliss. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman12/01/154.76HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 09

 — Angel's vision and Callie's wants. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/29/154.79HOT

The Strain Pt. 03

 — Joshua's Fall. by skywriter62in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/28/154.44

Just Be Yourself

 — A fairy helps a sexually frustrated woman get laid. by dreadknotsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/28/154.74HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 09

 — Readying for battle. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/27/154.68HOT

The Last Tritan Ch. 29-Epilogue

 — The tale of an impossible slave. by WaterBurnin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/26/154.91HOTContest Winner

Bloodstone Ch. 08

 — The Seventh Kingdom. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/154.67HOT

Bloodstone Ch. 07

 — Luria and Balor. by Daniellekittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/25/154.64HOT

Helen Ch. 01

 — Sex slave in the DV8 Club. by Taunusin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/24/153.09

Callie's Shadow Ch. 08

 — Dorian. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/24/154.78HOT

Pea Pod - Give Peas a Chance

 — The sequel to Pea Pod & Pea Pod - The Return. by Wholemanzin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/22/154.61HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 07

 — Meeting Kendra. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/22/154.82HOT

Age of Uranus Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Humanity is conquered by Intergalactic Futanari. by apendragongmxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/21/153.90

Callie's Shadow Ch. 06

 — Marcus to the rescue. by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/21/154.80HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 05

 — What is her decision? by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/20/154.84HOT

The Rescue of Admiral Zheng

 — Non-erotic, flash, space exploration story. by vetus_animusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/19/150.00

Getting Even with Evie Ch. 02

 — She begins to see how she has been transformed. by altcontrolin  Anal11/19/154.59HOT

Callie's Shadow Ch. 04

 — Who wins? by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/19/154.77HOT

Bound Friends Pt. 18

 — Sophia faces a change in venue. by jessbbaby34in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/18/154.20

The Time Stopper Ch. 01

 — Ken's time stopping abilities grant him his kinky dreams. by GusBus77in  Fetish11/18/154.17

Callie's Shadow Ch. 03

 — Gettin' it on... by Daniellekittenin  NonHuman11/18/154.72HOT

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