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Humanity 2.0, Year 001, Day 001A

 — Excerpts from the thousand-year diary of the first hominus. by adrammalechin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/16/134.51HOT

Ghost in the Machine Ch. 08

 — From chrome ninja to futanari. Poor Parker. by Blind_Justicein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/22/134.79HOT

Zaka's Wings

 — The end of the world as everyone knew it, but Zaka stood. by Mad_Librarianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/12/133.98

Alien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 02

 — The invasion had been a major success... by exquisitelifetimein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/19/113.77

Planetfall Ch. 02

 — Richard is rescued and faces new challenges. by wildehaferin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/08/104.74HOT

Alien Abduction

 — Pamela gets snatched by aliens. by Titanidein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/01/104.35

Daughter of the Gods Ch. 01

 — Sci-Fi based novel. by LBDarlingin  Novels and Novellas05/04/104.11

Safe Sex Inc.

 — How we gave up pleasure for safety. by Bakebossin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/05/102.74

The Alien Ship Ch. 09

 — Inside the crashed shuttle on Mars. by scorpionicus45in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/20/104.55HOT

Alternate Reality Ch. 02

 — What to do when you're stuck in an alien land with a beauty. by LukeCoolhandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/01/104.49

Alternate Reality Ch. 01

 — Wormholes are hazardous to other holes. by LukeCoolhandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/28/104.47

Mek-World Reality TV

 — Man is forced to play 'So You Think You Know Your Mate'. by JMaxwell69in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/102.93

Mary and the Organic Ship

 — Two scientists explore an unusual artifact. by gynoidin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/06/104.51HOT

Restarted Pt. 01

 — Futuristic medical technology leads to surprising sex. by Spinneretin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/31/104.48

4-4-4 Nobody at the Bar

 — Derrick flees his evil sister to be lost with another bitch. by CopperSkinkin  Romance01/26/104.48

Unexpected Holiday Adventure

 — Woman finds herself in the company of a strange organism. by joshy029in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/19/104.44

From Two Different Worlds

 — It was true - they were different, but the sex was great. by Bakebossin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/03/104.19

Slave Immigrant Ch. 20

 — Jones gets surgery and sees a ghost. by OldGuy1026in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/094.06

The Year is 2020

 — The lone biker forced to make a decision. by ChadTheWriterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/094.45

Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 05-07

 — The space agency scrambles to prevent the alien takeover. by walterioin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/02/094.37


 — The Fleet Master has some fun after the battle. by Jackran15in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/07/094.28

Relative Evil Ch. 01

 — Survival and Sex after the Bomb by LaPatitMortin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/06/094.55HOT

Trainingware Pt. 09

 — 2091: His parents ask her to discipline him. by dirigerin  BDSM10/24/094.71HOT

Trainingware Pt. 08

 — 2091: His parents ask her to discipline him. by dirigerin  BDSM10/23/094.67HOT

Trainingware Pt. 07

 — 2091: His parents ask her to discipline him. by dirigerin  BDSM10/22/094.69HOT

Trainingware Pt. 06

 — 2091: His parents ask her to discipline him. by dirigerin  BDSM10/21/094.52HOT

Sic Itur Ad Astra Ch. 01

 — Chaper 1: Semper Invicta. by Unannehmlichkeitenin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/23/093.09

Internal Affairs

 — He and squad explore female body...from the inside! by Unannehmlichkeitenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/13/094.18


 — A simple hospital procedure changes a man's life forever. by seat542in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/15/094.09

Slave Immigrant Ch. 01

 — Mr. Jones immigrates to a new planet as a sex slave. by OldGuy1026in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/094.00

Star Cores Ch. 01

 — Two space miners get into trouble. by Evilwolf6in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/094.26


 — Captain Williams wondered if he is still a Man? by Birandiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/094.36

Orgasmo, Machine of the Future

 — Wife's new toy replaces husband. by Bakebossin  NonHuman07/25/092.41

USS Dreadnought Ch. 02

 — The CMO and Admiral in the Holodeck. by JubeCubein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/22/094.67

Dark Planet Pt. 04

 — Jayn gives her all and is captured by Loyalists. by arkadys_lyricin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/22/094.85HOT

Dark Planet Pt. 02

 — Jayn struggles to adapt to the alien planet. by arkadys_lyricin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/20/094.79HOT

Yvette, the Amorous Robot

 — The inventor's Loving Doll creation worked too well. by Boxlicker101in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/094.18

Dark Planet Pt. 01

 — Jayn and Perikos arrive on a planet shrouded with darkness. by arkadys_lyricin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/094.74HOT

Scarlett Lady: Centari & Vega Ch. 01

 — The Scarlett Lady was back among the stars. by WendyWestin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/094.60HOT

The Starship Sex-Pot

 — Cale discovers that his ship never sleeps. by I_am_Min  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/094.11

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 10

 — New arrivals; this could be us; one last warning. by mspatin  Interracial Love07/11/094.70HOT

Star trek Enterprise 02: Resurrection

 — Malcolm struggles to cope with Jay's death. by Pelaamin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/08/094.54HOT

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 04

 — The competition begins. by tcwild100in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/03/094.48

The True Secret of World Peace

 — Nude Day delivers world peace. by ndbf4everin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/01/093.44


 — A New Grope. by asscoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/24/094.19

Alien Desires Ch. 02

 — Samantha tries to solve her mystery. by brian473317in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/22/094.58HOT


 — Sometimes you can be a little too clever... by TE999in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/20/093.40

Martian Summer

 — Is it possible to die of pleasure? by adamschakowskiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/15/093.50

Alien Desires Ch. 01

 — On a far-away planet, Samantha is overcome with desire. by brian473317in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/15/094.33

Demetrius Ch. 02

 — He got to his feet unsteadily... by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas06/04/094.47

Learning Something New Ch. 02

 — Another new act for her to savour. by xPoisonxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/30/094.52HOT

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 07

 — Sabella learns about Malcolm's father. by mspatin  Interracial Love05/22/094.63HOT

Futuristic Job Interview

 — An interview that's more than meets the eye. by EileenAndrewsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/094.25

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 01

 — A scientific expedition takes a unique turn for adventure. by MetaXerxesin  NonHuman05/15/094.39

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 06

 — Carolyn makes another surprise visit, Malcolm & Mark speak. by mspatin  Interracial Love05/13/094.68HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 04

 — Desire gets a medical exam from a very sexy alien. by Funkydrummerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/09/094.62HOT

Superf***er Vol. 09

 — Armageddon, Part II. by DrSqueakyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/08/094.81HOT

Re-population Ch. 03

 — Continuing the takeover (Serena). by alan55in  NonHuman05/08/094.29

Love in the New Zed Order

 — After The Event, John and Sara learn how to enjoy sex again. by patti_cakesin  Romance05/07/093.92

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 02

 — Should Desirée take the job? by Funkydrummerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/094.55HOT

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 01

 — Unemployed teen has a most unusual job interview. by Funkydrummerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/04/094.54HOT

Julien Performs

 — Prostitution has been outlawed - but not performances. by Harpalycein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/02/094.39

The Alien Ship Ch. 06

 — Kyle's adventures on the ship continue. by scorpionicus45in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/01/094.53HOT

Wrongs Deeper

 — Star Trek Deep Space Nine alternate universe story. by MultiFanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/30/094.40

Ziaxan Empire Ch. 01

 — Ziax is seduced and captured by the Sindaran queen. by ziaxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/094.41

Just the Two of Us

 — He replicates himself for your pleasure. by Dr_Imperviousin  Text With Audio04/14/094.66HOT

I am a Time Traveller

 — A time traveller's problem with his wife from the past. by glenloverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/10/093.97

The Lizard Wars

 — Aliens attact earth to re-supply there fleet. by missdreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/09/094.47

Portal Ch. 02

 — Kendall's adventures through a magic portal continues. by tenickain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/23/094.44

The Pet Girl Shoppe

 — Five girls' paths cross at an unusual shop. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM03/20/094.47

Spreading Seeds Ch. 35

 — A Religious Experience. by JackLuisin  Novels and Novellas03/20/094.69HOT

Aliens Use Sex to Invade Humans Ch. 03

 — Aliens continue to populate using humans as sex objects. by walterioin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/18/094.33

Life Change

 — A man stumbles into his future by ufpein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/023.98


 — Extraterrestrial reproductive cycle. by ufpein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/07/023.29

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